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"That right there? That's the difference between bonafide true Evil with a capital 'E' and your whiny, 'evil, but for a good cause,' crap."
Xykon to Redcloak, Order of the Stick: Start of Darkness
File:Xykon 3094.png

Checked for an update to your favourite Web Comic, and holy balls what did that guy just do? It could happen any day now...

Examples of Complete Monster/Webcomics include:
  • Xykon is funny, charming, easily bored, and probably the sickest character in Order of the Stick. In Strip 448, he makes the entire Sapphire Guard kill each other with a Symbol of Insanity, just to show Redcloak it would work. In Start of Darkness, he's even worse - Rich Burlew states in the opening that he tried to tell the story without making Xykon the slightest bit sympathetic. Most would agree he succeeds. Although Xykon does get a sympathetic moment - which lasts for all of two seconds. On the very first page, Xykon's dog has died and he, a four year old child, sobs like anyone would. He then uses the power of Necromancy to revive his dog and uses him to kill a bunch of birds...yeah. As a would-be Evil Overlord, he chooses actions solely on the basis of their potential to amuse him versus the effort required. When Redcloak and his brother Right-Eye started working with Xykon, Right-Eye tried to assassinate Xykon for his evil and callousness with the lives of his goblin underlings. Xykon allowed Redcloak to kill Right-Eye just to permanently bind Redcloak to Xykon's service, accuses him of being a wimp because of his principled stance, and then forced him to raise his brother as a zombie. He also trapped the souls of two mages, in a gem in order to make them suffer forever. His ultimate plan is to unleash the Snarl so he can control it and use it against his enemies, uncaring that the monster is what everyone believes to be an evil, god-murdering abomination which has the power to destroy the world. In the present story Xykon seeks to capture the gates that would allow him to command the Snarl, and has been going to any measure to do so. Xykon's been compared to The Joker in being a villain who is both despicable and horrifying, and yet arguably the most entertaining character in the entire story.
    • General Tarquin presents an interesting experiment related to this trope - an attempt to see how many times a likeable character who really has a good side (he really loves his family) and motives people can understand can cross what would be the Moral Event Horizon for anybody else before people will agree that he is a Complete Monster. He keeps commiting atrocities that would send anybody else straight into this page but still remains a sympathetic character.
  • Jack gives us Drip Tiberius Rat, the sin of Lust, one of, if not the most, vile webcomic villains ever, whose lowest point was raping a small child to get revenge on the title character (said child being one of Jack's only friends). The real kicker? It was Drip's son. And he knew it, too. In fact, that was the reason he was able to do it, because only those related to the kid could actually harm him.
    • Doctor Rigor Thalmus is EVEN WORSE. Child molester, child murderer. After this, he attempts to frame his subordinate for these crimes, using his own cancer research and his subordinate's in-bed-with-cancer wife as leverage. He also serves as a very dark deconstruction and subversion of a Bunny-Ears Lawyer; he believes that he's entitled to the horrible things he does precisely because he's working on cures for cancer. Nobody else agrees with this, and he ends up arrested and (publicly and on television!) executed. The Villainous Breakdown directly before the needle goes into him is simultaneously disturbing and satisfying. And unlike Drip Tiberius Rat (previously listed as the worst character in Jack), he doesn't have any Freudian Excuse for anything he has ever done. The only reason he committed these crimes is because he gets off on them.
  • In The Powerpuff Girls, Him is actually already pretty bad, yet still more of a spoof on this trope. But in Grim Tales, it gets ridiculous. The fact that when he cut off his own daughter's hands so that he could replace them with claws was the least of his crimes is an indicator. He also tortured said girl with every horrible experience he knew of in the ultimate Break the Cutie. He had Minimandy nearly kill her brother with More Than Mind Control, after screwing with their heads. When Him got betrayed by Her, he got really mad, which is understandable. But he later said he's mad not because of what she did but why she did it - to save her friend, telling her that if she did it for completely selfish reason, he would actually be proud of her, but the Power of Friendship is just disgusting to him. Could see that coming, since he's Satan. Now that he's free from the shackles of cartoon censorship, do you honestly expect him to not exploit his creative freedom?!
    • Mandy herself is considered a Complete Monster since she's directly responsible for 9/11, the 2004 Tsunami, and Katrina...all just to get Grim back on his feet.
    • Recent strips seem to strongly suggest that Mandy is also responsible for the destruction of Megaville and the death of future versions of the Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi cast, also known as her friends. Not even her own children are safe, as she beats Junior for defending Mimi. Even Grim was appalled by what Mandy has done.
    • Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas is already a monster in the film, but he took a level in evil when he torn Mini-Mandy apart.
    • Dark Danny from Danny Phantom apparently has also gotten even worse than his original version - even Mandy seems to tolerate him only as long as she must, which is enough to get pregnant with him to create the strongest of her offsprings. And he lets her keep the baby only because he is confident it will be raised to be an even bigger Complete Monster than him. There are also some unplesant implications about what he did to Danni.
  • The Cyantian Chronicles gives us a wolf by the name of Rama. In a case of inverted Carnivore Confusion, he has recently ordered a sentient rabbit cooked up for dinner if she fails to perform to his satisfaction.
    • The fanbase seems to want him to meet with a slow, painful end.
  • Gloog from A Game of FoolsTemplate:Broken link. Even the Big Bad is pretty horrified by his alternate plansTemplate:Broken link for the Alien Invasion. And his treatment of poor, poor Neeg.
  • Trace Legacy from Twokinds used to be this before he got amnesia. This page should be proof enough.
  • Advisor Toh in Blade of Toshubi enjoys torturing and breaking women. He also has a room filled with the tails of the people he has killed (including his women) that he occasionally stuffs his women into for extended periods, sometimes for punishment, but sometimes For the Evulz.
  • Interesting example from Mind Mistress. First, we have pedophile and murderer Les Kidman, who fits this trope perfectly. Then we find out that Lolerei's grandfather (who appears only in retrospections) hired him as a part of a plan in which he was supposed to kill her. Why? Because Lolerei is mentally challenged and her grandfather considered it a disgrace to the family name.
  • In the published webcomic Trace, a scientist who became a trace follows this path very shortly after.
    • Same goes with the creepy child, since it is somewhat apparent that he is causing a good portion of the problems in the story.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Damien stands out among the other villains because of just how seriously he's played. Other villains are competent and frightening in their own way, but they all have a Freudian Excuse or some other qualifier that allows the audience to empathize with them. None of that applies to Damien. He constantly hits and demeans Grace and her brothers, believes himself to be a god, wants females for his operation simply so that he can breed more shapeshifters for his army (the only reason he's interested in Grace), and slaughters anyone who stands in the way of his goals. What separates him from the other villains is that he doesn't even get to be funny. Every strip he appears in will be dark and serious, guaranteed. The author killed him off for this very reason. He didn't want the strip to develop Cerebus Syndrome as a result of Damien's presence.
  • Several examples have arisen so far in Goblins:
    • Kore, a dwarven paladin and Knight Templar with a very polarized view of good and evil. He views evil as a seed, and any who could potentially harbor that seed must be eradicated without mercy. He crosses the Moral Event Horizon in his first appearance when he murders a dwarf child off-panel, for the 'crime' of being an orphan and being raised by an orc merchant, which could have led to the child having sympathy for the monstrous races and therefore increasing the potential for evil in the world. His status as a paladin is one of the comic's biggest mysteries; because he never demonstrated paladin powers in his early appearances, many fans assumed he was a fallen paladin who'd lost his powers for his frequent displays of evil behaviour. Then he finally did demonstrate a paladin power, healing order to keep him alive while torturing him.
    • Dellyn Goblinslayer, ranger and captain of Brassmoon city's elite guard. Highly sadistic Torture Technician and fantastic racist whose hobby was capturing live monsters, then vivisecting them in order to learn their weaknesses. He also had a Yuan-Ti slave named Kin, who he raped and beat on a regular basis. Kin's revenge on him was anything but pretty.
    • Mryorg the Ogre, who appears in the backstory of The Axe of Prissan. Having had dealings with demons since a young age, he forced a captive demon to carve a rune on his chest. The rune gave him the ability to communicate with demons and make occasional journeys into the first layer of hell; in return, these journeys burnt away his ability to take pleasure in anything except the suffering of others. Learning of the Axe of Prissan, an artifact used to bind a powerful demon, he sought it out solely so he could release the demon from its prison; when he aquired it, he went on a rampage and butchered many good creatures, in a time that paladins call the 'Time of Dark Fire'. Eventually, he gave the Axe to a paladin, not out of any kind of remorse, but simply because he decided that knowing the demon lord was suffering from being imprisoned gave him more satisfaction than the suffering the demon would unleash by gaining freedom.
  • Mob Ties has Bengal, who is a rapist, murderer, and freakin' god of undeath confined in a human form. Among his many sins, he has raped Mika, who was 13-14 at the time, murdered Mika's best friend Kyoko, and then destroying the one object that might have undone that murder. He also killed Santa Claus.
  • Dead of Summer gives us Alan Stone. In flashbacks, it's revealed that he subjected zoo animals to hideous experiments, already giving him quite a few negative points. After beating the tar out of a sympathetic character and kicking him and the main character out into the dangerous, zombie-ridden city, he finds out his wife has been working on a cure for zombiism by testing it on a monkey she adored. His reaction? TEARING OUT THE ELECTRODES TO ITS BRAIN. Then he injects himself with the 'cure', turning into a literal monster. And then he injects his wife with it, turning her into a zombie. And his wife was pregnant. After all that, he injects the remaining zoo animals with it to build an army of the undead.
  • The Seer on Kid Radd. Essentially, he's a virus that didn't go off on the day it was scheduled to because he realized that humanity would survive. He spends the entirety of the comic finding a way to get a sprite body, then a physical body, so he could kill everybody in both worlds. The kicker? He didn't need to do any of this. He could easily kill both populations at any point, but wants to be there physically so he can see his victims cower in fear of him before he slaughters them. Then, once he was done with Earth, he planned to search the galaxy for other forms of life just so he could go on killing for eons. Radd probably summed it up best.

Radd: Dude, you are the sickest thing on the internet. And that's saying a lot.
The Seer: Blame my creator...I think I'll thank him personally before I kill him.

  • Cuanta Vida. After Red was killed, he was replaced with Rojo, who despite being seen as badass at first, soon crossed the line into complete monster-hood when he cut out BLU Sniper's eyes, driving him to suicide. Just in case people weren't sure how rampantly evil he was, he then cut off BLU Engineer's hand. And neither does he seem too fussed about the idea of killing RED Sniper, his own teammate, just because the guy didn't want any part of Rojo's scheme for the BLUs.
  • In Girl Genius, Lucrezia/The Other qualifies for this trope on the basis of enslaving and slaughtering many thousands of innocent people, betraying the world's greatest heroes, and being the worst mother ever - killing her own son, using her own daughter for a Grand Theft Me, and then plotting to kill said daughter when that plan goes badly awry. She shows no remorse or sympathy for anyone other than herself, whether they are a victim, an innocent bystander, or one of her own loyal minions.
    • Most of the old Heterodynes got such reputation, having been described as "a family of monsters so fearful they were only spoken of in whispers". At least from those who some or other time were unfortunate enough to have their butts killed. The sad thing is, they seem to be above average - a lot of high-ups we have seen, Mad Scientists and mundane nobility alike, aren't any better, and some are worse. As far as their minions are concerned, the Heterodynes used to care of their people (except those too far out of it to care about anything), if sometimes in crazy ways, and were straightforward warlords rather than control freaks, which is why they did repeatedly succeed as conquerors, after all. Their monsters were treated well and usually served to many generations out of loyality, while most others have Turned Against Their Masters. Another result is that though old Heterodynes were known to occasionally experiment on unwilling subjects For Science! or creatively torture someone they don't like (which is also less than exotic among the land-owning Mad Scientists), their minions retain high enough standards to use the term "filth" and derivatives thereof when referring to The Other's method of mind control.
  • Susan from Sire. You might be inclined to think of her cruelty to Anna as the frustrations as a lonely child. That is, until she savagely beats in the head of the only person who cared about her, simply because he didn't shower her with enough attention. After this, she pins the rap on Anna, laughs off her suicide attempt, snaps the neck of her lawyer, smuggles herself and Anna into another country, and leaves her at the hands of some unsavoury types. And while she's doing all this, she coerces Anna into thinking that it was all her fault.
  • The Infernomancer (known by some as TIM) from Dominic Deegan. Even by the standards of a demonically empowered murderer (yes, there are more than one of these in the comic), TIM is a sick piece of work. In an early story arc, he tried to find the headmaster of the local magic academy (Dominic's mother) by attacking the school and slaughtering students until one of them coughed up her location. Unbelievably, he topped himself after becoming the servant of an Eldritch Abomination - after escaping limbo, he celebrated his freedom by massacring random places of worship. Then he wiped out a village for kicks - that Dominic's brother was also there was just a bonus to TIM. It doesn't help that TIM is essentially unkillable - banishing him to Hell didn't work and actually made him stronger. Banishing him to limbo didn't work either - and again, it made him stronger.
  • Mordecai Heller, the Obsessive-Compulsive hitman of Lackadaisy Cats. His OCD arguably makes him even more of a monster - he once killed his getaway driver for sneezing too much. He launched into a terrifying tirade against a man he was going to kill because his position in the backseat upset the symmetrical balance of the car. Mitzi mentions that, when the Marigold gang gave him a better job offer than the one he had, he kneecapped Viktor, his partner of several years, on his way out the door. Perhaps worst of all, certain lines of dialogue indicate that he may have had a hand in the death of Atlus May, his previous boss and Mitzi's husband. Word of God has actually stated that Mordecai has no morals whatsoever.
  • Cyndi from Penny and Aggie, a manipulative sociopath who almost gets off on driving people to suicide. In a really creepy and incriminating file on her laptop, she documented how fun and easy it is to dig a hole into someone's psyche and widen it. She brags about nearly driving Michelle into starving herself to death and she had plans to destroy Daphne and Sara's relationship in the hopes of getting one or both of them to commit suicide. In the same strip this was all revealed, she successfully goaded Charlotte into slitting her own throat by using her Mommy Issues against her. Seeing someone bleed out in front of her thanks to her words puts a grin on Cyndi's face. What's even more damning is that both her biggest "success" so far AND her next intended victim, who she merely considers "practice" (Meg), are erstwhile members of her own clique from the "Popsicle War" arc. Small wonder her parents decide to send her to an insane asylum.
  • Avogadro Pompey stands out as a Complete Monster even compared to the Jerkass cast of Something*Positive: he kept Pepito as a sex slave, psychologically and physically abused his nephew, and set Kharisma up to take the rap for a murder (his own, as a matter of fact) which she didn't commit.
  • In Everyday Heroes, Wrecking Paul appears to be just a typical Big Guy, until we find out that he is a serial killer. He specifically chooses locations where women will be present and always hires female sidekicks so that, if his regular target isn't available, he can turn on his own teammate.
  • Samurai Princess's Fawdry qualifies after nonchalantly blowing a hole in Itchyknee-san's head and laughing about it.
  • In Peter Is the Wolf, Gus is a truly nasty piece of work who acts out of a belief that the only value in anyone is in strength, and that the strong can and should take anything they want from anyone they can take it from. In his case, that includes killing his wife, then beating, molesting and raping his daughter for years, keeping her in his house as a Sex Slave. He initially tried to keep her existence secret from the rest of the pack, and she had never left the house until they found out about her just before she should have been entering high school. Additionally, he has repeatedly tried to take over leadership of the pack, plans on taking Werewolf!Sarah as his new wife, and sold out his own kind by siccing The Men in Black on Peter, partly out of hatred for the existence of a runt and partly out of a desire to remove an object of his daughter's affection. Some time before the start of the comic, the pack held a vote on if he should be killed for their own safety. He only survived by two votes, both of which have later mentioned they wish they had voted differently, and the only reason they haven't held another vote is to keep unwanted attention away from the pack.
  • In The Abominable Charles Christopher, we don't even see him, but a human member of the circus definitely counts for what he did to moon bear:

Circus Man: Ha! You must treat each of life's problems with its own solution my friend. The little bear cub....when we took her, she cried, and cried, and cried, and would not stop. I cut out her tongue, and now she is silent. You see? Every day we learn something new.

  • A bunch have also appeared in The Dragon Doctors. Take your pick.
    • The Crax (a horrible parasitic being that devours its victims' minds and bodies) is revealed to be the vehicle of the consciousness of a man who wanted to live forever-- by eating everyone else.
    • Derek, a magic user who would force other magic users (usually girls, apparently) to turning themselves into statues which he then collected (he got what was coming to him, though).
    • The "Messenger of Death" arc involved a killer shaman hunting other shamans by plunging them into absolute nightmares.
  • Jack Noir of Homestuck goes from a corrupt, petty little bureaucrat to an all-consuming force of destruction over the course of the story and probably ticks off every trope related to murder on his bloody march across creation. But what really makes him reprehensible is a brief glimpse into his viewpoint that reveals he doesn't think anything of all his murders and only slaughters people because he believes it's the only worthy form of entertainment for him now. Even then, he barely takes any pleasure in the havoc he wreaks and takes a few moments after killing the two protagonists' parents to moan over how bored he is. It's like Evil Is Petty on a cosmic scale.
    • His body count is truly something to behold: most of both Prospit and Derse's populations across both the kid's and troll's sessions, as well as all of the remaining dreamselves of the trolls (thus indirectly killing off at least Feferi, Tavros, Equius, Nepeta, and Eridan for real since they get killed during infighting), all the troll's lands and thus their entire populations, and some salamanders who thought shaving cream would make a good fire retardant. In fact, the only one he cannot actually kill is Jade, though not because of his morals, but because the prototyping of her dog makes him intensely loyal to her...something he hates so much that he demands his subordinates do the deed for him, simply because of his desire to see everything die. This sort of backfires when one of his subordinates does kill Jade. The loyalty he has to Jade causes him to kill the subordinate in retaliation. Then he ensures Jade Comes Back Strong. His actions after that can almost be viewed as a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • We also have Caliborn, better known by his title, Lord English. He killed his own sister through proxy, enslaved the Handmaid after his awakening, murdered the author out of spite in-story, and permanently killed hundreds of largely harmless doomed timeline characters. What's worse is that he essentially has no real motivation to do what he does. Power? He's already got plenty of that. Galactic domination? He'd rather destroy it all himself. If what's been said about him indicates anything, it's that he's just doing it to amuse himself, and to completely obliterate his sister and all that she loved.
      • The apple didn't fall far from the tree, apparently. Caliborn's ancestor destroyed hundreds of planets and killed millions unprovoked - and, like his son, for his own amusement. The cherry on top is that if Aranea's narration is to be believed, Caliborn is worse.
  • Bram from Nosfera made dozens of women into his mind-controled sex slaves and planned to do it to his own wife, the title character
  • Ditto from Pokeslaughter. A sarcastic, murdering, sociopathic rapist who started all the events in this comic in a failed attempt to take over the world.
  • Wayward Sons: Doctor Chu is a brilliant scientist who gets most of his results through torturous experiments on live subjects. Or, put another way, he's a professional torturer who learns a lot of useful things while on the job. Either way, he enjoys what he does.
  • Lulafel from Lumia's Kingdom has the distinction of apparently being born a Complete Monster, torturing animals to death and viciously beating other people as a child and only getting worse as she got older. All this in spite of the fact that she was raised by two loving parents who repeatedly tried to help her. The worst of her atrocities, an event known as the 'Oculus Massacre', has only been hinted at in the comic, and judging from recent comics, it may be far worse than what anyone has guessed at so far.
  • Professor Wingo from Rumf Adventures, who has no problem commiting genocide on an ancient race For Science!.
  • The Lanthian priests of Wapsi Square died long before the start of the comic and haven't been shown in much detail, but what has been shown is rather horrific. Their overall goal was to overthrow the existing leadership of Lanthis, and while we haven't seen how justified such a goal was, their methods were so depraved that it doesn't matter what they were fighting against. For starters, they tortured, starved, and raped three young women with the intention of breaking them so completely that they could be made into easily controllable weapons. In the process of capturing said women, they used infants as human shields. Fan opinions of them range from disgust to even more disgust.
  • Natalie Geln from Khaos Komix is a homophobic, almost nazi-like bitch. She attacks two Transgendered (Charlie, a MTF, and Tom, a FTM) students outside the school, cuts Charlie's hair, taking half of her ear-lobe with it, and orders two boys to rape Tom. She then gives a long speech about how she doesn't want any freaks in "her" school, and they should "Do the world a favour and kill themselves." The worst part? Not even that shit like that happens in real life or that anyone could easily become like her were they to allow certain biases to grow to monstrous proportions. She wins.
  • Leopold from Scary Gary is definitely this. In the comic, he abuses the vampire Gary and often tries to kill him. He also tortures and murders several of their neighbors and would then often eat them. In a recent strip, he gives a skinny man money for food, and then devours him when he's plump. He also tried to eat his own parents in a Christmas storyline. And in another, he tries to eat a litle baby.
  • Prescilla/Bonnie in Season 9 of Survivor Fan Characters is easily the vilest character to ever be drawn in that comic. Just how vile? In their own words:

Prescilla/Bonnie: Yes, I am [threatening you]. If I can fucking burn everyone's shit and blame it on the roided up bitch. Accuse my fake showmance of rape and stealing his Idol. Making a fake Idol and hiding it in this cunt's dress so her friends vote her off. Breaking this Russian asshole's leg in a challenge. Convincing this carpet muncher that I actually like her enough to protect me, and get her voted out. She is seriously the worst person ever, and you know what? They will all vote for me to win because I am that good. Now if I can do that, I can get people to beat the crap out of your friends. Do you really want that to happen?
Barbie: Don't you have any regrets at all?
Prescilla/Bonnie: Regrets? Hell yeah; I wish I could have done so much more. I wish I fucked Lesbocunt before I voted her out. Wish I could have led Adrian on longer before breaking his heart. And that Russian turd...I wanted him pulled from the game, and his leg didn't even get infected; that sucked. And don't even get me started on the Nigger, Beaner, and Chink Alliance.
Barbie: So you wish you did more to hurt?
Prescilla/Bonnie: Yeah. I have a bet with a few of my pals on how many of these cunts commit suicide after seeing this. I just need 3 to do it and I'll win an extra 10 grand.

  • Emperor Nicholas the Puissant of General Protection Fault, who has conquered the world in an alternate dimension. He kills people who fail him, tortures Nega-Ki to ensure his counterpart's obedience, then threatens to torture prisoners to death in front of him if he wastes time, and it is ultimately revealed that he doesn't want Project Velociraptor so that he can win the war with the aliens laying waste to Earth, but so he can escape and re-establish himself elsewhere.
  • Count Chocula is the mastermind of the entire plot of Breakfast of the Gods, making his move once King Vitaman goes into a deep slumber to power the forcefield that protects Cerealia. Determined to locate Vitaman's resting place, Chocula kidnaps and brutally tortures several mascots, from Buzz Bee to the Rice Krispies, and, once they reveal they know nothing, has them continuously tortured or outright killed for fun. After manipulating Ayummayumma into getting his entire tribe slaughtered in a suicide mission, Chocula ruthlessly executes Cap'n Crunch, allowing his friends to live following the ordeal just to let them suffer more. Once coming under the assult of Tony the Tiger and many other mascots, Chocula not only reveals he has kept Sonny and Fruit Brute as his tortured prisoners to be used as attack dogs, but also that he has made an alliance with the Sogmaster and his army of Soggies. Chocula hopes to use the Sogmaster to destroy Cerealia's forcefield, thus allowing Chocula free reign to slaughter and feast upon each and every mascot in the land. Count Chocula was a heartless monster whose sole desire was to turn Cerealia into a buffet for himself to gorge on, sacrificing the lives of countless innocents simply to satisfy his sweet tooth.
  • Legune The Alchemist from Evon is the Resident Mad Scientist for The Cabal. The first thing we see him do is create a couple of homuncului to track down the title character, slaughtering a team of Cabal mercenaries sent by another Cabal member to do the same thing. The second thing we see Legune do is have Evon stripped naked and Strapped to an Operating Table, where he proceeds to violate Evon in the process of "procuring" biological samples from her. Then he decides that won't do and attempts to rape her outright, only being stopped by his patron, Maximus (but only because said rape might interfere with Maximus' own plans for her). We then see that Legune used those samples he took to create a clone of Evon. A clone which is physically and magically stronger than Evon, but since she lacks Evon's Super Empowering factor, she's deemed useless to The Cabal and turned over to Legune to do what he will with her. "What he will" turns out to be forcing her to give him oral sex while taunting her with imminent destruction if he doesn't please him.
  • James Valentine Beethoven from Kagerou, known near-exclusively as "Red", is one of the entities residing in Kano's mind, and by far the most evil character both inside and out of his head. In life, Red was a sadistic serial rapist and killer who kidnapped, raped, and tortured young women for hours before brutally murdering them, notably doing so to an old school crush of his simply because she spelled his name wrong once. In another notable case, Red kept one of his victims locked up for half a year, subjecting her to daily rape, torture, and mutilation, before finally beating her to death in a rage. Though killed by one of his attempted victims, Red lived on by jumping into the young man Kano's mind, and began trying to take control of the mentally unstable man to continue his spree. In his final scheme, Red subjected Kano to brutally Mind Rape in an attempt to destroy his psyche, tried to rape the only girl who would help Kano, and finally tried to goad Kano into killing him to corrupt him into becoming a killer. Darkening nearly every scene he featured in, Red was a classic psychopath, acting only on whatever whims occurred to him at the time, disregarding any and all consequences for his actions.
  • In Pokémon Hard-Mode, Mewtwo is the Big Bad of the Firered arc. A clone of the legendary Pokémon Mew, Mewtwo grew a hatred for humanity due to being tortured by one of the scientists who created him. After killing scientists who took no part in his torture in a rage and destroying the laboratory he was created in, Mewtwo came across Mew, who trapped the latter on a deserted island in hopes that it would give Mewtwo time for his anger to subside. Despite calming down and regaining sanity, Mewtwo still held his hatred of humanity despite knowing not all of them are cruel, attempting to slowly choke a human who accidentally washed on the island shore to death simply because he believes it's been too long since he's killed somebody. Looking for a way to break the seal that keeps him trapped on the island, Mewtwo deceives Ruby into killing the three legendary birds, who kept Mewtwo's power restrained, by pretending to be the ghost of Ruby's deceased Nuzleaf. After Ruby defeats Gary and is about to be crowned Elite Four Champion, Mewtwo breaks the minds of everybody in the stadium except for Ruby, and frames Mew for it with intention of Ruby killing Mew and completely breaking the seal. Mewtwo mocks Ruby for being tricked by him and proclaims that while enjoying his newfound freedom, he might as well kill all humans while he's at it and promises to kill Ruby last as his way of "thanks".
  • Starfish, from Unsounded, the leader of the Red Berry Boys, a criminal gang that earns money by kidnapping people, cutting out their organs, and using the available space to transport a magical substance in their captives' bodies. The process leaves its victims drifting in and out of consciousness, all the while in a constant state of pain. Recently, Starfish has made it a priority to target children for this procedure. He does so because his buyers pay him the same amount per body, not per amount of substance in each body. By using smaller bodies he can stretch out his supply, swindling his buyers out of extra cash. What this process entails is shown in gruesome detail with Cara, a little girl who the readers see slowly dying on an operating table, having had most of her organs removed and then been abandoned by Starfish when his lair was uncovered. In addition to his rampant greed, Starfish is prone to partaking in brutal and sadistic actions simply because he can. When his mook, Ephsephin, has been gravely wounded and is begging Starfish for a doctor, Starfish merely smiles and caves in the man's skull with a whiskey bottle. He also, once better muscle comes along, betrays Quigley, an Antivillain who only signed up with Stafish so long as the captive children were set free once the job ended. Not only does Starfish renege on their deal and attempts to have Quigley killed, but he even states that Quigley’s eight-year-old son, Matty, will undergo the procedure as well. Additionally, as Starfish tries to have Quigley drowned, he forces a crying Matty to watch the whole thing.
  • Drowtales:
    • Snadhya'rune of the Sharen is steadily revealed as the closest thing the series has to a Big Bad. Snadhya masterminds the rise of the Nidraa'chal, a terrorist faction that specifically makes a focus on targeting civilians, in order to throw the city of Chel into chaos. Snadhya also masterminds the murder of her mother in order to seize more power, using her daughter Kalki as the Nidraa'chal's proxy leader to keep herself out of the spotlight. Snadhya is also a sexual predator at Orthobbae, the school she runs and also where she recruited many of the Nidraa'chal's members by seduction, including her longtime lover Mel'arnach. Snadhya uses Mel as a tool and sends Mel back to her controlling and brutal mother Quain'tana Val'Sarghress ,who breaks Mel's arms and holds her captive for 15 years. When Snadhya has several Sarghress captives, she toys with them before sadistically executing them to show off her new airship. Then when Kalki defies an order from Snadhya for the second time, Snadhya coldly informs her that she has run out of chances and has her killed by her summons without any emotion whatsoever.
    • Sene'Kha Vloz'Vress was the Drow responsible for turning the Vloz'Vress from a quirky Ragtag Band of Misfits into a far more sinister organization via manipulation of its super powerful, but child-minded ruler Kharla. Sene'Kha uses Kharla to kill her opposition or turn them into living dolls while using the Vloz'Vress as an expendable force. Sene'Kha even has them bind demons to themselves as practical suicide bombs and when finally captured, it is revealed she had planned to annihilate the vast majority of the City of Chel and rule over the remainder.