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  • You might have heard this before: Donald Duck never wears pants, yet he always wears a towel when he gets out of the shower! Why is that?
  • In the Silly Symphony, "The Golden Touch", King Midas, as in the legend, cannot touch anything without it turning into gold, not even food. How is it, then, that he is able to touch his own cape without it turning into gold? I can understand himself not turning into gold whenever he touches his own body, but his cape? This doesn't make any sense!
    • And for that matter, how can be touch himself and not turn to gold, yet TOUCH HIS OWN TOOTH AND TURN IT INTO GOLD!
    • There's a reason Walt Disney loathed that short. Until the day he died he said that short was his only mistake.
  • How can Donald Duck have Gus Goose as a cousin? And the extended Don Rosa McDuck family tree also includes coots, which aren't even in the Anseriformes (duck/goose) family.
  • Not exactly orginal, but how come Goofy's a dog (supposedly) and gets to live in a house, have a job, talk, etc. while Pluto is a pet that lives like and acts like...well a pet dog; he doesn't talk, have a job, or have any human-like freedoms.

  • I know the Pete Jr. (or PJ) from Goof Troop originated from the "Bellboy Donald" (1942), Junior just like Max from Goof Troop originated from the red-headed, "Fathers are People" (1951) Goofy Jr., but the Goof Troop/A Goofy Movie versions of the two characters don't look much like the original versions. In fact, they look so different from each other that I think the original and modern day versions of both of the characters as separate entities. Even though the original and modern day versions of Mickey, Minnie, Clarabelle, Horace, Donald, and Goofy look pretty different from each other, I still see both versions of those six characters as one entity.
    • Junior and PJ
    • Goofy jr. and Max
      • The original, "Fathers Are People" Goofy jr. has red hair and a red nose, looks like his mom, Mrs. Goofy, and has a wild disposition.
      • The modern day (Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie, An Extremely Goofy Movie, and House of Mouse) Max has black hair, a black nose, looks more like his dad, Goofy, has longer ears than the original version, and is less earnest and humble but more "normal" than his dad.
      • Turns out Goofy jr. and Max are the same character. While the character rarely appeared in comics in the old days, comic artist Tony Strobl did redesign "Junior" with black hair and longer ears ("The Goofy Adventure Story" comics adaptation, 1957), bridging the two models.
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