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Link killing a Garo by drawing his sword in Chugga's Majora's Mask LP is what inspired him to create the Mortal Draw technique.

Now that Chugga defeated Steve in Pokemon Emerald, he will no longer react so hatefully towards him.

  • Good luck with that with Chugga being who he is.

"Two-dimensional", "Mysterious", "Something he never thought he would LP"...

...My God. CHUGGA'S GOING TO LP KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES!!! It all makes sense: CoM is the only KH game to have 2D sprites rather than polygon models, the plot and setting are mysterious, and I doubt Chugga ever thought he would do a Kingdom Hearts game!

  • Alternatively: Super Paper Mario. Emphasis is put on the 2D/3D gameplay, there are plenty of mysteries throughout the game (Mr. L notwithstanding) and it's a departure from the other titles in the series, which makes a lot of Paper Mario fans avoid it.
    • OP here. That was my thought too, but it's so obvious. Given Chugga likes to surprise us, maybe it's not?
      • Emerald was a bit obvious too, with the "As green as our tunic" comment at the end of Majoras Mask. Who knows, though-- it could be something completely out of left field.
      • Super Paper Mario confirmed.
      • It should be pointed out that only the third part was a hint, though.
      • Honestly, I don't think he's ever going to LP a Kingdom Hearts game. And on the off chance that he does one, it's not going to be Chain of Memories. In this live stream, he said that he was extremely disappointed all the Kingdom Hearts games except the first one and Birth By Sleep. Chugga usually LP's games that he personally loves and I don't think Chain of Memories is one of them.

There will be an Alternate Reality Game made by Chuggaa about fighting Steve.

It would be run like Ben Drowned or at least similar to it. And it would be AWESOME.

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