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Code Geass

Britannia becomes more like a constitutional monarchy at the end of the series

Because after all that happened, won't everyone be finally pissed off at the antics of the two dictators (Charles and Lelouch)?

Lelouch's Geass actually has a second effect: he can break the fourth wall.

This would explain how he is able to make videos where he answers questions he couldn't possibly know in advance (via reading the script), among other "ingenious," crazy guesses. Also, this would mean at the very end he was able to break the fourth wall and now lives on, not in the anime, but in fan fiction.

After the end of the series, Lelouch and C.C. go to a remote country to start a pizzeria.

Why? Rule of Funny. We all know how much C.C. loves pizza.

  • In addition...

The remote country Lelouch and C.C. start their pizzeria in is LEGO Island.

And later on, they adopt Pepper Roni. You heard that right, Lelouch and C.C. are actually Papa and Mama Brickolini.

Lelouch is actually a Sage

Need I say more?

The Code-Geass contract has more facets than the one shown

While we only see a geass given and are shown the result of out-of-control geasses and codes exchanged, this troper thinks it's very possible the one receiving geass can fulfill his/her side of the contract differently. Maybe the ability to metaphorically 'write' geass contracts stems literally from the code-holder's desire to die, and the later details of the contract are held in place by said death wish. If you look at it this way, the geass is given for free, but the 'leveling-up' nature of geass allows for the later parts of the contract consisting of doing the geass-user the favor of removing their geass in exchange for the now geass-less individual removing their code, rendering them mortal. What if the actual personal purpose of the contract (only known subconsciously by the contractor) is a combination of nullifying their death wish and/or removing the negative outlook on life gained by their geass corrupting their true desire in life, and fulfilling that desire? Perhaps this trade is rendered unnecessary if the contractee is responsible for making the contractor see there is meaning to their continued existence, and another event would transpire if the contractee is also responsible for fulfilling their true desire before their original geass clouded it from them. Also, this troper thinks that the normally cyclical nature of the contract is to ensure there is always someone alive with a connection to C's World, and also exempt from becoming a part of it.

Suzaku is the result of a japanese eugenics program to create the perfect samurai

How else do you explain running on walls, knocking MG turrets off with kicks, and that physics bending spinzaku kick?

  • Likewise, the brittanian royal family is an attempt at creating the greatest emperor. Clovis was incredibly charismatic, but otherwise useless. Cornellia is a proficient commander and talented pilot, but shows no capacity for politics whatsoever. Schizeil is considered to be both an excellent politician and general.
  • Lelouch is something of a byproduct. On one hand, he's incredibly intelligent and charismatic, capable of engineering everything from battles to conversations with uncanny skill. On the other hand, while he's three times smarter than everyone else, his brain requires three times as much energy. As such, his stamina is absolutely abysmal.
  • The explination for Kallen would blow your mind.

Dorothea Ernst was either the winner of a contest we never heard about or someone else who got a cameo in Code Geass

She isn't introduced until the episode where she dies, is killed off almost instantly, and shows up instead of Nonette Enneagram, the Knight of Nine and the only Knight who is not killed or seen at any point in the ending. It reminds me a little of the Sluggy Freelance reader cameos, who typically die in the strips where they're introduced.

  • Or the Cell Auction-A-Dude thing? No. She was an expy of Nonette just to avoid the anger of Lost Colors fans, because they can't blow her up on screen.

Suzaku's actual plan was a Coup d'Etat

(maybe), Suzaku wasn't so much interested in changing Brittania by getting to the top legitimately, as he was ultimately planning some kind of coup d'etat once he had the necessary support and he was high enough on the food chain (Like Roy Mustang, but less awesome). That way, it would involve mostly military units, and he would have won on Brittania's (Social Darwinist) terms.

    • Reasonable enough, but if so, What position is Lelouch going to be in his plan?

Pendragon is Richmond, Virginia.

Where can be more Britain-like in the time when the royals scurried over to america?

  • We're shown the location of Pendragon on the map. It's inland, closer to the west coast.

Lelouch's geass can actually be used twice on the same person.

However Lelouch already had to geass the whole world not to laugh at his ridiculous outfits, so for the rest of the show he can only use it once per person.

The rules of chess were altered at some point during the period of history in which the world of Code Geass diverged from our own, since otherwise that one damn chess match makes no sense. KINGS DON'T WORK THAT WAY.

If CLAMP had controlled the series from the start instead of just illustrating it, Suzaku's name would be Syaoran.

Syaoran's eyes aren't green though. He might be Syaoran's son with Sakura though (since she has green eyes).

Lelouche geassed the audience at the end of the show so that they would forget that the bombing of major cities was the idea of Nunnally, not Schneizel

How else do you explain almost everybody treating her like a saint that was being manipulated by her older brothers despite her statement that it was her idea in the final episode?

  • Err. Except it was Schneizel's idea. Nunnally just insisted on being given the trigger because it was going to happen anyway and she was sick of letting others take responsibility for ugly decisions.

Britannia genetically engineered its women to have perfect bodies

Seriously, it's the only reasonable explanation for how all those 17 year old girls can have the bodies of 25 year old swimsuit models.

      • Of course, the same also goes for the Japanese girls, and the men....
        • is it clamp after all did you expect, ugly people.

Mao is (unkowingly?) the Chinese emperor's illegimate son.

The most likely reason that C.C. "picked" Lelouch was because he had a motivation to use his Geass constantly. C.C. probably chose Mao because she expected him to have a similar motivation, and planned that Mao would use his Geass the same way that Lelouch later did: By becoming a badass Chessmaster, seizing power that he "deserved" to remake the world in his image, all the while using his Geass enough so that he would be ready to steal C.C.'s immortality. Unfortunatly, as you know, that didn't work out so well.

  • Oh, and he has white hair, just like Empress Tianzi. Curious, isn't it?
    • It's definitely suspicious that there's two albino Chinese teenagers running around....
        • Well, the idea that C.C. would deliberately track down Mao because he had connections makes her sound slightly less psychotic and cruel than that she simply picked up a little boy to give Geass to just because he was "special."

Light Yagami is responsible for Lelouch's death.

Light has found out that Lelouch is Zero when he is unmasked in episode 13, and begins writing down Lelouch Lamperouge, but he's still alive because his last name isn't the real one. However, Light has managed to hack into the computers to find out that Lelouch's real last name is vi Britannia.

When Lelouch tries his Taking You with Me plan in the first season finale, Light retorts that the only one who is going to die is him and that he is Kira. On the top of that, he plans on using a piece of the Death Note to kill Lelouch. He has ordered Misa to get Kallen out and doesn't try to kill her because of her getting shock by the revelation of Zero's true identity is what he needed to humiliate her. After hearing that Suzaku is planning on killing Lelouch, Light tells him that he is the only one to finish him, and just as he is about to write down Lelouch's name in the piece, Kallen recovers from her shock and stops him by shooting his hand. However, Light has escaped from her.

This is the explanation why a sequel occurs: it's about Light trying to kill Lelouch. When Lelouch has become emperor, Light has wait first because he wanted Lelouch to die in front of everyone. At the day of his plan to execute the U.F.N. leaders and the Black Knights, Light begins writing down his name with the detail of having Suzaku, the new Zero, kill him in the Death Note. Lelouch smiles as he dies because he knew that Light caused it and lets him do it so that both of them can have one thing: the New World.

Mao is still alive

After the first time he was shot up (by the police. Brittanian doctors performed several emergency procedures to reconstruct his bone and muscle tissue. One of these procedures involved the insertion of metal plates and pins to help bones set properly. One of these plates was intended to hold his jaw in place so that it would heal. As old as she is, CC would know that the cleanest way to kill a man is with a .22 pistol (according to CSI, which is of course the ultimate authority on everything, a .22 round will leave no exit wound when fired into the head). Instead of penetrating into gray matter, the bullet would have shattered or ricocheted off of the plate, resulting only in blood loss and possible brain damage. he was discovered shortly and rushed to a hospital, where he awoke after several procedures with no memory of his past due to brain damage caused by bloodloss and the shock wave of the bullet. This explains his absence for the rest of the series.

  • Who says CC wants a clean kill? Also she probably dragged the body off campus, since no one ever seems to come to the school and investigate a murder, and decided to try making Mao "compact." Plus don't you think Lelouch is just a little to smart to not make sure his enemies are dead?
    • But everyone in Code Geass uses the same damn pistol and it doesn't look like a .22. Also, I agree with the above troper. CC would take Mao away and make damn sure he was dead after shooting him. She wouldn't just leave a body lying around where someone could find it and start investigating. And if she wouldn't, then Lelouch would make her or do it himself.
    • Actually, The pistol C.C. uses in that episode is indeed a different pistol than the model used in the rest of the series. It sort of resembles a target .22 automatic to This Troper, But since guns are different in the Code Geass universe...-shrugs-
    • But be all that as it may... why would C.C. just leave Mao in the streets to rot, even if she thought he was dead? It would attract so much unnecessary attention, and start an investigation that could cast suspicion on her or Lelouch in the long run. Plus she'd probably at least try to bury him, as a way of saying how sorry she was for all the trouble she caused him.
    • Whose to say C.C. didn't still have some feelings for Mao and took him to the Hospital herself, hiding the fact that he still lived from Lelouch? She could have stuck around long enough to find out about the amnesia and then left.
  • A few other theories to Mao's wherabouts:
    • The bullet knocked some sense into him, he gave up trying to kidnapp C.C., and fled the country.
    • He made a full recovery, and then spend the rest of the series trying to Kill Lelouch ofscreen... but failed miserably.
    • Lelouch survived his so-called "Death", but Mao came and killed Lelouch for real shortly afterward.
    • He's really in the World of C, and Lelouch's bad luck since then was Mao screwing with him.
    • He's actually the mysterious cart driver (!) at the ending scene with CC (he does look vaguely Chinese). She only mentions Lelouch while looking up at the sky and it's in respect for him as an accomplice (which she called him many times) and gratitude for the lessons he taught her (which she may then have applied to Mao and patched things up).

Lelouch and Suzaku found out they were really in a Anime

You meet god, you're going to find out something like that. The last few episodes was actually an attempt to make things as entertaining as possible for the viewers.

Lelouch is the Britannian version of Oda Nobunaga.

Well, It's a bit more obvious when he seizes the throne. Vastly different motivations I know, but you can see some comparisons.

Anya is going to undergo a Heel Face Turn.

This is mostly based on the name of her knightmare, Mordred. According to Arthurian legend, Mordred was a Knight who ended up betraying Arthur, and was eventually killed by him. May or may not coincide with the earlier childhood friend theory.

  • Nope
  • Maybe. She ends the series without any of her memories altered, growing oranges (HAR!) with Orange-kun, who was presumably in on the plan to fake Lelouch's death since he was smiling when guy with a sword was charging Zero, his object of absolutely loyalty/worship. So if she knows what Orange-kun knows, she's on Lelouch's side.
  • Orange was totally in on the plan. The ultimate symbol of loyalty wouldn't let his emperor die that easily unless it was the emperor's will.

Diethard is an Author/Director Avatar.

Seeing his reaction to Zero's return on a small TV in episode 2 of season 2, it's similar to the reaction of the series director realizing that Code Geass will have a second season. Alternatively, Diethard is someone from our timeline who can travel between the Code Geass world and ours, and passes off his experiences as fiction.

  • And now he's dead, and Lelouch had such distaste for him that he refused his final wish to be geassed. So what does that mean?
    • Easy, it's a pot shot at the executives. Due to being Screwed By The Timeslot, several changes were made to the original plan for Code Geass. So the director "betrayed" Lelouch for going along with this. The original plan didn't even have mecha.

C.C. was a modified human weapon created by Atlanteans for societal influence

In a flashback with Lelouch looking through C.C.'s memories we see a shot of a large dark space filled with people with Geass-like tattoos on their bodies, with the stereotypically Greek-looking attire, a parallel scene in the 2nd OP of the first season shows a room filled with Sutherland Knightmares, showing parallels to an army. Also, on the island that Zero obtains the Gawain is a set of ruins with the Geass mark, which Schneizel comments are located around the world, much like Atlanteans (or the Code Geass equivalents) are said to have created multiple ruins after their homeland sank, perhaps to try to recreate their former glory. All the Geass abilities seen so far seem to affect thought processes and memory, and whoever created or altered C.C. probably realized that for the foreseeable future, humans would remain essentially the same physically and mentally despite advances in culture, knowledge and technology. Therefore, anyone who can access/control or influence other humans in the right positions could essentially control the world. This has a parallel in the Knightmare Frame designers, as the one who can create new designs is more valuable than one who can use them, just as one who can bestow a Geass is more influential than one who uses it (C.C., Rakshada, and Lelouch's mother Marianne are all women, so they metaphorically give birth to new ideas/eras).

  • Jossed in R2. C.C. had the immortality curse forced upon her by a nun, having had no idea what she was getting into. This seems to be the standard, going by the nun's words.
    • Though who knows where the nun came from.

There's a Death Star-sized super weapon or archive hiding inside Jupiter

The flashbacks with Lelouch and C.C. both show Jupiter, and when the Emperor shows Suzaku the secret surreal room, he calls it the Sword of Akasha; Akasha is the Sanskrit word for aether, the clear air of the upper sky, and associated with the planet Jupiter. The Emperor calls the room 'a weapon to destroy gods', and recall that the planets are named after Greek/Roman Gods (so Jupiter being the 'king' is metaphorically one supreme ruler against another), so it may have something hidden that he plans to use for world domination or destroy to prevent a danger to him.

  • Hints that it's an archive are shown elsewhere: in the 1st intro of the 2nd season we see one sphere above another, the lower resembles a human eye with the lens and veins, the upper sphere is much more crafted, with multiple segmented circles inlaid on each other like crop circles or clock gears. This could mean some form of memory storage, and then there's the 'Akashic record' that Edgar Cayce spoke of as a repository for human thoughts and memories, perhaps Clovis, Marianne and others might still exist there as 'echoes', and seeing how C.C. appears to talk to dead characters, as does the Emperor, there's more to be revealed here.
  • Or... it could just be a super weapon like he mentioned earlier on in the show that can destroy "the gods," or in essence, Geass users.
    • The gods were mentioned to be human aggression in one of the episodes.
    • Well, World of C is actually a representation of collective unconsciousness of human kind that help shaped reality (ala Sphere, Mage:The Ascension); aka God. Ragnarok itself is the process which connects the Sword of Akasha between the real world and the World of C, allowing everyone to speak their own thoughts... so is it jossed or confirmed?
  • Confirmed somewhat. Jupiter is actually a representation of collective unconsciousness of human kind that help shaped reality (ala Sphere, Mage:The Ascension); aka God.

The point of departure from the real timeline was not two thousand years ago.

Think about it. Any of the 'alternate' events mentioned in the world's history should have precluded any of the others. No Romans, no Elizabeth; no Elizabeth, no Washington, no Napoleon. At some point, probably within the past hundred years, there was a cataclysmic conflict from which China, France, Britain, Japan, and Australia emerged as the sole surviving nations. They falsified their history to keep their subjects in line, making the inhabitants of other nations believe that their nations had never existed and, thus, they were not being occupied. The Geass probably helped with this.

  • Well, the first point of departure must have been in at least geological time, with the formation of Sakuradite in the Earth's crust. Last I checked, we don't have that in our world. There are other differences though, the Second World War has obviously not happened, and thus nor did the Manhattan Project, as no-one had successfully built a nuclear bomb until Nina did, but a conflict analogous to the first world war did happen, as we see it in a flashback from C.C.
    • It's conceivable that the cataclysm (which we've now placed somewhere between 1918 and 1939) was powerful enough to fuse some elements together to create new minerals. That would also explain some of the weirder surface formations.
  • It's pretty much confirmed in R2 that the point of departure, not counting the existence of sakuradite and geass, was Elizabeth having a son. The Middle Ages shown are pretty much the Middle Ages as-was.
    • Except that it is also explicit that the Roman invasion of Britain in 55BC failed. Forget just the impact that this would have on British history - having the world's foremost military superpower fail to conquer a bunch of primitive barbarians would change the history of Europe.
    • Nitpick: the invasion in 55 BC failing wouldn't have had a huge effect. It was never meant to be permanent and wasn't. It was Caesar being Caesar, kicking around some local tribes, showing who was boss, and promptly going back to Gaul. Britain wasn't actually CONQUERED by the Romans for another 100 years. If you want to change the time line around to Caesar retreating from Britain with his tail between his legs, things wouldn't have been that different, unless that led to Caesar subsequently losing and dying in Gaul, leading to a Pompey-led Rome, Gaul still held by the barbarians, etc. It gets messy from there.

The Code Geass universe runs in direct opposition to that of Metal Wolf Chaos.

It IS, however, still possible for Michael Wilson to become the President of the United States of America. He'll just be the first, not the 47th, and would need a substantial amount of support from governments hostile to Britannia. Also, his Geass forces the insufficiently awesome to remove themselves from the battlefield by any means necessary.

  • Doesn't seem likely now, what with the whole world peace thing going on.
    • That doesn't last long in Mecha anime.

Metal Wolf Chaos is actually a direct sequel to Code Geass

  • Michael Wilson is 47th president of a United States of America established following Britannia's eventual collapse. Lelouch's Zero Requiem couldn???t have possibly planned for the future Arizona Conflict, Richard Hawk's coup d'etat, and President Wilson's BURNING AMERICAN JUSTICE.
  • Alternately, see the WMG page for Metal Wolf Chaos for another possible scenario.

The entire series is one big Zen metaphor.

...with the Aesop being that happiness for any given person can be found in small things, but it takes a long and epic journey to realize that. To be tangible, Lelouch needs to take down Britannian Empire to realize that Nunnally (and all his friends) would be the happiest by simply being back at the Ashford Academy, not caring about rebellions, empires, and such. I mean, wasn't she happy back in episode one, with her brother and her friends caring for her? Where is it all now? And all this because Lulu thinks in too big dimensions.

  • Actually, Lelouch and Nunnally are in constant danger of being exposed as royal heirs and being used as political tools. its only because of the protection of the Ashfords and others that they had avoided this fate.
    • I've seen this "argument" before and it has no basis in fact. How would being used as a "political tool" in any way endanger either of them? It wouldn't. They are royalty and they can do whatever they want and get whatever they want. Various royal family members have even demonstrated their love and caring for the two (right before Lelouch killed them of course). And we've seen in R2 that Nunnally is still living it up and NOT in any danger whatsoever (unless Lelouch decides to do something stupid such as cause the destruction of Tokyo).
      • Remember how Marianne is supposed to have died? That's why.
        • Actually, when you get down to it, Lelouch and Nunnally were supposedly sent to Japan to PROTECT them from V.V. and various members of the Britannian nobility in the first place. However, from Lelouch's point of view, his mother was clearly assassinated by someone in the Britannian nobility, and his father abandoned him and Nunnally. Not to mention that, as a political hostage to Japan, his life was also in danger from the Japanese the moment Britannian invaded. Lelouch and Nunnally living under the name Lamperouge was probably to hide them from potential assassins on BOTH sides of the Britannia/Japan conflict, given that they had no real way of knowing who exactly wanted them dead, and no guarantee that the Emperor would protect them if they did turn themselves in.
  • This would seem to be pretty well-nigh confirmed, if C.C.'s voiceover at the very end of Season 1 Stage 25 is any indication...
  • You're all forgetting that if Lelouch had never acted and had remained at Ashford with his sister, the Emperor's plans for Instrumentality would have gone into effect. Lelouch didn't just save his sister, he saved all of humanity from losing it's individuality. But nobody will ever know, except Suzaku and C.C.
  • There's also the whole Apartheidesque thing where entire nation become second class citizens in their own homelands. They probably are happier after the end of the series.

Could it be an AU of V for Vendetta?

Nazi-esque england trying to take over the world... Charismatic, Anonymous Magnificent Bastard terrorist in a spiffy outfit.....

  • Alternatively it's an Amalgam of V for Vendetta and Mobile Suit Gundam.
    • And Death Note. Don't forget Death Note.
      • This troper likes to think there's some Heroes in there as well, what with all the Geass and increasingly ludicrous plotlines flying about.
        • There's a Zeroes picture floating around somewhere.

Cecile Croomy is related to C.C.

You have most likely noticed just now that Cecile's initials would also be "C.C.". This may be a hint that Cecile is related in a way, possibly as a clone, but without any of C.C.'s abilities so they put her in the Knightmare development department.

    • Well... C.C. was born and bred in the middle ages, and Cecile is alive in modern times. So technically one of C.C.'s relatives may very well be an ancestor of Cecile or some of her relatives, but with such a large time span between them it wouldn't amount to anything much....

Britannia's going through massive debt and is compensating for it by conquering countries.

Really, making armies of giant robots has to cost a lot.

  • Naturally, this is also happening to all of the other countries.
    • And Real Life America.

Kanon is really Kallen's presumed-dead brother Naoto, who was either memory-wiped or induced with amnesia a la Viletta.

Naoto and Ohgi were supposed to be around the same age, and we can see that now around Kanon and Ohgi. Plus he's got the same pinkish hair and teal eyes we've seen in the photos of her brother that Kallen has.

The Ragnarok System is a Geass amplifier, which allows the whole world to be Geassed.

This would allow the emperor to destroy the current world and build one of his own choosing, with his power of memory.

  • Well, World of C is actually a representation of collective consciousness of human kind that help shaped reality (ala Sphere, Mage:The Ascension); aka God. Ragnarok itself is the process which connects the Sword of Akasha between the real world and the World of C, allowing everyone to speak their own thoughts... so is it jossed or confirmed?
  • I would say Jossed. Ragnarok was only meant to kill all humans so that their consciousnesses would merge with the ones already residing in the World of C. The World of C itself is nothing more than a repository for human consciousnesses that lack bodies.
    • The impression I got wasn't that it would kill everyone, but rather that it would destroy God, which is the force that's causing everyone to be separate.

The Code Geass Universe is actually an alternate timeline of the Stargate universe.

Sakuradite is actually Naquadah that was left behind after the Tau'ri rebellion, Geass is the result of Ancient nanotechnology, and Charles is a Goa'uld attempting to build up his empire in order to establish (or reestablish) his place as a System Lord. The reason why Cornelia is paying special attention to the Middle East in R1 is because Charles, to this end, is looking for the Stargate.

    • Unfortunately, it looks like this is an alternate Evangelion timeline instead...
      • This theory could actually work if Charles was an Ancient instead of a Goa'uld, trying to force the whole of humanity to Ascend.

The Order of the Black Knights turning on Zero is one massive trap set up by Lelouch ages ago, in the event that Britannia would try to use Zero's true identity against him.

After the events of episode 18, Lelouch is pretty much batshit crazy for most of episode 19, and is only really calmed down by Kallen. Yet the minute he's lead before the rest of the Black Knights (who, for some reason, want to EXECUTE him, which is a little over-reacting given the information they just received), he's back into full-on grand standing mode, which, given what has happened, seems a little off. He even starts to worry at first that they found out on their own, but then spots Schniezel and puts 2 and 2 together, and proceeds to be Zero's normal, dramatic self. Why? Because if the Black Knights HAD found out on their own, it would have been problematic. Therefore, he told the key, high ranking members his true identity, and then laid out a plan should Britainnia ever try to use that information against him. This also explains Toudou's conflict in earlier episodes: his subordinates weren't in on the plan but he was, so not only did he have to keep secrets from his subordinates (and judging from what we see of Toudou, he seems to be someone who prefers honesty and honour over deception) but also, had to deal with his subordinates suspicions based on the information they were getting. Of course, the only person not in on the plan was Rolo... Chances are, Zero and the Black Knights will join back together again in a couple of episodes, saying something along the lines of "You didn't really think I didn't have a plan for this, did you?". The Emperor will then probably laugh his head off at Lelouch running rings around Schniezel, metaphorically speaking.

  • Has a credit, given that CC told the now dead Urabe about his identity. This is still a possibility.
  • Jossed in the fact that the Black Knights never rejoined Lelouch, and still think he's a monster. However, that was pretty much his plan all along.
  • Perhaps that was the plan but Lelouch found out about Charles being close by and gave up on his well formed plan for the chance to kill his dad. The Black Knights found out about him using the Geass to make Britannians his slaves and decided he had finally gone too far or they were forced to oppose him after he declared himself emperor and began to fight them. Lelouch is well known to scrap his good plans whenever family is involved.

Kaname Ohgi is director Goro Taniguchi's Author Avatar.

Consider the following: Ohgi starts off the series unsure of his abilities to lead his group, has few resources but is aided by dedicated friends, is willing to take the blame for things that aren't his fault, and lately pulled a Scrappy turn that's left him very unpopular with the fanbase. Taniguchi felt overwhelmed when he started on Code Geass, had few resources due to being Screwed By Sunrise but had many co-workers from previous works on his side, is extremely self-effacing, and feels that the fans should be upset with him for not being able to make the story exactly the way it should have been (he actually considered quitting the anime industry as a form of apology after Season 1 went off track!). Most importantly of all, Ohgi constantly wears a headband, even in his dress uniform; the Hachimaki is Taniguchi's trademark, as seen in his cameo appearance in Bamboo Blade.

  • As further proof, he's got something going on with Viletta. Does anything more really need to be said?

Everybody Dies.

After Lelouch gets sexed by Kallen, she will be killed, probably by Suzaku. She'll probably die for Lelouch sometime near or during the finale to save him from Suzaku. I also think that C.C. has a massive skeleton in her closet, one which Lelouch will be furious over. Her need for true love will be fulfilled when Lelouch learns about this skeleton and eventually learns to accept it and love her anyway. Of course, she'll die for him at the end of everything, taking it upon herself to destroy Geass and see that Lelouch lives on, thanking him for showing her what true love was. So Lelouch will win, but everyone he loves will be gone, and they will be gone because of him. His victory will ring hollow.

  • Actually the exact opposite. Lelouch is the only one who dies, and that as a part of his own Xanatos Gambit.
    • Or he doesn't die. The psychic flashback thing that Nunally gets when she touches his hand is symptomatic of what happens when you touch someone with a Code. He got it from Charles. Also, C.C. nods to the conspicuously concealed cart driver while she's talking to Lelouch about how the Geass doesn't always make you lonely.
      • Jossed: Word Of God is that Lelouch IS dead. Also, those who take on Code (like CC) are relieved of their Geass and able to bestow it on others. Lelouch uses his exact Geass many, many times after defeating Charles and his Ragnarok plan. Thus Lelouch never absorbed his Code.
        • The same Lying Creator that at one point listed Sayoko and Nunally as deceased in a similar article thingy, then revealed them to be alive in-show. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
          • Plus, the Code only activates when the person 'dies' once. Until then, Geass is still in effect. Besides, the Wo G is that Lelouch vi Brittania is dead- what about Lelouch Lamperouge?
            • In the ending sequence, he was reduced to ashes by the SUN. I'm pretty sure he's dead.
            • What? Where? How? I'm pretty sure the only thing reduced to ashes by the sun was a nuke machine.

Nunally is Way Less Innocent than she Appears. Oh, and she's Alive.

Given what we know now, it seems nigh-impossible for any child of Charles and Marianne to not be an evil genius. At this point, I'd be more surprised if Nunally really is blind, rather having simply kept her eyes shut for the past decade to hide her Geass.

  • Episode 22: Brother. Suzaku. I am your enemy.
  • On that topic, I thought of something which would be really cool along these lines- suddenly, Nunally's eyes open and of course, she has some kind of geass in both of them. Still, I expect she will end up on Lelouch's side eventually.
    • Her eyes are open as of Ep 24. No Geass.
      • She doesn't have a Geass, but she is way less innocent then she seems.
      • Not really true. She's still innocent and the only was she was brought in was because Schneizel lied to her.

Suzaku is an illegitimate child of Sanji from ((One Piece))

Just look at his awesome kicking powers.

  • They went from pirates to mecha rather quickly, don't you think?
    • Well, what did you think that Ultimate Treasure really was? I mean, what would you want: Lots of money, or the most advanced weapon ever?

Freud Was Right

Self Explanatory... isn't it? ...and, on a side note, Kallen and C.C. exist solely for the sake of being targets of Lulu's two personality-defining traits: Big Brother Instinct and Oedipus Complex, respectively.

The Neuralizers in Men in Black were reverse engineered from The Emperor's Geass

Both are light based, require eye contact to work and can modify memories by deleting an existing one and replacing it with a suggestion to fill in the blanks.

  • Except in Men in Black, the agents have to tell the people what they should remember; a funny scene in the second film has Jay having to do multiple takes on telling the subway people what happened.
  • We never see how the Emperor implants memories. He may have to explain what happens just like how Lelouch has to give a command.

It's not an alternate history; rather, events proceeded as they did in the real world until fairly recently (probably the mid or late 1990s, or even sooner), when a reality warper redid everything. Sloppily.

If the CG timeline really diverged from ours as far back as is claimed (or even sooner), there'd be many more differences between CG's early 2000s and ours. Therefore, one can only conclude that the similarities are the result of a conscious alteration of the timeline by someone who would expect certain aspects of modern life to have come into existence regardless. (I know, that was phrased really badly.) This would explain such oddities as:

  • Pizza Hut (and perhaps even the modern form of pizza itself, considering Britannia's xenophobia) coming into existence with the exact same logo and the exact same Japanese mascot; similarly, the existence of the Japanese BIGLOBE ISP.
  • Several American cities and locations retaining their original names (for example, Dallas, Texas was most likely named for a U.S. vice president). As a side question, is it explicitly stated which real-life city Pendragon City is supposed to correspond to?
    • I don't remember any cities being named.
    • Actually, it's near Louisville, of all places, if the graphic at the end of 2.16 with blue spreading out from around that area is anything to go by.
    • And if you go by the map in Episode 23, it's West of Los Angeles on the border between California and Arizona.
    • West of LA would be in the ocean. You probably mean east.
  • The Britannian "a.t.b." calendar matching up with ours despite starting 55 years earlier.
    • There's actually no proof that it matches up. 2017 A.T.B. is, in all likelyhood, 1962 by our calendar, which means that this all happened in The Sixties! Which makes a certain kind of sense what with the rampant drug use, the far more prevalent ghettos and the counterculture aspect Zero uses in the creation of the Black Knights, whose very existence is a massive slap in the face, and later on a kick in the nuts when they prove to be more than a ragtag wanna-be resistance group and instead becomes a genuine threat, to Britannia's hierarchy.
  • There is also C.C.'s implication that all of the history books (the Britannian ones, at least) are all fabrications.
  • Look it's true that there probably should be more historical deviations than what is explicitly stated to have happened, but that doesn't mean that the Code Geass universe is impossible. Statistically speaking, the chances of an alternate universe with only 3 or 4 historical deviations from ours is just as likely as a universe which has millions of more realistic deviations.

Somehow, Charles will come back and ruin everything at Schneizel's moment of triumph.

Given all that's happened so far, even this would not surprise me too much. Besides, it seems as though the good Emperor went down a bit too easily, given his Big Bad status and all...

The Code Geass universe is the past of Gundam 00

By the end of the war, all the Sakuradite will be destroyed, and man will need a new source of energy, as all those awesome Knightmare Frames will stop working. The EU becomes the AEU, The Chinese Union absorbs Russia after the fall of Brittannia and becomes the HRL, and the remnants of Brittannia hold onto Japan/Area 11 and become the Union. Geass may be used to make everyone forget all the historical discrepancies. Oh, and Sumeragi Kaguya will carry Lelouch's child, and its descendants will forever carry a fragment of his Magnificent Bastardry, until one of them becomes Celestial Being's strategist, Sumeragi Lee Noriega.

  • So perhaps the secret at Jupiter that Trinity killed Prof. Aifmann over is Geass-related, or a creation of the same society that created Geass users to begin with, an artifact like the world of C probably needs an artificer to have made it.
    • Jossed, the reason the Trinities killed the professor was related to GN particle research, specifically the ability to integrate Trans-Am into GN-Tau solar furnaces. The Jupiter connection seems to be related to the fact that true GN solar furnaces can only be created in environmental conditions present on Jupiter. Sunrise just has a thing for Jupiter, I think.

Lelouch will finally kill Suzaku

I was thinking about how the show would end, and this seems like a plausible outcome of a version with a "good ending". It seems like Suzaku is more gung-ho about the Zero Requiem idea than Lelouch is and assuming that is is the massive slaughter it's implied to be, a "good" Lelouch will end up rejecting the idea casuing Suzaku to turn against him. Somehow, he will need to find a way around the "live" geass to defeat him.

Lelouch is still alive.

We know that he killed a person with geass, that that person had at least one Code (possibly two), and that C.C. knows a lot more than she tells even him. It would explain, among other things: why he was so eager about the whole Zero Reqiuem thing, that last scene, him not making a point of fulfilling his promise to C.C., his weird 'mind meld' thing with Nunnally at the execution, and the assurances that Word of God gave of a happy/satisfactory ending for him. It makes more sense than the alternative, anyway.
  • And even if he doesn't have a Code, people have survived getting stabbed through the gut before.
  • I don't think this'll ever be Jossed or confirmed. It was meant to be ambiguous.
  • Perhaps a new series will show them owning a pizza place somewhere in the boonies with Lelouch teaching chess in his spare time. One can only hope....Code Geass/WMG?action=edit Seriously though, the coachman does have Lelouch's basic build and his clothing is the same color as Lelouch's school uniform which always seemed to me to be a part of his "good" identity as opposed to the sinister Lelouch vi Britannia. What Do You Mean Its Not Symbolic?
    • Further more, each episode begins with C.C. narrating about Lelouch and the world, and Lelouch takes over after she loses her memory. This seems like the setup for C.C. telling someone, maybe even their kids, the story, with Lelouch interjecting, and filling in various gaps.
  • More arguments in favor.
  • He's got to live and keep his cart, otherwise the events of Spice and Wolf can't happen.
  • Alternatively, he sealed away his Geass with itself, got a different Geass from C.C (mind-transfer? That scene felt very similar to Marianne's death) and used it at the last minute. Or perhaps he learned about the nature of the Code, took C.C's without killing her and will now travel with her until she dies of old age (fulfilling both her wishes, to die and to be truly loved.)
  • Jossed. Taken straight from Wikipedia: In volume 42 of the Japanese magazine Continue, writer Ichiro Okouchi confirms Lelouch's death, explaining that it is the price he needed to pay to create his better world. In addition, said magazine includes the name "Lelouch vi Britannia" on its death list.
    • So Lelouch vi Britannia is dead. What about Lelouch Lamprouge?
  • Ok, so the Word of God is that he is dead. However, there is this possibility that the very last scene actually takes place some 18 years after Zero Requiem, and CC (who, as is well known, doesn't age) is actually talking to Lulu's reincarnation. In other words, he was, indeed, killed, only to be reborn and found by CC again. That's something that comes to mind if you listen carefully to Shirley's dying words... Plus, he is a Magnificent Bastard so he gotta pull off something awesome like that.
  • If the theory about a Code holder needing to die before becoming immortal is true, it is possible to truthfully say that Lelouch died, but he is alive now. He may have died, but not remained dead. It's a stretch, but still agrees with Word of God.
    • Good point; other anime immortals "die" temporarily before regenerating (consider Rin's jet engine death in Mnemosyne, which took more than ten years to recover from).
  • He was reborn as Leloupard Leopard in Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo, which takes place in the Geass world, just some three to four centuries into the future. It's official, just check the manga.
  • Has Word of God ever lied before to hide something?
  • More evidence: The minute Lelouch orders the collective unconscious to not go along with Charles and Marianne's plan for Instrumentality, Lelouch gains his second Geass eye. Considering his power is only linked to his right eye (even after it can no longer be controlled) we can assume that the mark of the Code Geass is in his right eye. He removes the other lens for no other reason than to look cool.
  • I think thats actually fairly sad I mean Who Wants to Live Forever? He'll have to see his sister die, Suzaku die, he can't tell anyone that he is still alive, His only consolation is IF C.C. decided not to give the code up and she might decide to be by his side. Then he can't be friends with anyone ever again or he'll see them grow old and die. I'm sticking with him dieing.
    • But then it works better with the "price he had to pay." If he has to live forever knowing that everyone in the world hates his guts and we already know that immortality itself seems to be very depressing (CC wants to die really badly) so this price is better than just a quick death.
  • Here's another idea I don't think anyone has touched on...World peace won't last. Lelouch's plan was nice, and it'll secure peace for the next century at the most, maybe. But, with him as an immortal...He can just do the whole Zero shtick over again. Pop up in a fancy costume with dramatic speeches, manipulate some terrorists, assassinate some bad politicians, wreck some evil empire. It's second nature to him by this point. This way he can ensure peace for humanity until the end of time.
  • Here's the problem I think with Lelouch being alive. He has always said that "Only those who are willing to be shot should shoot" or however that quote goes. He put his sister, Nunnally the one person he tried to protect from all this in danger of death. He has put his friends in danger, his allies, everyone who trusted him. If he didn't die from his plan he is not only a hypocrite but all he worked for was a lie. All he believed was a lie. The reason Lelouch's death was both sorrowful but at the same time fulfilling was because he was willing to die for his morals, he was willing to die for what he believed in. If they ever do continue the series show it from Suzaku's eyes. He is Zero now and it must be up to him to bring peace about should war ever break out.
    • Exactly Le Louch said it himself. Those who kill should only be those who are prepared to be killed themselves. He was prepared to die from episode 1 of the first series. Word of God is that ending was planned from the beginning. Seriously. He was fated to be killed from the moment he ordered those soldiers to die. The only puzzling thing here is how Nunally got the memory transfer. That would seem to imply that Le Louch has code, which would make him immortal. But there is a simpler explanation. The possibility exists that it is a mastered Geass, and not code, which grants the memory transfer, and obtaining code does not remove this ability.
      • Which is ultimately a Broken Aesop, given that others who were just as willing to kill, namely Cornelia in particular, were alive in the end, even though their survival served no purpose. They were pure Karma Houdinis. He could have atoned by simply living on as a benevolent leader when all was said and done for the rest of his life instead of what he pulled at the end, which resulted in even MORE destruction, in addition to his own life.
        • That's why he's the (Anti-)Hero and they aren't. As for the rest - would it be controversial to suggest I think Lelouch would be a terrible peace-time ruler? He's too untrusting, too secretive, too unwilling to compromise and far too proud for all the transparency and compromise a real diplomatic society is. And he has an unfortunate tendency to put his loved ones ahead of the people he is leading. He's made some really questionable decisions with the best of intentions and is ultimately self-aware enough to remove himself from being a position where that pattern could continue.
          • A lot of Lelouch's flaws have came from having to grow up too hard and fast without any true parental figure, being caught in the middle of a horrible conflict, and having some of the worst luck in general. It's not too hard to feel that he would be able to mellow out in light of a more equal and compassionate world, and still felt he had people he could confide in, the latter of which was shot to hell once the horrible events leading up to Turn 19 had set in. It's important to remember that he had himself killed because he had passed the Despair Event Horizon at that time. (It's important to remember that he suspected Nunnally was dead at first, and that by the time she reappeared, it was too late for him to turn back on the plan.) Plus, had he been in his right mind, he would have realized the Zero Requiem would be a bad idea for the following two reasons: it involved him being worse than anything he had done prior to that, and that nature abhors a vacuum. He wouldn't have to be a key head of state. As for the antihero part, it doesn't necessarily mean that the antihero can't get better after all is said and done. I mean, what business did people who were never redeemed one-time straight villains like Cornelia have? They have even less reason to exist in the new world!
        • The first part could apply to most of the main Code Geass cast - do any of them have non-fucked up pasts? And pretty much all of them would be nicer people in better worlds, but they aren't in better worlds yet. Your insistance that Lelouch "wasn't in his right mind" and that Despair is the only motivation for Zero Requiem is a distinct Ron the Death Eater of the guy - both canon and Word of God seem to consider it heavily Redemption Equals Death ("The price you pay for using your Geass..."), far more than they do an act of despair. As for the rest - Lelouch is forgiving of people who matter to him, which is quite noble.
          • Which is why Lelouch too could have stood to be in that better world as well, given that there were people who were worse than him despite not having backgrounds as screwed up, and yet still survived. As for my explanation of him not being in his right mind, let me backpedal, reiterate, and also reflect a little. The first thing he does one episode after the Black Knights turn on him, leaving him beyond that point of isolation? He attempts to have himself sealed in the Sword of Akasha with Charles, effectively ending his own life. While he is talking with Suzaku in the Mutuality short stories, he's basically still beyond the point of despair over the loss of practically everyone else he cared about. He also suggests that there are other ways to world peace aside from the Zero Requiem when Suzaku objects to the idea of him giving up his life, but Lelouch says he wants this. Beyond that, the Zero Requiem involves him being worse than he ever was beforehand, doing things such as geassing his soldiers into total obedience and uniforming them behind full face masks, essentially making them disposable nonhumans, taking the UFN leaders hostage and using them as human shields, blowing up the Mt. Fuji volcano and causing destruction over a sizable chunk of Japan, evidently having many assassinations carried out (C. C. Hangs a Lampshade at one point over how many of those people had a right to object) and finally taking over the world. With the amount of initiative he had, he could have easily used more peaceful and diplomatic means, especially given how much antagonizing the Black Knights, Kallen in particular, threatened to make it all backfire, but he evidently still wanted a way out of life when he created the plan. If anyone else sympathetic (i. e. Kallen, Nunnally, or Kaguya) had died, and it's just lucky they hadn't, it would reflect even worse on Lelouch, and the ending would go straight towards Downer territory. And of course, the ending itself is highly implausible, or at least the likelihood that the peace will last, as nature abhors a vacuum, meaning that human nature is in constant flux, and conflicts will therefore rise again. Which helps invoke Death of the Author over the explanations of the finale, between that, and Lelouch's penance for using Geass, which he did at least somewhat discriminately, only going into full enslavement mode when he was past the breaking point as of Turn 20 and didn't care anymore about his own life. He could have just lived on and dedicated his life to serving the people as Zero as his penance, taking C. C.'s immortality code to that effect. While it's noble that he "forgave" everyone the way he did, I was referring to the story sparing the likes of Villetta and Cornelia of any appropriate karma, which also broke the "Those who would kill..." aesop, and giving them happy endings, which was just plain one-sided.
        • You mean the Mutuality story in which Lelouch's own inner monologue talks only about dying for "justice" and "sin and punishment", and is so despairing that he's telling jokes about Nunnaly? Suzaku's POV story is the only one that mentions those lost. As for the "story" - Code Geass is classic Tragedy. If you expected Lelouch to get a Happily Ever After, you were watching the wrong genre. This is the ending Lelouch was always going to get. As for the rest: you are entitled to your own opinion, but it is your opnion. It isn't shared by everyone as this thread shows, and it isn't an objective view of canon. The fact you pull out the tl;dr copypasta any time someone on this wiki anyone even mentions Zero Requiem in a positive manner is overdoing it a bit.
          • If Code Geass were Tragedy, it would have something of a Kill'Em All Downer Ending, which would frankly be more acceptable in a way than the so-called Bittersweet Ending, where less sympathetic people, including the ones who caused many of the problems in the story, were allowed to live on and even get a Happy Ending. At least there would be no beating around the bush if the former were so. And Lelouch wasn't specifically telling jokes about Nunnally, just making a passing reference to folding clothes. And about the Zero Requiem itself, did you ignore the parts where I mentioned the bad things that he did in the process (i. e. enslavement, destruction, human shields, etc.)? That's not atonement at all! Any right minded person would see a deliberate choice of that as a Moral Event Horizon crossing, given that he could do something more peaceful. And even if that was only in Suzaku's story, that's not to say it was an either/or case. Not to mention that that wasn't the first time he was lamenting everyone he lost, the first time being right after he was chased away from the Black Knights. And of course, it was right afterwards that he made his first attempt at a Last Dance by isolating himself with Charles, hence creating a solid precedence. Lastly, while I agree it's an opinion, it's not an uncommon one, as many others agree that the Zero Requiem and the logistics behind it are highly implausible.
        • Classic tragedy isn't necessarily about death, it's about flawed individuals making mistakes, who are unwilling to change, and the inevitable doom that this brings him (or her). Aristotle, who is a big influence on modern tragedy, believed that they should also involve the protagonist ultimately recognising his flaws and mistakes and accepting his inevitable fate (even if he is unwilling to change) - which restores some of his heroism and nobility - and Zero Requiem can be seen as a depiction of. It sounds like an accurate description of Lelouch's story to me, down to the unwillingness to change bit.
          • Except that Lelouch digs himself in even deeper with the Zero Requiem, doing things he never would have done before, all because he sees no reason to live with Nunnally gone and the Black Knights turned against him. He did still have a grain of Heroic Resolve left in him before the last crucial event. If there's anyone I blame, it's Ohgi and Villetta for butting in at the wrong moment as I have pointed out under Unwitting Instigator of Doom, prior to which the Black Knights were suspicious of Schneizel and Kanon. Maybe they could have pulled off the Heel Realization / Earn Your Happy Ending, but the way they did it was a first-rate clusterfuck, especially in that they too often made a Designated Monkey out of Lelouch, to the point where they failed to dole out the karma elsewhere, save for Suzaku and to a lesser extent, Nina.
        • No-one ever said Tragedy was fair. As for the rest - even prior Zero Requiem, Lelouch has done a lot of things he "never would have done before". Why is this example different (other than you don't like it)?
          • Don't play the Complaining About Story Arcs You Don't Like card on me. It was an Ass Pull of a Trauma Conga Line that led to the Zero Requiem, simple and plain. Just mere episodes beforehand, Lelouch, as Zero, had finally set up a legitimate international body in the United Federation of Nations, through which he along with the Black Knights were ready to launch a legitimate insurgence, in other words, a revolution, against the Britannian Empire for international freedom. You cannot tell me that brainwashing thousands of soldiers, using them as meat shields, not to mention a civilian body of international figures, blowing up a volcano filled with the world's most valuable and volatile energy source and causing destruction over most of Japan, amongst other sordid acts as part of a Genghis Gambit that includes setting your friend as your former alter ego even though he lacks the qualities of said alter ego and having yourself killed on the faulty premise of taking the world's hate with you, even though hate is part of human nature, is better. Especially when you caused more destruction than ever before, and would have been more use to the world alive than dead. And the ending is presented as happy, even though not for Lelouch, so they weren't even going for Tragedy. While the tragedy only has to do with Lelouch, the thing is is that it's distributed unfairly towards him, and on top of that, didn't even have to happen in the first place, given the aforementioned circumstances, making it a Shoot the Shaggy Dog case. Besides, while Lelouch had done many things he once said he would never do, he had kept a modicum of standard prior to the fallout of the betrayal. Geassing all of his subordinates into full obedience? Only Black Knight he geassed was Kallen, and that was only to ask her a question. After the betrayal, he geassed all of the Britannian soldiers he would be making use of. That alone speaks volumes.
  • The ending to the picture drama "Miracle Birthday" suggests Lelouch is dead, but somehow still able to "mess around" with the real world (At least he did it in favour of his friends).

How geass powers work

Since this wasn't addressed in series as far as I know, I was interested in hearing others' thoughts. Judging from C.C., it seems like geass-holders are given powers which they ask for/well suit them. It also seems like Rolo was given the power that would make him the perfect assassin. So, what I wondered is if C.C. and V.V. could theoretically give any number of people any number of powers.

  • I believe they can give an unlimited number of people one power each. (That is, one power per person, not one power from C.C. and one from V.V.)
  • Which power each person receives probably depends on their set of mind and what they want the most at the moment of binding: Lelouch wanted to change everything and got the absolute order power, CC wanted to be loved and got absolute love Geass, Charles probably had too many painful memories, Marianne was likely discontent with her own status (or maybe even body), etc. One more thing is that in the manga, Lelouch receives a different power under different circumstances from CC. It is also interesting that Lelouch is apparently the only Geass user with a limiter (one order per person), an early foreshadowing that he will be the only one to not succumb to it completely. This is probably because his subconsciousness always knew that giving absolute orders is wrong (or at least, a fanboy of his like myself prefers to think so).
    • It kinda seems to be the exact opposite, actually. Seriously, Lulu, who reveres the human will, gets the power to crush it? Chuck, who despises lies in all their forms, gets the power to lie on a whole new level? CC wants to be loved... and gets a power that makes her completely unable to discern whether someone actually loves her or just got mindwiped? Even Bismarck's geass seems to fit the same rule, considering he avoids using it when possible.
      • No, it's definitely a manifestation the person's true desire at the time of receiving the power of Geass. Geass is actually wishes (see episode 25 of R2), and as we all know, be careful what you wish for...
      • Actually, it sounds feasible, too. In any case, the nature of one's Geass power always depends on one's own personality and desires.
      • Jeremiah's geass to cancel other geasses fits this pattern too, seeing as Marianne, the driving force in his life, is essentially just a geass suggestion at the point he receives it.
  • All the powers shown in the series seem to work by fiddling with the boundaries between minds. Even Bismarck's prediction Geass is probably based around reading intent.
    • True, all of them affect the mind, but geass is a fundamentally physical phenomenon. Lelouch's geass REFLECTS, can be blocked... that's not a psychic ability.
      • Maybe it has something to do with the psychic effects being transmitted through visible light. Kinda like light therapy helps against depression, or something.

So the Code is essentially a genetic tattoo passed from one host to the next, which grants its current host immortality and the ability to create Geass in people. Geass progresses in certain individuals until it reaches its endstage, in which case the the Geass-holder becomes a suitable host for the Code. My question is this: what is the connection between Codes, and the World of C?

  • C.C. seems to have some power over consciousness, like how she Mind Rapes Suzaku in episode 11. Some side materials made mention of her 'breaking down the barriers of consciousness.' Thoughts?

Apparently, at least some Geass users receive powers that on surface seem to correspond with their desires, but instead twist these desires and in the end run opposite to them. To collect the grand unified list (probably a massive stretch, though):

  • C.C.: Wanted to be loved. Received a Geass that apparently did that, but instead caused everyone around her to fall in love at first sight, making her unable to distinguish between true and mind control-induced love and eventually just tired of it.
  • Mao: Received a mind-reading Geass that allowed him to sadistically drive people into humiliation in revenge for his own ruined childhood. However, what he wanted all along was for C.C. to love him, and she was the only person whose emotions he couldn't manipulate.
    • This Troper has thought that mao, being an orphan who grew up with nothing and no one, wanted to undestand people and how they worked. hence, his geass gave him a complete undersanding of that.
    • Or else, Mao's Geass is essentially a Personality Power based on the fact that as a little boy he understood people very well. His Geass made him lose the ability to understand anybody's true feelings or desires because he got caught up in Accentuating the Negative in everyone's thoughts.
  • Charles: On the surface, he was a Chessmaster watching in the shadows as his children devoured each other in a power struggle, so he received the power to make people his pawns by essentially destroying their identities. However, what he really wanted was a world without lies and masks where everyone would be their true self -- something in direct opposition to his memory-rewriting Geass.
    • Perhaps he wanted a world where memories could be re-written and painful pasts blotted out. Possibly explains his (implied) historical revisionism).
  • Rolo: Received a Geass that made him a perfect assassin, freezing his victims. However, what he wanted (and what Lelouch exploited) was to have someone who would care about him, and he ended up killing everyone who potentially could by his over-reliance on his Geass and assassination as "the most effective method".
  • Lelouch: Wanted to destroy Britannia, so he received a Geass useful at gaining allies and thus starting a resistance movement. However, his respect for free will didn't allow him to Geass people into submission (in fact, the first time he does that near the end of the series, it signifies him pretending to be falling into the Moral Event Horizon). He almost made a point of making all his allies join him willingly and was ready to admit defeat to Euphy -- just when his will-crushing power took center stage by itself at the worst possible moment.
    • Lelouch's inner desire was to manipulate the world, to play his pieces in a way that was suited to hs ends. Guess what ift he got?
    • Lelouch's specific desire was a want of power and control over his destiny so he got the geass of Command.
  • Marianne and Bismarck: I admit I'm lost here. Their powers are so insanely specialized, examples of What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?, that it's difficult to imagine what kind of desires they could end up subverting, although it's clear how they were consistent with their beliefs: Marianne, who desired Instrumentality, didn't care much about her corporeal form as long as she could preserve her consciousness in whatever form necessary, and Bismarck's Geass that made him a perfect soldier at the Emperor's service (until Suzaku beat him with another Geass, making full use of the command Lelouch placed on him).
    • Marianne was a woman of common birth and a manipulative nature; her Geass was the ability to take on someone else's life and control it. From what we know of Bismarck, he was a fierce warrior and skilled swordsman. Wouldn't a man who breathed battle want to know his opponent's next move before his opponent did?
      • Bismarck also always seemed to have the best grasp of the situation in general; making sure Luciano and Suzaku didn't kill each other, explaining to Charles that war is an inefficient means of diplomacy, telling Schneizel that "the meaning of politics will have changed by then" and so on. So I guess his ability to read the future was just an amplified version of this.
    • Marianne's might be explained even better by the fact that apparently she was despised by the nobles for her common birth and her Geass power was to enter people's hearts and stay there. Her desire was probably to be loved and remembered but she never mastered it because she disliked the method.
      • In Nightmare of Nunnally, Charles' Geass power, which he obtains while demanding power while dying in the assassination that killed his parents, enables him to raise the dead; he survives and takes the throne with that power. Marianne's Geass, which she obtained while dying and becoming disillusioned with her ideals, enables her to enter Anya's body, saving her life and enabling her to find the solution to bringing Instrumentality.

I think the whole Geass part was actually a modern take on the Deal with the Devil: you get enormous power - but for a price. And your price is directly derived from the kind of power you get.

It's worth noting that it is confirmed textually that it's based on your desires: "The Geass I manifested was to make people love me...because deep in my heart...I...I wanted to be loved by someone. And my wish was granted."

I thought the Geass manifested was a direct conection to one aspect of the collective, the one the person with the Geass most wished for. Geass seem geared to mind/conciousness/soul, and affect people through that collective they are part of, meaning everyone but those that cannot die and go form part of it.

The Sword of Akasha is going to be to Geass users as the RahXephon is to Ayato.

At least the "retune the world" part if they're hoping for a happy ending. If the happy ending is Lelouch changing his goals through some character development so that in the end he is happy, despite losing a lot of things in his epic adventure, then forget this entry.

  • Confirmed in episode 21, with Ragnarok being Instrumentality. Then subverted with Lelouch destroying the sword and stopping it.

Rolo is really Nunally.

Yes, some weird Geass has not only rewritten his/her memories, but has recovered his/her eyesight, uncrippled him/her, turned her into a boy, and given him/her their own Geass. Another 2chan special.

  • This one's been outright dismissed by the show's head writer, though. Nunnally is also shown to be alive and well (and still crippled) on the official website.
    • This got officially Jossed on the show where Nunnally's revealed to be the new governor-general of Area 11.

Anya was Lelouch's childhood friend.

It would explain that picture of Lelouch she has. It'd also explain what happened when C.C. attacked her.

  • Almost certainly. Also, this implies that some or all of Lelouch's childhood is comprised of Geass implanted memories. Which raises interesting questions as to what might happen if he is hit by Orange-kun's shiny new Geass canceller.
  • Jossed in the most recent episode. But the truth is even more epileptic?
    • Well, she went to palace to learn etiquette, so Lelouch may have met her.
  • Considering the fact that she's about Nunnaly's age, its more likely that she was Nunnaly's friend.

Jeremiah Gottwald (A.K.A. Orange-Kun) is gonna be back for R2

Yeah, it's very farfetched. But, watch the opening of R2. When the opening song starts saying "I CONTINUE TO FIGHT!", you can see a man walking though the desert. The silhouette resembles Orange-Kun. The lyrics scream Foreshadowing. Also, it'd make a pretty good plot twist. Still, if this gets Jossed and it's revealed to be a Knight of Rounds, I probably won't be surprised.

  • Put two and two together. Jeremiah is a Knight of Rounds. Also, in episode 7 both Suzaku and Gino refer to "Lord Jeremiah" (he was a private when he went MIA) as if he was still around and they knew him personally.
  • Episode 9 confirms Orange-kun is still alive (with cyborg parts), but not a Knight of the Rounds.
  • The Knight of Rounds part is officially Jossed. Orange joins up with Lelouch.
  • In fact, as an extension of this WMG, I think that in the first episode, when Rolo tried to catch Lelouch, he tried to use his Geass to save Lelouch. (Explaining why the screen turned red.)
    • Rolo's Geass wouldn't have helped with that situation, but he may have used it to separate Lelouch and Kallen just prior.
      • It wouldn't have helped, but he may have used it instinctively anyway.
  • As of episode 4 this appears to be exactly what's happening, though Lelouch is basically just manipulating Rolo at this point.

Rolo was the original Knight of Seven before Suzaku got his promotion.

Rolo is a very skilled pilot, and I find it unlikely The Emperor would just happen to have a spare spot in his honor guard.

  • He apparently has several spare spots, actually, according to supplementary material.

Changed lines 25 from:

  • The new OP gives a sequence of the following Knightmares: Shinkiro (Lelouch), Shenhu (Xingke), Lancelot Albion (Suzaku), Akatsuki Jikisanshiyō (Used by the rest of Todoh's holy swords), Zangetsu (Todoh), MORDRED (Anya), and the Vincent (Rolo). If we ignore the Lancelot Albion, they are all black knight mechs, with the exception of Mordred. just a thought.
    • Given how we know she has had her memories fiddled with by Charles, was almost certainly Lulu's childhood friend, and may know the truth about Marianne, I'd say this is likely.
  • However, the flashbacks show that Rolo was primarily used as an assassin, and was employed in the Intelligence division at the beginning of the series. Plus, nobody outside of Intelligence and the Emperor himself knew about Rolo's existence.
  • Lelouch states in Episode 2 of R2 that the pilot who's massacring the Black Knights (Rolo) mainly relies on his ability, and his techniques are nowhere near Suzaku's.

The Emperor is playing a long game of Xanatos Roulette intended to make Lelouch into the perfect heir.

The Emperor is obviously enamored with strength, and, as he's the strongest fellow around, he's enamored with himself as well. It seems natural that a man of such standards and such ego would care deeply about his legacy; he wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than the perfect heir, a person as powerful, as ruthless, as similar to himself as possible. But the traditional line of succession is based on birth order, not strength, and the prescribed crown prince, Odysseus, is something of a wimp. Schneizel's too honorable, Clovis is a fop, Cornelia's not usually bright outside of combat, and the less said of Euphemia, the better. You had to go down seventeen rungs before you got to young Lelouch, a willful Chessmaster almost as sociopathic as his dad - almost, but not quite. He was the closest to ideal, but there was no way that the traditional system would get him anywhere the throne.

So the Emperor kicked the kid out of the system, by arranging (or staging) Marianne's death, rendering Nunnally an invalid, and publicly disowning Lelouch, who thus grows up to be both self-reliant and extremely angry. When he gets older and achieves the fullness of his natural genius, he "coincidentally" receives Geass powers like his father's. Dad and lad!

If all goes to plan, Lelouch's obsession with revenge will lead him to master his powers, shed those last few moral scruples, and take the Britannian throne by main force. Then the Emperor can die happy in the knowledge that an appropriately Magnificent Bastard will pick up where he left off.

  • This kind of crossed my mind as an explanation for why the Emperor didn't simply kill Lelouch at the end of the last season (outside of the fact there wouldn't be a show if this happened).
    • Not to mention, immediately after Lelouch accidentally Geassed Euphie and made the decision to take advantage of the situation? There's a brief scene with the Emperor laughing hysterically, apparently ecstatic that "Yes, you're [Lelouch] worthy of being called my child now!"
  • And in the end, Lelouch will be groomed to surpass everyone in the Knight of Rounds, lead the new Britannian Empire who has conquered all Earth, and finally defeat the Gods, replacing the old Emperor, Because Destiny Says So, or in this case, just as planned.
  • This troper thinks the emperor is just a neutral observer that enjoys watching his heirs fight for the throne and that he really doesn't favor anyone. He merely wants the strongest to succeed.
  • As an extension, Marianne was never actually killed. The Emperor used his Geass to create that memory in Lelouch's mind. He possibly also manipulated Nunnally's memory as well, she could have been invalid to begin with, and starting to go blind of natural causes. He manipulated her memory to include her mother's death right before she went blind. After Lelouch has progressed to a satisfactory degree to inherit the throne, he'll restore Lelouch and Nunnally's memories, and reveal that Marianne was really in hiding the whole time. (No point in killing off a wife for no reason.)
    • There's nothing physically wrong with Nunnally's eyes. Her blindness stems from psychological trauma. It's also possible she only believes she can't walk.
    • Judging from Lelouch's comment to Lakshasa when they first met about how he had studied her work in medicinal cybernetics, it is more likely that Nunnally is crippled-crippled and not placebo-crippled.
    • Perhaps, but we're not certain yet (as of season 2) whether the Emperor's Geass is single or multi-use yet, as he'd have to manipulate all the nobles who heard the event, and possibly those supervising Nunnally to forge records (whilst Lelouch said he never visited her after the attack). And it also begs the question of who gave him the Geass, whether it was ViVi or someone else-and how he ended up ruler of Britannia (how did his siblings die?). Furthermore, Cornelia said it was Schneizel who took Marianne's body away, so unless we hear it from him, the full truth remains unknown. If it is true that Lelouch and Nunnally were manipulated, it would drive home the choice he had to begin with: whether to follow his past/nation's history and end up ruthless at the top of a society, or whether to free those around him from oppression and create a new future (perhaps with the Power of Friendship and his Black Knight allies).
  • The Emperor could have thought Lelouch simply made the best bait for flushing out C.C.
    • Though Ep 15 reveals that the Emperor had no need for C.C. It was V.V. who was seeking her out for reasons we will never know.
  • It seems following episode 14 of R2 that Charles' Xanatos Gambit may actually have been to create Zero. The flashback with him and V.V. shows that he doesn't even really like Britannia very much, but found it impossible to change it from inside, even from the top; so he has very carefully molded someone powerful enough to shatter it from the outside.
  • Jossed! It seems that Emperor and Marianne never cares about Lelouch and Nunnally, only see Lelouch as a bait to draw C.C. out, so that he can take both V.V. and C.C.'s code to initiate Ragnarok
    • Or maybe that's what Charles wanted Lelouch to think....
    • He actually did care about Lelouch somewhat, but just had a terrible way of showing it. He exiled Lelouch to Japan to protect him from V.V. and tried to justify Ragnarok by doing it for Lelouch and Nunally's sake (even though Lelouch quickly proved him wrong on that point).
    • He says that's his motive but maybe his real wish was to die. He realized that he had aged far too much and that his plan could never succeed against the likes of the younger strategists so he set up Lelouch to carry on his will in a more probable manner.

Shirley isn't dead after all, and is about to get the same cyborg-upgrade treatment Gottwald got.

Shirley's mode of death is, at least by my glance, very similar to that which nearly killed Nunnaly... Meaning that there's at least a chance she could in fact not be dead as of the last moment of R2 Episode 13, regardless of how Lelouch sees it. This could lead to her coming back much sooner than we think.

  • And if she gets the same cyborg treatment that Orange-kun got? Then it's pretty much guaranteed that the Geass Canceller's going to hit Lelouch sooner than later.
    • Except all the people who did the upgrades just bought the farm. Jossed.
  • Gaah! Now you've given me a great Fanfiction idea that I can't get rid of! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Shirley's killer is actually Suzaku.

Granted, it's a stretch, but I refuse to believe it was Rolo until we have confirmation. Sure, he's a basketcase, and he had motive, but we never saw the full scene. Imagine, if you will, Shirley's talking to Rolo when Suzaku, who was in the building the whole time, finds them. Suzaku overhears their conversation, and realizes Rolo has defected. Rolo notices Suzaku, panics and activates his Geass. Suzaku proves too quick for Rolo and starts beating the tar out of him. Shirley, confused by the situation, fires. Suzaku realizes he's being shot at, instincts take over, and before he realizes it, he's killed Shirley in self-defense.

  • Pretty much Jossed, as Rolo has admitted to killing Shirley, and Suzaku is trying to track down the murderer.
  • Even if it weren't Jossed, we see Rolo's eye activate and then Shirley's dead. Also Suzaku would've either stayed with Shirley crying out an apology or carried her out to get medical treatment. The Knight Of Seven isn't going to be punished for killing a girl who was holding a handgun so he would have nothing to hide.

Jupiter has been manipulating everything and has been waiting to set Earth up for some sort of harvesting/slave making deal to the effect of Half Life 2. The double letters are all agents of Jupiter

And you can bet your *** that Suzaku will sell or attempt to sell humanity off to the Jovians for his own twisted ideals, because he's proved beyond proof that he is the ulimate race betrayer.

  • Also, the finale will deal with Lu Lu geting CC back to put an end to this nonsence once and for all.

Changed line 85 from:

    • Ironically, though, Lelouch's motivation to travel back in time is much greater now because Nunnally is dead.
      • Not anymore. She's actually alive!

Kallen will steal the Lancelot and escape

In Episode 16 of R2, Lloyd is planning to mount Nina's new weapon on Guren and have Suzaku pilot it. That, together with the sequence of Knightmares that appear in the new OP, mostly of Black Knights but including Lancelot and Mordred, leads This Troper to suspect that Suzaku and Kallen will swap Knightmares sometime soon.

  • They're putting the Freya on Lancelot. Lloyd apparently went crazy on the Guren and now they won't let Suzaku pilot it. (And by the way, the Freya is a nuke.)
  • Jossed as of Episode 18 of R2. But she did "steal" Guren SEITEN
    • If you count taking back your own mech as stealing, that is.

Rolo will try to kill Nunnally in Episode 18 of R2.

Rolo should have guessed that Shirley got her memory back after about three seconds of talking with her. Rolo only shot her after she said Nunnally's name, which, to this troper, indicates a psychotic obsession with being Lelouch's family, to the exclusion of any other important people in his life. If Rolo is successful, Lelouch will go over the edge and try to destroy everything, allowing the writers to Flanderize him into a Yagami Light clone and kill him off in the inevitable Wall Banger ending, with the implied message that it's better to tolerate corruption and tyranny instead of trying to fight against them. If Rolo is unsuccessful, either Lelouch or Suzaku will kill him, and they will then both come up with a way to save the world together. If none of this happens, we can expect to wait another year for R3...

  • Jossed and jossed HARD. Nunally, her advisor, Sayoko, that one Holy Four Swords guy, and Guilford all die when Suzaku's Geass to live kicks in and he fires the Freya at the Guren SEITEN... and misses, which ends up hitting the Tokyo Settlement government building, killing everyone within and nearby.
    • Yeah, I just saw it. I'm really hoping for some kind of magic reset button or narrow escape or something, because I can't really see how the series can have a satisfying conclusion now.
  • Though he actually did plan on stabbing Nunnally to death once he found her; it's just that circumstances grew far out of his control.
  • Kind of a moot point, since Rolo is dead and it turns out that Nunally is still alive.
  • Guilford and Sayoko survived as well.

The series will end with Lelouch taking his father's immortality.

Then introducing himself to some dissatisfied revolutionary as "LL". Come on, Lelouch Lamperouge. Or in Engrish, R2. It's right there in his name.

  • This troper thinks that Charles will give his immortality to Lelouch as one last act of assholish-ness. As of episode 20 Lelouch and Charles are sealed in a pocket dimension by themselves. We don't know how time works there, so currently one can assume that the mortal one will eventually die. If Charles doesn't have a way to get out, which his facial expression upon learning what happened seemed to suggest, he may force his immortality on Lelouch than kill himself. You know, something like "Lelouch you're immortal now. Have fun in limbo."* Kills himself* Leaving Lelouch alone for all eternity, or at least he finds some way out (Code Geass R3 maybe?)
    • Hell no. Please let the series die with honor and grace. Please.
  • Jossed in that he used his own Geass to wish the God to erase Charles and Marianne out of existence. Not even Code saves them.
  • This does not, however, prove that the Code was not somehow transferred during the process of Charles' merging with the World of C in Episode 21.
  • However, evidence leans more towards Lelouch taking CC's Code, since even after he killed Charles, he still had the use of his Geass, which can't be used by individuals with the Code.
    • The Geass can't usually be used with the Code because it involves killing the one who gave them it, thus removing the geass. Lelouch, however, never fulfilled CC's contract but instead gained the Code from another source (aka Charles). It never explicitly states that one can't have both if they use two different sources to get them.
  • Fans on the Lelouch is still alive bandwagon have theorized that the taking of the code doesn't actually kick in until after the individual has suffered a mortal injury...Which doesn't happen to Lelouch until the very last episode.
    • That's not even necessary. If we assume that not taking the code from the person who gave you geass but from someone else leaves you with both immortality and geass, we can conclude that Lelouch was immortal since he had erased Charles. He just never needed it until the last episode.
    • This is supported with Nunnally seeing Lelouch's memories when she touches him while he's injured, something which only happens to people with the Code.
    • Lulu is alive, Lelouch vi Britannia and Zero are dead. confused? this is a person with 3 seprate personas, The student, the evil emperor, and the Revolutionary. Zero died when requim came about, and Lelouch Vi Britannia died infront of the world at Zero Requime's hands. all that is left is Lulu, the student who made a promise to C.C. to help her live her life without being alone. There is a third season in the works, so even if I am wrong, I win.

Schniezel will betray the Emperor, likely with Cornelia's support.

There have been hits that the Second Prince isn't that fond of his Magnificent Bastard of a father, nor does he enjoy being kept in the dark.

  • Confirmed, as of episode 20 of R2.
  • Suzaku becomes Zero after killing Lelouch.

Marianne ordered her own hit.

Arranging one's own murder just to throw off suspicions? How much more Xanatos can you get? Besides, she did survive it... sort of.

  • Jossed VV killed her.
  • Ironically.. Lelouch arranges HIS own murder in the final episode...
    • Runs in the family I suppose.

The writers or possibly Lelouch based the ending on Frank Herbert's God Emperor of Dune.

Both Lelouch and Leto III from God Emperor of Dune believed that humanity was stuck and needed a shock to move forward into the future. They both decided that the best way to do this was to make themselves the embodiment of Evil and ruthlessly oppress people. In the end, both arranged for their own deaths as part of the gambit, and humanity moved forward as a result. This Troper is surprised that Lelouch didn't go One-Winged Angel like Leto III.

    • Mutating into a Cyborg? Doesn't really make him a One-Winged Angel and doesn't matter anyway. By the way, it is confirmed, as that's the very essence of Zero Requiem.

during his two month "reign of terror", Lelouch had killed the rest of the royal family

This occurred to me today as being extremely likely. He obviously really disliked them, and who better to be targets to showcase him as evil. Perhaps, given that they were under geass, he set up deaths that looked like suicides which were obviously murder. As evidence, Schneizel, Cornelia, and Nunally are alive at the end, but you don't see any of the other royals.

  • One of the guys in the suits behind Nunnally is Odysseus. Jossed.
    • Not. Unless the drawing is really bad, none of them resembles that guy. And I think that, since Lelouch KNOWS that Schneizel will nuke Pendragon, the fact he make them stay there shows that it is somewhat confirmed.
    • None of the members of the Royal Family are listed as dead between Charles, and Lelouch so they are apparently still alive.
    • Scheizel nuked pendragon....where all the royal family live. I'm pretty sure that would kill every single one of them

The Code Geass universe is actually the precursor to Warhammer 40000 and Lelouch is the God Emperor of Mankind.

Intentional or not, there are striking similarties between Code Geass and 40k. When the pre-civilization shamans realized their power was waning and committed mass suicide to preserve it, they created the power of Geass, which was passed through the generations. The power of Geass played a huge role major historical events, but many of the Code holders, unable to cope with their immortality, started the chain of deception to con somebody into taking it from them. The World of C, described as being a dimension that contains the collective consciousness of Humanity, is actually a stable pocket of the Warp or even a piece of the Webway. Also, according to the "Lelouch Lives" theory, since he now possesses a Code, Lelouch guides the development of Humanity from the background for the next dozen millenia or so until he decides to return to the limelight, takes up the mantle of Emperor of Mankind again, and begins the Great Crusade to ensure Humanity's future. Similar to the power of Geass, Lelouch's Code eventually evolves over time to grant him his godlike powers while psykers are the evolved descendents of Geass users and Code holders.

  • This begs the question: where was C.C. and what was she doing? Is she plotting to bring Lelouch/Emperor to life or what?
    • Living her life? With Lelouch proving to her that she can be loved, she no longer wants to die, and can live her life in peace. Given the interview by Oukochi I can safely say that Lelouch is dead.
      • Let me rephrase the question then: if hypothetically speaking, in some alternate dimension not related to Code Geass canon, Lelouch survived and by his code powering up over time become Emperor of Mankind, then what would C.C. had been doing in this particular alternate dimension?
        • She'd be dead. The only immortality code available for Lelouch to take would be hers.
        • Unless, as some think, the Lelouch stole Charles' code before erasing him.
  • There are several problems with this theory: the Emperor was probably quite strong, even if he was using his psychic powers to augment his strenght, while Lulu... Then there are psykers: how do we explain them? Lulu/Emperor giving out Geasses, even after "death"?
    • Marianne and Charles become Tzeetch, the victims of Euphemia's massacre become Khorne, who's Nurgle?
      • Japanese who died in poverty and oppression under Brittannian rule. Not in the Euphinator incident, or in combat or executions, but a long, slow wasting away due to starvation, disease, and Refrain abuse.

The Code Geass universe is actually the precursor to Warhammer 40000 and Suzaku is the God Emperor of Mankind.

  • His LIVE! Geass eventually compels him to seek out ways to extend his lifespan again and again as his ideals become ever more twisted.

In an alternate version of the Code Geass universe where Britannica won, Warhammer 40000 is the result.

  • Just think about it. Britannicans in Code Geass are basically (the bad ones at least) British Nazis. What would they become if they were in space? British Space Nazis. If they were fanatically religious? Pseudo-Catholic British Space Nazis. What is the Imperium of Man? A pack of Pseduo-Catholic Space Nazis made by a British Company. Makes perfect sense.

Nina Einstein is somehow linked to Albert Einstein.

Could Nina be a relative of Albert's? Perhaps a dimensional counterpart? While the details are unclear, the fact remains that in both Real Life and the Alternate Universe of Code Geass, a person named Einstein was instrumental in helping invent the A-bomb. The similarity of names seems unlikely to be a mere coincidence or Shout-Out.

  • She's his mother. Einstein is half-table.
  • Lelouch did say in episode 10 he should have asked her to tutor him in probability.
  • I theorize that Nina is simply Einstein's descendant. The genius is In the Blood.
    • Very possible. She's the perfect age to be Einstein's daughter if we take into account that the Code Geass universe is actually set in the 1960s
  • This troper thinks that Nina is Albert Einstein's alternate universe counterpart. After all, it seems that nobody has invented the theories that would lead to development of nuclear energy, or explosives in this world. Different gender, nationality and date of birth are caused by the minute differences between the worlds' histories.
  • She actually reminds this troper of J. R. Oppenheimer, Father of the Atomic Bomb. Upon witnessing the power of his bomb, he said, " "If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one. Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." Actually, that sounds like something Lelouch might say.

Suzaku and Kallen were created as part of a Super Soldier project by the Japanese government.

We know that the Japanese government was worried about the prospect of invasion before it actually happened, and playing the world powers against each other to protect themselves. This could have been their backup plan. And it would explain why their combat abilities are so superior to everyone else's.

  • Actually, its because their Japanese and mech pilots. They possibly also have some form of musical talent.
    • Interestingly, Suzaku's the only major character not to put out an Image Song yet.

Bismarck's Geass doesn't actually predict the future.

It predicts human actions in the near future by reading their minds to discern what they intend to do. This is based on the fact that all other Geass powers in the series are purely mind-affecting.

  • So, he has a Sharingan?
  • Marianne's didn't really affect the mind so much as inhabit the body and take over when necessary.

A guess at the original plot for R2

Since we know that the Time Skip between the seasons was caused by Executive Meddling, this is more of a wild-guessing attempt to imagine how R2 could have proceeded without it.

The action starts immediately after the Cliff Hanger after the first season. It is revealed that Suzaku shot at Lelouch, but his "live" Geass caused him to misfire, because setting off Lelouch's bomb would kill him too. Meanwhile, Kallen recovers from her shock and sides with Lelouch (instead of just leaving as in the actual series): for her, no matter who Zero is, he's still the leader of the Black Knights. She prevents Suzaku from capturing Lelouch alive or disarming him. Then something (not sure what) causes Suzaku to leave the scene and make Lelouch realize that Nunnally was not actually at Kaminejima, and what's worse, he doesn't know her real location: it was just a trap to lure out C.C., who is known by V.V. and Charles to be at Zero's side. The first introduction to the Thought Elevators could also follow here.

Using Guren, Lelouch and Kallen rescue C.C. from the bottom of the ocean before the enemy can get to her. When V.V. arrives, he only finds Jeremiah at the scene, saving him from the brink of death again.

In Zero's absence and with the arrival of Britannian reinforcements, the assault on the Tokyo settlement has crumbled. However, Cornelia disappears immediately after the battle for reasons she doesn't explain, leaving Guillford in charge while uprisings throughout Japan continue. As Zero reassembles the leaders of the Black Knights, he realizes that continuing fighting with uneven forces as it is now can mean the complete annihilation of the Japanese -- but as Diethard, who has fled to the Chinese Federation, informs him about the situation there, he decides to use the tension between Xingke and the Eunuch Generals in his next scheme. (Guillford's attempted execution of the Black Knights may or may not occur.)

Meanwhile, Suzaku is commended for his heroism at the battle of Tokyo and for discovering Zero's identity. As he has been recently knighted by Cornelia, Charles offers him the next step: he offers Suzaku the position of a Knight of Rounds in exchange for his agreement to use Nunnally in a plan to draw out Lelouch and C.C., which involves Nunnally becoming the next governor of Area 11. Arriving in a battle-torn Japan, Nunnally tries to restore peace by reviving the Special Administrative Zone of Japan, but obviously, this idea is not met with success. From this moment, the plot of R2 mostly kicks in as Zero convinces the Black Knights to surrender and then pulls off the "one million Zeros" plan.

At this point, Lelouch is completely occupied with the Chinese Federation, without hopping back to Japan. While the fact that he is Zero is still only known to a limited circle, with the circumstances around Nunnally, it's now more or less public knowledge that Lelouch Lamperouge is really Lelouch vi Britannia, and he is assumed to be in hiding. The circumstances of his encounter with Jeremiah may differ from the released version, but the basic plot remains the same: Jeremiah defects to Lelouch, exposing the location of V.V. and the Geass directorate, and from that point onwards, the story proceeds basically the same, without Rolo and the Ashford Academy segments, but with more emphasis on C.C. (in particular, she spends more time in amnesia) and the nature of Geass.

Of course, without Rolo (who's absent from this version not because of characterization, but because there's no room for him as he is without the Time Skip), some elements of the story have to be tweaked. Now it's Sayoko who's sent to rescue Nunnally during the second battle of Tokyo, and something else has to drag Lelouch out of his depression after Nunnally's presumed death.

  • The What Could Have Been page mentions two scenarios that were considered. Personally, this sounds more likely than either of them, and sounds more interesting than the actual R2.
  • Perhaps Jeremiah could be the one to save Lelouch in Turn 19. He would ask where Lelouch is, then leaves the Black Knights to go have a chat with Suzaku. Afterward, Jeremiah then comes just in time to rescue Lelouch and bring him away from the Black Knights, reminding Lelouch that he does have a reason to live. If for at least one thing: To still find out who killed Empress Marianne, and to avenge her death. Jeremiah would remind Lelouch of that, and conveniently, Jeremiah will drop off Lelouch at a place that would overlook Kamine Island. This would alert Lelouch that one last enemy stands in his way: Emperor Charles. I think this would fit in Jeremiah's character, being absolutely loyal to Lelouch and Marianne, and seeing that Lelouch was about to throw his life away, Jeremiah needed to remind him about why he became Zero in the first place! Jeremiah then takes off, possibly avoiding capture, as people would probably be going after Jeremiah for helping Lelouch. From there, Lelouch heads to Kamine Island and goes after the Emperor...
    • I guess this also means Shirley still lives... and Jeremiah inadvertently returning her memories. She could also possibly help Lelouch in some way, although this would require her to call him or something in Turn 19, it's not as if she could be on the Black Knight airship directly herself, to help Lelouch get out of his depression. It's likely, however. Shirley would be right outside the blast radius and would have to wonder where Lelouch is, and would call him. What would she say, though? How could she help?
      • This does also mean that she knows who Nunnally and Lelouch truly are, and she would be willing to do anything to help Lelouch. But... how? She wouldn't be able to fight. She could serve as a Morality Pet, much like Euphemia, but...
    • Or, who knows. She might just get killed off in the blast as well, but that would ruin Lelouch even further-- yet, it would give him another reason to fight. Who knows.
  • All in all, one would be curious as to how Turn 19 would be handled, as well as Shirley.

What determines if a given Geass requires direct eye contact

If a Geass power can cause permanent alteration of the target's mind (Lelouch, C.C., Charles, Marianne), then it requires direct eye contact. If it doesn't (Mao, Rolo, Bismarck, the child in R2 episode 14), then it's an AOE Geass that works even on unseen people.

Jeremiah's Geass canceler might seem an exception, but it (a) seems to be artificial and not following the effects of normal Geasses, and (b) it only erases the permanent effects ingrained into minds by another Geass, returning the minds to their natural state, so it might not count as a permanent effect by itself.

S-Cry-ed happens in the future or in an alternate continuity of Code Geass

The "mainland" is never thoroughly discussed, and they act very similar to Britannia. Plus, being an anime, we have no idea of the people's nationalities, so we don't know if there are Britanians in the Lost Ground. The "Other Side" could be the source of the Geass, and Kanami and Elian's powers are a lot like a Geass power. The Sakuradite could have been the reason that Alter Powers exploded throughout the lost ground.

Character comparisons: Mao looks an awful lot like Kyoji Mujo, so it could be an alternate version of him, a relative at the same orphanage or something similar. An interesting quirk: Kazuma looks like Suzaku, but acts like an uneducated Lelouch and Ryuhou looks like Lelouch and acts like Suzaku. Kanami's purpose is very similar to Nunnally. Plus, Kazuma's refrain "I don't care about ANYTHING!" while trying to save Kanami is very familiar.

Also, was I the only one who thought that cyborg Jeremiah looked a lot like Kazuma's alter? And Kazuma is always Orange?

Jeremiah and Lelouch combined their powers during the parade or the time skip in order to erase everybody's Geass control and force world peace once Lelouch is dead

Their powers could combine to brainwash anyone who had already been Geassed, and try again if they failed. If they Geassed those that were warlike instead of killing them, they could prevent bloodshed. If world peace justifies the means, then "Reunite upon Lelouch's death" would work well.

As Lelouch's Geass gets more unstable, it damages the target's minds more and more.

At first, when we see the mind cutscene of a person he's commanding, the synapses slightly rearrange themselves. The more he uses it, the more the synapses move. Also, in its first appearances, there's no red flashes, but later the synapses flash when they are manipulated. Finally, some things early on could be easily interpreted as permanent that aren't, like his order to Kallen "I want some answers", "Forget everything you just saw" or "You will do everything in your power to let me pass". Even the "I'm going to need your Sutherland" command to Viletta could result as her always giving him her Sutherlands. And then, after ALL of these are said and not long before his Geass goes completely unstable, he orders Suzaku to "LIVE!" and he always lives from that point on.

In this universe, Australia's full name is The United States of Australia.

In the real world, this name was considered for the country before they decided on Commonwealth of Australia, and thus USA would fit with the Istanbul Not Constantinople tendency. Also, since the United States of America does not exist, Lelouch had to get the phrase 'united states' from somewhere.

  • The United States of America did exist, but only briefly. Just long enough to lose the Revolutionary War.

Suzaku is Chuck Norris, not Jesus Yamato.

He can defeat any foe with a roundhouse kick, run up walls, dodge bullets, save Nunnally from a bomb with just a swiss army knife and a leap of faith, break steel axes like peanut brittle, foil Lelouch's plans just by beating up people or shooting the right things, gave Nunnally her smile, and can kill you with any object in the room, including the room itself. The only person to beat him up, Kallen, only did so because Suzaku Norris would never hit a lady (who wasn't in a giant robot), like his momma taught him to. But why is Suzaku Norris a Noodle Knight, and not a manly Texas Ranger? Not even Suzaku Norris can overcome The Curse of Clamp.

VV is completely female, not ambiguous, not an androgynous male, or anything.

So, stop calling her a he. No, seriously, in one official artwork where she is naked, her Godiva Hair not only covers the no-no place, but the chest area, too, as censors would disapprove a barechested girl. She is just extremely flat-chested because she was turned an immortal at a very young age; her male-looking clothes might be due to her own preferences (and maybe to disguise from Lulu's dad, as he canonically hits anything with a skirt), and not really gender-based. Poor thing.

  • Jossed, or at least with a way bigger chance of VV being a boy. But then again, it's Code freaking Geass, everything is possible... I'd vote "turned himself genderless with Geassing", or eunuch, right now. It would make a whole lot of sense.
  • Charles keeps calling him "brother", and they apparently indeed are biological siblings. You would think that he'd know well enough.
  • He's also somewhat misogynistic, as he notes that "it's always been the woman who's led the man astray."
    • Misogynist women do exist, but yes, Jossed to smithereens.

The writers are retroactively making Lelouch less awesome.

They probably realized that over the series' run, Lulu has been much more awesome than the usual shounen/seinen wusses, whom the audience supposedly roots for because they can "identify" with them. So now, they are retroactively tuning down his awesomeness, for example, by listing him among the dead characters after what was clearly an ambiguous ending and declaring that his epic showdown with Cthulhu was "actually" not about forcing the entire world to obey him but the other way around.

Jeremiah never learned about Marianne's true nature

Jeremiah was only following Lelouch because he felt that's what Marianne would have wanted. Lelouch knew this, and so never told Jeremiah that Marianne was not only alive, but a piece of work. Needless to say, it will be very interesting to see what happens when Anya gets around to telling him...

    • i would call this jossed in that Anya doesn't have any memory of her actions when Marianne controlled her.
      • But, wouldn't Jeremiah's geass canceller have also restored Anya's memories of those times?
    • He doesn't even know she was geassed by Marianne so he has no reason to and Lelouch is dead or not depending on what you think so Lelouch can't tell him that and C.C also doesn't have a reason to tell him that as well.

Suzaku is actually Spider-Man

Or at least, has his powers. He can hold up two people with one hand, dodge machine gun fire, run along walls, and if the "All Hail Lelouch!" scene is any indication, cling to the roof without difficulty. What C.C. assumed was a result of her mind-rape on him, and what we assumed was an Aborted Arc, was in fact his spider-sense. Prime Minister Kururugi must have given Suzaku the Comes Great Responsibility speech right before his murder.

  • I think that Suzaku's powers are an Aborted Arc of him merging with Lancelot. After all, when Suzaki was first geting ready to pilot it, there was talk of possible side effects.

Suzaku is going to become S.S.

Let's face it: Lelouch ordered him to live, and we all know the Geass can be, well pretty much permanent. Also, since Suzaku is extremely unlucky, if people start calling him something that sounds like a double ass, it will be practically a given.

  • This troper's hypothesis is that it's already happened, but calls him N.N. (since N is chess notation for Knight)
  • A Geass cannot override physical limitations. Lelouch telling Shirley "Don't die" didn't prevent her from dying, because she was physically unable to survive the wounds, even though the Geass took effect.
    • Suzaku's "live on" geas would force him to make a pact with C.C. and obtain her Code if he ever learns of her immortality. That would surely make him S.S.
      • Or He's already S.S. In the two month time gap, Lelouch gave Suzaku a Geass power which we didn't know about. Zero Requiem happens at the moment when his Geass becomes powerful enough that he can accept the Code Lelouch received from Charles. This supports the idea that Lelouch is in fact dead.

In addition to the ability we're told about, Lelouch's Geass has a secondary function, sending out a subliminal signal not to harm him while it's active

This is why squads of Britannian soldiers just let him talk and talk before he Geasses them into suicide.

Nunnally has the power (either consciously or sub-consciously) to turn her primary caretaker into a crazed uncaring murderous maniac

Her original caretaker was of course Lelouch who after gaining powers tuned into a terrorist had no problem with killing people to make a better world for the two of them like he had promised her after their mother ???died??�, it is unknown how he acted before. Between seasons???s she was returned to Britannia and her caretaker became Alicia Lohmeyer, who was shown to be somewhat unhinged even wanting to start another massacre, again we do not know how she was before Nunnally. Finally Prince Schneizel took over and went from being an affable and honorable (if sneaky) anti-villain to a maniacal maniac mass murderer that thinks he is a god.

Perhaps this is the result of some of some undetectable Geass V.V. gave her, or she could be secretly doing it to see how they treat her after they go insane, but either way you have to admit the person incharge of her has a habit of going crazy

  • Actually, her original caregivers were her parents. They're mass murdering maniacs, too. Hrm... This theory has some merit...
  • Does Sayoko not count as her primary caregiver? She doesn't seem to be a murderingmaniac, even if she is a ninja.

Cornelia has a Geass.

Its power? To ressurrect people from the dead. Somehow. It's how she manages to get up from what should be death. Consistently. Also, everyone else who had a No One Could Survive That and survived? They were actually secretly working for her.

  • Then why didn't she use it on Euphemia?
    • She did. She's just smart enough to wait until after the show is over and events have cooled down.
      • I can't believe it, but there actually is some proof for this. In the wedding picture of Ohgi and Villeta, sitting just in front of Cornelia and making the same pose as Rivalz, is someone who looks astoundingly like Euphemia. I don't recognize her as any other possible recurring character either, which everyone in the picture is.
        • C'mon, there's no way Nina would be able to resist humping her head at that distance...
      • The Euphemia look-a-like looks a lot more like Nani Mai Hunni. Compare with the original wedding photo.
          • Still, these photos don't contract the possibilty that Euphemia was ressurrected later on.

Ireland isn't part of Britannia

In Real Life, Napoleon seriously considered invading Britain through Ireland, and indeed Irish rebels made plans to join forces with him before being found out by British intelligence. Since Napoleon apparently did conquer Britain in Code Geass continuity, it's reasonable to presume he carried out such a plan. It stands to reason that he would have freed Ireland in return for this aid.

In addition, when the UFN is ratified, the world map shows Ireland in orange, rather than the red of the UFN or the blue of Britannia.

  • It could be that the Kingdom of Britannia was split up after it was conquered by Napoleonic France. Worried that a unified Britannian identity would make the people one day become a part of the Empire once again, the EU split the Kingdom of Britannia into distinct parts, and spent time fostering a sense of Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh and so forth national identities, with an overarching EU loyalty. It could even be based on the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland (otherwise known as "The Protectorate", which would both be great names for a British Republic under the French-dominated EU. That's why Ireland would have shown up as orange, it opted for independence rather than remaining with the rump-state EU, Britannia, or the U.F.N., despite having been unified with Britannia since before the Roman attempt at invasion. Besides, the map I found had Ireland in Yellow with the rest of the British Isles, denoting allegiance the the EU, but it could just be a different map depending on the timeframe of the series.

Code Geass R2 is a Stealth Parody

After Tangichi and Okouchi saw that their timeslot was changed, they felt like they would have to gear the series to an entire new audience, and threw out all of their work. Instead of trying to come up with an entire new artistic second season from scratch they decide to fuck with Bandai by creating a So Bad It's Good second series that basically is just one big joke.

I refuse to believe that Okouchi who wrote such excellent anime as Turn a Gundam, Overman King Gainer, and the first season of Code Geass could turn in such awful scripts and think it was good. All of the Narm in Code Geass R2 makes a hell of a lot more sense if it was a Stealth Parody and the scenes are intentionally as silly and stupid as possible. I mean one scene is given a blurry purple filter for no apparent reason other than Lelouch was talking to himself.

Code Geass is a Future Imperfect retelling of the formation of an empire

Besides the intense mish-mash of concepts (Feudal knights piloting bipedal robots! Mysterious immortals ordering out from Pizza Hut!), and the fact that, among other things, one historical figure appears to have changed from a Swiss patent clerk to a girl in high school, and the ending tosses out geopolitics in favor of themes about redemption, the most charitable explanation is that the basic outline of events 'actually happened', but the details were different. I mean, maybe if British imperialism were in full force during World War II... Wait a sec... that would make the protagonists the Axis, and Lelouch Hitler and ooh my head...

Lelouch split in two after he died

Word of god is he's dead. But,they said Lelouch Vi Britannia,not Lelouch Lamperouge. At the time of those visions Nunnally got when she touched his hand,part pf him was split in half. That can explain why he died so quickly. He was dead,both physically and mentally. However,after soon after his death,the spiritual part of him,the part that split from his physical part,either went back into his dead corpse,and he came to life,or created a new body. So now,he lives in secret.

The name of the second series is mistranslated. It should read: Code Geass L.L.

Pronounced Code Geass L2; R2 is simply a mistranslation of L2 (due to the Japanese L/R pronunciation). It could be seen by those who believe the Lelouch Lives theory as a confirmation that Lelouch took either Charles' or C.C.'s code. That's why Lelouch vi Brittania is officially dead, he lives on as L.L. (if, based on C.C.'s perspective, it can even be called "living").

  • Lebellion and Leconstruction? Nooo, I don't think so.
    • Of course. Its spelled Leberrion and Leconstluction.
    • Fitting with the Stealth Parody theory above, "Rebellion and Reconstruction" could have been a Red Herring put in place to confuse the English-Speaking viewers. I mean, does Rebellion and Reconstruction really make sense as a title when the full name would thus be: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Rebellion and Reconstruction? Alternatively, the R2 designation is supposed to have different meanings depending on the context.

Several years after the end of the series, a young Britannian named Clark Kent will go active as Superman

And Lelouch, who survived, will become an ally with much Ho Yay. His initials are LL; romance with Kal-El is only a matter of time.

Sara Kodama of Overman King Gainer is a descendant of Kallen.

Both are Firey Redheads with similar hairstyles working for rebellious organisations with the intent of reclaiming Japanese heritage (Kallen by freeing Japan from Britannian rule, Sara by working for the exodus to the homeland) .

Jeremiah Gottwald is South African.

Anglo-Germanic, and loyal to the British Empire? Check. Holds racist beliefs? Check. This is based on the fact that the Orange River and Orange Free State are both found in Africa. Britain must have lost South Africa at some point in its history (since most of Africa is held by Europe until R2), with loyal Britannians fleeing to North America rather than live in a free and democratic South Africa (that would have given Black South Africans / Numbers equal rights). Gottwald's ancestors were among those migrants. Lelouch's mention of "Orange" was a nod to his heritage.

  • People call him "Orange" because he has... orange eyes....
    • Actually, Lelouch mentions making it up on the spot later on to C.C. Besides, they're really more gold...

Benjamin Franklin was Geassed into betraying America.

Anyone who has even hear a little about Franklin's history knows he was one of the greatest patriots of the Revolution. There's no way title and land would have changed his mind without it being changed for him.

Code Geass is an alternate history 1984.

Look at it, all of the nations are at constant war. Besides Britain and Japan, the boundaries of Brittania, the EU, and the Chinese Federation are near identical to Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia respectively.

  • Lelouch is Emmanuel Goldstein, either V.V. or Charles is Big Brother, Suzaku is O'Brien, and either Kallen or Shirley is Winston Smith.

Nunnally has a Geass that allows her to see the true nature of a person by touching their bare skin

Hence her mad mind-reading abilities whenever she touches someone's hands. She got it from VV when he kidnapped her at the end of Season One.

  • From Living Lie Detector: Volume 4 of Code Geass R2 novel explains the origins of Nunnally's ability. Marianne conducted experiments with her own egg, giving Nunnally some powers derived from C.C. which allowed Nunnally to detect lies. The novel also reveals that it was Marianne's idea to blind Nunnally because Marianne had thought had removing one of the five senses would strengthen Nunnally's ability, which Marianne determined wasn't powerful enough.
    • It actually could be considered a form of Fridge Brilliance when you realize that the Irregulars from the Nightmare of Nunnally spinoff manga gained artificial geass powers not bound by canon rules... which were granted via an injection of C.C. cells! Or it could also be Hilarious in Hindsight or Harsher in Hindsight, especially when you also know that No N's Rolo was a clone who gained his geass via C.C. injections... as an egg himself!

Lelouch Lamperouge is Batman

Marianne must have been related to the Waynes. Lelouch has many traits in common with Bats, including having Mao as his answer to the Joker. The alternate universe differences account for his lack of physical skills, different alter-ego, and political focus. He also has no problem with guns and has never formed his "thou shalt not kill" rule due to his hatred of the Emperor, combined with his (only one parent this time around) mom's death occurring under different circumstances.

  • Black Knights-Dark Knights

All these ideas will be recycled by the writers into a third season.

Sure Why Not? There are plenty of ideas here that would make the fans Squee. At the very least, a creative troper will likely try to write a fanfic incorporating these ideas...

Kallen's mother is actually Rain Mikamura in G-Gundam, so this leads to the theory of Kallen being Domon Kasshu's daughter.

Maybe because Kallen's mom in the Japanese dub according to ANN is voiced by the VA as Rain in G Gundam.

Theories on when the manga will split from the anime canon

The manga already has a number of significant changes (no Cornelia, no Viletta, no Knightmares, fusing Narita and the harbor battle together, removing Mao's third encounter with Lelouch and so forth), so it's entirely likely that at some point, the manga going to depart from canon entirely. Here are some of the more likely theories.

  • Before R2: It would prevent the writers from having to do a timeskip. If the writers change enough plot twists and perhaps add a few chapters' worth of manga-exclusive material, they could end the series in the first season, albeit with a dramatically different ending.
  • Before Shirley's death: Jeremiah got shot by Shirley insted of Viletta. While he does look fairly badly injured, there's still the question of whether he becomes a cyborg, Ensemble Darkhorse or not, in this version, and whether he gets the Geass Canceler.
  • Before the Black Knights' mutiny: Viletta doesn't appear, so she might not exist to inform the Black Knights of Lelouch's Geass. Then again, Schniezel is present in this canon.
  • Before Marianne is revealed as evil: She really is dead in Suzaku of the Counterattack, (Schniezel killed her for knowing too much about his plans for C.C.), and in the Nunnally manga, she was apparently killed by C.C. for wanting Lelouch and Nunnally to live normal lives), so it's possible that she might be killed off without coming back, if Charles doesn't have his plan for Instrumentality. Then again, C.C. is talking with an unseen individual, but it might be yet another case of having a character fill another's roles (like Euphemia becoming Viceroy).
  • Before Zero Requiem: It's entirely likely that the ending might be retooled considering the amount of controversy over whether Lelouch is dead ,although this would likely necessitate changing several earlier plot developments. It's worth noting that in the Suzaku of the Counterattack manga, Lelouch lives, albeit missing his Geass eye.
  • The manga proceeds to the finish with no changes more drastic than those that have already been made: Technically, there aren't any battles that could not hypothetically be replicated without Knightmares (or fused with other battles), or any removed characters whose actions cannot be taken up by others. On the other hand, making the manga too similar might not sit well with some sections of the fanbase, although others might argue that the changes are bad enough already.
    • WARNING: Spoilers for Nightmare of Nunnally: According to this page of the No N manga, all the Geass spinoffs and A Us are apparently connected in some way by that whole "collective unconscious" thingy they keep going on about. Seriously, Nunna even got a glimpse of the Euphinator and the first season showdown, as well as Zero Requiem. Oh, and in the No N continuity, its Nunnally that rejects Instrumentality, regains the use of her eyes and legs, and becomes a Britannian ambassador. Lelouch ends up actually fulfilling his contract with C.C., and the Black Knights never find out who Zero really is or what he fought for, leaving them guessing to the end. So, it would seem that No N is a case of actually diverging permanently from the Anime canon.
      • This was mainly about the Lelouch of the Rebellion manga, which has deviated from the plot on several regards, but hasn't permanently diverged. The only plot element Nightmare of Nunnally takes from the original anime after the battle for Narita is Charles and Marianne's Instrumentality plan.

The kiss between C.C. and Lelouch was a Memory Gambit.

C.C. knew Lelouch would lose his memories if he went to Kamine Island, since Charles would be waiting for him here. Lelouch also knew someone with a Geass would be there, as well. So she kissed him to set up a seal that would override any memory loss he would recive. Then again that could have been what really happened.

  • It was.
    • It was never stated as such in the show, so unless it was in a guide book or something, you can't say that for sure. She did kiss him to make him remember and unlock his Geass again, but it was never stated that the kiss she gave him at the end of R1 was anything more than a kiss, or that it was in any way related to the kiss in episode 1 of R2.

Code Geass ended on R2 Episode 8

This was the happy ending, but the greedy producers wanted 25 episodes like in the first season.

  • Many fans would claim that a happy ending wouldn't be possible for them until Suzaku suffered horribly for his perceived wrongs in R2.

Rai was Lelouch's original character design.

Rai has silver/white hair, which is mentioned by the creators as having been part of the original design for Lelouch. As well, Rai seems to gain the affections of many of the same girls who are attracted to Lelouch in-canon. Rai is also partially Japanese, a trait normally found in foreign protagonists (such as the case with Kallen). It's also not uncommon for character designs in one game to be based off of the original designs for another character in the same canon (For example, how Zack Fair and Angeal have black hair that is long and styled back - which is what Cloud's original design called for).

The Lancelot has a form of the Wing Zero cockpit system.

The fact that Lloyd and Cecil were looking for the perfect devicer for the Lancelot makes it seem to have similar aspects as the Wing Zero cockpit system, which takes a certain type of person to master it without going crazy. But the Lancelot takes it one step further by actually giving the devicer unatural abilities in and out of the cockpit if used correctly, which explains Lelouch was able to actually react to Suzaku's kick in the first episode instead of being kicked right smack in the face, also how he's able to pilot it almost perfectly even though it was his first real Knightmare piloting experience, and how he's able to do all those crazy feats later on in the show.

  • Well, they are both Sunrise series...

Lelouch's plan was actually a Xanatos Gambit by Emperor Charles

Charles wanted to carry out the plan that Lelouch carried out but he realized that he could not because he did not have the strategic skills necessary to take over the world and become universally hated. So he implanted false memories of hatred in his favorite son and sent him off to learn to grow on his own. He hoped that the anger that he had given Lelouch would drive him to succeed as emperor and carry out the plan that Charles had failed at.

  • This would explain why his plan felt so ramshackle: the writers didn't waste a perfectly good plot so much as "the plot" was quickly thrown together by Charles as a way of making Lelouch hate him. Hell, maybe Marianne was innocent and just played the part of the Knight Templar Parent as a way of stoking Lelouch's anger further.

Britannian pistols are actually laser weapons

Notice how, when somebody shoots a pistol, it doesn't leave a smoke trail, or even a bullet. It also inflicts a massively grievous wound. No one is ever shown unloading or reloading a pistol on-screen, and it seems that a single pistol can go a long time without being reloaded. It doesn't make any ricochet sounds when it misses. And when somebody gets shot, it makes a "plik!" sound, not a "bang" sound. (Compare to the "bang" sounds made by the Britannian assault rifles, Oghi's old-style revolver, and the needler pistol that Euphemia begins her massacre with.)

  • Actually they're pretty much coilguns.
    • True. It's mentioned in the canon that the Code Geass 'verse differed from ours in several ways, including the fact that western society never adopted gunpowder (at least to the same extent we did).

One reason Lelouch gains the reputation of "Demon Emperor" is that his Geass powers become common knowledge

It's not that hard to buy given he went and Geassed the entire royal court on live television, but considering the way the Black Knights reacted to hearing about his Mind Control powers - and the way Lelouch starts ordering people to be his slaves en masse - it's entirely plausible that during the "Two Months of Terror" that details about his powers were "accidentally" leaked, giving people another reason to fear their new Emperor.

It's also possible that certain details of what went on with the SAZ were "leaked", which if carefully selected would not only make Lelouch look like a Complete Monster, but also clear Euphie of responsibility for her actions, which would be a plus for both Lelouch and Suzaku.

  • Unfortunately, for that to work they would also need to leak the information that Lelouch was Zero, which would seriously damage the credibility of both the Black Knights and Zerozaku after Lelouch's death. If Zero's true identity and the truth behind the SAZ incident both became common knowledge, then Lelouch's death at the hands of another Zero would cause a lot of confusion at the very least. How many people would have actually bought the "Zero is not a person, but a symbol" argument? Having the masses believe that Zero and Lelouch are separate seems much easier. Looks like "shedding enough blood to make the name of Princess Massacre be forgotten" really was the only thing Lelouch could do for Euphie.
    • Not really. All the public knows is that Euphie went genocidal and that Zero shot her, which ended up killing her. They don't know that Zero had a Geass, or that Lelouch was Zero. They'd only know that Lelouch used his evil powers to force Euphemia to do something horrible, and that Zero did what he could to stop her. It would make both Euphie and Zero look noble, like a martyr and a reluctant killer, and make Lelouch seem that much more evil for forcing them to commit both actions.

Lelouch's Geass doesn't have a one Order per person restriction

It has a one order at a time restriction. The reason why he needed Orange-kun to wipe out the old orders was because they would stay active for at least longer than the series lasted.

Geass is related to the Sharingan.

'Major Spoilers for Naruto: When the Sage of the Six Paths gave his eyes to one of his successors, he became the ancestor to the Uchihas. Since this happened way back in time, Geass must have offshooted from the Rinnegan as a prototype to the Sharingan. Since the whole alternate history thing happened, several Geass users went to Europe and China and established the Geass Dictorate, while those in Japan who had the Rinnegan were killed off. The Geass could even be the Alternate History version of the Sharingan. Oh, and they both have hax-like random abilities and powers.

  • They even have similar powers. Shisui and later Danzo's ability to subtly influence people without them knowing resembles Lelouch's Geass power. The ability to anticipate moves (for example, Sasuke vs. Naruto in the Final Valley) resembles Bismarck's Geass.

Sakuradite is energon and Knightmare Frames are reverse engineered from Transformers.

Pink, glowing rocks...very powerful energy source. And Britannia's humanoid robot technology is derived from some crashed Cybertronians. The Tristan mech is the first prototype based on the transforming technology.

Lelouch is Jesus

He literally died for everyone's sins in the end. In the Bible, Jesus also talks about taking the world's hatred to him ("if the world hates you keep in mind that it hated me first") The sword carried by Suzaku/Zero is the Lance of Longinus.

  • But how come he had a father? Jossed.
    • As far as I know, Geass is the power of God. Also, maybe both Charles and Marianne already had their Geass before Lelouch was even conceived. Lelouch, therefore, was conceived by the power of Geass.
      • Does that make Nunnally the Gnostic Sophia?
    • Lelouch may have came back to life three days after his staged death.

With the formation of the Euro Universe, most Europeans immigrated to Britannia

Schneizel is a German name. Lelouch is a French name. Nina Einstein was related to Albert Einstein, who was a German Jew. Then how come Britannians have non-British names and characteristics? Possibly because Europeans immigrated to Britannia from the EU at some point.

  • Possibly during World War II, if it ever happened. Hitler was dominating the EU, so to escape the Holocaust most people immigrated to Britannia, which was later revealed to have a similar tyrant: Charles.
  • Perhaps the Europeans were displaced nobility who lost their positions of privileges during the Napoleonic Wars, and came to Britannia at the behest of an Emperor seeking to settle the land?

The Euro Universe doesn't really exist, or wasn't called that way

It was a way for Britannians to encourage patriotism to their subjects, much like how in 1984 Oceania made up "perpetual wars" with Eurasia to encourage patriotism.

  • The EU is really. . . the European Union.
  • Euro Universe is actually the Advanced European Union, long-before the events of Gundam 00, which is why they???re so ineffectual throughout Code Geass.
  • It was actually called the Soviet Union. That is why Europeans immigrated to Britannia, to escape communism.
  • Or it was a Britannian puppet state. That is why Britannians never called themselves the "American Empire" despite losing Great Britain because they knew they won the war against Napoleon, they just decided to hide the truth to encourage hate. The "Europeans" that the Britannians were batttling at were actually "European liberation fronts" and exiled governments.
  • It???s just independent unaffiliated countries, Euro Universe is a fiction created by the superpowers to concealing prosperous sovereign yet small nations could possibly exist, wouldn???t want the numbers to get any silly ideas about autonomy and self-determination. There never was anything like a block anything similar to Euro Universe???s bizarre amalgam of African and European unification. It makes sense considering even after Britannia???s ???victory??? over the alleged Euro Universe key EU territories like Scandinavia and England weren???t annexed. When Britannia had conquered most countries consisting of what was said to be the Euro Universe the plan was to form Euro Universe retroactively through extreme processes of defictionalization.

Charles' Instrumentality plan was an attempt to destroy the Fourth Wall

By hacking the collective unconscious and killing God, he was trying to see what is on the other side.

  • It was based on a WMG about Real Life where one entry says that the Fourth Wall actually exists.

Zero Requiem is really the name of an elaborate plot to increase Pizza Hut sales.

The entire series, including flashbacks, depicts a publicity stunt to sell pizza. The final plan is to insert some last minute Plausible Deniability by drawing attention away from the Pizza Hut plot by distracting the masses with world peace.

Code Geass takes place in Shinji Ikari's head during Instrumentality

With their respective daddy issues, Suzaku and Lelouch are two different facets of Shinji's personality acting out some sort of internal psychological conflict (e.g. Superego vs. Id, see below). Charles and Marianne are obviously Gendo and Yui (Genbu Kururugi is also Gendo). Kallen is Asuka, given her ambiguous attitude to her mother at the start of the series (plus the red mecha and the half-breed issues). C.C. is Rei; Nunnally is either a different facet of Rei (the woobie/moe side of her personality that Shinji wants to love and protect) or an idealized little sister Shinji always wished for. Shirley is Hikari, Milly is Misato, and Rivalz is Kensuke. Rolo is Kaworu. Zero Requiem represents Shinji letting go of the desire to bend the world to his desires. * deep breath* I guess that would make Rakshata Ritsuko, then.

Lelouch, Suzaku and Nunnally form a Freudian Trio

In which Lelouch and Suzaku are Superego (cold intellect) and Id (emotion) or vice versa (chaos vs. order), and Nunnally is Ego. If only Lelouch and Suzaku had worked together from the start and enlisted Nunnally's help, they could have made a peaceful world without so much trouble and lived happily ever after. Alternatively, Lelouch, Suzaku and C.C. form some sort of Power Trio, which is why they were able to take over the world and save it from itself in short order once they got together.

Zero is the Ego which balances out Lelouch and Suzaku

I'll reverse the above comparison, and say that Lelouch is representative of the Id given how much of what drives him and what the results are consist of base emotional appeal - desire for revenge, protection of loved ones, power over others, popularity (including with the ladies), people having a high opinion of him - with Suzaku representing the rules and restrictions of Superego. Zero is Ego, not bound by all the restrictions of society, but still having rules of right and wrong and working to better others as well as the self. The character development over the course of the series is pushing both Lelouch and Suzaku to become more like what the central balance of Zero (Ego) represents.

Consider all the people who ask Lelouch to become Zero for real, and Suzaku's final fate.

In the Code Geass universe, Pizza Hut did support the rebellion

How did they do it? By exploiting C.C.'s love of pizza. They knew about Geass all along.

Code Geass is an AU of Assassin's Creed

Code was an attempt by Those Who Came Before to stave off their impending extinction. In turn, Geass is caused by altering the physiology of the brain such that they can replicate the effects of the Pieces of Eden, probably an experiment of the Knights Templar. Those Who Came Before were in for a rude awakening when, due to unforeseen consequences, a powerful enough Geass user can stip them of their Code for themselves, and in turn grant Geass to other people.

The entire second season of Code Geass is a false memory implanted by Emperor Charles

It would explain how they could milk the series for more cash.

Nightmare of Nunnally is an attempt to use an AU retelling of the story to fill in the holes left in the anime's plot as a result of the Executive Meddling

Because of the forced time skip/reboot that was forced on the show, a great many plot holes were opened up, namely the true nature of Geass and the role it plays in the storyline and the history of the world in general. Also left unanswered are questions concerning Suzaku's unusual relationship with C.C. (such as being able to sense her towards the end of season 1). Also adding to the ambiguity are the fact that Suzaku's physical abilities run straight into superhuman territory, with other people remarking that his abilities seem to be beyond the scope of normal humans. All of these issues have actually been addressed in N.O.N. and seem to be considerably more well thought out than the quick fixes used by the anime to explain many of the plot holes such as, "Geass just exists only as a means to pass along the Code..." and so on.

  • Given that the No N writer was unconnected to the show's original creators, I don't think it was originally intended on their side - however, that just means that No N is an example of Fan Wank from someone who is Running the Asylum. After all, at least some of the other changes in No N, like Euphy becoming the Empress instead of dying the writer has heavily implied come from their desire to change the original anime plot for characters they liked. But that just happens to give me an idea of WMG of my own...

The upcoming Renya of the Dark prequel manga will be used to canonically fill in those Geass related plot details

Unlike Nightmare of Nunnally which it will be sharing an artist with, this manga is being scripted by Taniguchi - one of the original Code Geass creators - and features C.C. at an earlier point in her history, which gives plenty of opportunity to explore Geass from the POV of someone outside the whole Revolution plot that the anime focused on, as well as the world of Code Geass itself prior to the anime events.

Not to mention that if certain fan speculation is correct, the other two main characters - who look rather like Suzaku and Lelouch Expies - may end up being ancestors of the respective Code Geass anime characters, which could tie it into the main anime plot. (And, incidentally mean that C.C. knew and associated with one of Suzaku's ancestors giving room to explain that particular connection)

    • Update 3 chapters in: Well, so far the characters include Andreas Weinberg, who appears to be an Identical Grandfather to Gino and Claire Li Britannia, heir to the throne, which very strongly suggests there's at least some playing around with ancestors here. Renya has also pointedly refused to give a family name.
      • This troper believes that his familiy name is Kozuki, due to the abilities and the overall look his mutated Automail mechanical arm has, being similar to that of the Eadiation Wave arm of the Guren Mk. II.

Nina is half-Japanese, or at least part asian.

  • She is most likely Jewish, hence the self-hatred masquerading as racism towards non-Britannians. Actually, if members of the purist faction and similar beliefs were people who wanted to prove their loyalty by oppressing non-Britannians, someone like the obviously-African Viletta would suddenly make sense.
    • Isn't Viletta "Native Britannian" thus making her of Native American decent? Also didn't an official source state that Nina suffered from Xenophobia due to where she was raised (she was harrased by Japanese or something)?
    • Supposedly at a young age, Nina got lost or separated from her parents and ended up in one of the ghettos. She was obviously retrieved by her parents or the authorities quickly enough, but it left a lasting impression on her. Her xenophobia could also be caused by multiple factors, no one said it had to be just one. As for Viletta, there was never anything official regarding her ethnicity (other than Britannian), least of all "Native" status. In the Code Geass fanon, its actually assumed that the Britannians wiped out the native population of the Americas, taking IRL policies to their logical conclusion. Besides, Viletta's skin tone is far more reminiscent of an African-American in anime than that of a native.

Schneizel is the alternate universe counterpart of Adrian Veidt

Blond and good-looking- check; Ambiguously Gay- check; Wants to save the world by killing millions of people- double check; Unfortunately, his plan doesn't work since little brother, Lelouch is the alternate universe equivalent of another, crazier Alan Moore character, V.

Alan Moore existed in the Code Geass universe; the existence of Geass and advent of Britannia becoming an empire gave him an opportunity to turn from comics writer into The Chessmaster secretly manipulating the events

That would explain why Code Geass had so many Alan moore parallels, such as Lelouch becoming V and Schneizel becoming Adrian Veidt.

  • However, Euphie's death and Code Geass R2 had elements that weren't controlled by Moore himself.
  • Hey, isn't Code Geass set somewhere in the 1960's, causing Alan Moore to have almost the same age as Lelouch?
    • Maybe, he had a Geass that enables him to personify his future works of fiction.
    • Or Alan Moore is Lelouch.
    • Hey, in Code Geass even kids are given opportunities to be Chessmasters.
      • However, it only happens either if they possess a Geass (such as Lelouch), or if they are part of a major sect (such as the Britannian Imperial Family).

In the Code Geass Universe, Carl Jung was a member of the Geass Order

It was the Collective Unconscious they are talking about, and it was Jung who theorized it. It is plausible that Jung himself was working for the Order, enabling them to use the Sword of Akasha to control God.

The Celtic king who defeated Rome had a Geass

Who can defeat Rome, which had Greek technology? It is certainly plausible that the "super-king" was just like Lelouch.

  • Expanded upon, it could be said that any serious leader in the Geass-verse had the Power of the King: Eowyn (The Super-King), William the Conqueror, Queen Elizabeth, the King during the era of Washington's Rebellion, and even Napoleon. The American rebel leaders (Jefferson, Washington, or Franklin) may have had Geass, as could have Elizabeth III, but they were out-Xanatosed.

Britannia is a World Government

Numbered Areas are those under direct jurisdiction of the Imperial Family and recognize the Emperor as the Head of State; while those that aren't numbered are autonomous commonwealths controlled by a representative (just like Real Life Canada and Australia).

  • That would explain why the Britannia-owned Geass Order is inside its "worst enemy", the Chinese Federation. The desert where the Geass Order was located is the Gobi Desert, because it is the nearest desert to Japan.
    • And the High Eunuchs. Don't forget they tried to force Tianzi to marry Odysseus, which would make no sense because China and Britannia are bitter enemies who can destroy each other so easily. Unless the eunuchs are actually Britannian nobilities...

Britannia never existed. It was all a delusion/imagination by an Englishman named Lelouch Lamperouge, who is currently in an asylum

  • Isn't there a trope for that?

Geass is directly related to the AT Field

Geass, in its pure form, works like a Lance of Longinus, which simply enables a being to penetrate an AT Field, or the field of individual existence. Then when the Geass passes through the AT Field, the Geass user can freely manipulate the victim's psyche (or in Nightmare of Nunnally's case, the laws of physics) based on the user's unconscious desire (for example, Lelouch first lowers the AT Field, and then turns the person into a chesspiece after the victim loses its AT Field, all in a single "Geass" command). Codes, on the other hand, strengthen the person's personal AT Field instead of lowering others. Because Code bearers have stronger AT Fields than normal beings and even Geass users (Geass users only affect other's fields but not themselves), Code bearers are rendered "invincible".

  • Lampshaded during the Instrumentality episode, where Charles is saw using what looked like a Lance of Longinus to kill "God", which might represent the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.
    • Both Geass and the Sword of Akasha are just fancy renames for the Lance of Longinus. Lance(Sword) of Longinus(Akasha)
    • While discussing Lance of Longinus look-alikes: did anyone else notice the similarities between the Lance and the Anti-FLEIJA device invented by Nina? It's basically a spear!
      • That is because Schneizel is trying to start his own (more realistic) version of Instrumentality (by scaring the crap out of the population instead of using metaphysical technology). However, this time Nukes replace God.
  • If Geass are the Lances of Longinus, Codes can be considered as S2 Engines.
  • And Code Geass seems to have parallels to Eva itself. See other guesses for example.

== Villetta is Native American ==. Aka Native Britannian.

  • Doubtful. Her skin tone seems more "African" than "Asiatic", she would have otherwise borne a resemblance to the Japanese. The Britannians likely killed off all the natives, anyway.

Everything went towards furthering the goals of three distinct people...

Nunnaly was filled with white hot blinding rage after the death of her mother, but being a small child confined to a wheelchair, there wasn't a hell of a lot she could do about it. So she feigned blindness and fostered a relationship with Lelouch that would make him into the Knight Templar Big Brother that he became so that he could fulfill Nunnaly's goals of revenge. The exile to Japan presented her with an ally in the young Kaguya Sumeragi who was savvy enough to realize that she would need help once her country was conquered. Kaguya did her best to blend in with Kyoto and eventually rose to a seat of prominence and power. At this point, they laid low until Lelouch set his plans into action, biding their time (C.C's involvment was unforseen but accelerated their plans) Once things got underway, Nunnaly worked through Kaguya to finance the Black Knights and reach out to the young Emperess of China (Who is a clinical genius and first class actor). The Eunuch's thought they were playing her, but it was Tianze's subtle manipulation that orchestrated Zero's exodus from Japan beforehand. Taking cue from Nunnaly, Tianze played up her helpless Moe Moe front to gain the protection of the local badass Xiangke.

Their plans were derailed after the Euphemia debacle and they had to again go into hiding in which time, Nunnaly became governess of Area 11 and Kaguya became the sole leader of Kyoto. As Suzaku advanced through the ranks, they enlisted Anya's help to spy (After all, who's going to be alarmed if she takes pictures of everything?) until Zero returned. Once that happened, Nunnaly gambled on Euphie's Special Zone, hoping that Zero would take the people and run (Further aided by Tianze's forces in China). The Emperess' arranged marrige was a bump in the road but, banking on Xiangke's involvement, everyone moved forward and the Empress' Moe Moe behavior got the Eunuchs killed.

The Fleja detonation and the Black Knights turning on Lelouch were not intended and at this point, the three decided to cut their losses and run. Lelouch's ascension to the throne put things back in motion as they once again gambled on Lelouch's love for Nunnaly powering his desire to create a new world for her. In the end, the Zero Requiem takes off and once the dust clears, who's left running things? Let's see, Nunnaly is left Empress Regent, Kaguya is in a posistion of considerable power in a liberated Japan and Tianzi is left in unquestioned power in China. Just as planned.

  • Except that they didn't plan on still being virgins once the dust settled. That Lelouch always messes up the important stuff!

Rivalz is the heir to the Pizza Hut fortune

Lelouch is a future incarnation of Kratos from God of War.

Kratos stabs himself with his own sword to suicide and give hope to the world, and The Stinger paves the way to Epileptic Trees about whether he really died. Lelouch dies by assisted suicide by letting himself get stabbed by his own sword to give hope to the world, and the ending paves the way to Epileptic Trees about wheter he really died... until Word of Zeus came.

Australia is the only nation in the world to have Nuclear weapons

They have 25% of the Worlds Uranium deposits and have not been taken over by any of the three superpowers. The reason they're left alone is obviously due to the fact that they'll nuke you until you glow green (though the remote nature and being a death world probably helps)

  • Jossed by the fact that the FLEIJA is a nuclear weapon, and it's clear that no one before Nina even figured out how to enrich uranium.

Shirley is of Irish decent.

For one she has green eyes and realistic red hair. Shirley is an Old English name, which also means "bright meadow" (as in the stereotypical look of Ireland). She also gave her dad, and owns a, a four leaf clover charm in one of the manga.

  • It's a possibility. Ireland may or may not (see above) have been part of Britannia, and regardless, there would still have been lots of Irish immigration. Reading the other WMGs regarding French influence in Code Geass, it's likely that Shirley has a French-sounding last name due to Franco-Irish heritage. Adding to that, many Catholic Irishmen would be willing to marry Frenchmen, as in IRL, which would explain the Catholic/Anglican-looking funeral her father got.
    • As well, Shirley is mentioned as being based on Anne Shirley. Not only does this explain her name, personality, and character design, but also (being Britannian) her possible heritage, since a lot of Irish people immigrated to the East Coast / Maritimes regions of the U.S. and Canada.

The end result of Code Geass was the result of a cunning plan developed by the most manipulative mastermind in the entire Code Geass universe...Kaname Ougi.

Just think about it, Ougi was the first person to recognize Lelouch's talent as Zero and realized that Zero had the tactical brilliance to overthrow Britannia, giving Ougi the chance to seize power. He then used his position in order to promote Zero's legitimacy, manipulating things behind the scenes while Zero simultaneously acted as a figurehead and did all the dirty work. Then, after he met Villeta, Ougi decided he wanted her too and so took advantage of her amnesiac state in order to get her to warm up to him and to plant the seeds of doubt in her mind, once she remembered that she was a Britannian. Fast forward to the events of the second season; Ougi is one of the first people to denounce Zero once his identity as Lelouch is revealed and uses his decision to turn against Zero to leverage getting Japan back from Britannia. After Lelouch escapes and returns as Emperor, Ougi sets him and Schniezel against one another. Furthermore, he anticipates Lelouch's use of the Zero Requiem. The result, Ougi finds himself in control of Japan, married to one of the hottest women in the series, in a stable world in which all external threats to his country have been neutralized. Only a truly brilliant and Manipulative Bastard could have possibly succeeded as well as he did.

  • Wow, Kaname Ohgi is awesome now! I knew he had it in him!
    • Allow me to take it a step further. Villetta wanted a better life, or at least to be on the winning team. She finds her first big break when she discovers the identity of Zero, only to go through an amnesiac phase after getting shot by Shirley. Nonetheless, by the start of the second season, she is promoted to nobility, and the head of the security detail overseeing Lelouch, because of her knowledge of Lelouch's Geass and identity as Zero. Nonplussed that her relationship with Ohgi is found out by Lelouch and used to blackmail her out of ratting on him, she attempts to kill Ohgi, until he protects her from Sayoko. Later, during Schneizel's discussion with the Black Knights, it turns out Villetta is the one who told Ohgi that Lelouch couldn't be trusted with his Geass. So what if Lelouch wasn't indiscriminate with his Geass, and actually loved Shirley, among other things that proved he was actually a decent guy? (And quite possibly that she might have known he couldn't use it more than once on the same person.) Villetta clearly hated his guts, and wanted him gone due to what she had gone through since they met, and what better way than to cause the betrayal with Ohgi? After Lelouch wasn't executed on the spot, she conspired with Ohgi to set up the other aforementioned events in motion, got knocked up, sat the rest of the battle on Horai Island until Lelouch had himself executed, and got herself hitched to her partner in crime. To quote a certain psycho Shotacon, it was the woman who led the man astray. Well played, you Magnificent Bitch.

Shirley and Euphemia rule the Code Geass world and planned the story out from the start

It's just too much of a coincidence that two such similar characters initiate all the series Wham Episodes. I think the two of them secretly knew Lelouch needed to sacrifice himself to save the world from itself and so, without quite realizing what they were doing (think Adam the antichrist from Good Omens) just ended up manipulating everything to make sure that was how it went. Using their Messiah's sixth sense. Shirley just knew to go talk to Lelouch after her father was killed, not just to get his sympathy, but because she already thought he had a connection to Zero. And then she followed Zero and oh-so-conveniently shot Villetta to protect Lelouch-- in just such a way that she didn't die, but instead lost her memories of Zero. And then there's Euphemia, who may have accidentally-on-purpose made Lelouch use his Geass on her to kill people full knowing the implications it would have on Lelouch's plan, or that she would need to fail to keep Lelouch's work moving forward. And then in Season 2 Shirley oh-so-conveniently puts herself in the range of Jeremiah's Geass canceller, and perhaps she even allowed Rolo to kill her so Lelouch would know just what he was up against. And it worked: Lelouch died to save the world from itself and now it can be reborn into a utopia!

Mao's parents hated him because he was albino

Some people don't like to see albinism, and it's even associated with bad luck in certain circles. That's partly the reason the Evil Albino bias exists. Maybe Mao's parents didn't die, they were just so horrible to him that he ran away or they kicked him out. When (or if...) the Tianzi came into the public eye, their opinion might have changed, but she wasn't even born until Mao was about four.

Lelouch is just an innocent victim of circumstance the entire time, with no control over his own destiny

Want proof? Just look at all the other entries about how some other character is the one pulling the strings.

  • The great irony, of course, being that in canon, lack of control over his own destiny is one of the things Lelouch loathes most.

C.C. has been sleeping with Lelouch on and off throughout the entire story

Not because she truly loves him, but to get rid of some of their loneliness, and curry favor with him. She was already willing to tell Lelouch her real name and everything like that, so she wanted to get him even closer to ensure that she would have his support.

All Code Geass characters are inhumanly excellent lays

Every single one of them (except maybe Lelouch....) Why else would they spend so much time showing off their inhumanly sexy bodies? It'd be pretentious of them if they weren't good in bed.

  • Since when have Britannians not been pretentious? It's practically their civilization's defining characteristic.
  • Remember that sexy bodies and good lays aren?t necessarily mutually exclusive.
  • Well, if Charles managed to seduce and marry 108 women, then if Lelouch has only 10% of his ability, he could seduce 10 without problems. Also, the whole "Next Emperor" thing is a giant pissing contest, so the next Emperor must be the one with the greatest... "material advantage".

Twenty to thirty years after the end of R2...

Two novice theatrical producers decide to get rich quick by overselling interests in a Broadway flop. They write a play entitled "Springtime for Lelouch." It is, against all odds, an immediate hit.

  • I am morbidly curious as to how Nunnally or Kallen (Or Zerozaku) would respond to that.
    • Why do you think it became a hit? Kallen loved that Lelouch had a redhead as a lover, and Nunnally just plain loved it. Zero Zaku had a really disturbed face, though, when Nunnally forced him to go with her, but since he was wearing a mask, and in a private box, no one saw it.
  • Springtime for Lelouch and Britannia! Winter for the UFN!

Everything Lelouch did was part of a grand scheme to cockblock Suzaku.

Realizing that his harem of girls would never love him once they realized how much he sucked in the sack, a jealous Lelouch decided to be a complete douche and cockblock Suzaku, so he could never get any action (and die a virgin like him). At first, Lelouch decided to arrange a marriage between Suzaku and Nunally, knowing Suzaku would never touch his childhood friend's blind, crippled loli sister. When he found out that Suzaku had a thing for his OTHER sister, Euphie, he shot her down because death is the ULTIMATE cockblock. (He played it off as an accident so C.C. wouldn't suspect his true intentions). The whole "Zerozaku" thing was the finishing touch to his plan because Suzaku wouldn't have time for sex, and, even if he did, he couldn't for risk of revealing his true identity. Just as planned.

  • Apparently, according to Word of God Suzaku has already lost his virginity when the main series starts. So, it's a bit late now. Though the funny part is I've seen most of this argument also used by Lelouch/Suzaku shippers. Especially the "jealous" part.
  • I heard that too, but I thought it was mostly fandom speculation. In any case, even if he did, Lelouch wouldn't know, would he? ;)
  • WAIT. Just who did Suzaku lose his virginity to?! Well, I guess it doesn't matter, but deyamn...!
    • I don't think we're ever actually told (though some people theorise it's the older woman he lived with before joining the army) - I suppose it's just a point of contrast between him and Lelouch.
    • And here I was going to theorise that he did it with Nina, thus killing two birds with one stone.
      • Source of the Word of God, please?
        • Supposedly it's mentioned in one of the Japanese DVD commentaries during the first season.

The entire story is imperial propaganda

Britannia is not Britain, America, or any other Western superpower, it is in fact Japan. Seriously, which any other country has Humongous Mecha, inhumanly cute people with inhumanly sexy bodies, and the Japanese language as the main language in the entire setting? Here it goes: It is an alternate history, but this time anime was invented in an earlier time (probably through the power of Geass, the collective unconscious, or time travel) and the Japanese developed most culture, arts, sciences and technology that we would normally perceive as the West in the distant future, including studies of psychology we would perceive as Freudian and the collective unconscious (why does the Sword of Akasha have to be activated from Kaminejima anyway?) development of Humongous Mecha and the conversion of anime from arts to reality through genetic engineering (or Geass again, turning those yellow, racially disliked Japanese into some of the most beautiful people you can possibly find in the entire world). World War 2 happens and since Japan was isolationist the Americans were caught in surprise and their inferior tanks, ships and planes are no match for their Mecha Anime technology. To encourage Japan's sentiment to the world, they attempted to paint themselves as The Woobies and the best way to do that? Screw up History and blame Britain for everything, thus Japan renamed themselves the Holy Britannian Empire despite having little relationships with Britain (Except for their love of Tea, that is). Basically, Japan became an Orwellian dystopia that thrives on history manipulation. Oh, and the Japanese now have more Anglo-Saxon names than traditional Japanese names.

Suzaku becomes the God Emperor of Mankind.

  • Lelouch DID have the code, until he showed Nunnally that he really wasn't a bad guy so he could die in peace. He then gives his code to Suzaku. After Lelouch's death Suzaku uses his position as Zero to take control of a newly unified Humanity and brings about an age of technology. With Battle Sister Kallen, Inquisitor Jerimiah and Tech Priest Lloyd, he creates a vast Empire. He also uses his own genetic material for his Space Marines, unfortunalty because of the Cloning Blues they aren't able to run up walls or do triple spin kicks.

Geass immortals are completely infertile (if they're female) or sterile (if they're male).

To reproduce, your body needs to go through certain hormonal changes, which go on and off in cycles; they don't just happen at puberty and then stop. Since the immortals aren't growing or aging, it's fair to say that their bodies are essentially frozen at the time they first became immortal, and have stopped going through those hormonal changes. As such, they can't create sperm or get pregnant.

George Washington is a hero to the Numbers.

This explains why Lulouch tosses around the name "United States of X" in places where it makes no logical sense. Even though the American Revolution failed in this timeline, George Washington is remembered as a hero by the occupied peoples as the first person to stand up and lead a full-scale rebellion against the Brittainian Empire. Hence, Lulouch invokes references to the American Revolution for propoganda purposes, basically setting himself up as the new George Washington, saying, "I will succeed where General Washington failed."

Lelouch is not in love with C.C., Kallen, or Shirley, but...

  • Euphemia: When she's about to die, Lelouch tells her she was his first love.
  • Nunnally: He's just a little too close to her. I mean, he'll go so far as to wipe her face off when it gets dirty, something Nunnally should be able to do for herself, sight or no sight.

Either way, though, that would partly contribute to his status as Celibate Hero: he knows he can't physically consummate a relationship with his own sisters!

And a couple more suggestions:

  • Suzaku: Lelouch is obsessed with having Suzaku on his side, is devasted by him being an enemy on a level only Nunnally really compared to, he's one of the rare few people Lelouch admits he doesn't want to ever Geass, and even after all they have done to each other still thinks of Suzaku as his best friend. And then there's all that Ho Yay...

Of course he'd be celibate if the person he's in love with is on the other side of a war. (Especially if they apparently want you dead).

  • He's asexual: Lelouch has no sexual/romantic drive at all. While there are many characters he cares about and loves, he isn't in love with any of them, which is why he is so awkward when they declare their affection to him - he wants them to be happy, but is unable to properly reciprocate that sort of relationship with any of them.
    • He said he was in love with Euphie though. He could be Asexual but not aromantic.
      • Doubt that, too. He was totally checking out Kallen's boobs at that one part.
    • His asexuality could be psychological in nature. He didn't have the ideal role model for a father figure (108 Wives that he supposedly cared nothing for), so his views on that may be a bit... biased against his father. On top of that, the only females he interacted with during his childhood years were his mother, sisters, step-mothers, and servants. Add to that the trauma he faced, seeing his mother die and the one country he came to feel at home in get brutally invaded and oppressed while he and his sister barely survived, as well as the fact that said sister a blind cripple who required constant attention. On top of that, he's in the middle of orchestrating a rebellion in Japan, so he's kinda pre-occupied. Combined with regular teenage awkwardness, he could just be a fish out of water when it comes to flirting and dating, not quite sure how to handle himself. He could also be (consciously? unconsciously? Subconsciously?) trying to distance himself from his father.

Mao is a Humanoid Abomination

Even by the standards of a Code Geass character he looks downright strange. He doesn't look quite like a real-life human, and he doesn't even look like any other character in the show (not even Li Xingke). Maybe he just isn't human at all.

The Stadtfelds were planning a coup against Brittania

Which would have started in Japan. Said coup was supposed to be led by Naoto, who was in on the plan. The Stadtfelds decided to leave Kallen out of the loop, so she was fighting for Japan. If Naoto hadn't died before the series started, Brittania would be hailing a Stadtfeld and not Zi Brittania. Now how many holes does this theory have?

Revolutions other than Washingtons had different outcomes

  • Britannia is still an absolute monarchy, which indicates that Oliver Cromwell's parliament forces lost the English Civil War.
  • Australia is apparently not part of Britannia. While one possible explanation is that, since they retained the American colonies, they had no need to colonise Australia, it's also possible that the Eureka rebellion under Peter Lalor led to a widespread revolution in Australia.

Lelouch is an incarnation of the Eternal Champion.

It just came to me a night or two ago, but the fictional character that best matches Lelouch in personality, morality and background would be Michael Moorcock's Emperor Elric VII of Melnibone. Both horrifically brutal and ruthless when they would much rather be kind, both highly intelligent but strongly weakened and underminded by their own egos. Both Lelouch and Elric are weak, frail and sickly, dependent on highly powerful if treacherous magical artifacts to overcome these weaknesses. They both inadvertantly caused the deaths of the women they loved (Cymoril and Zarozinia for Elric and both Euphemia and Shirley for Lelouch) and were attracted to members of their own family. His cousin, consort and future queen Cymoril for Elric and Euphemia for Lelouch. Which is worse considering Euphemia is Lelouch's half-sister. And both waged war against their own empires and died, at least in part because of it.

So here's the rest of my theory. Lelouch is a later incarnation of the Eternal Champion, of whom Elric was one of. In fact, out of all of the other Eternal Heroes Lelouch is the most like Elric. Shirley, not Euphemia, is an incarnation of Elric's human wife Zarozinia and Emperor Charles is the reincarnation of Theleb K'aarna, a powerful sorcerer and devout worshipper of the Demon Lord Arioch and of Chaos in general. Euphemia is a considerably kinder and gentler reincarnation of Cymoril while Suzaku is Dyvim Slorm, Elric's cousin and best friend, reborn, if such a thing were possible. And all of the Geass are sapient constructs of Chaos just like Stormbringer. Besides, doesn't this sound like it would be a perfect song for the Black Prince? And this one would be perfect for Lelouch's relationship to his Geass.

Everyone speaks French

It isn't a mixed up case of Translation Convention. Everyone speaks French. Napoleon, who was French, eventually pushed Britannia out of GB right? Maybe they learned French along the way or during the war. Or maybe it's related to the French Canadian colonies. Either way that explains why while they appear to speak English in the JPN version they speak English at times. They're changing from French to English, not English to..English.

    • Not to forget all the French in this show, such as the names.
    • Not to mention the fact that French was the language of international communication, at least among the European elites, until it got displaced by English due to the combined influence of the Empire Where The Sun Never Sets and The Land Of The Free. Since the latter never came into existence, the former is still being formed (Britannia only started a significant expansion into the Eastern Hemisphere during the events of the series) and France came out on top in the Napoleonic wars, it is likely that French never lost its status. Combine this with the French colonies in the Western Hemisphere and possibly a large exodus of anti-Napoleonist aristocrats and bourgeois from all over Europe to Britannia (which could explain why they have names like Lamperouge, Maldini, Gottwald and Kruszewski), and it becomes very likely that at least the ruling class of Britannia speaks French as a primary language. However, they have to be at least bilingual, since all their writings are in English.
    • It's likely Britannians speak English as a first language, and use French as the Lingua Franca. Meanwhile, take a good look at the Fleur du Lis that serves as the Ashford Academy crest.

Strike Witches is the WWII-era history of the Code Geass timeline

Obviously, Britannia was one of only a few countries to come out on top after the Neuroi invasion was repelled. Using its relatively untouched infrastructure and military, they invaded Liberion and made it their base of operations. It later became their capitol when the Britannian Islands were conquered by Gallia. One look at Charlotte Yeager confirms the connection of unrealistic body types, and it's obvious that Mio has a Geass. After the events of Code Geass, simply add the events of Gundam 00, and voila! You have a crossover of epically, fanservisey proportions!

Marianne is of French descent

Her maiden name is Lamperouge, which sounds very French. There's also her own French-sounding name and the French-sounding names she gives her children (Lelouch and Nunnally).

  • Some of the French-sounding names may actually be the Britannian equivalents to Canadians in the Code Geass Universe. Since the French Canadians would have been assimilated into the Britannian Empire much earlier than others (a possible Area 1, perhaps?), they've been accepted as Britannians by this point. Hence, names like Lamperouge and Fenette could be originally from Quebec (which would be "North Britannia" at this point?). Nunnally is really a crapshoot for being an ethnic descriptor, since a wiki search reveals only that it is American as far as we know, and that the only case of it being a given name aside from here is with a guy.
    • Also, as an addendum, take a look at Ashford's symbol. Could it be influenced by their royal benefactor, which they decided to keep after her murder?

All of the fans of Code Geass were hypnotized in the first episode

  • We were all hypnotized when Lelouch first used his Geass on the soldiers that were about to shoot him. The exact moment is when we see the minds of the soldiers being scrambled.

Lelouch's action's during ZR are the cause for the next war

  • Think about it, Lelouch in R2 23/24 blew up Mount Fuji, where 70% of the world's sakuradite is mined. By destroying Mount Fuji and it's sakuradite, he caused a situation where sooner or later, war would break out over the last of the remaining sakuradite.

Rolo is Nunnally and Lelouch's son from an alternate universe

He ended up in this one, for some reason, and..

  • There would also have to be some Time Travel involved, and Rolo would have to have some sort of reversed Oedipus/Elektra Complex to want Lelouch's affections so bad. Just don't tell Milly, she might get ideas...

Code Geass is an Alternate Universe of Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • The main Evangelion charcters have somehow been reincarnated into Code Geass characters: Shinji Ikari became Lelouch Lamperouge, Rei Ayanami became C.C., Asuka Langley Soryu became Kallen Stadfeld, which leaves Gendo Ikari who became Emperor Charles Vi Brittania.
    • No way. Lelouch is obviously Kaworu "He Died For Your Sins" Nagisa, Anya Alstreim is clearly Rei, and Shinji himself has been split into Suzaku Kururugi and Rolo Lamperouge. Marianne would fit with your theory as Yui Ikari, Milly would be Misato Katsuragi, and Cecile would be Maya Ibuki. C.C. is much harder to place, maybe EVA-01 or Lilith?
    • The fact that Shinji and Rolo shared an English voice actor helps.
    • Actually, Rolo would be Kaworu and Suzaku would be Toji. As For EVA-01, obviously that would be Marianne.
      • Perhaps Rolo has Kaworu's place in the story and Shinji's personality, with Lelouch being the vice-versa. It wouldn't be the first time Sunrise decided to play with established character archetypes (in this case, Gainax), just like the archetypes they themselves created (i.e. Char, Kira and Lacus). Suzaku would thus be a fusion of Shinji and Toji, while both Diethard and Rivalz would just be Kensuke. Maybe all the mechs are representations EVA-01, especially the Mark Nemo! This would explain Anya in the Mordred going all mindscrewey back in China and at the Second Battle of Tokyo.

Kallen's father truly is Domon Kasshu

Or an alternate universe version.

Kallen's parents are Solid Snake and Meryl Silverburgh.

Think about it. Both are excellent soldiers, meaning that Big Boss's special soldier genes were passed down to his granddaughter. We know that Solid, like the other snakes, is probably sterile, but that fact might be different in the Code Geass universe (he might not have been a clone, sterile, or some other factor). As well, Japan or Britannia might have had their own "Les Enfants Terribles" project going on (see the "Kallen and Suzaku are Japanese super soldiers" theory above), resulting in Kallen. And admit it: Kallen looks a hell of a lot like Meryl. As a plus, Snake was cloned using a Japanese woman's egg, a fact noted by Vulcan Raven in the original Metal Gear Solid, still making Kallen part-Japanese.

Colonel Kusakabe had a first name that started with a "T".

As of the end of the show, there were only 3 high-ranking leaders of the Japanese Liberation Front shown. Of them, Colonel Kyoshiro Tohdoh and General Katase Tatewaki (or Tatewaki Katase, I'm not sure which is the given and which is the surname in this case) have been given full names. Col. Kusakabe had a surname starting with a "K", Following that pattern, it stands to reason that his first initial was T, thus establishing a naming theme among the JLF leadership.

After first using the power of Geass, Lelouch planned out every single event of the series.

Don't ask me how, but after using the Geass for the first time, Lelouch started envisioning a large number of possibilities as to how it could be used and what events it would lead to, and so he planned out every single event of the series, all to give Nunnally the world she wanted. Again, don't ask how...but it would either make him even more magnificent...or a Complete Monster.

The world peace breaks down not long after the series ends.

An example I'm thinking of here is Alexander the Great and his Successor Generals. Soon after the death of Alexander, the generals went at each other's throats for some time before finally settling down into the Successor Empires. There's also the one about the Mongol Empire which collapsed due to disputes on who should be the heir of Genghis Khan. Also, remember the time when the Roman Empire split between the Catholic Church, the Byzantine Empire, and other barbarian-ruled European kingdoms, starting the Medieval Age. See also Balkanize Me for this major historical theme. Similarly, with the Britannian Magnificent Bastard Emperor Lelouch gone, there's nothing stopping the components of the Britannian Empire from declaring mutual independence on nationalistic, racial, or other grounds, and promptly attempting to integrate lands they believe to be "their lands, their people, etc." by force. Britannia shall fall from its glory, an Age of Strife shall ensue, history shall repeat itself, and Lelouch's dream of a peaceful world for his sister was always that--a pipe dream.

Lelouch goes to Mu when he dies.

Well, he used Geass, so that's where he'll go when he dies in the end. In Mu, he meets Light Yagami, who is happy that he did what he couldn't do: the New World.

  • Hmm... Lelouch and Light do the New World. This title holds promise...

Mao is The Joker.

After he is killed again in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Joker has managed to transfer his conscious into Mao. When he takes him over, he has found out that his Arch Enemy, Batman, no longer exists and that he is in Japan. His anger leads him to discover that he has the power to read minds, making him go insane once again to find someone who looks like Batman, and who is it? Lelouch.

Code Geass is the future timeline of Batman.

The characters of Batman have been reincarnated as Code Geass characters: Batman becomes Lelouch, Alfred becomes C.C., The Joker becomes Mao, Two-Face becomes Suzaku, and Catwoman becomes Kallen.

  • Pfft. Alfred is obviously Sayoko. Or maybe Jeremiah... Catwoman was split into C.C. and Kallen.

CC was like a mother to Lelouch

But have you seen this series? I wouldn't give it a second thought that she both was a mother figure of sorts, an equal, and a love interest.

The main characters represent the seven deadly sins.

Four rebel members and three Britannians.

  • Lelouch is pride. He wants to rule the world for Nunnally.
  • C.C. is gluttony. She eats pizza, what do you expect?
  • Kallen is lust. She loves Lelouch/Zero.
  • Rolo is envy. That's why he killed Shirley.
  • Suzaku is wrath. He'll do anything to change the world, even if he has to betray his own friends.
  • Marianne is sloth. Well, for starters, she has managed to transfer herself to Anya and does nothing.
  • Charles is greed. He's the Emperor, what do you expect?

Nunnally is behind everything

If she wishes that the world would be a better place, then that's what she's expect on Zero. What else is that she may knew all along that Lelouch is Zero, and pretends not to know since she knew that he wouldn't tell him about it.

Lelouch is V.

Well, both of them are chaotic and byronic heroes taking down a dictatorship. What else is that they die in order to make world peace.

The Chinese Federation is a result of the Taiping Rebellion.

Everyone in the show imported their clothes from the Orre region in Pokemon.

Which is why Suzaku's jacket and sunglasses make him look like Wes from Colosseum.

Code Geass is the future timeline of Death Note.

Well, I think a lot of characters die and reincarnated as characters in Code Geass: Light becomes Lelouch, Ryuk becomes C.C., Misa becomes Kallen, Soichiro becomes Charles, and Matsuda becomes Tamaki.

  • L becomes Suzaku, Sayu becomes Nunnally, Rem becomes Euphemia, Mello becomes Mao, Mikami becomes Rolo, Raye becomes Clovis, Naomi becomes Cornelia, Aizawa becomes Jeremiah, Shiori becomes Shirley, Near becomes Schneizel, Matt becomes Lloyd, Sachiko becomes Marianne...
    • Honestly, I see Lelouch as L and either Suzaku and/or Schneizel as Light. Word of God says that L was "a little bit evil", and both Suzaku and Schneizel clearly jump of the slippery slope, so maybe this is them in a role-reversal? Near is likely represented by Suzaku taking on the Zero persona at the end of the series, and Schneizel's defeat at their hands mirror's Light's defeat by the teaming up of Near and Mello in the name of L.

The entire royal family is under effect of a geass laid upon them by the EU

The power of this EU agent: to make everyone ham it up. The EU hoped that all the overcompensating with the likes of giant mecha and giant elevated cities would drive Britania bankrupt. Unfortunately, it turned out that giant mecha actually were efficient weapons of war.

Britania was founded by time-traveling nazis from real life

It explains many of the odd timeline differences. The nazis were unhappy that they couldn't conquer RL england, so they went back in time to make it more sympathetic of nazi ideals, as to forge an alliance that could conquer the world. They didn't take into account the butterfly effect however, and suddenly there was no nazi germany anymore. Ever since then, they have been trying to make the Code Geass world more like the real world, as to recreate nazi germany.

Lelouch will grow-up to be Jin Kazama

This is just in case if the world is not in peace?

Mao lied to Suzaku, Prime Minister Kururugi actually did commit suicide

Mao told Shirley that she had killed Viletta, and then we see Viletta and Ougi in a relationship. It is quite possible that Mao simply lied to Suzaku because Mao is a very Manipulative Bastard.

  • An interesting idea. Only... I'm pretty sure that it was a repressed memory that Mao dug up, since it's pretty clear that Suzaku had been remembering the incident ever since Narita. Things only came to a head during the confrontation with Mao.

Chiang Kai-Shek established the Chinese Federation's ruling Dynasty.

According to the character bios (and other secondary information), the Tianzi's personal name in Jiang Lihua. After checking some sources, I came to the (tentative) conclusion that Lihua was her personal name (after looking up the name Lihua and finding it to be an actual Chinese girls' name) and Jiang her family name. It also fits in with the "surname first" style of Asian naming. Anyway, after looking up "Jiang" as a surname, I also discovered that it could be transliterated as "Chiang" (or as several variations, really). The most famous Chiang during the era of the Chinese revolution and the early 20th century is, in fact, Chiang Kai-Shek, who took over the Republic of China (Nationalist China) after Sun Yat-sen died. As many WMGs and fanon assume that the Chinese Federation was established during an Alternate History of this period, it would make sense that he would take advantage of the political chaos to establish his own dynasty. Considering the fact that Britannia is effectively America with an absolute monarchy, and Europe is unified under a Napoleonic Empire/Republic, it actually makes sense that history would take this course. This also fits with the "Mao is an illegitimate son of the last Emperor" WMG, since Mao is the name of another well known Chinese revolutionary.

Lelouch died. Because, to be have to die first

  • After the emperor killed V.V. Lelouch used the geass in him. again, lelouch used the geass in him it suppose that once you obtain the code you are immune to the geass effects. Second, the emperor fall when he shot himself. it wasn't an acting, he was dead for like ten seconds. then Lelouch use the geass but it doesn't work, but this time was different to other times. when C.C. kill the woman that gave her a Geass we can see she has a big injury. the injury is, clearly, fatal. now the important thing, until you die and become immortal you are still able to use your geass. when you are immortal, your heart doesn't work anymore so you can pretend be dead whenever you want to avoid being discovered, as it looks in the first chapter with C.C, thanks to this, he was able to pretend be dead until he escaped with C.C.

When 2017 A.D. rolls around, Sunrise will announce the development of the first Knightmare Frame.

But it will only be as a joke, obviously. In reality, it would be used to draw attention to:

When 2017 A.D. rolls around, Sunrise will announce a new CG project. It's title? Rebuild of Geass.

Code Geass R2 actually suffered some similar problems that plagued the original EVA anime: notably, EVA's budget problems correspond to R2's scheduling and pacing difficulties. Once a few years have passed, and the flame wars have died down while nostalgia and interest have grown, Sunrise will remake the series a la Rebuild. Likely, this will be done in the form of 6 to 8 films: 3 or 4 OVAs or films per season, with the first four being a retelling of Code Geass whilst the last four would be a re-imagining of R2. This could include:

  • A retelling of R2 with better pacing (without the need to retell R1 the same way R2 did due to the schedule changes) and without having to squeeze it all into 25 episodes.
  • A retelling of R2 that incorporates many of the original scenarios that the story team had developed (ex. Fem!Zero and Lelouch joining the B Ks as himself, running against Schneizel in an election). See the "What Could Have Been" page for more info on that.
  • An expansion of the whole story, with more focus on Geass, C.C.'s past, Mao, World History, Suzaku's connection to Geass, Charles and V.V.'s childhoods (the "Emblem of Blood"), Marianne's past, and many other unanswered questions (The "Pudding Earl", anyone?).

This retold story may also follow in a similar vein to Rebuild in other ways: rescuing a number of characters from the scrappy heap, not screwing over Lelouch and Suzaku every 2 episodes, and possibly developing a whole new ending to the series. The series would also likely incorporate the storylines of "Renya of the Dark" and "Akito of the Ruined Land", which are both supposed to be canon to the anime timeline.

Alternatively... they turn Code Geass into a Gundam analogue.

Right now, the only other way they could continue to milk the cash cow would be to turn Code Geass into a Gundam analogue, give it a multiverse, and incorporate the manga and other non-canon series into it. Nightmare of Nunnally seems to hint that this was a possibility, if Nunnally's explanation at the end is any indication.

That chess game between Zero and Schneizel actually makes sense.

Seeing that the game was going to turn into a draw, Schneizel tried a last-ditch effort to turn it to his side by breaking the rules when he puts his king by Zero's. If Lelouch says that's an illegal move, Zero comes off as seeming sort of petty. If he takes the king, then Schneizel sits backs and smirks, having forced Lelouch to take the move he forced him to do. He might lose the chess match, but it forces a psychological battle with very few options for Lelouch to take.

Code Geass was just Lelouch playing a new Civilization game.

The Alternate History, the Xanatos Gambits, the robots, it was just Lelouch playing a holodeck version of Civilization in his spare time.

The EU is not a Doomed Moral Victor

It's been said that the EU is a Doomed Moral Victor but there's no proof this is the case, on the contrary, even if they have more democracy than Britannia or China and housed refugees from Japan, they're as evil as the others. During the time skip, Britannia managed to capture almost the entire Africa in one year and what is the reason? The African states were still colonies of the European countries and they suffered as much as Numbers in Britannia (King Leopold's Congo, anyone?). With Schneizel strategy to negotiate each case and preserving the dignity of conquered peoples (unlike his predecessors), it can be said that the Africans preferred to be Numbers under Britannian rule than being governed as colonies.

  • Even if Euro Universe brutally colonized Africa it would be really hard to be worse than the casual genocide indicative of Britannia.

A Code bearer has to 'die' once for their code to take effect.

When Lelouch geasses his dad to kill himself, it works, and the man shoots himself in the head and dies. If he did have a Code, the Geass should have been ineffective. But afterwards, when Lelouch shoots his father, it does nothing. So, even if Lelouch didn't have the Code at the time of Zero Requiem...

Nunnally, Sayoko and Guildford did die in the FLEIJA explosion. Schneizel has a cloning program and replaced them.

Schneizel seems to have sponsored just about everything else in the show that doesn't involve Geass, including giants mechs and nuclear weapons, so why not a cloning program as well? This one was probably based in Japan; hence how the viceroy of Japan, the head of one of its most prestigious ninja families and the loyal knight of the former viceroy of Japan, who remained in the country afterwards, all had their DNA used for it. Somehow, the cloned subjects also have all the memories of the original up to the point of death; weirder stuff has been done on this show, let's face it (maybe Schneizel's people somehow managed to unwittingly tap into the world of C?). This also explains why Nunnally was suddenly able to overcome Charles' Geass on her eyesight - in reality, it only affected her old body, so whilst the physical change of her paraplegia remained, the mental change of her blindness persisted only whilst she believed in it; when her willpower became enough to overcome that belief, hey presto, she saw. Finally, as for why the clones: Nunnally was obviously to mess with Lelouch and Suzaku's heads (particularly Lelouch's), Sayoko was to conceal the existence of the cloning program by providing Lelouch with the explanation about them magically escaping and Guilford was just to make life better for Cornelia ("yeah, sorry I shot you and all, here's your knight back as a present"). Less important characters like Miss Lohymeyer were less lucky.

Geasses such as Leouch's and Charles' which work by eye-contact operate by emitting ultra-violet rays.

The contact lens that C.C. gave Lelouch could block the Geass, suggesting that the latter works by some sort of electromagnetic waves. Now, unless the whole 'bird in the eye' thing is entirely stylistic, it would seem that these waves are emitted from the user's pupil (which would make sense), so the lens must, unlike ordinary coloured lenses, have its tint blocking the pupil rather than the irises. However, since this doesn't impair Lelouch's sight or change his eye colour in anyway, the waves they're blocking can't be on the visible spectrum, meaning they must be either ultra-violet or infra-red. Given that the colour associated with the Geass is a sort of pinkish-purple, this could well be interpreted as a hint that out of those two, ultra-violet is where the wave lies.

If there is an R3 it will not have Lelouch as the protagonist, instead it will be Naoto.

There was originally a plan to bring him back in R2, but that was ruined by Sunrise. So Naoto is revealed to have been alive during R2 and spent most of it in hiding, his father was aware of the fact that he survived and had given him a house in Antarctica to hide in, when Lelouch becomes the Emperor Naoto and his father support him in secret. R3 rolls around and by this point Naoto has been working on a weapons project that had been originally funded by Lelouch after the two met, Naoto and his group require more funds and so he goes to Nunnally to request her support for his work. The Black Knights are stationed in Britannia to deal with a rebel uprising and so Ohgi walks in on Naoto's audience with Nunnally. Everything then goes downhill from there.

Code Geass is in Warhammer 40000 past, but nobody is Emperor

Alternative to two theories above - Geass was created by some ancient cult of Tzeentch. It gives powers over mind, it's users takes part in all bigger changes in the world and with time they undergo transformation that they find horrible. And it explains Lelouch's legendary bad luck - knowing how much Tzeentch loves screwing up his followers, he probably had a time of his life with Lulu.

The Emperor's children die (or are disowned) quite often

In 2009, there were a lot more of them, and so Lelouch and Nunally were 11th Prince and Princess. Once they were disowned, then next ones along advanced up one place each. Over the years, as other princes and princesses disappeared the remaining ones moved up to fill the gaps. If Lelouch hadn't been disowned, he'd be something like 6th prince, with only two princesses before him in line for the throne. Carine was 6th princess in R1, moving up to 5th after Euphemia was killed.

Lelouch knew that he couldn't stop war forever...

Lelouch is no fool, he knew that his Zero requiem would only ensure peace for a century at most. So when he met with Suzaku to plan out the Zero Requiem, he gave Suzaku a Geass. When Lelouch caused the death of Charles he absorbed his code, this code will activate upon a mortal wound and exchange Lelouch's Geass for immortality. That mortal blow just happened to be caused by none other than Suzaku who immediately inherits the code, if he is ever killed he will recover quickly and continue his work as Zero. This becomes Fridge Horror when you realize that Suzaku's 'Live' command prevents him from ever causing his own death by passing on his code, he will remain Zero, forever

  • But aren't Geass effects cancelled when someone has the Code?

Monica Kruszewski (Monika Kruszewska to be precise) was a spy for Polish government.

Because we can.

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