A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes This a Useful Notes page. A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes
  • Pan defeating Typhon. To put this into perspective, Typhon had just Completely taken down all the other Gods, trapped Ares in a vase and was using Zeus as a mattress. Little Pan comes and does his Panic Yell. Typhon is stopped and Pan brings Zeus back to life and saves everyone.
  • Hephaestus getting revenge on Hera by making her own throne into a trap that holds her completely immobile while he gives her "The Reason You Suck" Speech and offers to be her best and favorite son if she accepts him.
  • Athena coming out of Zeus's head.
  • Zeus saving his siblings and uniting them against Cronus.
  • Zeus releasing the monsters bound in Tartarus, thus proving that he was a better leader then Cronus ever hoped to be.
  • Diomedes wounding Ares and Aphrodite.
  • Eris throwing the fateful apple and causing The Trojan War.
  • The horrific monster Typhon, last child of Gaia and father of many monsters, strode towards Olympus to kill the gods, destroying cities and throwing mountains with his bare hands along the way. He possessed a hundred dragon heads, shot fire from his eyes and was so large his head scraped the stars and his arms spanned the horizon. He first attacked Zeus and easily best him, removing the sinews from his legs, crippling him, until Hermes restored them and healed Zeus. Zeus prepared for their last showdown on Olympus, all of the other gods (minus Athena, who stayed alongside her father) having fled to Egypt in fear. They fought, Typhon wielding fire, Zeus his thunderbolts, creating earthquakes and tsunamis with their blows, until finally Zeus cast Typhon into Tartarus.
    • Zeus may often be a hedonistic dick in legends, but that story confirms more than any other why he is the ruler of the gods. When all others fled before Typhon, he stood still.
    • Qualifies as a CMOA for Typhon to, who may well be the Ur Example of a Hero-Killer. When you make the entire Olympian pantheon run in fear and defeat Zeus you are a Badass among badasses.
    • To put extra emphasis on Typhon's defeat, Zeus slammed Mount Etna on top of him. He literally knocked Typhon from this dimension into Tartarus.
  • By the bucket load for Odysseus. Some pretty epic ones are his chewing out of Agamemnon, covering and protecting Ajax while from a wave of countless Trojans while the other man was recovering Achilles's body, and of course the creation of the Trojan Horse.
  • The final battle of Achilles vs. Hector. Its an epic Combat by Champion for the ages.
  • Theseus killing the Minotaur it with his bare hands. Granted, the beast was asleep but still impressive.
    • It was asleep when he started.
  • Hercules solving his 12 Labors. To elaborate:
    • Killing a lion, a flock of man-eating birds, a herd of man-eating horses and the hydra.
    • Capturing Artemis' sacred stag, a giant boar, a sacred bull, a herd of cattle belonging to an Eldritch Abomination and Hades' pet Cerberus.
    • Cleaning a really dirty stable by diverting 2 rivers into it.
    • Stealing the Amazon Queen's girdle and some golden apples by tricking Atlas. Remember that Herc isn't big on brains.
  • Orpheus descending to the underworld to rescue Eurydice. And he almost pulled it off too.
    • Psyche did pull it off. Put into perspective, only seven people had managed to do so. The other six were Aeneas, Heracles, Orpheus, Pirithous, Theseus [all half divine] and Odysseus [who had divine ancestry.] Psyche was the only woman, pregnant, and completely mortal at the time, to wander down into Hades, finish her quest [asking Persephone for a box of beauty], and make it back to the surface even after having spent some time suffering abuse at the hands of Aphrodite and completing 2 or 3 previous quests for her. Epic.
  • Perseus killing Medusa.
  • Sisyphus, whose life and repeated cheating of death straddle the line between this and Crowning Moment of Evil.
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