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Take a good look, boys. I usually charge for this!
Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan in Blakes Seven) after her dress got ripped on a branch during filming of that show, exposing her backside.
"She's basically a Hispanic female version of Rambo, except with a tight red shirt and a killer katana. Per SNK standards, you can knock her shirt off under the right circumstances."
—Hardcore Gaming 101 review of Savage Reign
"I tried to erase your memory, but it looks like I erased your clothes..."
"Can you solve anything without blowing people's clothes off?!"
Asuna to Negi, immediately after he simultaneously obliterates the clothes of about 12 different people.

If you want to destroy my sweater

Hold this thread as I walk away

Watch me unravel, I'll soon be naked

Lying on the floor, I've come undone
Weezer, "Undone (The Sweater Song)"
The pants aren't stretchy.
I see you managed to get your shirt off.
Alexander Dane, Galaxy Quest

Wow, he got really big...Was it really necessary to get rid of Simon's clothes, or was that just for effect?
Credenza, Archipelago
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