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Let's be honest -- many Web Comic creators are fans of anime, video games, etc. Thus, when they look at their schedule and notice a convention rolling into town, it's entirely possible that said artist will want to visit it. There are no shortages of reasons for this:

  • It's a great way to connect with fans and other similar-minded people
  • They can make money selling merchandise related to their comic
  • The comic gets more exposure, resulting in more readers telling their friends about it and/or buying their merchandise, etc.
  • An artist can make friends with other artists, providing link exchanges, networking, et al.
  • It's their freaking convention (okay, so this one just applies to PAX and Digital Overload, but still).

Naturally, like most people who attend a convention, they'll want to tell everyone about it, including their readers. This gave rise to the Con Recap issue.

Webcomics that are Life Embellished, Journal Comic or Joke A Day format will stick these in anywhere, while some fantasy-based comics will take a break from the story to recap the convention (which could mean no updating for the duration of the convention). If it does update during a convention, you can expect a filler strip or two.

Comics that recap conventions:

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