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  • The intro of pillows and blankets.
  • Britta, in response to nobody wanting to be in the bathroom with her:

 Britta: (teary) I've had to pee alone my whole life!

  • Pierce and Jeff's bizarre Spanish presentation montage set to Aimee Mann's "(It's Not Going To Start 'Til You) Wise Up" and Senor Chang's reaction:

 Señor Chang: (looks at Jeff) F. (looks at Pierce) F-.

Pierce: Did you say "S?"

      • Buddy: He said F.
    • And during that montage, while everyone else is staring in blank-faced confusion or disgust, Abed is nodding sagely. He gets it.
  • In episode 4 "Social Psychology", Professor Duncan conducts a psychology experiment he dubs "The Duncan Principle". He instructs Annie to inform the test subjects that the experiment will start in "5 minutes", even though "It's never actually going to start." When Señor Chang hears Annie say this, he reacts immediately saying:

 Señor Chang: NO! No, no. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! That's unacceptable, alright? You LIED to me! When you say something starts at 9, it starts at nueve!

    • He begins to walk out of the waiting room while moaning, only to come right back and shove an empty chair across the area shouting "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOO! MOMMY!!"

 Professor Duncan: (in response to viewing Señor Chang's actions on the "secret videocamera" monitor) Houston, we have an idiot.

    • Oh, and then Troy's eventual meltdown:

 Troy: (between sobs) You promised BUTT STUFF!


Troy: The Soul Train Awards were tonight!!

    • Bonus points for Troy dragging himself away on the floor at the end of his rant.
    • Professor Duncan when his "Duncan Principle" begins to fall apart as Abed is the only participant that has stayed in the room sane and collected - for the past 26 hours.

 Professor Duncan: ( to a student exiting the room) Go! Fine! Go kill John Lennon again, you loser!

Professor Duncan: ( pointing to Annie after everyone else has left the classroom) YOU HAVE DESTROYED THE DUNCAN PRINCIPLE! ( Leaves the room and shuts the door)

    • Hell, the fact that Duncan fell victim of his own principle.
  • In "Investigative Journalism" Buddy (played by Jack Black) tries to assure the group that adding him to the group won't change anything.

 Buddy: I know that you're scared that adding a new member might throw everything out of it's natural *cue theme song* *theme song ends* rhythm.

  • After Annie sees the 'anatomically correct' model of a penis she has to put a condom on, she asks 'is that considered large?'. Britta says "YES.", while Shirley's saying "Nooo."
    • And how about Annie's unimpressed description of a penis, which she's never actually seen before, despite not being a virgin: "It's a giant thumb in a turtleneck, whoop-de-doo!"
  • Jeff, striving desperately to keep a secret.

  Jeff: Can my role in our group be whose trademark is his well-defined boundaries, like Private Smurf, Discreet Bear, or ... Confidentiality Spice.

  • The group is having an argument after Annie dates Britta's ex. They reveal various sexual fantasies and comments group members have made about each other. Jeff states that their group is more complicated than a family because there's nothing to stop the members from being attracted to each other. Cue several silent moments of them making the most hilarious facial expressions ever at each other (recorded on {{Community the Main entry}}'s listing for Crack Pairing), complete with Ho Yay and Les Yay.
  • Everyone on campus getting drunk at the STD fair. Then the Dean realizes that the free condoms leak, because he printed 'Greendale!' on them ("Everybody's getting preggers, and it's all your fault!") Then Abed (secretly the best athelete on campus) has to run to the P.A system to make an announcement.
    • Troy: "Hurry, Abed! Before people sex one another!"
      • Abed, later, over the P.A. system: "Everybody! Don't use the condoms! If you're gonna have sex, don't use condoms!
  • It came out of nowhere:

 Leonard: Hey guys, thanks for eating all the macaroni!



Jeff: (to Britta) I did eat all the macaroni. It's messed up that he knows.

    • From the same episode, Pierce plays Pictionary and has to draw a windmill, so he starts with the blades... by drawing a swastika. Senor Chang's rabbi brother comes in and gets offended. Chang and Pierce get into a fight and school security comes in to stop it.

 Campus Security: (in a weary tone) This will never stop until Pictionary bans the word "windmill".

  • Abed's hangover in "Communications Studies" - he can no longer pull out his store of pop culture references, and just says "Movie reference" when he'd normally have a joke.
  • "Why are Jeff and Britta making fun of those handicapped kids?"
  • One of Jeff's Lawyer-ings of the group, regarding Annie:

 Jeff: *to no one in particular* Permission to treat the witness as hostile!

Pierce: I'll allow it.

    • And using Abed as a stenographer

 Jeff: Did you record yesterday's Spanish class?

Annie: I don't think so?

Jeff: Abed.

Abed: You said you record all your classes. Pierce called it "a spoiler alert."

  • Troy has some great one-liners.

 Did you know that Gogurt is just yogurt?

And if we need an escape goat, I think we should just let this one go. (Said while sitting next to a goat. And covering its ears so it's not offended)

I hope [Gary] transfers to HELL!

Whoa, who taught you therapy, Michael Jackson's dad?

That guy looks like Moby.

Have you ever been to a puppy parade midway? It is pointless.

I hope I develop multiple personalities. I get lonely in long showers.

That guy's a mess. It's like God spilled a person.

You should be like Calvin. His best friend was a tiger, they always went on dope adventures, and if anything got in his way he just peed on it.

(in a Batman voice) That's one of my biggest fears. Like, if I woke up as a donut, I'd eat myself. I wouldn't even think about it.

Uh, I can swim, racist.

You're the AT&T of people.

Dammit Shirley, forget about your newborn child, and think about the people who need you!

There was a time and a place for subtlety, and that time was before Scary Movie.

You are the opposite of Batman.

[Upon discovering his landlord's huge collection of women's shoes] Wait a minute; Rick doesn't have a wife... or women's feet.

(After seeing Britta in the season 2 premiere) "Toy Story... Britta!"

(After finding out Jeff and Britta had sex on the table) "Oooooohhhh-some!"

  • Accounting For Lawyers Annie chloroforming the janitor at Jeff's old law firm, Troy's freaking out over it and Abed's plan to get them out of the situation.


    • And when that plan doesn't work and the janitor spots the rag in Annie's hand, Annie chloroforms him again and they all run away.
  • Professor Duncan using his force field to keep Senor Chang from eating.
  • The Cat Scare in "Epidemiology." "Is someone throwing it?"
    • And the fact that Jeff insists they put the whole Zombie Apocalypse happening around them on the backburner in order to deal with what he feels is the rather more pressing 'manic cat' issue.
  • Troy reacts angrily to Abed stating that them moving in together would cause their relationship to Jump the Shark: "Oh, and for your information? There was an episode of Happy Days where a dude LITERALLY jumped over a shark. And it was the BEST ONE."
  • The Christmas pterodactyl. To say anything else would spoil the jaw-dropping randomness of it.
  • The True Meaning of Christmas:

 [[spoiler:Abed: It's the first season of Lost on DVD.

Pierce: That's the meaning of Christmas?

Abed: No, it's a metaphor. It represents a lack of payoff.]]

  • The Dean's response to Jeff's "why were you looking at my transcript?": "Maybe it was a random spot-check. Maybe it was a specific spot-check. Maybe I'm making a scrapbook!"
  • "I wait fourteen turns."
  • Jeff trying to console Pierce in the first Halloween episode: "Well, when we go to dancing skeletons with our problems, we pretty much get what we pay for."
  • The pool judgement. 'nuff said.
  • Donald Glover's eyes.
    • Donald. Glover's. Eyes.
  • Troy meeting Levar Burton.
  • The Comic Role Play in "Intermediate Documentary Making" where Britta roleplays as Jeff's Dad... so Jeff roleplays as Britta's Dad.

 Britta: But what if he's coming though? What are you going to say to him? Here, I'll be him! I'll be him! Hi. Hey, hi I'm Jeff's dad, hi.

Jeff: Hi, Jeff's dad. I'm Britta's dad.

Britta: What? Why?

Jeff: I don't know. Got drunk, didn't have a condom and her mom gets freaky when she hears Oingo Boingo!

Britta: Oh god, I wish I could relate but much like my son I'm a closet homosexual.

Jeff: Don't apologize for that. You're talking to the guy who banged Britta's mom. I have no standards.

Britta: Well what do you say we take a tumble? I'll put on a wig.

Jeff: That's it you're under arrest.

Britta: It's not illegal to be gay.

Jeff: It is here in Iran.

Britta: Not when we're in the "Green Zone"!

Jeff: That's Iraq stupid.

Britta: Well what do I know? I'm Jeff Winger's dumb gay dad! (leaves angrily)

    • It might be based on a cruel act of revenge-driven torturous emotional manipulation, but Pierce's feeble attempt at roleplaying Jeff's dad in the same episode is also hilarious.

 "Jeff's Dad": It's me, here in this sedan! See, I'm waving!

  • The epic debate between Leonard and Magnitude.
  • Troy brags that Abed will never see his gift coming...before we see that it's a remote control helicopter wrapped in tissue paper with the outline clearly visible.

 Britta: What are you guys doing?!

Troy: Chang made me open it! He seduced me with his dark Chinese powers!

Chang: (looking betrayed) Why do you leave him alone with me?!

 Jeff: Britta, he was an imaginary waiter.

Britta: I wouldn't expect you to understand!

  • In "Paradigms of Human Memory":
    • After Annie invokes a montage of the "long looks, stolen glances, general atmosphere of 'will they, might they'" between her and Jeff, set to romantic music by Sara Bareilles( a parody of a real fanvid), he objects that "You could do the same thing with -- Pierce and Abed!" After a pause with Abed looking thoughtful, we get an identical montage for Pierce and Abed, complete with the same music.

 Jeff: Abed, it's called chemistry. I have it with EVERYONE.

Abed: Come on, Jeff. There's clearly more between you and Annie than there is between me and Pierce.

Pierce: (outraged, to Abed) HOW DARE YOU!

  • Jeff's thinly veiled insecurity about the Black Rider being better looking than him. "Dude, you have a problem."
    • The Black Rider flatly denying having heard of Jeff.

 Jeff: He's lying!

  • Magnitude's "death" scene:

 Magnitude: Pop....

Troy: Pop what!? Pop what!? What is he trying to say? POP WHAT MAGNITUDE?!!"

 Jeff: Hey, Troy sneezes like a girl!

Troy: How 'bout I pound you like a boy, that didn't come out right.

 Jeff: It's in your blood!

Troy: That's racist.

Jeff: Your soul.

Troy: That's racist.

Jeff: Your eyes?

Troy: That's gay.

Jeff: That's homophobic.

Troy: That's black.

Jeff: That's racist!

Troy: Damn...

  • "We were just helping Jeff get ready for the fiiiigghhhh......t. (quietly, to Jeff) I couldn't think of another word."

  Jeff: Idiot. He meant we were figh... ting. It is hard to think of another word.

    • In general, any time that Annie and Shirley compete over who gets to be the Cowboy Cop of their volunteer-security-guard partnership.

 Annie: Morning boys! I'm Annie Edison. But people call me 'Psycho' because I had a nervous breakdown in high school. My partner's a Christian housewife. [Shirley looks genuinely betrayed] Can we help you?

Shirley: Actually, can we not help you? I tend to play by my own rules.

Annie: She loves rules! I only have one -- stay out of my way.

Shirley: Stay out of mine more.

    • Annie's pursuit of Jeff, in which she ends up accidentally pepper-spraying herself in the face.

 Annie: These are not tears! This is self-inflicted friendly fire, OK!

      • She gets "sprayed" by running into the spray while firing it at Jeff.
  • From "Beginning Pottery", after Jeff fakes a finger injury:

 Rich: Jeff, check it out: if your finger’s still buggin’ ya, just get creative. (starts using his cheek to shape the clay)

Teacher: I wanna kiss you on the mouth.

Rich: (turns to look at him and freezes) I'm sorry?

  • Cougarton Abbey.
  • Annie rants while annoyingly moving her straw around in her cup lid. Troy reaches over, removes the lid, and gives the cup back, without Annie noticing at all.
  • Troy using a Southern Accent while representing Georgia for the Model U.N. The Country Georgia. And he knows it, but uses a Southern Accent anyway.
  • Annie Kim's bafflement at Jeff and Annie's relationship.

 Annie Kim: Is he your father or your lover?

Jeff: Annie, stop. You're acting like a little school girl and not in a hot way.

 Todd: OFFENSE TAKEN! (quietly) Offense taken.

      • Professor Kane: What did you do to my man Todd? You know he's an Iraq War veteran.
  • Timeline 5 in "Remedial Chaos Theory," where Troy is the one who gets the pizza. While he's gone, a series of horrible freak accidents occur, and when he gets back the apartment's on fire, Pierce has been shot in the leg, and a terrifying troll doll is staring at him from the center of the chaos. Troy's reaction is priceless.
    • The Stinger following up on the events of Timeline 5. Abed's decided they should become evil doppelgangers of the study group in Timeline 7, and as such need the appropriate attire ASAP. So he's made them all felt goatees to wear. Also, Britta's put a blue streak in her hair to represent the "darker," study group, and considers this on par with Jeff losing an arm.
    • "Clearly you don't know anything about defeating trolls!"
    • Pierce tormenting Troy with the Norwegian Troll figure in Timeline 4.

 Feel the terror, Troy! Feel the terror of the Norwegian Troll!!!

  • The credits scene in "Critical Film Studies", where Abed and Troy are dining at the expensive restaurant. When they get the check, Troy's eyes get comically large and he starts crying.

 Troy: They said market prices. WHAT KIND OF MARKET ARE YOU SHOPPING AT?!

  • "In England, everything means vagina."
  • All of the stories the study group tells in "Horror Fiction In Seven Spooky Steps" are hilarious in their own ways. All of them.
    • Britta getting dramatic when she reveals the results of the personality tests to Jeff:

 Britta: One of the tests came back with seventy out of seventy-five red-flags for an extreme personality disorder. Extreme, Jeff!

Jeff: [Mock-terrified] Like a Dorito?!

Britta: A sociopathic Dorito! A cool-ranch lunatic! Only instead of zest, Jeff, one member of our study group has -- homicidal tendencies!

[Cut to a shot of the other members of the study group dancing, happily but badly, to cheesy Halloween music]

  • Troy and Abed pretending to be each other so Troy has a loophole to tell a secret. "I like football, but also I don't."
  • The priest at Pierce's dad's funeral telling Britta, "You're the worst."
  • After Troy (and a few others) has been kidnapped to see if they are good enough to be air conditioning students (What sells it is John Goodman's deadpan delivery):
    • Then, later in the episode, when Troy snaps at the Janitor:

 Troy: I'm going to eat spaceman paninis with Black Hitler and there's nothing you can do about it!

  • "HE TWEETED IT!!!!!"
    • The fight between the Dean and Jeff in the green screen room while stock footage plays was surreal and priceless.
    • "I liked Horsebot 3000."
  • Jeff's scarily accurate impression of the Dean in "Documentary Filmmaking Redux".

 Jeff: This is my sister's!

    • The montage of Britta and Troy being forced to hug over and over again for twelve hours, until they start having full on breakdowns while still trying to do the shot.
    • Annie's little meltdown, in which she rants about how the Dean is a genius and not just an idiot who's made her waste two weeks of her life -- Alison Brie excels at bringing the wild-eyed crazy.
    • The Dean on the phone with Luis Guzman saying "I loved you" stalling while Annie checks her iPhone for a movie Guzman was in. She hands her phone to the Dean who looks at it and finally says "...IMDb! The Dean looks back at Annie: "That was tragic."
  • Almost anything said and done by Bat!Abed in "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism":

 "The night beckons. Its black fingers curl and uncurl, going, like, 'hey, come here'... there can be no peace while crime spits and dances on the reef of justice to the infectious beats of all that is wrong."

    • "Say, you look familiar. Did I ever pretend to shoot a guy in front of you to teach you a lesson about gun safety?"
      • And what makes it better is that the officer says this as if this is something he does all the time.
    • Bat!Abed confrontation with Rick the Landlord. Despite the fact that Bat!Abed is less-than-effective at even getting into the apartment, Rick seems to be under the impression that he's actually being interrogated by Batman himself.
  • "Regional Holiday Music." ALL OF IT. It's basically Glee crossed with Invasion of the Body Snatchers. And it is glorious!
    • When Britta rushes onstage of the Christmas pageant to sing her "heart song" Dean Pelton disappointedly checking the program: "Oh Britta's in this?"
    • Annie's increasingly dumb sexpot Christmas song.

 Annie: Boopie doopie boop doop sex!

Jeff: ...Look, eventually you hit a point of diminishing returns on the sexiness.

Annie: What's a diminunyuh nyumwyuh?

    • Baby Boomer Santa. A pastiche of popular music from the 1940s to the 1980s solely for the purpose of playing on Pierce's baby-boomer sense of 'historical vanity'. And it is hilarious.
      • The shots of Pierce's increasing delight and the study group's horror until he finally joins in and belts out:

  "You're welcome! You're welcome! For all that I bring/ to the world! I'm Baby Boomer Santa/I'm an American pearl!"

  • In a meta example (for a meta show), on the DVD commentaries, Donald Glover's own CMOF is being lured into the bathroom by a piece of cake in "English As A Second Language".
    • Dan Harmon cites the "Those aren't thumbs" joke from "Basic Rocket Science" as his own favorite joke of Season 2.
    • The 'Psychology of Letting Go' commentary is also hysterical, though the best parts are Chevy Chase insisting that Shirley is played by a robot and all of the commentators marveling that, for some reason, John Oliver cannot write a 'G' properly.
    • Donald Glover and Gillian Jacobs hijack the "Applied Anthropology And Culinary Arts" commentary after the actual commentators joke that they're having sex outside the glass. The others are appalled that they "broke the seal" of the commentary booth.
  • The Goodfellas Shout-Out episode where Abed became the cook and started making chicken fingers. The study group used their connection to Abed to become the most powerful clique on campus but it gets to their heads so Abed ruins them all in different ways (set to the same song where Jimmy Conway had his entire crew whacked).
  • Annie blowing everything off.
  • What happened with LEGOS?
  • The group arguing about the Barenaked Ladies.
  • Britta vs. Chang. Thanks, Lionel Richie! Heck, the Foe Yay between them in S3E2.
  • Abed's eyebrows.
  • Nurse Jackie's Take That to Indiana Jones.

 "Yeah, but the temple is a temple of doom! And like the real Temple of Doom, it represents the inconvenient fact that all good things, be they people or movie franchises, eventually collapse into sagging, sloppy piles of hard-to-follow nonsense."

  • Britta's "" comment when she was dating Lukka.
  • Abed making Troy believe he can turn into a cartoon in season 2 episode 2.

 Abed: All you have have to do is believe! (Abed pops out of a dumpster) No, you don't have to believe.

Troy: I didn't (disappointed) I didn't.

Abed: I may have done some damage there.

  • Troy's breakdown in Documentary Filmmaking Redux after Dean Felton forced him and Britta to hug for 12 hours.

 Britta: "To meet different people".

Troy: Stop saying I'm different!

  • Prof. Whitman climbing a tree for no reason after seeing Jeff finally seize the day by kissing Britta.
  • The naked pool game between Jeff and Coach Bogner in "Physical Education".
  • During Shirley and Pierce's slide show presentation to the Dean about opening a sandwich shop in the cafeteria a drawing of the Dean in the style of the Monopoly guy carrying a money bag in each hand appears.

 Dean Pelton: "That's me! Where did I get all the money I'm holding?"

    • Annie's desperate excitement about helping Shirley plan her wedding: "Oh hey guys! Did someone say 'Annie', 'help', 'wedding' and something about maybe hydrangeas?"
  • Annie's Halloween story.

 Vampire Jeff: Wait! Teach me to read.

  • The Dean collapsing and convulsing in the hallway upon seeing how hot Jeff looks wearing aviator glasses.

 "Oh my god, even his shadow! Look at his shadow!!"

  • The study group getting roped into being celebrity impersonators at a bar mitzvah to pay Abed's debt. Jeff is tall Ryan Seacrest, Troy and Britta are young and old Michael Jackson, Shirley is Oprah, Pierce is "Fat Marlon Brando" and Abed is Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies.
    • "If you have anything else to say, say it in a high-pitched voice while walking backwards." "Jeff is in grave danger, hee-hee!"
  • In "Digital Exploration of Interior Design", the Subway executive listens to the tape of Britta and 'corpo-humanoid' Subway's apparently "way out of the mainstream" sexual explorations, with the result that Subway is stripped of his job and dragged away by goons in black suits. When comes time to leave, however, the executive seems curiously reluctant to leave his seat:

 Subway executive: If someone could hand me my jacket?

Pierce: [Helpfully] It's right over there on the coat-rack next to the door.

Subway executive: ... If somebody could just hand it to me, that would be great.

[Awkward pause]

Dean Pelton: I guess I'm confused; why don't you just grab it on your way out the door --

Subway executive: You know what? Now I'm not leaving. Now I'm just going to sit for a while and focus on how unacceptable today was.

  • "Leonard likes this post."
    • Jeff: That's saved Garrett?
    • Student: Rally for Garrett!

 Annie: But we saved him!

Student: Did we?

  • Jeff becoming The Incredible Hulk of vanity when he is flattered.
  • Chang's pouting.
  • Abed, on having the Dean suddenly show up at his door wearing pyjamas and carrying a six-pack and a packet of potato chips: "I need help reacting to something."
  • Anything Pierce or Troy says or do in "Documentry Filmaking"
  • "Basic Lupine Urology" is just filled with funny moments.
    • The subverted Fake-Out Make-Out. "Explaining isn't the issue!"
    • "To be fair, she got me here with an extremely misleading text message." "Well, technically, you are about to get screwed in the Biology room."
    • Shirley's immediate shift into Da Chief.
    • Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Rodgers, straight out of an actual Law and Order episode.
    • During the trial, Annie accusing Todd of various things like popping pills, beating his wife and being a virgin and immediately withdrawing them before his lawyer can object.
    • "Objection, she's clearly ramping up to something."
      • "Objection, that's not a real objection."
        • "Objection, I hate both of you."
    • "I'm sorry about my partner. He's been on edge ever since we switched."
    • "A man's got to have a code."
  • Pierce and Chang's "breakup" montage.
  • Troy becoming the Only Sane Man to the Air-Conditioning Repair School. No, really.

 "It's a trade school. It's a two year degree, in boxes, that make rooms cold."

AC Student: Let's take him to the Infinite Labrynith of Eternal Ice!

Troy: No! No! Take him to the police. He killed a man. take him to jail. You guys are weird.

    • From the same episode the announcer from the Sun Chamber. His delivery and being a large ham is PERFECT.
  • Evil!Abed being a dick in the prime timeline. Especially when he tries to get Jeff's attention.
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