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"You would have to have literally no penis at all to drive a car like that."
Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear

Cam: Oh, get off your high horse. You do your share of polluting with that substitute for masculinity you're driving.

Frasier: If mine's a substitute for masculinity, then what is yours?

Cam: Bigger!

Female Spartan: Look, I'm just saying.

Samus: I know what you're saying.

Female Spartan: Just saying.

Samus: I know.

Female Spartan: Okay, look. The drill just screams "compensation."

Big Daddy: I own, like, five hummers.

Female Spartan: [places fingers close together as if measuring Big Daddy's man parts; Samus facepalms]
"Hey, y'know what money can buy? A solid gold gun. That shoots diamond bullets. I call it The Compensator Whatta ya think?"

 The tower stood on the exact center of the grounds. It was the tallest structure in Tsukito, and even the next highest palace spire was several levels shorter. Whenever mentioned in official literature or communications from the throne, the tower was always called the “pinnacle of Tsukito engineering” and “combining the best designs of physical construction and magical support,” making it a symbol of “Tsukito’s enlightened balance between the material and the mystical.”

"The engineers thought that a silver-stoned phallic symbol was their best accomplishment. Nothing better than having an enormous member wagging at the world. Boys will be boys"
Eirin Yagokoro, Touhou Project

Vala Mal Doran: ...only an idiot would assume that this backwater of a planet was safe because you have a few ships with decent shield technology. You don't look like an idiot to me. So, I have to assume that the reason why you would want to build more ships is, like other men, you like big machines with big engines that fire big missiles because you have a deep-seated need to overcompensate for your own shortcomings.

Chairman of the Appropriations Commission: Excuse me?

(aide barely manages to not giggle)

Vala: See, she knows what I mean.
Sten:This sword is off-balance to the point of uselessness. It may as well be scrap metal on a stick. Can I assume you wield it with the intent that it compensate for your inadequate genitals?
The ultimate compensator.
Massacre flavor text, Iji
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