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"They're like the movies people would make if people had access to an infinite supply of bendy actors who would freely get naked, talk about way-too-personal issues and destroy each other on command."
Nicholas Gurewitch, author of The Perry Bible Fellowship

Ongoing series or individual works of sequential art in book or magazine form; not noted on the list are the vast number of independent or 'underground' publications available. Despite the name, many such are not particularly "comic" at all, which has lead to the use of the term "Graphic Novel" in describing works with True Art aspirations, though some consider such phrasing needlessly pretentious. It has since acquired a more technical meaning, but debate and pretension rage on.

What it has happened is that the term has helped give original sequential art in a dedicated publication format a long overdue respectability in North American mainstream culture as evidenced by its growing presence in public library collections.

Compare Newspaper Comics.

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