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 C.C.: I still don't follow any of this.

Lelouch: Look, it's really simple. I'm the son of the King of Britannia.

C.C: Then why are you in Japan?

Lelouch: Let me break it down for you. Every nation belongs to one of three major Empires (Australia NO!). Britannia, The Chinese Federation, Britannia, Santa Mario, Kazakhstan (President: Nursultan Nazarbayev... Learning You Some Knowledge), Britannia, Alderaan (Not found), Britannia, Corneria and Britannia.

C.C: I don't even know why I bothered to ask.

Code MENT is a relatively young Code Geass Abridged Seri-er... abridgement, created by Purpleeyeswtf (also the creator of None Piece), and one of the more bizarre abridged series out there. Code MENT very loosely follows the actions in the original series--in general, while the events and outcomes are the same, characterization and motivations are jettisoned for the sake of comedy, with all the characters acting considerably stupider. The series is considered a "parody of a parody".

While it sounds whacky on paper, purpleeyes is known to hold himself to high standards. The series is notable for purpleeye's impressive voice-work (giving each character in a cast of Loads and Loads of Characters his or her own distinct voice), its fast paced humor, and excellent comedic timing.

Thirteen episodes so far (not counting the re-edits, of which there have been two): Watch it here.

Not to be confused with the other Code Geass Abridged Series: Code Geass the Abridged Series.

Tropes used in Code Ment include:
  • The Abridged Series: Erm, Abridgement.
  • Abusive Parents: The crazy woman in the park from episode 9 and tells her son he needs to get reacquainted with his father's nine iron. For frolicking.
  • Achievements in Ignorance: Lelouch manages to corner Clovis in his G1 base without actually knowing how he managed to do it.
  • All Men Are Perverts: Lelouch tricks an enemy into coming out of his mech by claiming to have a CD with "over 12 terabytes of pornography." Which is impossible, of course, because CDs can't even hold one gigabyte; the guy's brain didn't get that far, apparently.
  • American Accents: Cornelia had a very deep Texas accent, to the point of almost be a Southern Belle.
  • Ass Pull: Mocked by Lelouch in universe during episode 11 as C.C. distracts Suzaku.

  One/Zero: "Oh of course, telepathy, silly me, and here I was expecting something that made sense."

  Lelouch: "That wasn't eating. I've seen eating. What happened in there was pure chaos."

  • Blatant Lies: The ending of the first episode, which is rather normal by Abridged Series standards, proclaims that "Well, look on the bright side... at least it can't get any weirder." It... does.
  • Blood Knight: Cornelia.

 General: Madam, we discovered that there is a tunnel bellow the hotel which we can use to infiltrate.

Cornelia: I hear loud and clear. Let's fire our missiles there and be done with this.

Dalton: But Madam, we found that your sister is among the hostages.

Cornelia: I hear loud and clear. Let's fire our missiles there and be done with this.


Cornelia: Fine

    • Also, Guilford.

 Guilford: "Let me at 'em; I'll fuck 'em up!"

  • Bottomless Magazine: In episode 8 One (Lelouch) fires probably around 100 shots or more from his pistol before running out (there's roughly seventy shots) Subverted at the last second, when he's about to shoot Euphemia, and the gun clicks.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Episode 10. "Oh please, this series was dead long before he got here."
    • Also Episode 1: "What happened? Did the animation budget run out again?"
  • Brick Joke: Linked
    • In Episode 6:

 Guilford: Hell, I stole your watch before you got in here.

Jeremiah: So that's where that thing went.

Guilford: Yeah, I lost it though.

Jeremiah: Damnit, that was a Rolex!

    • Then Later:

 Lelouch: You see a Rolex I lifted off some guy yesterday? You'd better not be touching my stuff.

    • In a later episode:

 Lelouch: Suzaku, listen very carefully. I'm about to get seriously effed right now, so I need you to relay a message. Tell the girl with green hair in my room to NOT TOUCH MY STUFF!!!

    • After meeting C.C. dressed in Lelouch's "One" clothes later:

 Lelouch: Blargh! Who are you?!

C.C.: [Unmasks] You really are a moron, aren't you? Well, what do you have to say for yourself?

Lelouch: ...

C.C.: Oka--


  • Broken Record: Suzaku at the beginning of episode one. "Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever."
  • Brown Note: Old Madonna music videos have this effect on Suzaku and Lelouch.
  • Bumbling Emperor: As expected, Emperor Charles has more than a few loose screws and seems to suffer from some case of senility. When trying to remember about Lelouch and Nunally:

  Emperor Charles: /What was I thinking about just now?... something.. about... Japan./ We're taking over Japan! /Boooyah.//

 Lelouch: "That One guy sounds like a really awesome dude!"

  • Butt Monkey: "Rivalz, die in a fire."
  • Calling Your Attacks: Kallen.
  • Captain Obvious: Shirley in episode 9.
  • Catch Phrase: "Team Deathmatch!" for a lot of the characters.
    • Almost to the point of being Arc Words.
  • Chainsaw Good: Lelouch points out that somebody needs to make a gun with chainsaw bullets quickly and gives Kallen a robot because she came up with the only thing greater than that: a gun that shoots a gun that shoots chainsaw bullets.
  • Coitus Uninterruptus: Nina in the middle of her table related activities is interrupted by Nunally... She then continues seconds later with Nunally still in the room.
  • Colbert Bump: The number of viewers jumped by quite a bit after Takahata101 and Little Kuriboh (separately) recommended it.
  • Continuity Nod:

  Lelouch: Damn continuity, damn it to hell!

 Young Lelouch: Dad! Dad! Mom is dead.

Emperor Charles: How dead?

Young Lelouch: Dead enough to cause Nunally to go blind.

Emperor Charles: That's pretty dead.

  • Description Cut: Lots. Mostly of the form "A says B is smart, cut to B acting incredibly stupid."

 Lelouch: "Who knows what kind of masterminds are behind all this?"

Cut to:

Lloyd: "KEYS!"

    • Episode 5:

 Euphy: Seriously, how are you still part of the army? I thought you had to be at least somewhat smart to be in there!

Cut to:

Soldier 1: Yo man, who is this fat f*ck?

Soldier 2: I dunno, but whoever he is, his fat ass is weighin' down this plane!

    • From Episode 7:

 Newscaster: In an effort to capture the criminal mastermind known as One-

Cut to:


    • Episode 9:

 Cornelia: "This One guy seems to be our biggest threat."

Cut to:


    • Also from Episode 9:

 Kallen: "It's a good thing I have One to look up to. He's a great role model."

Cut to:

One: "We need to score some drugs."

    • Episode 10.

 Cornelia: "Well, we'll have to concentrate on the army with the most compentent leader."

Cut to:

Liberal Japanese Leader: "I stepped on a nail!"

Cut to:

One (while hitting himself repeatedly): "Dammit! Must. Learn. To. Read!"

Cut to:

Cornelia: "Or... just flip a coin or something..."

  • The Ditz: All of the characters, but especially Suzaku, who gets extra points for mental retardation.

 Lelouch: Well Suzaku, it was great to have you over for dinner. Although there was really no need for you to eat all of the silverware.

Suzaku: I need to be under constant supervision.

    • Kallen's Mother (her actual one from Code Geass) is especially eccentric. She accuses stepladders and vases of attacking her. And then she teaches them violent lessons in pain.
  • Driven to Suicide: The soldiers at the end of the first episode after Lelouch confronts them with CSI.... MIAMI.
  • Drives Like Crazy: "Look! No hands!"
    • Episode 10:

 Liberation Member: "Sir, for the love of god, open your eyes!"

Tohdoh: "I won't lie: I've been drinking again."

  "Oh shit. This may be a bad time to tell you but I can't drive stick."


  • Every Car Is a Pinto: "If I'm back here, and you're back here, who's driving the car?" Cue fiery live-action car explosion.
  • Everything's Worse with Bears: "We better get out of this cave. Bears live in caves. And bears are crazy"
  • Extreme Omnivore: Suzaku. He's been known to consume plastic, cyanide, glass, crayons and lighter fluid, among other things. Oh, and silverware. And a whole end table.
  • Foil: Toudou and Suzaku are actually decent foils for each other. It's easy to compare Toudou's senility with Suzaku's mental retardation, and neither is really hindered on the battle field by it. Suzaku's lines tend to be variations of Toudou's earlier lines in episodes 10 and 11. Jeremiah Gottwald and Lelouch, as well, since both are tremendous hams in unlikely leadership positions, while Lelouch is both more successful and more overblown.
  • Funny Background Event: "What are you all looking at? Is it that horse guy again?"
  • Future Slang: Refrain.

 One: Tamaki, I don't know what kind of lingo you kids think is hip nowadays, but let's just call it meth like everybody else!

  • GASP: "Audible gasp!"
  • General Failure: The vast majority of military leaders in the series, on all sides. Special mention goes to Cornelia, who seems to place more focus on head-shotting subordinates and throwing scorpions at members of her staff than on beating One.
  • Halloween Episode
  • Has Two Mommies: Kallen and Suzaku. Kallen doesn't actually understand the concept of fathers.

 Milly: Kallen, where do babies come from?

Kallen: When a woman and another woman love each other very much they-

Milly: Okay, never mind, it all makes sense.

 Deithard: Hey, where the hell is Camera 3?

Assistant: He said he was gonna get some "action shots".

    • cut to collapsing building:

 Camera 3 Man:[falling to his death] "THIS-IS-GONNA-BE-THE-BEST-SHOT-EVER!!"

 Lelouch: So you are going to shoot me huh? Well the only person who shoots me is me! (points a gun at his head) Good luck trying to shoot me WHEN I'M ALREADY DEAD!

C.C.: are a whole new level of stupid.

Lelouch: Ah, but who is stupider? The one trying to kill himself, or the person trying to kill the person trying to kill himself?! *beat* That's what I thought.

    • Suzaku is just as bad..

 One/Zero: Suzaku, listen! It's me!

Suzaku: No, it is not! Because I'm me! And that makes you not me!

One/Zero: What the f***?

    • Lelouch again:

  Lelouch: If I'm out there, then who's in here...? *GASP* I'M MAGIC!

    • Lelouch believes that British people don't exist because he's never seen one and all the words in the English Dictionary are American. British people are like the wolf man. Though it gets worse when you realize, unless the insane plot of this series later says otherwise, Lelouch is British. [2]
      • It sort of makes sense considering Britain had to relocate to what is America in our world.
  • Large Ham: Lelouch and Jeremiah all the time.
  • Larynx Dissonance: There isn't even any effort to make female voices and it IS GLORIOUS. Though his husky C.C. voice does sound sufficiently feminine.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Suzaku

  Cuckoo-cachoo, Mrs. Robinson!

  • Man of a Thousand Voices: All the voices are done by Purpleeyes, and he does a pretty damn good job at it. Though some of the female characters sound kinda similar. Kallen (and one of her Moms) sound like Mickey Mouse.
  • Medium Awareness: During XIII-2:

 Soldier 1: (As a submarine flies towards them) Is that a sub?

Soldier 2: No, didn't you read the caption earlier? It's a UVARD.

Soldier 1: The fuck is a UVARD?! *hit by UVARD*

  Lelouch/Zero One: We are the Dark Knights for justice. Because as children we were nursed on the milk of justice, and as we grew up we acquired a taste for justice. Now as we get older we once again desire the taste of justice... but we cannot find the milk! So we go to Starbucks! And we get a coffee! But it's not the same thing! IT SUCKS! WHY DID I ORDER THIS!? IT'S TERRIBLE! And now you all understand what our mission is. And. What. We. Must. Do.

    • Also, Episode 2:

 Lelouch: "Like making babies from a candy! Mmm, candy."

    • Episode 9:

 Lelouch: "Don't flatter yourself. I was just trying to bite your tongue off so I wouldn't have to hear your ugly face anymore."

  • Mythology Gag: The idea of Jeremiah mocking anyone by calling them "orange-boy" is frankly hilarious to those who know the original series, as being called "orange" was Jeremiah's Berserk Button.
  • Never Learned to Read: Lelouch, Suzaku, and Kallen.
  • Noodle Incident: There are multiple references to an incident from Suzaku and Lelouch's childhood involving a Slip-N-Slide. He set it on fire. While Lelouch was on it.
    • "And that was the third time I tried meth."
    • "And that's why I'm not legally allowed to use scissors anymore."
    • The conversation the Japanese guards have while Lelouch kills their leader.

 Guard: "...and it took a ton of hair spray... Could you believe it? I had to run and get the hose... but thank god I knew were the ax was... banana shoes..."

 Jeremiah: Here's a list of the categories we've won. 'Best Stolen Idea Since Facebook'.

Suzaku and Lelouch: HOORAY!

Jeremiah: Okay, that award shouldn't have warranted that particular reaction from you two.

Lelouch: Hey, I'll take them where I can get them.

Jeremiah: Moving on. The 'Burns My Eyeballs Just Watching It' award.

Suzaku and Lelouch: YAAAAY!

Jeremiah: (as the other two continue to cheer in the background) Well, let it never be said that you two can't be optimistic.

 Lelouch: Getting kicked off the internet for this one.

  • Shock Site: "Hey what's goin on over here...? What's she doin' with that cup...? OH GOD I'M GONNA BE SICK!"
  • Shout-Out: Like all Abridged Series there are an absurd amount of them. Here are some:

 Suzaku: Somebody died, and it's up to me to find out who it was and why!

Lelouch: (nonchalantly gazing at his IPony2) Shirley's Dad and he was buried alive. There, I'm a regular Dick Tracy.

Suzaku: Five people left on the planet know who that is and I'm not one of them!

  • Simpleton Voice: Suzaku.
  • The Stoner: Tamaki. Taken to an extreme in episode 12 where he consumed all the meth they stole instead of selling it.
  • Take That: Diethard complains about how they cancelled Megas XLR so Cornelia could broadcast the Shinjuku Massacre.

 One: Here, Kallen.

Kallen: What's this?

One: It's a flash drive containing the mix of all the best Owl City songs for our journey to Shatter Mountain.

Kallen: But it says it's only 1 megabyte big.


Kallen: Oh.

    • ... and episode 11:

 Lelouch: Ohgi, is the robot okay?!

Ohgi: I'm fine, just a couple of bruises.

Lelouch: Yeah, that's cool, I guess, but IS THE ROBOT OKAY?!

Ohgi: I don't know. The status screen just says Jessica Alba's movie career.

Lelouch: Damn, that bad, huh?

    • Plus, episode 4:

 Lelouch: (finishing his monologue)... but you can call me... Adam West!

Kallen: Noooo.

Lelouch: Uh, call me 5?

Kallen: Lower.

Lelouch: 4.

Kallen: Lower!

Lelouch: 5!

Kallen: Oh my God, no!

Lelouch: 2?

Kallen: Lower...

Lelouch: Colin Farrell!

Kallen: Not that low!

 Jeremiah: Let's hug it out, bitch!

  • Those Two Bad Guys: The pair of soldiers from episode 1 have a tendency to pop back up every now and again. It's like a combination of Jules and Vincent on lots of meth and Harold and Kumar but with pizza bagels instead of White Castle.
  • Title Drop: In episodes 2 - Big Trouble, 6 - The Smell Of Victory, and 11 - Bears Are Crazy.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Kallen and Suzaku.
    • Lelouch forgot to put airholes in his helmet.
  • Too Soon: Suzaku in the flashback in episode 6, while Lelouch is carrying his blind and crippled sister (which was caused when their mother was shot to death).

 Suzaku: "Hey Lelouch, hey Lelouch, hey Lelouch!"

Lelouch: "What?"

Suzaku: "You know what would suck?"

Lelouch: "What?"

Suzaku: "Being blind."

Lelouch: "..."

Suzaku: "You know what would suck even more?"

Lelouch: "..."

Suzaku: "Being blind and crippled."

Lelouch: "..."

Suzaku: "You know what suck even more?"

Lelouch: "..."

Suzaku: "Being blind and crippled because your mom got shot to death!"

Lelouch: "Suzaku!"

Suzaku: "..."

Lelouch: "You're absolutely right."

  • Unexplained Recovery: Jeremiah and Villetta are involved in a pretty horrific car crash at the start of episode 4, of the 'giant fireball of death' variety. They show up later again with nary a scratch on either of them.
  • Unusual Euphemism: Lelouch's mind is so warped from using so many that when hearing someone was going to be indicted (Milly meant to say inducted), his response was "Milly, that's disgusting!"
  • What Do You Mean It's Not Heinous?: Seems to be the code of conduct for all of Purpleeyes's works. It's perfectly acceptable and forgivable to stab people, shoot people, lie to people, manipulate people, sexually harass people, insult the dignity of people (note that 'people' can include your own friends). But don't you ever EVER interrupt someone; it's just rude.
    • Toudou was much more upset over the enemy cutting his cable than the fact they kill hundreds of his soldiers and buried part of his group under a mountain. Then again, it is Toudou.
  • When I Was Your Age: For some reason, this seems to be the catchphrase for One.
  • Your Mom:

 Cornelia: "Lloyd, you're our top researcher."

Lloyd: "Your mother's our top researcher!"

Cornelia: "You do know I'm the new princess in charge of this area?"

Lloyd: "Your mother's the new princess in charge of my area!"


  1. He does, but theirs are even worse.
  2. Sort of, in the original series Britian doesn't really exist.
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