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Come See Me Tonight (Watashi ni Konya Ai ni Kite) I and II are a pair of Eroge Visual Novel style games from Sekilala, released by G-Collections in translated and uncensored versions. The second is not really a sequel except in the sense of sharing a similar plot, along with the same artistic teams.

  • Come See Me Tonight I - Ryoichi Sakaki's parents mysteriously disappear one day. The lovely Chidori Yuki, an old friend of your family and owner of a very traditional Japanese restaurant offers to let you stay with them. When you arrive, you find that her three gorgeous daughters also act as hostesses in the restaurant, along with a cute but shy and clumsy girl training to be a hostess so she can run her own restaurant. Your job is to keep up on the daily tasks required of a successful restaurant while also finding yourself attracted to all the women working there.
  • Come See Me Tonight II - Kensuke Tsukikage is the son of a family that runs the Tsukigake Shinto Shrine, famous for its annual harvest festival and accompanying "Dance of the Shrine Maidens." One day your grandfather - the current chief priest - tells you that he wants you to take over his duties as chief priest and therefore will also be participating in the dance. It becomes your duty to learn the ins and outs of maintaining the shrine, and not only help the three beautiful maidens-in-training learn the dance but learn your part in it yourself. However, this year won't be the usual dance. This time, part of the dance involves you picking which of the maidens you want to be your wife, with your consummation in the privacy of the shrine as culmination of the ritual of your taking over as chief priest and priestess.

In both games, the art and writing is quite good, with an above-average amount of character development. Much more than that, the attention given to the little daily details in their respective settings raises them well above the typical Eroge game and makes them into something special and worthy of involved playtime. Playing through while paying attention to the stories is a pleasant, satisfying (not that way) experience with little drama, just about people going about their daily lives, trying to figure out life and love.

Needs Wiki Magic Love

These games provide examples of

  • Blush Sticker - Kobato sports these to accentuate her youth.
  • Christmas Cake - Both games feature at least one as a romance-able choice.
    • Likes Older Women - Both protagonists find each of their respective options to be attractive, though the second game one clearly considers her an option from the get go.
  • Dojikko - Hina.
  • Eroge
  • Generation Xerox - Well, it skips a generation, but your protagonist in game two will use a mannerism of his grandfather's at one point.
  • H-Game POV Character - Both games are solidly Type I protagonists.
  • Kissing Cousins - Technically speaking, Hina's the only girl who doesn't fit this trope in the first game. Chidori is Ryoichi's first cousin once removed, while her daughters are his second cousins.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac - The protagonist's grandfather in the second game, who also happens to be a Cool Old Guy.........with a mild amount of Pervert Dad, albeit the last part is played for gentle laughs.
  • Parental Abandonment - Significant to kick the plot of the first one off, but in the end, nothing overly dramatic.
  • Plot With Porn
  • Token Mini-Moe - Kobato.
  • Tsundere - Tsugumi in the first game.
  • Slice of Life - The detail put into describing the little daily rituals in both games gives them a much more intimate (not that way) feel very different from most other games in the genre.
  • Unwanted Harem
  • Visual Novel
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