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There once was a troper, it's said
Who wasn't quite right in the head
Told to write a haiku
He knew not what to do
And wrote down a limerick instead


Omega 3 oils
This format is Japanese
Do not eat the fish.

 --SheepInWolfClothing (Referencing the recent radiation scares, originally posted on Brain Food)

One two three four five.
One two three four five six sept.
One two three four five.

How do I write haiku?
I believe it's supposed to be
Six, eight, and six. Correct?


I shall feed him and love him and call him George

Why don't the bad guys just shoot James Bond?

While I was browsing TV Tropes one night
I came upon a frightful scary sight.
A page not made for meter sweet as love--
Iambic, it is called, pentameter,
Far greater than Haiku, I say, for lo!
Haiku is far too short for epic tales.
Long-suffering Odysseus once sailed
Across the wine-dark sea back to his home.
This meter I am writing in right now
Could tell a tale like that no problem, but
Haiku just fails at being poetry.


I can't believe you!
I defy you to show me
Any "wine-dark sea"!

I couldn't think of
Anything cool to say here,
But I like Swiss cheese.


They just don't get it.
Wait... this isn't laconic?
I hate poetry!

My house is on fire...
The worst part about this is
It's a little hot.

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