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  • Volgin electrocuting Snake
    Colonel Volgin from Metal Gear Solid 3 is a brutal sadist who, within minutes of appearing, fires a Davy Crocket nuke at his countrymen just to give it "a test drive," knowing full well that he won't be blamed for it, even when one of his subordinates is clinging to his arm, begging him not to.[1] Said subordinate, who would grow up to become the infamous Revolver Ocelot, also was shown to be so disgusted afterward he came close to talking back to his superior officer when he pointlessly killed Granin on a mere whim that he was a spy and implied that a large part of it was specifically because of his firing the Davy Crockett (with Volgin even proceeding to sarcastically suggest that Ocelot "report it to the authorities." knowing full well Ocelot, being involved in a coup, could not afford to do so.), and even resulted in Ocelot ultimately refusing to kill Snake despite being ordered to by Volgin. Then come one of the most vicious Cold-Blooded Torture scenes in video games. Note that it's damn clear he didn't care if the torturee lives or dies before getting the proper information, as long as he gets his kicks. Then we also have the fact that Volgin, long before the events of the game, had participated in the Katyn Forest Massacre as a NKVD member, where he managed to kill over 20,000 Polish officers with his bare hands,[2] and not only that, but he also removed their blindfolds before beating them to a pulp, and he killed several people in both the Hungarian Revolution and the East Germany Uprising, which he not only had absolutely no regrets about killing 100,000 anti-communist activists, but even boasted about the feat.
    • If you think about it, Volgin's "test-drive" (and probably Coldman's involvement in getting Volgin into doing his "test-drive") caused pretty much everything that happens in the Metal Gear Solid series, and is probably one of only two characters to achieve that, the other being Hot Coldman from Peace Walker. That's quite an accomplishment.
  • Although the Metal Gear Ac!d series isn't canon to the main series, even it has some pretty horrific people. Metal Gear Ac!d 2 has a complete monster, and surprise, it isn't Dr. Koppelthorn, since he did have a legitimate excuse for what he did (as his wife was killed and wanted to bring her back, or at the very least get justice for her by exposing the Praulia Massacre). No, the real complete monster was Wiseman. He instigated a horrific event known as the Praulia Massacre as the Model 2s did not provide satisfactory data in his eyes, and sent in the Model 3s to be cleaned up. He was also responsible for the death of Koppelthorne's wife, which also resulted in the events of what happened later on. Finally, after gaining the Lucindia File, he had Venus execute Snake simply because he outlived his usefulness. Speaking of Snake, he also had Venus render him amnesiac in the first place. Although he ultimately was arrested by the FBI for war crimes, his reaction in the ending suggests that he will end up escaping custody in some way or another.
  • Hot Coldman from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker also deserves a mention as well. This guy intended to launch a live nuke as part of his test for the titular anti-nuke system, with it also being implied in one of the briefing tapes that his main motivation regarding choosing a live nuke for the test was specifically to ensure he forced the CIA to promote him. It is also heavily implied that he sexually assaulted Paz at Puerto del Alba when he captured her there before the events of the game. In addition, remember how Gene alluded to someone manipulating Volgin into committing the aforementioned atrocity that led directly into Operation Snake Eater in Portable Ops? Well, Coldman was revealed to be the guy who orchestrated the whole thing, and far from having any remorse for his action, he if anything truly enjoyed the action. It is also to be noted that when admitting this, he mentions he's only a Station Chief in Central America because "It's what the CIA does best, either ensure those in the know kept their mouths shut, or otherwise pack them off someplace where there's no one to listen to", implying that even the CIA had enough disgust for Coldman regarding his role in taking out The Boss that they essentially exiled him for it. And he also resorted to blackmail to force Huey Emmerich, blackmail material that he had been responsible for in the first place. And what fully cements him as a monster is the climax of the game, when he managed to nearly cause a nuclear war again while dying in a last ditch effort to prove that humans were incapable of pressing the button, and implies that he wouldn't even care if they did prove him wrong, which was something that even Zadornov, the guy responsible for his mortal wounds and who himself attempted to use Peace Walker to launch a nuke on Cuba as a part of KGB disinformation, was horrified at. He was also indirectly responsible for the creation of the Patriots AIs, which is made even worse in Metal Gear Solid V, where it was revealed that Zero didn't even initially intend to allow the AIs to have the ability to think for themselves specifically because of Coldman's actions with the Boss AI nearly causing a massive disaster. Although he claims he wanted to ensure peace, the means he uses to achieve these ends, which also involved blowing up the world in nuclear war and not even caring if people decide to launch, firmly places him as a monster, and it is also implied his main motive for ensuring peace was self-serving in order to get his job back after he deservedly got fired from it.
  • Sundowner from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a sadistic war profiteer who gleefully kickstarts wars for the hell of it, due to his beliefs that humanity's natural state is a violent, bloody one, and he shows this at the beginning of the game when he sadistically assassinates President N'mami (The president of a foreign African country). What really qualifies Sundowner for this status though is that the guy isn't afraid at all of exposing children to the horrors of war: he kidnaps orphans off the street and removes their brains in order to be put through intense war simulators. The kicker? The children are aware of this the entire time, and after all the brutal training is over, they're forced out into war to commit atrocities similar to the ones they'd commit in Sundowner's simulators. While even Armstrong has surprisingly altruistic reasons for going through with this plan, Sundowner is a sick bastard who gets his jollies from the suffering of humanity. In addition, he implies upon his death with his saying "atta boy, Jack..." that, similar to the Joker, he is so dead-set in his sick ideas about humanity that he literally doesn't even care if he's killed in battle and if anything is absolutely pleased at forcing someone to commit murder, even if it is against himself.
  • The Patriots AIs in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty are essentially the main villains of the franchise, and boy do they deserve a mention here. The Patriots AIs were essentially responsible for everything that occurred starting with Metal Gear Solid. They were implied in the in-game novel In the Darkness of Shadow Moses to have had a hand in the Shadow Moses Incident, including forcing Roy Campbell to lie to and hide a lot of information from Solid Snake regarding the event by having Meryl held hostage by FOXHOUND, by threatening to orchestrate her death,[3] and were even responsible for Jim Housman dying simply to leave behind a scapegoat to their actions. Then, they were also responsible for the Tanker Incident, where Ocelot manipulated the Gurlukovich Mercenaries into raiding a Marines-owned tanker and then proceeding to have it sink with all parties onboard, both to kill Solid Snake as revenge for the fame he got from Shadow Moses, and also because allegedly the Metal Gear RAY project was made against their orders.[4] They were also responsible for the liquidation of Dead Cell, and also the Big Shell Incident in the same game, and were also responsible for radicalizing the Dead Cell into becoming a terrorist group, and had even framed Colonel Jackson for embezzlement specifically to set them off.[5] They also abducted Olga's newborn daughter, Sunny, and held her hostage and threatened to kill the baby if Olga didn't aid Raiden for the purposes of the S3 Plan, essentially forcing Olga to betray her own men and cruelly exploiting the Mama Bear trope to their own ends. They also backstabbed several of their own men and were implied to have left them in the dark, such as Colonel Richard Ames, whom they killed by deactivating his pacemaker nanomachines simply to emulate FOXDIE.[6] Even President Johnson essentially committing treason by working with Solidus had been engineered by them deliberately, such as manipulating him into even having desires to become one of them, then denying those aspirations despite literally swearing his life to their service. They also were responsible for Peter Stillman's death, deliberately bringing him onto the Big Shell specifically to get Fatman to fulfill his allotted role in the event,[7] and Fatman also implies upon his death that the Patriots would have been just as satisfied if Raiden failed to disarm his ultimate C4 explosive. And the entire reason why they did all of this? It was as a social engineering experiment to mold people into the exact kinds of world they want, and they have zero remorse whatsoever for the lives they ruined and ended as a result and if anything openly gloated about the results to Raiden while claiming Raiden doesn't take responsibility and doesn't deserve free will. And then when they started suspecting that the jig is up regarding Raiden, they also proceeded to abduct Rosemary, one of their agents, as leverage against Raiden, subjecting her to the same situation regarding Olga's child to force Raiden to do his duty of killing Solidus.[8] Although they claimed they had humanity's best interests at heart, their actions proved that to be self-serving statements at best and at worst were outright lies,[9] and they also implied in another conversation[10] that they truly only viewed humanity as being utter tools for them to use and discard, at best. Solid Snake even implied that they reneigned on their promise regarding letting Sunny go free. They also completely won the events of that game, even managing to send Solid Snake down a false trail. It says a lot when even series creator Hideo Kojima, a man who constantly promotes the idea of there being no such thing as absolute good and evil, considers the Patriots to be the worst of the worst repeatedly, and specifically considered a ruthless child-soldier using cloned supersoldier like Solidus who is perfectly willing to kill even his own adopted son just to get data on the Patriots as merely an anti-villain. The consequences of their actions with the S3 Plan become very apparent in Metal Gear Solid 4, the next game chronologically, where they proceeded to nearly destroy the entire world with a war economy, causing countless lives to be lost via their being forced into conflict, many times also making even more child soldiers than before despite the PR. And it is also implied that they also had gun launderers under their employ via Drebin 893 and presumably other members of the DREBINS, specifically to circumvent their own Sons of the Patriots system, meaning they were literally responsible for any breaches in the Sons of the Patriots system. They also proceeded to mutilate Raiden and force him to become a cyborg. And all of this was implied by Big Boss to be against even what Zero himself would have wanted, much less what The Boss would have wanted, and that they actively rebelled against Zero's vision for the world. Their actions also left numerous mental scars in Raiden as well, as evidenced by his self-loathing nature in Metal Gear Solid 4, and to a lesser extent in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, where it was made very clear that his experience with the Patriots AIs left him with what was initially a huge amount of distrust of AI weapons such as Blade Wolf, his own ally. In addition, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain reveals that the Patriots AIs were programmed to learn constantly and evolve by Donald Anderson in order to compensate for Strangelove's untimely death preventing her from implementing traits such as compassion into them, meaning all of their actions were essentially committed of their own free will, not simply being programmed to carry out these orders. It also says a lot in the same game where it is heavily implied that Zero actually had enough foresight to see just how dangerous it is to allow them to have independent thinking that when commissioning their development he specifically ordered that they not have any ability to independently think (granted, that was more due to Coldman's actions during Peace Walker, but even still...). Overall, they manage to give even Palpatine a run for his money regarding sheer depravity as well as insane levels of chessmastery.
    • Fatman also qualifies for the trope. Unlike the other characters in the game, who either were completely unaware of being used by the Patriots the entire time or at least they weren't initially aware (Raiden, Richard Ames, Emma Emmerich, James Johnson, most of the Gurlukovich Mercenaries, Solidus, Dead Cell) or otherwise were forced to participate in the event against their will (Olga Gurlukovich, Rosemary), or even participating as a subtle attempt to stop them (Solid Snake, Otacon, to a certain extent Ocelot[11]), Fatman knew exactly what was going on, yet participated in the depravity completely of his own free will, all for the selfish goal of becoming famous for killing Peter Stillman, a man who treated him like a son.[12] And unlike his comrades within Dead Cell, he had absolutely no concept of loyalty to the group, not even being remotely sad over the liquidation of their group and if anything celebrated it since it left him to pursue his desire to be a master bombing criminal.


  1. Later installments such as Portable Ops reveal that Volgin also had at the very least been manipulated into committing the atrocity by a "certain deviously cunning strategist" in the American government, although this does not lessen his evil nature or acts at all.
  2. Based on EVA's references to similar killings in Western Belarus and the Ukraine in addition to the Katyn Forest Massacres, he may have even had a hand in Kurapaty and the Bkivinia mass graves, respectively.
  3. the book being even worse in that regard than the original game since they also threatened Campbell's life in addition to that of Meryl's
  4. The latter bit actually comes across as even worse during the actual event than when Otacon recalled it, as during the actual event, Ocelot specifically says he's "taking [RAY] back" and it would be "returned... to The Patriots!", which strongly implies that RAY had in fact been created by the Patriots and the Marines had been unwitting pawns.
  5. Vamp, when relaying Dead Cell's suffering at the hands of the Patriots, also mentioned that they were "left to take the fall for [the Patriots'] cover-up," with the public believing their every word despite Dead Cell trying to explain otherwise, and implied that this was the true events, which if we are to take Vamp's word, strongly suggests that the Patriots may have even engineered the terrorist attacks that led Dead Cell to be exterminated, meaning they essentially forced Dead Cell to become a terrorist group whether they wanted it or not by framing them.
  6. Their execution of Ames comes across as even worse after reading In the Darkness of Shadow Moses, as it also implies they had him killed in revenge for supplying information relating to FOXDIE and Shadow Moses to Nastasha Romanenko and thus disobeying orders to kill her and thus essentially being responsible for the book being published.
  7. Granted, this was mostly because Fatman otherwise proved to be uncontrollable even to them otherwise, but it's still an inexcusable act.
  8. Rosemary was also pregnant at the time, which meant they were perfectly willing to harm three lives just to get what they want.
  9. In Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Raiden in a Codec call even speculates the possibility that their "rationales" for their actions with the S3 Plan were yet another lie crafted specifically to further manipulate him.
  10. Specifically, during the transition to the second phase of the Solidus Battle.
  11. The original game indicated he was fully on-board with the Patriots actions, though further retcons in games such as Metal Gear Solid 4 implied that he only participated so he'd sabotage the S3 Plan and stop the Patriots.
  12. In fact, as mentioned above, the reason the Patriots even bothered to send Peter Stillman to his death was specifically to ensure Fatman's cooperation, as he used that as a stipulation for his participation.