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Characters that appear in Clive Barker's Jericho:

Contains spoilers

Main Characters:

Captain Devin Ross


The leader of the Jericho Squad, Ross possesses healing powers. Still somewhat of a skeptic even after the emergence of his magical powers, all the supernatural events he has witnessed, and even after dying and subsequently being forced to inhabit the bodies of his squad mates. Is surprisingly good-humoured for a dead guy.

Tropes associated with Devin Ross:

Sergeant Frank Delgado


A Pyromancer of Mestizo and Chickasaw descent, Delgado is the Squad's heavy weapons expert. He made a pact with a Chickasaw flame spirit (who he claims is Ababinili), offering his right arm as sacrifice for the its cooperation. He is now the spirit's host, using it to formidable effect in battle. As a result of this reduced dexterity, Delgado favours high-powered weaponry. A very hot-tempered sort of guy with little respect for authority, but has a sense of humour, nonetheless. Is dating Church. Tends to make snarky jokes regarding Black's sexuality. Often clashes with Rawlings.

Tropes associated with Frank Delgado:

Lieutenant Abigail "Abbey" Black


The sniper of the Squad, Black possesses telekinetic powers. She has the ability to steer her shots mid-flight. Suffering through an abusive childhood, she rose to become the top sniper in the US Army. Black is a lesbian, but has repressed feelings for Jones in spite of this. Is good friends with Jones and Cole, and is often the butt of Delgado's jokes - the two often engage in witty banter. Is a control freak and a bit of a loner. Has a snarky sense of humour.

Tropes associated with Abigail "Abbey" Black:

Corporal Simone Cole


A programmer/numerologist, Cole is the only member of the Squad with no magical powers whatsoever - her gifts are purely intellect and tech based, but practically qualify her as a Sufficiently Advanced Alien. Compared to the rest of the team, Cole is very polite, quiet and mild-mannered... most of the time. Often confuses her squadmates with Techno Babble, and is very protective of her equipment. Is mildly autistic and an Atheist, hates being touched, and suffers from claustrophobia and nyctophobia.

Tropes associated with Simone Cole:

Corporal Xavier Jones


Ross' second-in-command, Jones is a seer, which allows him brief, albeit often cryptic, glimpses of past or future events. Due to his second sight, he can spot paranormal elements that others cannot. He can also project his consciousness into a separate host body, and can control their actions to a certain degree. A good-natured and all-round friendly guy, he is the least experienced, combat-wise, of the Squad, but his high level of intelligence and his powers make up for it. Is good friends with Ross and Black.

Tropes associated with Xavier Jones:

Sergeant Wilhelmina "Billie" Church


The most troubled member of the Squad, Church is able to cast powerful wards, enchantments and banishments through the ritual of drawing her own blood and writing potent sigils with it. This comes with an obvious physical price. Her traumatic past has left her with numerous mental problems (although they are currently under control), a fear of snakes, and a massive Berserk Button. While she was at one point suicidal and introverted, she has become a lot more extroverted and confident after being taken in by the D.O.W.. Prefers to use swords over guns, although she does use both. Is dating Delgado.

Tropes associated with Wilhelmina "Billie" Church:

Father Paul Rawlings


A priest and the oldest member of the Squad, Rawlings has served as a Chaplain in the military, and is a veteran of war. He wields two Desert Eagles, and has the ability to heal squadmates and to curse enemies. He is also a powerful exorcist. He has a troubled past which he will not talk about, but it haunts him to this day. It is strongly implied that he knows a lot more about the Squad's mission than he is letting on. His strong personality often leads to him clashing with Delgado.

Tropes associated with Paul Rawlings:

The Firstborn


The first being created by God. He gave it great power but, disturbed by His own creation, He entombed it at the beginning of time in the city of Al-Khali. Naturally, the Firstborn is not happy, and its only goal is to attain freedom and destroy all of humankind, which it despises for being God's chosen children. The Firstborn deceives the Squad over the course of the game and taints Ross' visions and dreams, much like it has done over the years it has spent in its prison to many other individuals.

Tropes associated with the Firstborn:

Arnold Leach


The second Big Bad after the Firstborn, Leach is a former D.O.W. member turned Cult leader, dedicated to the worship and release of the Firstborn. He and his cult killed themselves in a horrific ritual suicide, opening the Breach once again, and they were all subsequently resurrected into Firstborn-warped monstrosities. Leach shows a deep hatred for Ross, has a mocking sense of humour, and possesses psychic powers.

Tropes associated with Arnold Leach:

Hanne Lichthammer


The psychic commander of the Geheimnisvoll Abwehrmacht, an elite army of psychic German soldiers which is heavily tied with the Nazi heirachy. Lichthammer is highly sadomasochistic and spiteful, with a penchant for both physical and mental torture, and holds little regard for human life. She is an incredibly powerful telepath, and, upon her transformation by the Firstborn, also gains the ability to teleport and control the flies, as well as seeing an increase in her already strong powers. Often uses her telepathy for mental torture, to control her army, and to expose people's innermost fears and demons.

Tropes associated with Hanne Lichthammer:

Bishop Maltheus St. Claire


A cruel and insane bishop, Maltheus assembled an army of children to fight in the Crusades with the Pope's consent, claiming their innocence and Christianity would protect them from harm. Whether he actually believed this or not is never specified. He saw Al-Khali through Firstborn-induced visions, believing it to be the Garden of Eden. When his child army was horribly slaughtered by the Saracens, Maltheus fled to the safety of the chapel. Unfortunately for him, the vengeful ghosts of the children took to haunting the chapel, and, naturally, things didn't end well for him. The blood of the children was sufficient enough to open the Breach, and Maltheus, like all the others, was raised from the dead as a monster.

Tropes associated with Maltheus St. Claire:

Governor Cassus Vicus


An obscene, perverted, cannibalistic Roman Governor, Vicus is highly hedonistic and incredibly obese. He was banished to Al-Khali by Caligula himself, as the latter did not want Vicus' excesses to rival his own. After opening the Breach after being promised endless orgies and parties in his dreams by the Firstborn, Vicus was, like everyone else, transformed into a monster. After spending literally thousands of years endulging himself in his endless perversions, Vicus has no intention of letting anyone spoil his party. He exhibits mild psychic abilities.

Tropes associated with Cassus Vicus:

Minor Characters:

  • Muriel Green
  • Major Patrick "Pat" Buckland
  • William De Auxerre
  • Sir Richard De Gray
  • Centurion Tercius Longinus
  • Antadurunnu
  • Ereshkigall
  • Ki
  • Ninlil
  • Inanna
  • Enlil
  • Nanna
  • Utu
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