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"Once upon a time, there was a unicorn named Lelouch who lived in Japan. Oh, my mistake. It stars a student named Lelouch and it all takes place in Area 11, which was Japan until Bandai came along and had Britannia conquer the little island. How did they do this? By using the Knightmare Frames, which are basically the Gundams from SEED that have roller-blades to throw off suspension. But enough with this background explanation crap. Time for the real premiere of Code Geass, The Abridged Series...right after this opening sequence."
The Opening Line of the Series

 "Oh, right. The internal monologue. A-hem. Since that very day, my life has changed forever. I could no longer go back to the way I was. I had become a blood-thirsty monster, taking innocent lives to achieve my true, ultimate goal. AWESOME!"

Exactly What It Says on the Tin. One of several Abridged Series based on Code Geass. The eight episodes (and one "half-episode") can be found here. Watch it. I'll give you a corn muffin. It was recently taken down with no word on if it will be back up again.

Not to be confused with the other Code Geass Abridged Series, Code Ment.

Tropes used in Code Geass the Abridged Series include:

 Lelouch: "I know how to deal with French. Ah HA! Broken china, your greatest weakness!"

C.C.: "I'm not French."

Lelouch: "See?! You have a British accent.............we'll get back on that issue later."

 Lelouch: wait, how many children did Father have?

Clovis: More than you and I could ever possibly hope to count. Giggity

 Lelouch: "Hello Sayoko, could you fix Nunnally's dinner tonight? Her voice just gave me diabetes for the 20th time today." Nunnally: "But big brother!" Lelouch: "Make that the 21st time".

 Lelouch: "Everything's going according to plan. As long as that unit out there doesn't reflect bullets, walk on walls, or use the slash harkens to do a ridiculous kick attack!"

    • Also, in episode 8:

 Milly: "There's nothing to be worried about. It's not like a group of Japanese terrorists are going take us hostage or anything, that would just be ridiculous...

    • Episode 8 again:

 Guilford: "The Japanese are known to have subpar weaponry. It's not like they'll have a superpowered linear cannon or anything."

JLF Mook 1: "It's a good thing we have this superpowered linear cannon to fight against the Britannians!"

JLF Mook 2: "Yes! How strangery conveniento!"

 JLF Leader: Not even for a muffin?

Zero: Is it a CORN MUFFIN!? *dramatic music*

JLF Leader: Well, no, but it has have blue berries as well-

Zero: THEN IT IS USELESS FOR ME! *dramatic music.

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