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The study group is helping Annie put on a play to educate about drugs. Pierce has some ideas on how to 'improve' the performance, and follows Annie home to discuss these changes. After assisting Annie with a financial problem, he uses this leverage to get his changes to the play. When Pierce's scene stealing antics threaten to ruin the message, only Chang is able to right this wrong.

The Community episode "Celebrity Pharmacology 212" provides examples of:

 Chang: Is it because I'm Korean?

Shirley: You're Chinese.

Chang: Like there's a difference.

  • The Cast Showoff: Pierce, in universe, derailing Annie's show.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Those baseballs won't be making a reappearance.
  • Broken Aesop: In-Universe. Annie's anti-drug abuse play for middle schooler backfires thanks to Pierce's interference. The intermission ends up with a room full of middle-schoolers chanting for drugs.
  • Call Back: Annie's bad neighborhood makes one last appearance. She lives over Dildopolis.
  • Ceiling Banger: In the tag with Annie banging on her floor when she's kept awake by PA sales announcements at the dildo store beneath her apartment.
  • Crazy Awesome: Is Chang's drugs monologue brilliance on his part, or does he really want to do all those horrible things?
  • Crosses the Line Twice

 Annie: What are you doing here?

Pierce: Never mind that, there's a rapist in the hallway.

Annie: That's my landlord, and if he wanted you raped you'd be raped.

  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: The study group put on an anti-drug show for a group of elementary school children, but the kids love Pierce's performance as "Drugs" so much it backfires. The situation is ultimately remedied by forcing Pierce to leave and replacing him with Chang.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: In-Universe. Pierce teaches kids to love drugs. Everyone is appalled.

 Little Girl: I love you, Drugs!

 Abed: Do you think bees ever eat their own honey?

Troy: I'm sure they've at least tasted it.

 Shirley: That's a suicide mission!

Chang: Did someone say crazy PERSOOOOOON?!

Everyone: No.

Chang: Well, I heard it.

 Annie: You don't count, Britta, you don't respond to anything appropriately.

Britta: Thank you!

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