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(Regarding ways to kill the "Big Daddies" from Bioshock)

"I start them off next to a hacked camera, or an RPG turret if I can swing it. From there it's a straight charge down a hallway of electrified trap bolts, ending with a proximity mine in a pile of oxygen canisters. So put some effort into it."

"But, I like my shotgun. It has lightning bullets."
#5: Realize about halfway through the game that you've been using the same weapon non-stop...then realise you don't care, because you're having fun rather than fretting over weapon-juggling.

They played de_dust for six whole days before switching over to cs_office. Everyone immediately started complaining, and I saw my chance for escape.

I listen to the album Guilt Machine a lot. Well, not the "album." I listen to the first track over and over again. Maybe I would like the other tracks as well, but I'm fine with what I've got. This, or the equivalent of this, happens in multiplayer games also. When you give me the choice via a traditional browser, I'll play the same ten percent of a game over and over again. I don't think this is a localized phenomenon, either. Dust. Facing Worlds. E2M1. Blood Gulch. You know these places. Unless there's a new gametype that requires a specific map, it doesn't change for most people. If you could play Team Fortress 2's Payload on Counter-Strike's de_dust, believe: that's what people would do.
Penny Arcade creator Jerry Holkins describing this trope
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