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  • Senator Knight gets stabbed in the heart with a poker from his brother, and later is seen perfectly fine at election night. Now earlier Senator Knight said that he had two clones, and had already had a heart transplant from the first one. Did he fix his damaged heart from the second clone or was it in fact his clone speaking at the election night, and not the real Senator Knight?
    • Well, they do make a big show of how the clones are used for parts at the end of the film. When Knight is confronted about Clonus by the reporter, they go from the sound of a heart rapidly beating to a shot of the frozen Richard with a big cut on his chest. Evidently, they transplanted Richard's heart for the senator, maybe a kind of Avatar-like genetic compatibility thing.
  • As MST's Paul Chaplin notes, "Since the older clones (in the world of the film) are really getting on in years, some of them nearing forty and even fifty, evidently this top-secret project has been around since at least the 1930s. Unless I'm mistaken, science in the 1930s consisted almost entirely of spindly rockets rising twelve feet and crashing back to the ground. So the movie's implausible, I guess is my point."
    • Didn't you see the old eye-patched guy's ring? It was a pyramid with an eye in it. That means the Illuminati were running the Clone farm, which means they would probably have access to Applied Phlebotinum like the secrets of Atlantis, Roswell UFO technology, the Ark of the Convenant, and the knowledge from the legions of Hell. Human cloning would be easy for them.
    • "Another thing: the great majority of these clones would never get used! Most of us go through life and never need a transplant of any sort, so what you'd have is a bunch of really old clones, hanging around, expecting to be entertained and fed. Which would be okay; they seem fairly easy to keep happy, but what would be the point? I ask you."
      • Well, what you have are clones who (if they don't use Rapid Aging technology) will be 30 or so years younger than their beneficiary, and live substantially healthier, less stressed lives. So what will likely happen for a good chunk of clones is that they will go through "life" without ever being called in to be harvested, and with their beneficiary dying while they're in their 50's or 60's. In which case they can sell the clone's organs to other high bidders, and even though they aren't at the prime of life will likely still fetch a very good price for being in extreme good health.
    • Also, who told Senator Knight that Richard had the tape? And how did they make the leap?
      • The guys at Clonus told Senator Knight about his brother's clone escaping with the tape, and probably told him that the clone might try to contact his brother.
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