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  • Colbert Bump: A number of games have experienced a surge in popularity after Chuggaa LPed them.
    • Okami in particular got a lot more sales after he started playing it. Coincidentally, Okamiden was released near the end of his series, and likely gained popularity thanks to the first game's new fanbase.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Zig-zagged; he regrets creating the "Steve" meme and wants to move on from it, but on some occasions he still indulges the fans with shout outs to him:
      • In The Runaway Guys's New Super Mario Bros. Wii LP, the gang decided to name everything that killed the characters. One of the members suggested Steve and Emile immediately rejected it.

 Emile: NO, no, nothing is named Steve!

      • He's made a bonus video of Pikmin's challenge mode and gone all the way to 60% of completing the main game in Pikmin 2 at the time of writing without going much further than calling leaves stupid, though if you listen closely, you can hear him stopping himself.
      • In another episode of Pikmin 2, he actively tries to put the Steve business to rest by saying the odds of any Pikmin being the same from the first game are near impossible.
      • The Stinger of one Pikmin 2 episode features one of Pikmin 2's intro scenes, with tons of red leaf Pikmin piling onto the Nintendo logo. Chugga proceeds to say:


      • In Episode 6 of Majora's Mask, he finally caves in...BIG TIME!


    • Despite all of the above he has referenced him in a more positive light in other videos:
      • He finally makes an offhand reference to Steve in Episode 40:

 Emile: Ironically he was not a red leaf though so he was not an idiot like, you know, typically though, but then again, red leafs can be heroes when they really try in very specific situations... as many as you happily recall...

      • And then continues it again, in a later episode, twice. Once was when a Bulbmin continued attacking the Man-At-Legs despite the whistle (and staying alive), Chugga commented he should turn the Bulbmin into a red Pikmin. The other time was when he said that day was the birthday of a hero of some kind. The day he updated (or at least the day he recorded) was the same day his first episode of Pikmin 1 came out, and when Steve was first plucked.
      • And in the finale of Pikmin 2, Chugga lets a red leaf carry back Louie after the final battle. He even says "Go ahead and say hi!"
      • In The Runaway Guys Subspace Emmisary videos, Proton Jon takes great pleasure in bringing up Steve when Olimar is introduced, even forcing Chugga to play as him. Chugga is NOT happy about this. It becomes especially ridiculous when all of his Pikmin are killed by an enemy except...


Jon: He saved Steve, just for you!

Tim: Awwww!

      • In part 16 of Pokemon Emerald he battled a Pokémaniac named Steve. The battle ended with this:

 Steve: Don't forget what you've done to me! I'll make it so you can't forget!

Chuggaa: OH MY GOD! HE'S OUT TO GET ME!!! He wants to get revenge on me for hoping he would die! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! He's forever registered in my cell phone!!

      • Chugga then stated he would Sleep with One Eye Open since Steve seemed to be less than pleased about being a meme...
      • He got a call from Steve in episode 42 while Steve was in a battle with two Lotad. He said he would try to catch the winner. Chuggaa responded with: "Oh no... HE'S OUT FOR BLOOD!"
      • And finally, in the last Bonus Episode of Pokemon Emerald, Chuggaa re-battles Steve and beats him easily, with Steve now saying he's a fan. It seems that Chuggaa and Steve have finally made amends.
  • Development Hell: His video showing the library and backstory to Super Luigi Galaxy. It was supposed to be posted within a few days of the end of the regular LP -- instead, due to illness and starting a new LP, he didn't even start working on it until nearly 2 months later.
    • His video showing off the Nintendo Gallery in Wind Waker. He has completed 7 LPs since WW, with still no sign of the video.
    • He originally planned to show off some items in his Mother LP, but he forgot to do so. He eventually released them as Part 37 of his LP... which came out on his 3-year anniversary, 2 years and 8 months after he finished the Mother LP (which was his second LP).
    • The Super Paper Mario LP. He meant to do it since the beginning; along with Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door and Paper Mario, and it took him four freaking years for him to finally release it. Granted, he did two Paper Mario games close to each other, so he didn't want to overdo it.
  • Flip-Flop of God: During his Super Mario Sunshine LP, he stated that he did not intend to LP Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy, due to those games being, in Emile's opinion, over-LPed (and in the case of 64, overrated as well). He's kept his word regarding SM64, but less than a year later, he posted the first installment of his Galaxy LP. True, it was technically Super Luigi Galaxy, but... same game, so the point still stands.
  • One of Us: He wound up outing himself as a troper[1] in his videos of The Runaway Guys, mainly, his repeated usage of saying "Press A to not die" (and on the guys' SSBB LP, "Press Start to not die").

 Emile: "Tim has finally gotten the concept of pressing A to not die, but now there's a twist, it's 'Press Start to not die'! Can you master the art of 'Press Start to not die', Tim?"


  1. Not to be confused with a trooper. EVER.
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