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Annie acts pleased when she meets Annie Kim, a fellow student in her political science class and if anything a more determined overachiever. She's less than happy when Other Annie takes her idea of a Greendale model UN and makes it official. Annie responds by forming her own model UN with the biology study group. Their teacher (guest star Martin Starr) approves the idea of a model UN face-off.

Not participating, at least not inside the hall, is Britta. Jealous of an old classmate who's being held as a political prisoner in Syria, she haphazardly sets out to get back in touch with her rabble-rousing roots. Her wish to be a notorious troublemaker dovetails with Chang's desire to be a brutal cop.

The Community episode "Geography of Global Conflict" provides examples of:

 Britta: This is what the UN is doing to your freedom! I'm your freedom! And I'm in a cage! With the world! Because of them!

  Jeff: My Annie gave this other Annie the idea and this diabolical little b--usybody stabbed her in the back.

 Abed: It's simple really, first we (goes on with hand gestures and mumbling)

Jeff: Abed, what did I tell you? You can't just mumble nonsense. No one's cutting away.

Abed: Okay, fine. Here's my actual plan.

(cuts away to Chang in his office)

  • Designated Villain: Annie Kim's only real crimes are being less friendly, and more arrogant and snide, than Annie Edison. Those aside, her behavior throughout the episode is generally better than her main-cast counterpart. This is arguably part of the point, since while she might be better behaved than the Annie we know and love, she also lacks the humanizing qualities that enable us to sympathise with Annie despite her faults.
  • Development Gag: The original Annie was written in the pilot episode as an Asian.
  • Discriminate and Switch: Pierce, though it doesn't help the situation. He switches from racism to sexism. Then from sexism to racism.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: This. Britta and Chang act like they're about to be married but she backs out at the last minute.
  • Don't Explain The Symbolism: Britta explains every point of the weird visual metaphor in the page picture to anyone who will listen.
  • Don't Look At Me: Annie after her tantrum.
  • Doomed Moral Victor: Annie claims that even if Annie Kim takes the practical victory, the former's committee extending an olive branch to the latter's automatically earns the former this status.
  • Evil Twin: More "jerkass twin" than "evil twin," but Annie Kim still counts. She possesses all of Annie's overachiever nature and obsession with winning, but without any of her humanizing or endearing qualities. Lampshaded, of course, by Jeff.
  • Foe Yay: The run-ins between Britta and Chang are played as a Hollywood Meet Cute, with Lionel Richie's "Hello" playing on the soundtrack.
  • Friendly Enemy: Annie and Annie at least at first.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Professor Cligoris
  • Growing Up Sucks: Annie is concerned that growing up would ruin the close friendship she and Jeff have.
  • Hypocritical Humor:

  Prof. Cligoris: Ready, set, peace! (shoots gun)

 "Backyard barbeque!"

 Cligoris: A logical, effective, common-sense move, Annie Kim. One which flies in the very face of the United Nations itself--a fundamentally symbolic organization founded on the principles of high-minded rhetoric and empty gestures.

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