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Where Bandwidth Commits Suicide and Cool Comes to Die


Community Channel is the YouTube profile used by Natalie Tran, an Australian and Sydney resident of Vietnamese descent, in which she narrates every day events and then dramatises them in skits usually playing all the parts herself. Sometimes serious but almost always tongue-in-cheek, she will usually point to a common stereotype, trope, or mannerism and will subsequently subvert it in a short skit "because just once I would love it to go down like this". Her sense of humour, hobbies, constant Self-Deprecation, and the fact that she takes the time to talk about the favourite comments left by her video´s viewers at the end of the subsequent videos in the segment "porno music/comment time" has made her one of the most well known and successful youtubers, with a devout fan base, having over a million subscribers. All of this topped by an Australian Accent.

In 2010, she worked with Lonely Planet, traveling the world and making travelogues in a style similar to her Youtube videos.

Community Channel provides examples of the following tropes:
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