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"The time has come to instill hatred and greed into all living creatures in the universe. Queen Beryl, eliminate all beings who attempt to resist, and turn the world into complete darkness!"
- Queen Metalia, right before infusing her spirit into Queen Beryl's body.

While a very lighthearted Magical Girl anime, even the pretty guardian Sailor Moon is not safe from facing her share of these especially evil baddies.

Sailor MoonEdit

Sailor Moon REdit

Sailor Moon SEdit

  • The manga version of Shuichi Tomoe was no slouch. He was supposedly a loving father once (or at least Hotaru thinks so), despite being a Mad Scientist even then. He completely snapped after the accident in his lab that crippled Hotaru (her manga self is a heavily scarred cyborg, thanks to it) and killed her mother, willingly joining Death Busters and implanting the egg of Mistress 9 into Hotaru's body without any sort of second thought. He also had a massive A God Am I complex and wished to create a new race of superbeings, starting with himself so that he could be ruler of the new world. After his death, Hotaru even acknowledges how far gone he was, stating that her father truly died a long time ago. Thank God he was much more toned down in the anime, where he was mostly a Brainwashed and Crazy father who made a Deal with the Devil to save Hotaru after the freak accident - not knowing that they'd be rendered insane in different ways.
    • Let's not leave the manga version of Pharaoh 90 off the hook though. In the manga, Pharaoh 90 first orders Kaorinite to collect souls from the people of earth to sacrifice to him, and use their bodies as hosts for his Diamons. He's also the one behind Shuichi Tomoe, meaning that all of the aforementioned atrocities, including the implanting of Mistress 9 into Hotaru's body is partially his fault. And when he's released from the Tau Nebula and merged with Mistress 9 after Hotaru broke free from her control, he then attempts to destroy earth with the sole intention of remaking it into a second home for him and his Diamons. Thankfully, he gets what's coming to him when Hotaru awoke as Sailor Saturn, mortally damaging Pharaoh 90, and sent him back to the Tau Nebula to die, with Sailor Pluto closing the portal to the Tao Nebula forever. Like Tomoe, he too was toned down for the Anime, which reduced him to nothing more than a shapeless, voiceless Generic Doomsday Villain.

Sailor Moon Super SEdit

  • Unlike in the anime, where the character is revealed to be a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Queen Nehelenia in the original manga is presented as nothing more than a selfish, homicidal tyrant who believed herself to be the rightful ruler of the Moon Kingdom. She introduced herself by crashing Queen Serenity's birthday celebration in an attempt to usurp her throne. During the ensuing confrontation, Nehelenia was sealed within the Dark Mirror by Serenity herself, but not before she cast one final spiteful curse on the Moon Kingdom, which would result in it's destruction long before the princess could even inherit the throne. This eventually came to be as a result of Queen Metalia's actions, meaning that Nehelenia was indirectly responsible for Metalia's crimes. And however long she spent within the dark mirror still wasn't enough for her to repent, as she's at it again when she came into contact with Chibi Usa's future guardians, the Sailor Quartet, and transformed them into the Amazon Quartet to aid in her wicked goals. She then orchestrated the attack on the realm of Elysion in an attempt to capture the high priest Helios, while also sending out the Amazon Quartet to wreak havoc in their search for the legendary Silver Crystal, with the intent to use it's power to conquer the entire galaxy. During the final battle, she tried to forcefully take the Silver Crystal one last time, only to be repelled by it's power combined with that of the newly awakened Golden Crystal, bound together by Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's love for one another. Nehelenia is then defeated by Eternal Sailor Moon, using the combine power of the entire Sailor Senshi, causing her to shrivel into an ugly old hag that reflects her true self, before vanishing inside the Dark Mirror once more, never to be seen again.

Sailor StarsEdit