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Are you ready to unleash the artistic rage?*

ComicFury is a free, "full-control webcomic hosting service". The service allows users to arbitrarily edit their site's layout (in complete raw HTML and CSS!), and does not enforce any advertisements on the webcomic pages, although users can willingly accept advertisements to support the service, or even use their own advertisements. A forum for all members also exists.

ComicFury contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Alt Text: A "Comic description" field on the comic-uploader allows for this (and sensibly uses the title= attribute).
  • Fun with Acronyms: ComicFury actually stands for "Comics On My Interneting Computer For... Um... Readers? Yeah ..."
  • Guest Strip: A recent "Secret Santa" event in the community involved all participants creating guest strips for others.
  • Interactive Comic: There have been a few comics on ComicFury that are done MS Paint Adventures-style.
  • Strip Archive: One is generated automatically for all strips, including chapter support if desired. Oh, and there's a search function, too.
  • Strip Buffer: As with many comic hosting services, CF allows you to set an uploading date and time, allowing you to set up a buffer on the actual site.

ComicFury also plays host to regular games of Werewolf, but that has its own trope page

The following webcomics are hosted on ComicFury:

*You may not unleash the artistic rage.

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