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Fridge Brilliance

  • At first the Dom and sub spirits come across as an Ass Pull. Then you realize, the whole comic is basically being done in the style of a Shonen anime i.e. New Powers as the Plot Demands.
  • Arguably a case with Laura's reaction to Sixx's harem. Her father had an outrageously huge harem, and she had at least 30 siblings from his attempts to get a male heir. No wonder she has issues with polygamy.
  • And her earlier statement about liking her uniform at the cafe where she met Michelle because it was pink. When talking about her early life she wore a pink suit to signify that she was low on the fertility scale, and therefore mostly left alone by men.
  • I didn't even realize this until I saw it mentioned under Call Forward, but "Mr. Black" on Sybion is Michael Kappel. And what do we know about this character? That he uses "black books". Brilliant foreshadowing.

Fridge Logic

  • War was considered "detrimental" to humanity as a whole after Atlantis was discovered several thousand years ago, and the Americas are still colonized? I'm sorry, if weapons tech has stagnated around swords and bows, the colonists would have gotten their collective arse handed to them, as the Native Americans didn't really subscribe to the whole Universal Brotherhood thing..
    • To be fair, even in the absence of war, European diseases would have devastated Native American populations, leaving lots of room for sharing the land, and eventually interbreeding. Now, this likely would still have left a noticeable Native American influence on the appearance of modern people in North America (as in Mexico), you also have to factor in the (presumed) absence of African slaves which might further lighten the average skin color...
  • Later, when Laura talks about Sybion, it's mentioned that women are ranked by their fertility and chances of having a male child but the Fridge Logic is that the sex of a child is dependent entirely on whether the sperm that fertilizes the egg has an X or Y chromosome so that really makes no sense. Or this could be intentional on the part of the author to show how out of touch the culture is. There is some debate about the natural capacity of primate females to control the gender of their offspring by selectively aborting pregnancies of one gender or another based on environmental factors that would make it selectively beneficial to have children of one gender or another. In the real world this is a controversial idea, and if the capacity does exist there's no way it could result in a society of fifty men and thousands of women, it doesn't go nearly that far. However, this world is already fantasy, so stretching a controversial real-world hypothesis isn't going too far.
  • The whole computer terminal setup. First, needing an elaborate Matrix-style setup just to search a database. I'll let that slide, given the Deus Sex Machina setting. But the terminal, driven entirely by voice commands, has the ability to gag the user. A computer controlled by speaking has a feature to stop the user from speaking. What purpose could that possibly serve?
    • Very simple: Prevent abuse. Also, the elaborate setup isn't Deus Ex Machine at all. It's just how it is. The clerck explained it: privacy first. Also, you're in a BDSM society. Being bound like that would be pretty commonplace. So why not integrate it in to other stuff, say computers? Make sense to me. Try not to forget the fact that this isn't our world at all.
  • Guns shouldn't have been invented without the need of nations to kill each other (not counting the police's liquid rubber firing Arm Cannons). And yet, not only were they banned in 1900, Sixx senior has a Glock. Also: Powered Armor.
    • That's assuming they're only used against other people, when they could have still been invented to take down prey and large animals, such as buffalo and bears. Just because people aren't fighting each other doesn't mean they don't use guns. And gunpowder was originally invented by Taoist monks looking for an elixir of immortality, it was only an accident that they discovered it could be used as an explosive and eventually be used in firearms.
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