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Pierce tries to rejoin the group, only to be edged out by Jeff when he claims that their friendship has evolved beyond needing to be in the same class. In reality, though, he only wants Pierce gone, and when he gets kicked out of the biology class it sends him panicking.

Chang's been trying to live in the air ducts, though Troy has convinced Dean Pelton that it's just Annie's Boobs the monkey, causing him to get the ducts gassed.

The Dean, meanwhile, wants no more of the National Lampoonery that's been going on the past two years and tries to take a more active administrative role, starting by chastising the Dean of Greendale's Air Conditioning Repair Annex for purchasing a new coffee machine. However, his efforts to crack down reveal that not only does the Annex have a higher rate of graduate employment, 80% of Greendale's funds come from it. The Vice-Dean subsequently gets the Annex split off, leaving Greendale virtually bankrupt. The security guards quit and Chang becomes their replacement, working for room and board.

In a third, smaller subplot, Britta tries to help Abed cope with Cougar Town's premiere getting bumped to January by hooking him on British shows. Her successful efforts lead her to decide to major in psychology and become a therapist.

The Community episode "Biology 101" provides examples of:

  • Actor Allusion: "You feel me" is said several times in the episode much like another show Michael K. Wiliams stars in.
    • Also, the Dean saying the "National Lampoonery" will come to an end plays along with the idea that Chevy Chase won't be returning. Which he does.
  • All Blacks are Alike: The study group thinks Jeff thinks this after he sees a picture of Pierce and Sugar Cube in Kane's office and assuming that it depicts Kane. He saw it from a distance! He saw the prison jumpsuit!
  • Analogy Backfire:
    • Paradoxed. Britta actively shows how well she ruins things by ruining Troy's Ruining Club analogy, thus, proving his point.
  • Ax Crazy: Jeff, literally for both criteria.
  • Badass Beard: The Dean tries one out, and it doesn't turn out very well.
  • Badass Boast:

 Vice-Dean Robert Laybourne: You could have lived the rest of your life in ignorance and died a happy pansexual imp. But you wanted to feel power this year. Well, now you are going to feel my power, as it surges downward from me straight through you from nostril to rectum now until the end of time. And that's 'wassup'.

Dean Pelton: [Panicking]... I forgot everything you said before 'rectum'!

 Troy: You are human tennis elbow. You are a pizza burn on the roof of the world's mouth. You are the opposite of Batman.

  • Fridge Brilliance: Inspector Spacetime would appear to be just a ripoff of Doctor Who that looks even cheaper. However, it's mentioned that it started in 1962, meaning that Doctor Who itself is the ripoff.
  • Funny Aneurysm Moment: Fans found Abed's freakout over Cougar Town being benched a LOT less funny once NBC's Spring 2012 lineup was revealed.
    • Also when the actual Cougar Town's production order was cut from 22 to 15.
    • In light of the benching, the study group's conversation upon learning that Chang is a security guard where they all matter-of-factly discuss that "this is the year we all die" takes on this edge as well.
  • Funny Background Event: More of an unfunny background event; several students can be seen walking across campus normally in the background of Jeff's musical fantasy.
  • Genius Bruiser: Professor Kane got his PHD from 6,205 hours of reading books from a prison. Also doubles as Badass.
  • Heroic BSOD: Abed nearly has one when he discovers Cougar Town's been moved to midseason and has a full one when Cougarton Abbey ends at six episodes with a mass suicide.
  • Ho Yay:

 Troy: Speaking of figuring things out, me and Abed have an announcement.

[Uncertain looks between Annie, Shirley and Britta]

Abed: Troy and I are living together.

Annie: [underwhelmed] Oh, that's...

Shirley: That's nice!

Troy: If you want to get us a gift, we're registered at Linens and Things.

Abed: We have plenty of linens; we mainly want the things.

 Jeff: What is with that guy? [does 'crazy' motion with his finger]

    • A meta-example; the show essentially announces that it's going to dial back the zany weirdness a bit from the previous years... by having the characters launch into a big, flashy song-and-dance musical number about how they're going to dial back the zany weirdness a bit.
    • Pierce getting shocked when Jeff appears to be racist.
  • Imagine Spot: Jeff gets one. It's a musical number. About how much less zany this year will be.
  • Ironic Echo: When throwing his weight around to Vice-Dean Laybourne, the Dean demands to know 'wassup'. Later, upon being confronted with the true power of the Air-Conditioning Repair Annex, the Dean is informed in no uncertain terms by Laybourne precisely 'wassup', and he's a lot more intimidating.
  • Irony: Jeff's dream shows just how much he wants everything to be more "calm and normal." But in this episode, it's mainly him disrupting the calm and bringing the crazy.
  • "I Want" Song: We're gonna get more calm and normal! We're gonna fix our state of mind!
  • Large Ham: Chang is seen carrying an actual large ham, for no apparent reason other than to lampshade that he is one.
  • Metaphorgotten: The Dean has put a lot of thought into what he'd do if he was running a monkey hotel.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Abed was in a funk to begin after learning Cougar Town wouldn't premier until midseason, but he was still functioning. Britta's intervention puts him into a complete catatonic state.
  • Not So Different: Jeff and Pierce. Jeff's breakdown over the episode is a mini-version of the character arc Pierce underwent over the previous season, and he begins to be ostracised from the group for the same reasons they ostracised Pierce.
  • Offscreen Teleportation

  Pierce: I'm back.

 Pierce: I lied. But you seemed to have a worse time being the bad guy than me.

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