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  • The end of first season: Lelouch and C.C. trigger a trap that links their minds, making them see events from C.C.'s multi-century lifespan, including several painful and torturous "deaths". A despondent C.C. says that she's been alive for so long, she's forgotten who her loved ones are, and even what it means to be human. Lelouch replies: "You're wrong. You're not alone, because I'm here. We made a contract, remember? If the world considers you a witch, then that makes me a warlock." If anything breaks the constant comparisons between Lelouch and Light Yagami into tiny pieces, this scene should be it.
    • Don't forget when C.C. kisses Lelouch in the first season finale.
    • A good ways into R2 Turn 7, Lelouch's musings on "glass". Epic fuzz.
      • Not to mention just beforehand, where it was revealed that the student council all decided not to go to the school trip mentioned earlier, but instead stay behind and light fireworks in the hope that Lelouch would join them.
    • At the end of episode 8 of R2, when Lelouch takes off the Zero mask in front of Sayoko, and she just smiles.
    • This troper can't help but go "D'AAWWWW," at the interactions between Lelouch and mindwiped C.C.
    • This troper can't decide whether Rolo's final fight and death is the most badass, heartbreaking, or utterly sweet thing she's seen in the entire series.
      • All three. All three.
      • The real kicker is that it's implied that, in the end, Lelouch actually came to care about Rolo on some level, as evidenced by his inclusion of Rolo's name in the list of people and things important to him that he'd lost.
        • Unless you still have qualms about his killing Shirley (although this troper liked Shirley, and was considerably angry at Rolo, EVERY character has done equal or worse. Absolutely forces you to see morality in less of a black and white ez-judgment sense)
    • C.C., without her memory. Cut finger scene. Episode 16 Enough said. This troper cried buckets of Manly Tears at the ... Gah. Watch it yourself.
    • When Lelouch, in R2, is revealed by Schneizel, he chooses to play the role in order to save Kallen, who still believes in him to this point. As she walks away, he utters "live, Kallen"
    • Episode 24 of R2, Cornelia and Guilford finally reuniting. Who cares that the series will almost certainly never explain how Guilford survived a nuclear explosion of all things, it was nice to see something GOOD happen to the guy for once.

Cornelia: You still call me that?

      • Let's not forget the "Lelouch, don't you hate me?" convo from 24. Too bad about the Moment Killer.
    • The final episode where Nunnally (along with many of his former allies who thought they were going to be executed) cries (more like utterly breaks down. Her tears brought this troper from just a few tears to uneven breathing and crying...) for Lelouch, realizing his sacrifice, and saying that he "was the only thing she needed in this world" to be happy... as the crowd around her goes wild cheering for Zero(zaku), the man who had just assassinated Lelouch
      • It's also heartwarming because in cheering the man for killing Lelouch, cheering for Zero, they are actually unwittingly cheering for Lelouch himself, giving him quite the touching send off instead of the intended malevolent one.
      • Despite the Tear Jerker, there's something strangely heartwarming about Lelouch and Suzaku's final conversation and flashback. The fact that after everything their friendship has gone through, they still have such faith in one another...
      • Hey, hey! You can't forget Kallen finally having a normal school life (even wearing her hair the way she likes it) with her biological mother in a free Japan, Nunnally and Suzaku (as Zero) working together for peace, Jeremiah and Anya in the orange farm, and C.C Walking the Earth, having outgrown her death wish thanks to the time she spent with Lelouch(and possibly continuing to spend eternity with the man)...
    • Euphemia and Suzaku declare their love.
      • Euphie and Suzaku are just utterly adorable in general. No wonder how it ended was such a gut-punch.
    • A Picture Drama. It's just... The surviving student council member get a chance to reminisce, visited by Zerozaku and Nunnally, while Villetta and Sayoko look outside at them from the windows, discussing how things are finally looking up. Then the real moment: Jeremiah and Anya set off a bunch of fireworks, as per Lelouch's final request, so that everyone can enjoy them together one last time. After some parting words from Suzaku and a mention by the council that Rolo and Shirley are watching this with them, the final chronological scene for the Code Geass Anime canon is this. In one last Crowning Moment of Heartwarming it was shown, that in some way, even Lelouch got his happy ending. Manly Tears were shed by This Troper when he got to see all the council members and their closest friends enjoy that one moment together. It's also a callback to the "musings on glass" mentioned above, as well as to several other recurring elements: Anya happy at finally having her memories "within her", Jeremiah's loyalty and carrying out his master's last wish, Villetta and Ohgi's wedding, as well as more info on how they got engaged, and even Nina is shown to still be doing a lot better.
  • In Turn 6 of R2, Suzaku attempts to see if Lelouch has regained his memories through phoning Nunnally, whose become the new Viceroy by this point and having Lelouch speak to her. Not only does Rolo use his Geass to buy Lelouch time to explain to his sister what he's about to do, but what Lelouch says to Nunnally ought to have a place here:

Lelouch: I'm going to comfort you. I swear it. So until then...until then...I love you, Nunnally!

    • The fact that he then proceeds to speak to her as though she's a stranger in order to throw Suzaku off crosses this troper as a mild Tear Jerker, to boot.
  • From R1, before the Battle of Narita.

Lelouch: C.C. I don't know why snow is white...but I do know that snow is beautiful.

    • I suffered a great, self-inflicted Moment Killer - I started to think to myself "It's white because it consists of many small flakes which all redirect most incoming light in a not ordered manner". By the time it came to the Heartwarming, the moment was ruined for me. If you have yet to watch the episode, I've just ruined it for you too. Ha!
      • The science itself is a beautiful thing. It also shows the theme of the show, the lack of absolute order is what causes man to move forward toward the future. Thus the result is a beautiful white that shows the brilliance of mankind.
  • R2 Turn 9 Li interrupting the wedding. As he's fighting guards he wonders if Tianzi remembers the pinky promise they made. She waves her arm in the pinky position and shouts his name. there is no more doubt in my heart! She opens her arms and Li rushes to her. Every other relationship has so much baggage, the pure loyalty and trust between them pulled all my heart strings.
  • A small one from R2 Turn 24: Villetta tries to mask her concern for Ohgi and the Britannian soldier she's having a conversation with turns to her and says "I don't mind".

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