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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth dying for here.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Code Geass fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

Authors and Websites

Lunatic Chaos (all AU)

  • Recommended by Lee
  • Just ignore Perfect Judgement, and be patient for the start of most of his fics, because he's kind of weak in early stages, but they become quite entertaining. Sadly LC may have given up on his fics since Geass ended, as his previously quick update schedule has pretty much died away.
    • LC stopped writing since 2009 but his stories still get reviews.

Mikomi's Pen

  • Recommended by User:Moberemk
  • Some very deep character analysis written here; it's interesting to read the various ways that the author interprets the characters. One that stands out is Great Chieftan o' the Puddin-Race, which looks at Cecile (one of the more ignored members of the cast.

realms of fic

  • Recommended by Tensa-chan
  • House of Mirrors is set after the series as an alternate take on what happens after Lelouch becomes Emperor without Zero Requiem. The writing is impeccable and the characters are believable and complex.


  • Recommended by Candelabra
  • Lovely prose, excellent characterization. Oneshots/character introspection.


  • Recommended by Drakyndra
  • Several of his fics have already been recommended, but the rest of his work is also worth a look. He writes everything from drabbles to novel length fics, tearjerking angst to romance to comedy, and for a variety of characters and ships.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Code Geass Lelouch Of Britannia by Calreflector (AU)

  • Recommended by Lee, User:Guessmyname, User:Rogue 7, Raxis, User:xm 0123, Kchasm, owlbot, User:L 3 wt, User:Unclouded TJ, GrieverVIII, Kodai Okuda, enviroguy
  • Synopsis: This is the first of several Code Geass fics where Lelouch and Nunners remain royals, and the best of the bunch. Suffice to say that the author has some obvious knowledge of a certain German commander.
  • Comments: The best Code Geass fic period. All others burst into flame in sight of its glory.
    • User:Rogue 7: Fantastic. The author takes a far more in-depth look at Britannia than the one provided by the show, and does an amazing job of fusing together British and American traditions and references. It introduces and makes sympathetic all of my favorite Britannians, and in general is simply a great read, even if you aren't a Code Geass fan. The only flaw I can see is that the author picked Army to win the Army-Navy game. With a friend at Annapolis, I pull for the midshipmen.
    • Raxis: Amazing story. Any story that can believably make Kewell likable and deep is really something.
    • Kchasm: Brilliantly written. It has the feeling of Alternate History, especially with the excerpts from Fictional Documents at the beginning of every chapter. Note also the various interesting parallels--for example, it's the Lelouch-led Brittanian army that gets called "the Black Knights".
      • This author's Lloyd is as hilarious as it is accurate. Good to see that the story is finally in Area 11.
    • Owlbot: While the author certainly takes his time in a rather lengthy prelude to what's essentially the meat of the story - the drama in Area Eleven - by no means is the long prelude tedious. Although the story lacks the theatrics of canon, by no means does it lack drama; the revised relationships amongst characters, especially among the Imperial siblings, often border on Crowning Moments of Heartwarming, and surmises what could have been.
      • Chapters 1-19 are more of an "R0" season than a simple prelude.
    • Xencipher: Quite possibly THE BEST fanfic this troper had EVER read. The For Want of a Nail summary was very tempting, and it delivers exactly what it promised. The character development is arguably better than the anime in some places, and it's fun to see just how different some of these characters are than in the anime canon.
      • Many of the character who were vehemently racist in the anime are especially different in this fic. This is completely justified, since Lelouch and Nunally were never used as political hostages and left for dead in Japan, which was the primary motive for said racism (especially with Jeremiah, who founded the purebloods because of it).
    • User:Unclouded TJ: Quite impressed with the background and effort put into this fic. Lesser authors could have made the For Want of a Nail story and skipped to Area 11 but this fic goes above and beyond laying the groundwork for reasonable character changes without explaining things backwards. Very recommended especially if you enjoy alternate histories.
    • Definitely the best Code Geass fanfiction I've read to date. I'm pleasantly envious of your obvious talent. Good job and Kudos to you Cal Reflector for putting the effort into this work, you deserve the compliment for a job well done--Kodai Okuda.
    • It hasn't been updated for over a year. What's up is still a great read, but it may just be a Dead Fic.
    • On October 8th 2011 the story was updated and is no longer a Dead Fic.

Code Geass Funnies by Calreflector (AU)

  • Recommended by Lee
  • Synopsis: A collection of oneshots by the genius that gave us Lelouch of Britannia. Though not 'finished' it's never guaranteed to get updated, so for now it settles into three stories: Schneizel uses the doujinshi market to destroy the rebellion, the Black Knights discuss the finer points of Knightmare based fanservice in the wake of Kallen's capture, and Schneizel and Clovis try to make Lelouch a ladies man. Oh so much Hilarity Ensues.
    • As of April 2010, there is a fourth story, where Schneizel (once again) defeats the Rebellion by way of… Pizza? (Minor spoilers for late R2)
  • Comments: Though never guaranteed to get another story due to it's nature as a bunch of random one shot stuff, it's worth it for every chapter being at once a Crowning Moment of Awesome and Crowning Moment of Funny. Note that the first and third have some Lelouch/Milly, but it's not the focus of the fic by any means.

Code Geass Lelouch of the Redemption by Cortega (Post-R2)

  • Recommended by Chetren
  • Synopsis: Here's the basic rundown: Lelouch gains Charles' Code and reawakens in an abandoned warehouse after being whisked away from the place where he got stabbed by Jeremiah. There he meets a weird and Straight Gay extradimensional being/God with whom he makes a contract with. Two years later, the world Lelouch built is slowly crumbling and he must "once again wear a mask to bring peace to the world."
  • Comments: While the fic certainly has some memorable moments like Lelouch taking up farmwork to become an ass-kicking machine, one can't help but notice that the author sometimes inserts story elements that just simply didn't exist before like Milly and Cornelia getting engaged and married to (respectively) Rivalz and Guilford (who was apparently the Straightgay God's frat brother. Other than that, it's a fine fic, and this troper encourages giving it a whirl (you'll get the pun if you read it).

Code Geass:The Iron Prince by gameboy5432 (AU)

  • Recomended by Duras1989
  • Synopsis: Your basic alternate reality fanfic in which Lelouch remains a prince,he hide's his face behind the Zero mask, which earns him the nickname "Iron Prince", also he sometimes calls himself Zero.
  • Comments: A good fanfiction, with an interesting situation presented, an overall good fic, with interesting twists, Clovis once he sees what a magnificent bastard Lelouch is and just how much difference there is between the two of them decides to kill himself rather then face the emperor's wrath when it comes to weaklings, Kallen is recruited by the JLF, she hates Zero but is seemingly falling for Lelouch, Chiba and Todoh get tangled in a complicated situation ,Suzaku, Jereian, Villeta and Kewell are Lelouch's subordinates, etc.
    • Disclaimer: Just a word of warning, but this fanfic really badly needs an editor or Beta Reader, as there are a lot of very frequent spelling and grammatical mistakes. It also consistently refers to Gino as Gyno, which provided me with a whole lot of inappropriate amusement.

Code Geass: Timeless Imprisonment by Blazing Firefox (AU)

  • Recommended by User:Moberemk, User:Kris Mahai
  • Synopsis: A look at a slightly different version of the normal version of events, with the author's spin on the same basic storyline in the show. The biggest difference at the start is that Clovis knows Lelouch is alive, and the story keeps going from that.
  • Comments: Awesome story, and the second-longest Code Geass fanfic out there right now. This is easily on par with Lelouch of Britannia for quality and complexity, and while some characters do get ignored at times the plot itself is impeccable.

Metronome by Lily10

  • Recommended by User:Hokuto
  • Sypnosis: Snippets of Nunnally's life over the years.
  • Comments: Great prose and writing style, conveys emotion wonderfully, everybody's in character, and in general, very touching. Keep in mind while reading that this was written after turn 18, and contains spoilers; however, this was written before certain revelations.

Suzaku of Japan by Inulovinkit (AU) - Chapter archive here

  • Recommended by Frostpebble
  • Sypnosis: The story of what would have happened if Suzaku received a Geass instead of Lelouch.
  • Comments: Very well written and in character, possibly with more drama than the show itself, and of course has its share of funny moments. A lot of the original major plot points are included, but with a twist. Overall a great read; finally finished.
    • User:Sikon: Per my principles, I closed the browser window immediately upon noticing the word "pairing" in the description, but I did read the first four chapters before noticing that. I liked it, and I especially enjoyed seeing Lelouch struggle and be a formidable strategist even without his Geass. I'm also pleased at the author's decision to give Suzaku an original (and interesting) Geass instead of just copying Lelouch's.
    • The Tamborine Man: Supporting the recommendation. It has good plotting and characterization. Also, any slash is relegated to subtext.

Scarred But Not Stronger by YamiPaladinofChaos

  • Recommended by Candelabra, Drakyndra
  • Synopsis: Suzaku delivers Nunally to the Emperor.
  • Comments: An incredibly good portrayal of Suzaku directly after the end of Season One, captures his character very well. Will send shivers down your spine.

The Fool Ascendant by Mikomi's Pen

  • Recommended by Candelabra
  • Synopsis: A general oneshot focusing on the relationship between Lelouch, Suzaku and Nunally, using Tarot cards for symbolism and diverging from canon after episode 25 of season one.
  • Comments: Beautiful writing style, lovely imagery, and will break your heart. After the first read-through you will want to go right back to the beginning and reread it just to make sure you didn't miss anything. It's also incredibly long.

Resilience by confoozled1

  • Recommended by User:Sikon
  • Synopsis: The world two years after Zero Requiem.
  • Comments: An ongoing fanfic focusing on Suzaku as Zero, and attempting to "realisically" portray the aftermath of Lelouch's death instead of settling for the Happily Ever After of the series. Really well-written and in-character.

Code Geass: Age of the Chaotic Truth by CrazyNinjaPenguin

  • Recommended by User:Rabukurafuto and User:Entan
  • Synopsis: Post R2. Twenty years after the end, Cornelia's daughter, Princess Ava li Britannia, is disgusted with the now-stagant Britannia. After getting a geass from "D.D." she goes to destroy Zero's lies with the most effective weapon of all: the truth.
  • Comments: This story is still in the early chapters so the above synopsis may change a bit in the future, but it is still easily the most compelling Code Geass fanfiction User:Rabukurafuto has read. The story has a strong Girls Love theme between Ava and her knight Astrid and will contain graphic lesbian sex in the future, but it will be a rare occurrence.
    • User:Cyberxigbar: This troper finds that this story suffers from one of the least likable protagonists he's ever read. All attempts to portray Ava as a Woobie seem to fall flat, as she cannonballs off the Slippery Slope very quickly after obtaining her Geass, SHATTERS all of Lelouch's hard work, imprisons Nunnally, and wages war on the world just for the lulz. Congratulations Ava, you're a Jerkass Sue.
      • User:Guessmyname: Seconded. Sorry, but Ava's a royal prick. And that was a terrible pun!
        • Your Mileage Will Definitely Vary as I feel that Ava actually makes a compelling Jerkass Woobie (thank God that's a trope now!). Aggressive nationalism will do that, which is the reason why this story has multiple divergent points of view going on. Also, Ava had a breakdown and the whole thing careened into Black and Grey Morality. This is an improvement.
        • It's not really getting that much better. Ava is pretty much recovered, and is much less a jerk than before, though her actions have basically ruined the lives of over half the cast, and caused terrible atrocities in Japan, but Lelouch's first Geass User is down for the count, and in the possession of his enemy, and he probably knows about it - as psychic location of one's own contracted is an ability that C.C. was certainly capable of - so he gives a Geass to his and Kallen's children, not that he knows that, and sits on his ass doing nothing as the world prepares for a war between Britannia, who has completely ravaged Japan by this point, and the EU, who controls two thirds of the planet, and somewhere around a dozen Geass Users, and the Black Knights are devoid of all of their most experienced and talented people - well, Tohdoh and Kallen: that's pretty much everyone. Lelouch is completely useless, and a disgrace to his canon portrayal. And what's worse, is the Geass of the Big Bad defies everything we know about Geass. Canon goes and points out that all Geass are purely psychic, and only Code Bearers can regenerate. Yet, Delita is not just capable of manipulating nerves to bypass damage, which almost made sense when explained, but is capable of regenerating people who are dying, or possibly flat out dead, and is capable of making 5 year old blood stains viable enough a genetic material to be used to impregnate someone. What the heck!?
        • User:Rivenscryr: This troper has some major problems with Lelouch's characterization in this fic, especially as it doesn't seem like him to basically watch the rest of the world collapse into anarchy around him after all the effort he put into Zero Requiem. Really, wouldn't he more likely be doing what he could to attempt to restore the world to peace, or at least to intervening, rather than watching as all his efforts went to waste? Whatever else it is, its certainly a Crapsack World.

The Power of Gods by OregTheMad

  • Recommended by Jity
  • Synopsis: Starting at about episode five of season one, this fiction focuses on Richilieu Marquis Le Dieu, a bored genius type, who one night receives a Geass from one O.O. With this new found ability, he finds himself further investigating the odd behavior of his classmate, Lelouch Lamperouge.
  • Comments: Despite having a generic premise for a protagonist, (Hell, he even does the maniacal laugh in the latest chapter), this is a decently well written story with rather believable and humorous interactions between Richilieu and O.O. The plot, with Chapter Three, seems to be picking up, so the Synopsis may change.

Code Geass: Dirge of Daedalus by Kodai Okuda

  • Recommended by: User:Little Serge, azul120
  • Synopsis: Taking place 5 years after the end of R2, it basically takes not three but four ideas and runs with them: (1) What would the state of the world (politically and socially) be like in the near-future after Zero Requiem is completed? (2) What would happen is Schneizel broke free of the geass placed upon him by Lelouch? (3) What if the ancient Greek Gods and Heroes of myth were in fact Code Bearers and Geass users? and (4): What if Lelouch really did die, but then found a way to come Back From the Dead? The following story is a war of epic proportions, one that not only engulfs the Code Geass world, but implies the involvement of many others as well...
    • With the main story now complete, the author has decided to write a collection of side stories, known as Code Geass: Chronicles of Tartarus. These stories mainly deal with things that would have bogged down the main storyline, such as the ultimate fate of Tartarus, some information on why Enoch got involved with the World of Geass (Chapter 1), and many things related to the Code Geass timeline. The forward also explains the reasoning behind the use of slightly-altered names in the story (Rivalz/Rivaltz, etc.).
  • Comments: Really, this story never has a dull moment. Even ignoring the battles and the serious drama, the breather scenes themselves are both good for filling us in on much-needed information, being quite entertaining in their own right. The author expands upon their view of the Geass-verse, and then begins adding many new elements and twists that feel right at home in the canon Geass-verse. The story is even popular enough to warrant some fanart based on the new mecha designs that are introduced in the series (Knightmare Frame technology is at about the 11th Generation or so in this story, with the ancient Greek machines easily being an even match), that can be linked to upon request. Also of note is the use of excerpts from the personal notes of many characters, taking its cue from Lelouch of Britannia (above).
    • You're leaving out one of the best parts: Euphemia is Not Quite Dead, but she's also Older and Wiser and Took a Level In Badass. Though she's a bit of a Broken Bird and Type B Tsundere after the whole Massacre Princess incident. Thankfully she still has her sweet side, only without the naivete. Her reunion with Suzaku and reconciliation with Lelouch are Crowning Moments of Heartwarming.
      • As true as that is, let's not forget the Awesome, Heartwarming, and downright Hilarious reaction that Cornelia gave us upon being let into the loop. Especially when she got a good look at Euphie.
    • It would be nearly perfect if only Enoch wasn't such a Marty Stu and the characters stopped treating Lelouch poorly despite everything he did for them.
      • If Dirge of Daedalus had ended without the sequels: Chronicles of Tartarus and Alpha and Omega I would concur. However, it is made clear in Chronicles of Tartarus that Enoch is in fact the Stern Teacher who put Lelouch through Training From Hell in Dirge of Daedalus in order to Pass The Torch onto him. By the last chapters of Chronicles of Tartarus Enoch is no longer in the leading role, Lelouch has replaced him almost completely and in the first few chapters of Alpha and Omega Lelouch's role has gotten even stronger. Clearly the author has put some serious thought into the overall plotline of his/her trilogy by making Enoch the Old Master who is there if Lelouch needs him, but also has a mission of his own as explained in the first chapter of Chronicles of Tartarus.
    • YMMV Suffers from Loads and Loads of Characters, most of which are OCs. Now, only Enoch is a Marty Stu, but I found a few of them to be very cliched, with little development, which is understandable considering the speed the plot moves at. However, it's that speed, combined with the huge cast, that hurts the story most, since plans, counterplans and shifts of allegiances makes it near impossible to follow the course of the battles. The aforementioned return of Euphie felt like a huge Ass Pull to me which only cemented Enoch's Marty Stu status. Also, the ending grated on me, since it was a simple 'Happily Ever After' where everyone was paired off and Lelouch Easily Forgiven, which takes away from the themes of canon and reeks of Fix Fic. The author could have done a lot better. That said, the antagonists were an inspired idea, and I enjoyed the soldiers Friendly Enemy interactions with the OC Black Knights. Also, Lelouch's revival was executed very well, feeling natural rather than forced and was a great twist. All in all, I did find it a decent read, but it feels like the author bit off more than they could chew and didn't pace themselves, which is a shame.
      • Actually, DoD is only the first 'series' in the Fanfic saga Kodai Okuda has been writing, and has been continued in Chronicles of Tartarus, and will be concluded in The Alpha And The Omega. So I wouldn't call it a Happy Ending, really, just a happy bridge, though I think it would have been a little stronger had it ended with an ominous stinger of any one of the threats planning their next attack, for the sake of contrast. And I wouldn't call Lelouch Easily Forgiven, in that they were all informed about what he really did and what he stood for. Infact, it would have been justified if he had defended himself or had been defended a little more against some of the abuse, especially in light of certain things such as the betrayal. As for Euphie's return, Kodai said Sure Why Not when everyone guessed she was the Red Dragon. Besides, considering the number of improbable survivals in the original, who's to say that one of the most arguably tragic deaths couldn't be averted, and followed with some awesome Character Development to boot? Kodai matured and toughened Euphie while keeping her true to her lovable core, which is no mean feat. And now she gets to be Cool Big Sis to Lulu too! Enoch's Marty Stu moment though might be reviving Gino.
      • Having read the first two volumes of this fanfiction and now the beginning of the third, it would seem that the writer is preparing the readers for a showdown between the Big Badgotta be Nemo or Hel, or both and the Big GoodEnoch,and I assume Lelouch, not sure who else in what I can only surmise will be a Duel to the Death}}. I've enjoyed this fanfiction thus far and hope it doesn't end in some kind of massive anticlimax. My biggest complaint about this fanfiction thus far is the number of characters. There are too many. The OC's except for Enoch seem completely unnecessary and in some cases woodenAkira and the others seem like window dressing. I like how the canon characters have developed especially Lelouch becoming more of a real hero. It's is a nice change from other Code Geass fanfics I've read, but I didn't like the return of the Greeks, or the addition of the Babylonians. That seems a bit much.
    • I'd like to weigh in on this, since I wrote this damn fanfic. Is this story perfect? No, not even close, but then again it's a full length novel that was written for free. That's to be expected in any story--especially a fanfiction. I created Artwork, a detailed plotline, and planned out this fanfiction to be a trilogy from the very beginning. Most of the OC's were never meant to be detailed characters. Most of them are there to help move the story along. This story IS NOT Fix Fic, it is a What If scenario involving The gods of the ancients as Geass users, and the source of Geass being a mobile planet/Dyson Sphere from another dimension, and what would happen if humans activated said mobile planet/Dyson Sphere. I can tell by reading some of the reviews here that a few of the critics have not read Chronicles of Tartarus and thus do not understand the reason for the introduction of the Old Master Enoch into this story. Of all the OCs he is the most necessary to this story Because Nemo would hand Lelouch his ass on a silver platter. I never expected this story to be popluar, to be honest I'm actually surprised it is as popular as it is. This trilogy was a writing exercise to see just how fast I could write and draw a trilogy. I'm actually quite happy with the results and the response from most readers of this story. Some may consider it a Gambit Pileup that led to an Epic Fail ending of a Happily Ever After caused by Enoch. but hey, even Okouchi knew not everyone would like the ending he created in the Canon story. I've pleased a great many readers and that's enough to make me happy.
      •  :) Nice attitude. As the poster of the original YMMV, I'd like to say, while I had my issues with the story here and there, I can totally see what you aimed to achieve and commend you for it. Now, my opinion hasn't changed, I feel there were too many characters to keep track of, but I myself prefer stories focused on a few core members of the canon cast when I read a fic (which sometimes makes me feel like a total hypocrite whenever I work on my own fic, lol), but I WAS entertained by your tale. YMMV because it did, for me, but it definitely deserves a spot on this list.

Code Geass Megiddo by Wing Zero Alpha

  • Recommended by: swtrooper42
  • Synopsis: In a For Want of a Nail story, Lelouch sticks around long enough at the finale of season one to make ensure the Black Knights victory before going after Nunnally. This has unfortunate implications as Schneizel orders the activation of Operation Nero, the detonation of all Sakuradite deposits due to the Black Knights' impending victory. Japan is virtually destroyed as a result and Lelouch is captured and has his memories altered by the Emperor. Five years later, Lelouch is a brilliant general leading Brittania to victory against its enemies. But over the years, the remnants of the Black Knights have built up their strength in preparation for war with Brittania. All they need is a leader, and they know just where to find one.
  • Comments: How R2 should have been written. It's a rollercoaster of action and suspense, even as far back as the beginning. The Black Knight leaders play so well off each other that it seems completely natural. Seems to have some shades of Kallen/Lelouch, but nothing has developed so far.
    • It's a bit too gratuitously Darker and Edgier for me - the absence of most of the quirky minor canon characters might have something to do with it. And a lot of the canon characters we've seen so far seem very OOC to me, even considering the five year Time Skip.
    • User:Arc Varanus: I actually felt the opposite. The scenario, while dark, seems like a natural development of the tone of the final few episodes. Same with the characters, the author obviously took great care to consider how each person's would develop in the five-year timeskip at the start of the story. Special mention goes to the Knights of the Round, particularly Gino and Bismark. All in all, a great fic that may prove to rival Lelouch of Brittania, IMO.
    • My only complain is that Suzaku is treated like a crazed fanatic and that Kallen's Geass is kind of over powered.
    • User:Warwolf: Considering that Suzaku comes damn close to being one in canon, I'd say this isn't too far off. This is the guy who thought it was okay to have his supposed best friend MIND RAPED in canon so he could pursue his own desires at the cost of justice (as Lelouch and much of Japan, if not the world saw it), and was more than willing to murder Lelouch if he ever broke free of the prison they'd forced him into within his own mind, out of his own selfish desire for revenge due to Lelouch actually taking responsibility (albeit in a tragic way) for what happened with Euphy....yeah. He fits this role frighteningly well. He was NOT altogether right in the head from Euphy's death onwards. Not that he was all that sane to begin, with given his Death Seeker mentality and all before that but....
    • One thing I'd like to note, is that in addition to making Suzaku an unambiguous villain, the author also plays down many of Lelouch's more evil qualities to make him an unambiguous hero. I know that there are plenty of people who just saw it that way in the actual series, and there's nothing wrong with that, but I personally love the moral ambiguity of Code Geass, and I consider it a strike against this story for getting rid of it. Still a really good story though... even if it does drag on at a lot of points.
      • I don't know about that. Granted, Lelouch was depicted as an unambiguous hero early on, but that was due to the Emperor's brainwashing and, upon his recovery, his remorse for Euphie's death and so on. When he got back to being Zero however, he started to show signs of the moral ambiguity he held in the show, namely in his conversation with (manipulation of) Kaguya. And now that Pearl Harbor is finally over with, who knows what he'll do next...
    • Dammit it even has its own wiki!
    • And its own trope page.

32 Pickup by Gunpowder Gelatine

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross
  • Synopsis: Basically, Lelouch and Cornelia team up following Marianne's death to find her killer. It's really too early in the story to know exactly where it's going but by the looks of things, Lelouch and Nunnally won't get banished here.
  • Commentary: As I said before, the story is really just getting started, but the first few chapters are really well done and the characterizations of Cornelia and Lelouch are quite good indeed. Just a small warning, there is a little bit of femslash between Cornelia and Marianne but nothing major.

Code Geass: A Different Code by Thanathos

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross
  • Synopsis: Instead of finding C.C. in the capsule at Shinjuku, Lelouch found and recieved his Geass from V.V. This is not the end to the deviations from canon either, which include Lelouch sparing a much more likable Clovis, Kallen discovering Zero's true identity much earlier as well as recieving a geass of her own, Mao tentatively joining Lelouch and Shirley's father surviving Narita. Honestly, nothing major has come of any of these things yet, however they are worth mentioning due to the fact that these things (the last two especially) rarely happen in Code Geass fanfics.
  • Commentary: This is a very interesting AU fic. The scenes between Lelouch and V.V. are fun to read, V.V. himself is characterized quite well. The only major downside being that so far, there has been only one short appearance by C.C., however the way things are going, she may very well come back into the story very soon.

Lelouch of the Revolution by Lilyflower1987

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross, Misticsan.
  • Synopsis: Clovis discovers Lelouch and Nunnally alive in Area 11 long before Shinjuku ever happens and Lelouch winds up having to join the military so that he can be 'useful' to the empire (and also so the Emperor won't try and make use of Nunnally instead).
  • Commentary: One of my absolute favorites. The story moves along nicely and the author has even managed to work Zero into the plot, albeit with some differences. Pairingwise, it'll probably end up either Lelouch/C.C. or Lelouch/Kallen, at the moment though there are no pairings.
    • Misticsan: It's a fast paced fic and it falls short of descriptions. However, I have to praise the author for sticking to the original plot without compromising the premise, keeping everyone in character and using minor canon characters instead of creating new ones. There is also a good deal of humor, like the first season of the anime.

Lelouch of the Second Chance by kyugan (Time Travel)

  • Recommended by thatguyfromthere, User:Comartemis, User:Unclouded TJ
  • Synopsis: Lelouch was quite prepared to die, consigned to going down in history as the Demon Emperor, the target of the world's misery. He wasn't prepared to start over from the beginning.
  • Commentary: Brilliant humour. The vendetta against Suzaku and the way Lelouch's Geass is handled is written well.
    • Drakyndra: While the idea behind this fic is great, I find the execution to be rather lacking: Instead of using his knowledge of the future to come up with a better solution, the author seems to be using it as an excuse for Lelouch being a God-Moded Possession Sue. That there even is a vendetta against Suzaku when Lelouch is coming from a point after they were trusted friends again is just an example of OOC just so the author can act out his own Revenge Fic. I would love to see someone actually play this Time Travel concept seriously.
    • Marlee Cross: While I do think it's a funny fic and look forward to updates, I have to agree with Drakyndra that it could've been handled better. The commentary at the beginning and end of each chapter is also really unnecessary and overly silly.
    • Okage The Shadow King: This was a great fanfic. Characterization and grammar are nearly perfect except for a few errors. This is the Time Travel concept done right not so overly complicated you get tired of reading it because it is depressing. This is a story not to be neglected.
    • User:Zaiaku 666: YMMV, while the story can be taken as a semi-serious fic, the fact that his Irish Freudian Excuse is just that. However, for those who wish a more humorous take will find this enjoyable.
    • The Elder God: An amazingly written AU fanfiction. If you are looking for a fic where Lelouch wins this is your best choice. Please do not avoid reading this gem of a story.
    • User:Comartemis: The so-called "vendetta" against Suzaku actually seems to be a grudge against Lancelot for being a walking avatar of Murphy's Law, Suzaku himself hasn't been bashed at all either by the author or by Lelouch. Highly recommended if you want to see Lelouch win without getting screwed over in the process.
    • User:Unclouded TJ: Well done Peggy Sue fic where a lot of changes start coming very rapidly and there's no idea what's going to actually stay the same if anything by the end of the first season.
    • Lelouch is a Marty Stu and somewhat out of character. Suzaku, even though not directly bashed, still never gets a break.

Revenant by YamiPaladinOfChaos

  • Recommended by Drakyndra, neothoron, GrieverVIII, enviroguy
  • Synopsis: A brutal slaughter at a combined Britannian/Black Knights military base sets off cracks in the fragile peace post-Zero Requiem. Zero, Nunnaly and the remaining Black Knights try to prevent war breaking out once more.
  • Commentary: One of my favourite post-R2 fanfics, because 1. It shows both the immediate Zero Requiem angst, but also allows the characters to move forward and develop further; 2. While it acknowledges how easily the peace could end, it also shows how many people will fight to keep it intact; 3. It doesn't assume that the day can only be saved by a Lelouch Ex Machina; and 4. Lots of characters get CMOAs.
    • I will add a few items: 5. No OOC. 6. Lots of WAFF/CMoH. 7. Lots of Red Herrings.
    • An excellent fic. The author is quite good and has written several others listed here. The ending revelation was specifically awesome.

The Demon King by ShadowCell

  • Recommended by Nitramy, Fenrir
  • Synopsis: Was Lelouch really evil? A post-R2 fic revolving around Kallen and her search for answers.
  • Commentary: Not much I can say about this fic, except it is written very well, and nearly everyone is in character (especially C.C.).

Of Monsters And Men by Nate Grey

  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Synopsis: A For Want of a Nail fic, with the initial change being Nunnally being one of the hostages at Lake Kawaguchi (along with Euphemia, Nina, etc).
  • Commentary: As a whole, this is a well-written, believable fic. The majority of the characters are in character, with some exceptions being Shirley (who the author turns into even more of The Scrappy , likely to annoy a number of people). There are several OC 's, mainly Geass users, and there are a couple divergences from canon not caused by the initial change (such as Nina having a Geass). Kallen, Euphemia, and Nunnally all get a significant amount more attention than in canon, all being characterized accurately and getting a number of awesome moments. Nunnally is quite a lot less naive in this than she seems in canon, but otherwise is the same. The scenes with Euphie and Lelouch a/o Nunnally are nice also. In addition, there are quite a lot of hilarious moments, IMO.
    • Note: this hasn't been updated in a long while, and may be a Dead Fic. But, who knows, if any of you read and review it, it might (hopefully) encourage the author to continue...

In the End by V 0 ID.

  • Recommended by kyocat1, lulu_lover, blobugus911
  • Synopsis: Seconds after the Demon Emperor's assassination, the world falls into chaos unlike the peace he had hoped for. Post R2 continuation. After all, brilliant schemes like the Zero Requiem do have a tendency to go awry. Alternates between Kallen, CC, Suzaku, Nunally and Lelouch's point of view. Updates WEEKLY.
  • Comments: The description is so intricate it almost hurts me. This is Lelouch's body before CC steals it. His beautiful violet eyes were closed and with his eyelashes brushing his cheekbones, she marveled at how peaceful he looked in death even with a sickly grey that painted his skin. I like how it covers the suicidal-ness of Lelouch before he killed himself. Makes me see him in a whole different light. I also like how it talks about what everyone thought about CC being at his side....
  • Comments: The author does a good job with flashbacks, and they make the characters seem real. I kind of had to have a dictionary on hand though.

Code Geass: Mao of the Deliverance by Kleptographer of Alternates

  • Recommended by The Letter D, User:Raineh Daze
  • Synopsis: Set before and leading into the series. After Mao is abandoned by C.C. for refusing to fulfill their contract, he sets out to save her from herself. During his search, he faces several challenges as he struggles to survive in the harsh world around him; his methods becoming increasingly questionable as his desperation grows.
  • Coments: Currently in-progress. A worthwhile read that shows just how difficult life is for Mao. Brilliantly conceptualizes the actions Mao must have taken in order to reach the point he did in the series, as well as fleshing out his character with an assortment of interesting and original details. Flashbacks to C.C. so far are written in a touching, romantic flavor, which might be a turn off to some. A few chapters have also been a bit slow as they are designed to set up for what comes later. Plenty of humor, action and angst though.
    • User:Murex: This is a well-written and very enjoyable fanfic. Recommended, if only because it makes Mao an even more sympathetic character without turning him into a Draco in Leather Pants. Occasional grammatical errors, and it sometimes uses songs from other anime in the story [1], if that bugs you.
    • User:Raineh Daze Also, the author has a habit of responding to reviews [2] in the Author Notes, if that bothers you. Also, the chapter where Mao falls asleep and starts dreaming is absolutely hilarious.

More than just a Man by Thanathos

  • Recommended by Gore17, delax
  • Synopsis: "What would you give up for power?" "Anything." "Your existance as a human being?" "Yes." C.C. is not a simple immortal, but a vampire. What will change if Lelouch was no longer human when he rose up against the Empire and his father? Probably a harem
  • Comments: A surprisingly good story, with Lelouch becoming a vampire. Unlike most cases, he isn't automatically great, as the transformation takes time and a lot of nutritiants. Watching Lelouch deal with his new desires for blood and sex, drinking lots of milk so he doesn't suffer growing pains and being forced to excrcise or get stuff in a underdeveloped body for eternity are the highlights of the story.

I Heard The World by YamiPaladinofChaos

  • Recommended by Arc Varanus, Drakyndra, GrieverVIII, enviroguy, User:Ellamew
  • Synopsis: AU. A twist of fate, a different world, and a familiar war. Kururugi Suzaku wages a crusade against the Empire of Japan and Lelouch Lamperouge struggles to find redemption for his own dark sins. The future can only accept one vision of justice, my friend.
  • Comments: YamiPaladinofChaos has already been highly recommended already, and for good reason. I cannot recommend this story enough. What YPoC does with the canon characters is so much more than a simple shift in circumstances like one would be lead to believe. The twists to the characters are dynamic and engrossing, such as Shirley and Rivalz being members of the Brittanian Resistance and coming into contact with a broken Lelouch. Fantastic work.
    • It should also get credit for not just going with a simple role-reversal (some of the new roles the characters have are fascinating), and having some very interesting world-building going on.
    • This fic is great. At lot of thought went into the Holy Empire of Japan and seeing each character new role is really fun. My only complaints are extremely small. First theres the fact that the author really likes teasing as a form of comedy, it's over used and gets kinda of annoying(I dislike his Kaguya for this reason). Another is his habit of inserting random cameos or lines from other series, this is distracting rather than funny. Still, a very awesome fic, should definitely be checked out.

Code Geass Reverse by Kyogre

  • Recommended by R.G.
  • Synopsis: Based on a picture on Deviant ART, role reversal AU, Oneshot. Nunally is the older sister to crippled, blind Lelouch. Kallen is in the Brittaninan army. Suzaku is a freedom fighter, out to change the resistance.
  • Comments: An intriguing AU, to be sure. Worth a read or two.

Dauntless by Allora Gale

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross, Candelabra, Eleanor, enviroguy, User:Moberemk, What Meme,AJC 46
  • Synopsis: Lelouch had been quite happy with his life. Sure they were living in obscurity, but he and Nunnally were safe. All of that changes however, when his identity is revealed and Lelouch is forced back into the fold of the Imperial family.
  • Comments:
    • It's a little slow paced so far, but it has excellent characterization.
      • The slow pace is somewhat forgivable for the simple fact that it updates ridiculously quickly. There's usually at least one new chapter every week.
        • Although, they've slowed down lately.
    • The trouble with Dauntless is that the main themes in the series (so far) are not the author's greatest strengths. The politics and military warfare are obviously being written by someone who doesn't understand them terribly well. Charles deciding to send Lelouch off to Boot Camp doesn't make a whole lot of sense, as aristocrats generally believed common soldiers was a peasant's job. Likewise, Lelouch managing to capture a heavily fortified position with a handful of knightmares, which Cornelia couldn't do with an entire army, tends to stretch belief just a little too far. It seems like the author borrowed many of the ideas from Lelouch of Britannia, and then made numerous small changes to it to make it distinct, even though the plot tends to suffer as a result. On the other hand, the author seems to be updating fairly quickly now, so any readers who do enjoy the fic will get a lot of it.
      • Charles sending Lelouch to boot camp actually makes a lot of sense considering that a. Lelouch's mother was a common soldier herself, b. Lelouch isn't exactly a favourite among the nobility thus no one really gives a damn about him joining the army, and c. This in conjunction with his arranged marriage is Lelouch's "punishment". The author also addressed Lelouch capturing said fortress while Cornelia couldn't as Cornelia, though a fantastic general and soldier she is, is stubborn and narrow-minded, not often thinking outside the box.
      • How is it anything like Lelouch Of Britannia?
      • It isn't. It's much better.
        • Agreed.
      • User:AJC 46: A great read one of the better code geass fics in the vein of the premise Lelouch Of Britannia the few OC present are well done and avoid a major pet peeve i have "standing out and overshadowing the official chars" especially Lelouch's arranged wife Abigail as of late has gotten some character development that makes her a more likable character in story at least for Lelouch also her interactions with C.C are just hilarious due to a early misunderstanding.
      • Word of warning, a Fix Fic this is not; as compelling as this series is, it soon becomes apparent that Allora Gale's CG world is a crap sack one indeed, with Lelouch, Kallen, and others even more ruthless than in canon, making much harsher choices that often have dire consequences. Even minor actions can lead to tragic results down the road, as underlined in the latest chapter as of this writing. At the moment, a Downer Ending would appear to a Foregone Conclusion for this series.
    • It's had its own trope page for awhile.

Changing Course by karndragon

  • Recommended by azul120
  • Synopsis: AU from R2 Episode 19 What if someone had picked up Lelouch after the betrayal of the Black Knights and changed the course of his destiny with the help from those he would have never expected.
  • Comments: In-progress, but it looks to be pretty much the perfect Fix Fic for anyone who was irritated by the betrayal, and the subsequent events, including the Zero Requiem. Lelouch is saved by someone who informs him that Nunnally is still alive, a game changer in two very crucial regards: Lelouch begins to come back from the brink of despair with her at his side again, and is able to keep her from being used as a pawn by Schneizel. One very satisfying Crowning Moment of Awesome: when Villetta attempts to strike up a conversation with Kallen after the betrayal, the latter her gives a very satisfying Shut UP, Hannibal, just knowing that she didn't really care about the truth. And more importantly, Lelouch finally gets to come clean with Nunnally and Kallen, and the core Black Knights are called out on the Moral Dissonance regarding the betrayal. Some people may not be satisfied by some of the contempt Suzaku is treated with and how he has become a bit of a third wheel, or the apparent flanderization of Tohdoh and Chiba. Not to mention that the prominent OC, Jinta Kuromaki, has already been tagged a Fixer Sue on a few occasions. Still, not enough to detract from the insightful points made here.

Code Geass: Light in the Darkness by Sdebeli

  • Recommended by: User:Unclouded TJ, GrieverVIII
  • Synopsis: Like always, it is the split-second decisions we make under pressure that have the greatest of consequences. Given a choice between seeing his beloved sister die and saving her at cost of himself, Lelouch vi Britannia made the obvious decision.
  • Comments: Lelouch arrived earlier to the scene of his mother's murder and managed to protect Nunnally from harm, instead being blinded himself. Now fast forward to Area 11 where a healthy Nunnally and a blind, but athletic Lelouch, find themselves at the start of the canon events. Wonderful twists and turns and shocking developments from the get go. Especially nice to see no bashing and realistic character development.
    • The writing starts out kind of rough but gets a lot better as it goes along. The story is very interesting and everyone is in character. However, It does have two annoying problems. One is that Lelouch skirts the line between Marty Stu and Boring Invincible Hero. The closest he's come to loosing was his first battle against Cornelia and that was a draw in his favor. The other is that Suzaku is horribly worfed. Every fight he has been in has resulted in him either loosing badly or being useless.Nunnally in a sutherland literately destroyed the Lancelot in his first appearance. There truly is no bashing though.

The Sum of Our Choices by Juubi-K

  • Recommended by: NotJMKeynes
  • Synopsis: AU. The Black Rebellion has succeeded, and Japan is free. Lelouch Lamperouge thought being Zero the resistance leader was tough. Now, as Zero the statesman, he must rebuild Japan, keep the EU in the war, and keep his personal life under control
  • Comments: A very-well written AU, where the Black Rebellion succesfully gained independence for Japan. In the first chapters, much attention is given to the political game that happens inside Japan and also expands considerably the role of the European Ultra-Union, giving them technology enough to stand against Brittania (also, Brittania suffers from much more internal problems than in the actual series) and a champion, Magnus Constantine (though, not an Expy of Xing-ke) and the role of the Japanese division of the EU, but quickly gets action-y in the Battle of Brussels. The main pairing is Lelouch/Kallen (an excellent execution, in this troper's opinion) and OC/OC. Recently, reached its Wham! Episode, where the OC Faramond u Brittania, nephew of Lelouch, son of Odysseus is revealed to be the Messiah, according to Emperor Charles' plan.

Code Geass The Demon and The Dragon by Knightmare Gundam of Ni

  • Recommended by: KGON
  • Synopsis: AU based on what may be if Lelouch had a twin brother.
  • Comments: Similar to the author's other work, loaded with Technology Porn. Otherwise, it pretty much follows the general line of events with differences in the details.

Tropicana Slices by Nightsmoke

  • Recommended by User:Moberemk
  • Synopsis: After the fall of the 99th Emperor and one summer nursing a cold, Jeremiah stays home sick from Villetta's wedding. Introspective character study of Jeremiah as he stops to think about how two years have changed him.
  • Comments: A great Jeremiah introspective with some fascinating bits of the post-R2 world to boot. It's a very well-done oneshot, especially for fans of Jeremiah.

Armed Resistance by SixTwoSixFour

  • Recommended by Lustheron, User:Unclouded TJ, Kazeto
  • Synopsis: Lelouch, long-lost prince, has been plotting his revenge on Britannia for years. But he's slowly realizing that his excuse for fighting has become more than just an excuse. Between his old anger and new purpose, which will he follow? AU, first person.
  • Comments: A For Want of A Nail fic where Lelouch is far angrier than Canon. The reason for this is Nunnally died 4 years prior to the series start. Things are different rather early on but the story doesn't really diverge from the series until after Narita. An interesting divergance is that Shirley joins the Black Knights as their chief interrogator India Foxtrot and Rivalz is immune to Mao's Geass due to always thinking two things at once.
    • This Troper personally found it to rapidly devolve into a sue fic. Then again, i couldn't even force myself past chapter 8 so maybe it got better.
    • It does give that vibe early on but the various problems Lelouch runs into make this Troper think the story averts becoming a Sue Fic. Such problems include dealing with a rebellion within the Black Knights much earlier than canon and finding out a throw away command from the first few chapters comes back to bite him when an organization called The Circle is started devoted to killing all members of the royal family, at any cost. Including Euphemia being shot several times and gassing the JLF base after they capture Cornelia.
    • User:Unclouded TJ: I agree with the above comment. It shakes things up decently enough that it has its own flavor without it being a fixer Sue.
    • Kazeto: A very good story in my opinion. Lelouch does appear to be becoming a Sue early on, but it is quickly stopped from happening. And there is a healthy share of both humour (Lloyd's hand, for example), action (the swordfight) and drama, most of it being natural conclusion of the events presented. Some things and rules concerning Geass had also been changed, but it still makes more sense than what R2 tried to do with it, and other than the Geass Runaway of India Foxtrot, it doesn't take any weird directions. Lelouch's anger also subsides as his hate towards Charles becomes a secondary motivation for leading the rebellion and he genuinely starts taking care of his men (as compared to Canon, where he was getting crazier over time). Currently being rewritten as the author decided that the reliance on knightmare frames as superior weapons in-universe doesn't make much sense.
      • His hate towards Charles was always a secondary motivation. His descent into madness? Yeah, that happened in canon, though that's a different topic.

Passion by firelordzuko

  • Recommended by What Meme
  • Synopsis: Lelouch naturally is quite shocked when he finds himself in the Desert of Negev, 30 AD, after Zero Requiem. And why does that obscure preacher get the easy job - taking care of Nunnally - and Lelouch is going to get crucified in his place? Might offend.
  • Comments: Lelouch and Jesus switch places. Pure, unadulterated crack. The ficdom needs more of this.

From_The_Ashes by Tobi Tortue

  • Recommended by What Meme
  • Synopsis: 1200 years after the end of Britannia's Golden Age, history and archeology student Phoenix Zero studies abroad in Eastern America, exploring the long-lost Royal Britannian Cemetery. What he uncovers is only the beginning of the adventure.
  • Comments: Not sure what to say, other than I heartily recommend this.

Windhover by Muckraker

  • Recommended by User:Moberemk
  • Synopsis: Suzaku spends his days in opaque misery and his own brand of self-destruction. Somewhat unfortunately for him, Gino is not easily deterred. References to R2 Picture Drama 0.56 and the Rounds-themed light novel. Emotional constipation. Par for the course.
  • Comments: Seriously nice exploration of Gino and Suzaku's relationship. Well worth a read.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Awesomeness by Keith Fraser

  • Recommended by Oracle Seven, delax
  • Synopsis: Lelouch Lamperouge, genius, warrior, leader, lover, and all-around badass goes through his morning workout routine, inspects his vast collection of hi-tech weaponry and greets his many girlfriends. Parody of common fanfiction cliches.
  • Comments: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. This is a great little story that does not take itself seriously at ALL.
    • Interesting, in that most of Fraser's stories are well thought out variations of proper canon, mostly stressing variations of Nunnally's involvement, if not shifting the spotlight onto her.

Pizza Delivery is Serious Buisness by sasahara17

  • recommended by Chaotic Novelist, User:Electroninja
  • Synopsis: In which Suzaku Kurugi learns the hard way that pizza delivery is serious business.
  • Comments: You know how much Pizza Hut promotion is in Code Geass? This fic takes that concept and makes a mock epic. There is just enough plausibility to make you think it could happen. Its hilarious.
    • Perhaps the most hilarious Code Geass story this troper has ever read. Just the thought of using Knightmare Frames to deliver pizza cracks this troper up.

The First Servant by firelordzuko

  • Recommended by msq
  • Synopsis: Faramond vi Britannia - son of a mother and no father. Long restrained by his uncle, when in the wake of a bloody civil war he is sent to Lord Gottwald's plantation, a brave new world of dark secrets, love, betrayal and masks is opened to him...
  • Comments: This Next Gen Fic, though originally in German, is among other things surprisingly well written and thought out. The chapters not only expound on and explore the implications of Zero Requiem (including an antagonist descended from the Duke of Wellington ironically trying to emulate Lelouch), but also give a more realistic (or at least plausibly grounded) take on the source material, showing the inner dynamics and tensions within Britannia. If there's a warning, it would have to be the occasional typos from the translation (especially early on) and the eventual implication that Faramond is Lelouch and Nunnally's lovechild.

Euphemia's Bargain by Kamentantei

  • Recommended by Higurashiblood98
  • Synopsis: At the SAZ ceremony, Zero and Euphemia have a talk in private. Lelouch agrees to help Euphemia with her plan of building a better Japan, in exchange for coming out of hiding as a prince and returning to the Royal Family. He discovers that balancing out dealing with being a prince, helping the Japanese and being Zero are not working out too well and learns that Euphemia's naive dreams may come at a high cost.
  • Comments: This story is quite well-done. I read over it and the author makes a good habit of updating it around every month and there is an interesting plot twist in each chapter. Already it has 72 reviews and it seems the number will keep on growing.

Code Geass Tertio Bello by BlindDestiny

  • Recommneded by Higurashiblood98
  • Synopsis: One year after the Zero Requiem, Jeremiah Gottwald's Geass Canceller accidentally affects Schneizel and eliminates the effects of Lelouch's geass, causing the madman to run amok. Meanwhile, Viceroy Nunnally is troubled by her brother's disappearance. Lelouch has awakened in a mysterious place and his geass is gone. Everyone else believes him to be dead, but it seems the world still needs him anyway.


Galton's Children by User:LVDB

  • Recommended by Tar Amandil, User:Guessmyname
  • Synopsis: An Elfen Lied / Code Geass Crossover. Lelouch first met Lucy when they were ten years old--a meeting that he no longer remembers. He's remained in the royal family ever since. Seven years later, they meet again in Area Eleven just as Lelouch is about to launch his bid for the throne...
  • Comments: The author does a good job meshing the two plots together, although he (she?) focuses less on the rest of the cast (noticeably C.C.) than I'd like. Despite this, the chapters "written" by Lelouch are pretty good at imitating his thought process, and Lucy's Mood Whiplash from lovestruck teenage girl to sociopathic mass murderer are quite entertaining. R-1 just finished.
    • User:Guessmyname: I sorta helped with this (ie idea-bouncing etc), so I wasn't sure if I could rec it, but it is GOOD.
    • User:Comartemis: Snarky!Lelouch is the most hysterical viewpoint character I've ever had the pleasure of reading ("I'm not gay! I'm melodramatic!"), and the story would be a worthy read even if the characterization were its' only good point (and boy howdy is the characterization good! I actually started to like Clovis thanks to this fic!). Thankfully it isn't, but there are a few flaws as well. For one, the author doesn't recap many key events or backstory in CG, which makes it essential for those who've only seen Elfen Lied to brush up on at least R:1 if the story is to make any kind of sense. Second... Orange-kun! Noooooo!!!
      • Don't give up hope! The Seigfried was stolen at the end of Chapter 22!
      • Also, in chapter 23 we heard a VERY characteristic "ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!", accompanied by the Siegfried blowing stuff up all over the place. Yeah, I'd say he's alive.
        • Is he really, though? I had hoped, at first (I mentioned ch. 22). But MY Orenji would never let his "ardor to serve Prince Lelouch" fade! D= This fic is truly on the cynical end of the scale! A true Dark Fic!
        • Epic Spoilers ahead. you have been warned. Hang on, things have taken a turn for the slightly-less-dark lately! Orange seems to have been serving the Not So Dead Nunnaly, who is acting in the interest of Lelouch's safety, thus somehow serving them both in equal measure! It may be throwing standard logic right out the window, but who cares? It's Jeremiah! Logic never really seemed to work for him in any case.
    • User:LVDB: Hey guys. I wasn't sure if I should put this here or not, but if you're interested, I created a Troper Works page for Galton's Children in my section here.

One and Only Son by Juubi-K

  • Recommended by: Steve the Corn Muffin, Cirexreview, papercut
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Code Geass/Gundam 00 crossover. After the Kingdom of Krugis falls to Britannia in 2004 ATB, Knight of One Bismarck Waldstein adopts a young Soran Ibrahim (Setsuna F. Sei) as his son and rechristens him as Alexander B. Waldstein. As he grows into a young man, Alexander must deal with all the hazards and intrigue of Britannian court politics, war, the growing issue of terrorism and unrest in the far east, romance, and his own personal insecurites of being a foreigner raised in a society of bigoted elitists. Oh, and the other Gundam 00 characters are going to be in it, as well.
  • Comments: "One and Only Son" has a very professional feel to it. It's definitely the best Gundam 00/Code Geass crossover on so far. The writing is neat and meticulous, and Juubi-K has an absolutely perfect grip on the political situations of the various Areas. The story just recently finished up Alexander's early life, and will soon be dealing with the events of the show itself. How the presence of a determined, skilled KMF devicer who would have become the pilot of Gundam Exia and Gundam 00 in another time and place will influence the storyline has yet to be seen. But if the early chapters are any indication of what's to come, this is going to be a good one to keep watch on.
    • McMaggot: Keep an eye out for every Gundam 00 fan's favorite red-haired, bearded sociopath.
    • papercut: While a serious fic for the most part (Politics! Knightmares! Plots!), it does have its share of comedy. Setsuna/Alexander x Luluko = freaking hilarious

Fate: Nightmare Apatheia by HeavyValor

  • Recommended by User:The Philosopher King, crazyeater, Cpt Sparkles
  • Synopsis: “Welcome to Fate/Nightmare Apatheia. Welcome to the war.” A deceptively simple crossover between Code Geass and Fate/stay night. The Holy Grail War becomes the deciding element in Charles’s and the Grail’s plans for Instrumentality, leading to a guaranteed Gambit Pileup revolving around Servants and Immortals. One of each falls into the hands of two Ashford Academy students, Servant Saber for Shirou Emiya and the Immortal C.C. for Lelouch Lamperouge. With both Servants and Immortals scattered throughout the world, the Holy Grail War is escalated to a global conflict, promising a new release to Angra Mainyu, All The World’s Evil.
  • Comments: Combining the worlds of the Nasuverse and Code Geass, F/NA takes the tried-and-true formula of simply mixing both works into the same story and turns it into something glorious. This fic starts both protagonist’s routes anew, and then proceeds to intertwine their paths seamlessly. Everything familiar about CG and F/SN is still present, and preserved to an exacting degree. However, the combination of both opens up the fic to a plethora of promising ideas. The hints of knightmare-magecraft combat, Servant battles on the scale of entire military operations, and Immortal special forces are simply tantalizing for a military buff. Not to mention the excellent characterizations and interactions. Definitely one of the 10% worth dying for.
    • crazyeater: The author has a habit of changing up the story with added content, which can throw the reader. It’s worthwhile, though, to look through the entire story every so often to see what changes were made. What really stands out in this fic is the character development due to the personal interactions of the added characters, such as Saber’s debate with Lelouch (though which is added to which is sometimes hard to tell. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s pretty much the biggest sign of good crossover writing). The author captures each character’s personality to a T, with the possible exceptions of Suzaku, who (by Word of God) is a psychopath (which turns out to be a lot more logical than it seems, canon-wise) and Lloyd (who is admittedly difficult to capture well). Thus far, though, the breadth of the story and the depth of the characters make this fic an excellent read.
    • Cpt. Sparkles: Some crossovers have the problem of being way too shallow - often, though two groups of characters and two worlds collide in a fanfiction, they remain so separate that it often seems as if the author had simply decided to tell two of the same story at once. Fate/Nightmare Apatheia is not one of these fanfictions. Apatheia tries, above all, to blend the Nasuverse world of magical politics and wars with the alternate history of the world, to the point that the resulting creation is almost a new universe in its own right. So far, Heavy Valor has conveyed the nuances of each characters well (particularly through the ideological debate between Saber and Lelouch that is noted by Crazy Eater). Apatheia, while not the first of its kind, is facing the odds - the sheer incongruousness between a world that has been dominated by reason (Code Geass, where apparently they discovered railguns in the Renaissance) and one dominated by magic (the Nasuverse, where magic and faith dominate behind the scenes) provides a huge obstacle, one that thus far has been surmounted. The marriages between magic and mechas are often fraught with adultery, miscarriages and separation. It will be interesting to see how Heavy Valor and Apatheia fare in their matchmaking.

FateGeass: The Eden Vital War by AlfheimWanderer

  • Recommended by User:Rivenscryr, Steve the Corn Muffin
  • Synopsis: Set in an altered Code Geass universe with Fate/stay night elements mixed into it, this fic tells the story of the most recent Eden Vital War, a ritual established to minimize damage in resolving disputes between Code-bearers with different visions for the future of the World of C, since the last dispute resulted in a world-spanning war that destroyed Atlantis and nearly caused The End of the World as We Know It. But, as the cast of Code Geass isn't exactly known for following rules, V.V. decides to stack the deck by sealing away C.C. before the War in order to prevent her from stopping Instrumentality. C.C. does not take kindly to this, and upon her release during the Shinjuku Incident, appoints Lelouch as the 8th champion of the War - Avenger, the wielder of Absolute Retribution.
  • Comments: AlfheimWanderer has done a magnificent job of blending elements of the Nasuverse into the world of Code Geass, with the result a refreshingly unique story. From the change in Lelouch's geass from Absolute Obedience to Absolute Retribution (which will have interesting repercussions for his possible future as Zero), to the notion of Geass as a channel for the power of a greater archetype crystallized in the collective unconscious, from daily life at Ashford Academy to battles in mental worlds, what exists of the fic thus far stays true to the themes of Code Geass universe, but explores the characters on a more intensely personal scale, set against the tapestry woven from tantalizing bits of the world's mysterious past.
    • Person With Many Aliases: I have no problem with admitting the level of writing is certainly at an acceptable level, and it makes for a good read. C.C.'s sheer badassitude and experience so far has taken the story down an non-stop Curb Stomp Battle, outwitting and nearly outgunning all of her opposition. I haven't finished the story quite yet, but at 32 chapters out of a finished 40... Again, I would say a good work for simple escapism and unwinding, but this is like "Military Exploits of S.S."
    • StevetheCornMuffin: To put it simply, Lelouch being Avenger is absolutely perfect. That has to be the greatest concept for a plot point in a fanfic that I have ever read. Ever. I mean, the parallels between canon Lelouch and canon Avenger are so similar it's insane. If you are familar with Fate/hollow ataraxia, then the sybolism and parallels will not be missed. It's almost as if this crossover were fated to happen. The muses willed it so!

Eternal Geass Moon: The Garden of Sinners by AlfheimWanderer

  • Recommended by StevetheCornMuffin, User:Rivenscryr
  • Synopsis: This one is a crossover between Code Geass and Kara no Kyoukai, in a world where hidden powers lie just beneath the surface, with a more comprehensive system of supernatural abilities replacing Geass - magecraft, psychic abilities, and even demonic abilities all drawn from the work of Kinoko Nasu's. In other words, its a Code Geass / Nasuverse fic, with the story of the Black Rebellion set against the backdrop of the Nasuverse itself. Characters from Tsukihime, Melty Blood, and Fate Stay Night as well as from KNK also appear in the story and have roles that affect the plot in some shape or form.
  • Comments: The story is a work-in-progress, but what's avaliable is well-written. The Holy Britannian Empire and Lelouch's allies are about evenly matched (even though the Empire has the advantage, what with being an Empire and all), and has some pretty good fight scenes so far. After all, a story with Rolo being a Dead Apostle, Bradley being even more of a murderous git than he already is, a cross-dressing Kaleidostick-possessed Lelouch proceeding to beat the crap out of formerly mentioned Bradley, Nero Chaos living up to his name, Shiki/Sion shipping, and the seamless integration of Nasu-magic with Geass is pretty cool.
    • User:Rivenscryr: Just to throw my two cents in, I'd have to say that Milly's role is pretty interesting as well, and the byplays between Lelouch and some of the more...sadistic characters in the Nasuverse are absolutely hysterical. Aside from that, the author captures the Grey and Grey Morality of Code Geass quite well (something reflected in the characterization of both sides), C.C.'s interactions with Lelouch are amusing, to say the least, and the fight scenes are rather well done. Definitely worth taking a look at.

Zero vs Kira by CrossoverManiac

  • Recommended by feral, User:Unclouded TJ
  • Synopsis: Death Note Crossover, A Britannian world-breaching experiment brings Light Yagami to the Code Geass world. Now Light is out for Britannian blood... and Lelouch is jealous.
  • Comments: An ongoing series... (and though his plans are going well so far, it also seems that Light has also replaced Lelouch as the universe’s personal Butt Monkey while Lulu unknowingly reaps the benefits of the Butterfly Effect.) Now with Tv tropes page.
    • User:Unclouded TJ: It has promise to be a very interesting fic with how differently Kira and Zero handle events and seeing just who will win in the end has some definite potential.
  • After a long hiatus, Crossover Maniac has returned and started a whole new CG crossover with... My Little Pony. Yes, you read that correctly. Despite sounding like crack personified, the chapters so far present a transmogrified world that's six of Crap Saccharine and half-dozen of Sugar Apocalypse.

Pokemon: Lelouch of the Revolution by User:Sam Jaz

  • Recommended by User:Arc Varanus
  • Synopsis: In a world where pokemon are used as the fulcrum of industry and warfare in liu of Knightmare Frames, one boy is given the power to strike back at the heart of the nation that betrayed him - the power of the King.
  • Comments: Relax - this isn't a crossover with the Pokemon anime, oh no. Rather, it's Code Geass set to a world that's a hybrid of the games and Pokémon Special. Sticks to CG canon mostly for the first few chapters, then the story finds it's feet and things really start to get crazy as the true scope of the setting is blasted wide open. Instead of Knightmare Frame battles, pokemon come into play as weapons of war, such as Suzaku becoming trainer of Mewtwo, aka 'Lancelot'. But that's just the beginning, and underneath it all is a conspiracy as the connection between the Power of the King, humanity and Pokemon seems much tighter bound than it first appears. Full of awesome moments, often when previously minor characters like Rivalz and Shirley Took a Level In Badass thanks to the setting, and a very deep look at just how frightening these critters can get in the hands of a certain Brittanian prince... Which one, however, is the real question to ask. Epic, full of action and just plain fun to read.

Code Geass 50K: Lelouch of the Imperium by Soraga

  • Recommended by R.G.
  • Synopsis: In the fifty-first millenium,the Imperium of Man is in the final stages of collapse. As the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler close in on Terra, humanity's final stronghold, their only hope is the Emperor's forgotten solders: the Black Knights.
  • Comments: I would like to recommend this fic to fans of Shinji And Warhammer 40K.I mean, let's face it, if Warhammer 40K can make somebody like Shinji into one hell of a leader, can you imagine Lelouch in his place?

The Chess Match by anja-chan

  • Recommended by Lekonar, Candelabra
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Death Note Crossover, After the Britannian Empire invades Japan in search of Kira, Light finds himself in the perfect position to find the true names of the Nobility: Ashford Academy. Enter Lelouch, a chessboard, and a clash of philosophy...
  • Additional Info: Code Geass/Death Note crossover. This is the best DN/CG I've seen. It updates very slowly, but the characters are very IC and the plot is clever and engaging.

JUSTICE by Slayer Anderson

  • Recommended by User:Darksidevoid
  • Synopsis: Lelouch, Zero, chose to make a stand against injustice, tyranny, and oppression. He never really expected to have to take a stand against zombies, bio-weapons, or Old Ones...Uh-oh.
  • Comments: An absolutely magnificently written crossover with Resident Evil, Cthulhu Mythos, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Currently at 7 chapters and counting. Point-of-view varies between characters, and each is incredibly well-written and mostly canon in characterization (there are perhaps a couple of exceptions, but for the most part they're spot-on). One of the best Code Geass crossovers I've ever seen. I can't recommend it enough.

Hight of Power by Setsuna F. Satoru (Code Geass, Death Note, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Crossover)

Soul Chess by Draconichero20 (Code Geass, Bleach Crossover)

  • Recommended by Rock2161
  • Synopsis: After the Zero Requiem, Lelouch goes to the Rukongai. There he meets Gin and Rangiku, and shortly decides to become a soul reaper. The story follows Lelouch as he becomes a soul reaper and rises through the ranks. See the trope page for more details.
    • The author tends to update fairly regularly, and does so in chunks of two to three chapters in quick succession. Well paced and a great read.
    • Agreed. Unlike most Bleach crossover fics this troper has read, the main character doesn't gain power absurdly quickly and become captain level within a couple decades. Any OC's are well done and manage to not take over the story. This troper teared up when Lelouch read Homura's diary after she died avenging their captain. Lelouch proves to continue to be the Lelouch we all know and love, particularly when he finds out Mayuri has been torturing/experimenting on Nemu and geasses him to never harm her again.

The War Of Kings by Pale Wolf

    • Fanfiction.Net link is here.
  • Recommended by User:Jiven
  • Crossover with Fate/stay night
  • Synopsis: The Holy Grail War is taking place in Fuyuki at the same time Kallen's resistance is stealing CC. When Lelouch protected that purple-haired girl from the fighting between terrorists and Brittanians, he didn't think he will be able to seize an extraordinary opportunity. Lelouch, as Master of Lancer, will try to grasp this wish with his own hands and to destroy Britannia. And doing his level best to put some more 'war' in the Holy Grail War.
  • Comments: A newborn fan fiction who shows great promise. Some original flavor, good characterization, good use of drama, and really well-paced action.

Red Geass by elarielf

  • Recommended by Candelabra
  • Crossover with The Mentalist
  • Synopsis: The death of a person of unknown origin at Ashford Academy wouldn't normally warrent the Area Burreau of Investigation. But when the suspects are an Eleven in the military and his odd friend, Jane might be a little too good at his job for his own good.
  • Comments: You wouldn't think Code Geass would cross over well with a crime/drama show, but you'd be wrong. This is a very, very good piece of fanfic, and it works fine even if you've never seen The Mentalist (I enjoyed it despite never having even heard of Mentalist) - just as a good detectives fic in general.

A New Road of Hope by RealmOfEmptiness

  • Recommended by User:amitakartok
  • Crossover with To Aru Majutsu no Index
  • Synopsis: Chased away from his family and his home, he finally found a new road. And now he is back to show it to the world.
  • Comments: Well... if you thought Lelouch getting a mind control Geass made his job of raising a rebellion too easy, what if he instead becomes Accelerator with an added bonus of sanity? Bad news for Britannia, that's what.
    • Daniel14541: A New Road of Hope should not be on here, its grammar is shit, and the plot reads like a bad Mary Sue. Don't read this fic unless you like to subject yourself to the horrors of bad fanfiction.
    • User:amitakartok: Seconded about less than perfect grammar quality but not about Lelouch being a MS. Did you even read past the first chapter? At least look up the trope definition before throwing that phrase around; the author makes no attempt to portray Lelouch' cruelty towards his enemies as a good thing and being overpowered doesn't automatically make someone a God Mode Sue (and chapter 11 reveals he suffers from Power Incontinence if someone close to him is hurt). As Accelerator, he's completely capable of thrashing the entire Britannian military all by himself (which WOULD make him a Sue) yet he still does his cloak-and-dagger thing because he knows going all-out would be excessive. And don't forget - this is Code Geass: there's at least half a dozen Magnificent Bastards in the cast so showing all your cards from the start is just asking for trouble.
    • Kazeto: Personally I think this fictions is not one of the best, though it certainly is readable, and can be enjoyable if you somehow get through the bad grammar (fortunately it improves a bit in later chapters). The one thing that can push potential readers is that this story suffers from The Stations of the Canon, meaning that some actions don't have results you would expect, and in some cases Lelouch acts weirdly, as the author tries to push the story back on tracks. It has potential, but right now loses some of it because "nothing changes"; in the future it might change, however.

Geass Rider Zero Knight by kyugan

  • Recommended by: Little Serge
  • Crossover with: Kamen Rider
  • Synopsis: Lelouch Lamperouge had grown bored of the humdrum cycle that had become his life. Little did he expect to be drawn into a world of combat and intrigue, which lurked just beyond the looking glass. Let's Ride.
  • Comments: Brought to us by the same author who gave us Lelouch of the Second Chance (recommended above), this fic is a surprisingly well-written crossover between Code Geass and one of Zero's more obvious inspirations, Kamen Rider. The plot seems to borrow a few ideas from the Manga adaptations of Code Geass, such as the lack of Knightmare Frames, Japanese students already being enrolled at Ashford Academy (both taken from the Code Geass Manga), Lloyd meeting Suzaku at the Academy (inspired by Suzaku of the Counterattack) and a more heavily armoured Zero (inspired by Nightmare of Nunnally). Notably, it's revealed early-on that Zero is not Lelouch, rather, C.C. is (again, inspired by Nightmare of Nunnally, where C.C. was the source of the Zero Armour and could also take that form). Lelouch ends up gaining his own unique armour a few chapters in, however. Much like some of the Nasuverse crossovers recommended above, it is possible to read this fic with little-to-no knowledge of Kamen Rider, and still thoroughly enjoy it. Be warned that the story itself hasn't updated in a year. However, the same could be said of kyugan's other fic, which has received the occasional update, so both fics still could be alive.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

My Mirror, Sword and Shield by spirithorse

  • Recommended by User:jarta
  • Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch
  • Synopsis: AU. Suzaku always knew that Lloyd was eccentric, but he never expected Lloyd to build a time machine, let alone one that worked. Nor did he expect to be transported eighteen years into the past and meet the infamous Demon King. Based on the movie Back to the Future.
  • Comments: One of the most cleverly written time travel fics I've ever read in any fandom. The plot and characters are well written and very intriguing. The relationship between Suzaku and Lelouch as knight and emperor, and the shifting POV of multiple characters are fascinating. The whole series can also be found here

Slices of C.C. by Kiki Kayashi

  • Recommended by Lee, User:Guessmyname, User:Darkaros
  • Pairing(s): Lelouch/C.C.
  • Synopsis: Random stories involving C.C. and her interactions with other characters, particularly Lelouch, Nunally, and oddly Tamaki. Lelouch and Kallen slowly lose their minds.
  • Comments: Hilarious, and stays in character for the most part, Lelouch's ass staring aside. It's also complete, and the author had mentioned the possibility of an R2 based sequel before, so let's cross our fingers.
    • User:Guessmyname: Seconded. Simply put, a bored C.C. is hilarious (and very good at giving Lelouch aneurysms)

The Castaway Prince by ClockMaker411

  • Pairing: Lelouch/Kallen
  • Synopsis: After coming to her rescue, Kallen is given a chance to show her feelings for Lelouch. How will that confession bear on his already tremulous relationship with C.C., who has, unbeknownst to him, claimed him for herself?
  • Comments: An excellent fic with spot-on characterization and a heartbreakingly beautiful story. It is a lemon fic, but the lemon is well-written and ties into the story. I highly recommend it.
    • User:Electroninja: Seconded, big time. Even if you're not a fan of Lemon you should read this. Without a doubt, it was the most beautiful fanfic I've ever read. The final chapter will bring tears to your eyes.

Memories Of The Rebellion, by youngde

  • Recommended by User:Rogue 7
  • Pairing: Lelouch/Kallen
  • Synopsis: Kallen, stuck in Britannian prison, reflects on her life and her relationship with Lelouch.
  • Comments: A well-written, honest look at Kallen's character, with particular emphasis placed on her relationship with Lelouch, all of which is well though out, well-written, and compelling. Written midway through the series, so later events are not mentioned.

The Charlatans of Circumstance by LawliPop

  • Recommended by Candelabra, User:Kris Mahai, Eriyu
  • Pairing: Lelouch/Suzaku
  • Synopsis: AU. Lelouch is tired of constantly being nagged by his mother about marriage, so he comes up with the perfect solution: pretend that he's already engaged! His only problem is that he doesn't want the woman to develop real feelings for him... Enter Suzaku, down on his luck and willing to do just about anything to get money to pay for his sickly cousin's medicine. Even wear a dress and pretend to be some rich jerk's fiance.
  • Comments: Funny, surprisingly in-character, and just all-around awesome. And Suzaku in a skirt is always a bonus.

The Game of Kings by Lord Bear

  • Recommended by Candelabra
  • Pairing: Lelouch/Kallen
  • Synopsis: After the events of Zero Requiem, Zero and the Black Knights are fighting bitterly against Schneizel -- and losing. What they need is a saviour, someone who can outwit Schneizel and restore morale with flare. But the only person who can do that is dead... isn't he?
  • Comments: Very well-planned, and an interesting take on an often-done idea. Unfortunately, he doesn't update for months at a time.
    • User:Moberemk: It's interesting, yes, with twists to rival the series; but as it stands now it's been over a year since the last update, so I suspect it can be termed Dead Fic by now.
    • It got an update after 21 months so it might not be quite dead yet.

Other Side of the Revolving Door by inconstant heart

  • Recommended by Candelabra
  • Pairing: Lelouch/Kallen
  • Synopsis: Lelouch visits Kallen in prison before the completion of Zero Requiem. Oneshot.
  • Comments: Perfectly in-character, a very good look at what had become of their relationship throughout the series, and a believable reason for why Kallen caught on to the plan so quickly. Bittersweet.

Primary Gain by Anlaaria

  • Recommended by Tensa-chan, User:Kris Mahai, Drakyndra, Fluency, Eriyu, User:Ellamew
  • Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch, among many others, some Slash and some not.
  • Synopsis: AU. Suzaku is an FBI agent with serious issues, serious denial and a death wish. It's Dr. Lamperouge's job to try to get him sorted out...but things get disrupted when Lelouch's past comes back to haunt him.
  • Comments: Well-written, believable, and will make you run through the whole gamut of human emotion.

Remix of Your Godsby YamiPaladinofChaos

  • Recommended by chibiaries
  • Pairing:Lelouch/Shirley
  • Synopsis: A coming of age story tinted with tragedy and regret.
  • Comments: One of the best LuluShirley fics I have ever read. Short, but powerful, each sentence packs layers upon layers of emotion. Below are my favorite lines from the story:

 “I’ll…” Protect you. Love you. Pretty little lies he can whisper in her ear, and then dance away to burn the world and pretend he’s not a monster.

“I will…” Hurt you. Break you. This is the truth.

But the truth is ugly, and Lelouch has always preferred his lies, because he doesn’t know how else to live.

For Two by Dear Aerith

  • Recommended by Sycu
  • Pairing: Lelouch/Kallen
  • Synopsis: Post-Zero Requiem. Kallen is trying to live in the world Lelouch made with his death. A world he's not in anymore.
  • Comments: A very sad story, but at the same time it felt kind of hopeful(to me at least). The author's style of writing is unique, and it reminds me somewhat of a poem.

Ignore The Comedians by YamiPaladinOfChaos

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross, Drakyndra
  • Pairing: Lelouch/C.C.
  • Summary: Several months before Zero Requiem, C.C. forces Lelouch to marry her so after he's dead, she can partake in the new widow's discount at Pizza Hut.
  • Commentary: This one is very funny and features (in my opinion) one of the most hilarious exchanges of dialouge between Lelouch and Suzaku ever. Despite being mainly a humor fic, it does manage to be romantic (or at least, as romantic as a Lelouch/C.C. pairing could realistically get).

The Truth Hurts by FireIceWindEarth

  • Recommended by Marlee Cross
  • Pairing: Lelouch/C.C.
  • Summary: While in an extremely bad mood, Lelouch stupidly attempts to geass C.C. and accidentally geasses himself instead. C.C. uses this to order Lelouch to tell everyone how he really feels about them. Hilarity ensues.
  • Commentary: This one is very funny. The best part probably being the 'character assessment sheets' Lelouch, as Zero, hand out to the Black Knights and their reactions to them (my personal favorites being Tamaki's and Xinge's).

Now Comes the Night by the Black Rose

  • Recommended by Autumn Berry Bliss
  • Pairing: Suzaku/Euphemia
  • Synopsis: Set between episodes 11 and 12 of the first season, it focuses on the aftermath of Suzaku's traumatic flashback given to him by C.C., and Euphemia's caring of him, despite protests from those in charge around her, and even protesting from himself.
  • Comments: This is a well-written fic that manages to keep everyone very much in-character. It prominently features remnants of the C.C. flashback, introducing an inner conflict within Suzaku as he struggles to understand why Euphemia went out of her way to help "just a soldier." Great character development happens between the pair in a short two chapters.
    • Note: The link above leads to the lemon-free version on However, the more mature version is highly recommended as well, if only so the tension in the story will build up to a more satisfactory ending: the lemon version can be found here.

Higanbana by teno-hikari

  • Recommended by Nyan132
  • Parings: Ougi/Lelouch
  • Synopsis: The equinox flower symbolized bewitching, unluckiness, grief, parting, and death. Falling in love with an amnesiac Zero; Ohgi wonders if this is Mother Nature's way of teaching him that even the most inauspicious of her creations are still beautiful.
  • Comments: Absolutely Beautiful. Despite the crack pairing, this fic is one of the best I've read for this particular fandom. The characters are very IC even Amnesiac!Lelouch. This fic has me addicted to this particular pairing and leaves me wanting more at the end of each chapter.

Blackmail Gone Wrong by Neo Diji

  • Recommended by Eriyu, User:Ellamew
  • Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch
  • Synopsis: The social implications of a Britannian dating an Eleven. Before there were consequences for it, there was their relationship itself. Being together seemed right—like moving into checkmate.
  • Comments: Very well-written, and very plotty.

Forever, With You by Virtual Draconium

  • Recommended by Eriyu
  • Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch
  • Synopsis: They thought Zero Requiem would be the end of their problems. However, due to unexpected events a considerable amount of time later, the two are brought together once more.
  • Comments: Again, very well-written, and very plotty.

Just Like Magic! by Vermillion Lies

  • Recommended by Eriyu
  • Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch
  • Synopsis: Fairy tale AU. Suzaku is on a quest to rescue a princess from a tower, but accidentally goes to the wrong tower, and finds Lelouch instead.
  • Comments: Hilarious, well-written, and gets surprisingly emotional as it goes. The ending wasn't my favorite, but it's still amazing. There's also a spin-off here: Imitation Magic.

The Ghost in the Machine by RobinRocks

  • Recommended by Eriyu, User:Ellamew
  • Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch
  • Synopsis: Lelouch can't let the world be and, likewise, Suzaku can't turn his back on his prince, no matter how much he wants to. The world might not be so easy to change this time around, however. Their enemy? Geass itself.
  • Comments: Sexy Suzalulu + brilliant plot = amazing fic.

The_Dragon_that_Protected_the_Rose_Garden by RukawaGF

  • Recommended by What Meme
  • Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch+Rolo+Gino
  • Synopsis: Six months after the ending of R1, Suzaku accidentally runs into Lelouch.
  • Comments: The interaction between Suzaku and amnesiac!Lelouch is a beautiful thing.

370_Days_In_A_Year by Recode

  • Recommended by What Meme
  • Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch
  • Synopsis: AU "On his bed by the window overlooking the invisible shadows of the sky or out in the garden bathed in sunshine, Lelouch vi Britannia counts the passing days… 320… 360… 365…"
  • Comments: In which Lelouch survives Zero Requiem and a good chunk of the rest of the cast wait for him to start speaking again. Better than I can explain, and with a sweet twist at the end.

Decayed by Rex_Sun

  • Recommended by Candelabra
  • Pairing: Some Suzaku/Lelouch and Kaguya/Lelouch (and maybe a teeny hint of Euphemia/Lelouch?)
  • Synopsis: AU "Suzaku dies that day in Shinjuku, and Lelouch sets off on a different path: one that is destined to decay with time./ Alternate storyline. Gore. All pairings mild."
  • Comments: Very incharacter, clever, and very dark. The author does have a completed version up, which they have a link to in their profile, but this is apparently going to be the more polished version when it's done.

Blank Slate by rkemy

  • Recommended by Candelabra
  • Pairing: Suzaku/Lelouch
  • Synopsis: AU "This is what Suzaku wakes up to: a white ceiling, a dead princess, and no memories whatsoever. At rock bottom, he's trying to piece his life back together. And then there is this Lelouch guy who claims to be his boyfriend."
  • Comments: It's all from amnesiad-Suzaku's point of view, so far, which makes it very interesting as the reader watches him trying to piece together what his life was, and tries to piece together what parts of Lelouch's story are false at the same time.

A Pizza Hut Ending by sasahara17

  • Recommended by User:Electroninja
  • Pairing: Lelouch/Kallen
  • Synopsis: Ten years after the Zero-Requiem, Kallen meets a Pizza Hut delivery guy in Norway.
  • Comments: One of the funniest things I've ever read. Its definitely something of a Crack Fic, but its an oddly plausible one. Besides, it made my inner Shipper smile.


  1. (C.C.'s lullaby to Mao is one of Lacus Clyne's songs from Gundam Seed, for example)
  2. I think I've had a reply every time since I started reading
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