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Thanks to you, I know what I want and I can't go back!
"...still, I have to accept -- that I love you. I love you, and I don't wanna be with Sam or Finn or any of those other guys, I just want you."
Santana to Brittany, Glee

Howard: You’ve given me the keys!

Vince: The keys to what?

Howard: The keys to a whole new kingdom. A whole new kingdom of gaydom! I'm a gay! I'm a massive gayist! Whoo!
The Mighty Boosh, "Party"
"When I was a kid, I would get these headaches, and I went to the doctor, and they said that I needed glasses. I didn't understand that. It didn't make sense to me because I could see fine. And then I get the glasses, and I put them on, and I'm in the car on the way home, and suddenly I yell... Because the big green blobs that I had been staring at my whole life, they weren't big green blobs. They were leaves on trees. I could see the leaves. And I didn't even know I was missing the leaves. I didn't even know that leaves existed, and then... Leaves! You... are glasses. I am so gay. I am so, so, so gay! I am extremely gay!"
Erica to Callie on Grey's Anatomy
"Then I met him -- A beautiful young man with blonde hair. No matter how many I've killed, no matter that I've lost my country, it was all like a dream. But, it's been different since I've met him. Everything seems real. I'm not lonely anymore."
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