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  • He starts tearing up at Steve's determination, risking his life to carry back a dead enemy...all by the countdown nearly killed him.
  • Proton Jon inspired him, then he inspired Nintendo Capri Sun, and now they're all working together.
  • Anytime he tells his fans how awesome and encouraging they are.
    • *Description of YouTube channel* "I've been making Let's Plays here for over 3 years now, and really appreciate the support from every one of you, not to mention the many of you I've actually met at conventions this year!"
  • Chuggaa's reaction to finding White Pikmin.

  Chuggaa: Awww, aren't you a cute little Voldemort impersonator. Aww, and look at that, he belched. These things are adorable.

  • In the finale of Pikmin 2, he impersonates the President telling Olimar that he's always appreciated his hard work. And that he used Olimar's toothbrush during the first game.
  • Also in the Pikmin 2 finale, he gave the honor of carrying Louie back to the ship to nothing but a red leaf Pikmin we all know and love, after hating on this Pikmin throughout the entire game.
  • In Majora's Mask, he puts the Zora mask on before watching Lulu's eggs hatch because he feels Mikau should be there to see it.
  • Him Defending Navi.
  • In Majora's Mask, at the end of the Anju and Kafei sidequest, during the final scene where the two exchange their masks, Chugga stays completely silent throughout the whole scene, not even reading the text like he normally does. Then, afterwards:

  Chugga: That was so sweet it was worth giving up the run button for...

  • Naming his Slakoth "Teddy", after his kitty.
  • Reminising about two Gabby and Ty cosplayers at an official Nintendo event that he befriended.
  • Chuggaa said in his Pokémon Crystal LP that Wooper is awesome because, ""If you can look that happy all the time, and have no arms, you are amazing, and you are truly a king among kings." That's not the heartwarming part. A user by the name of Kawaii Baka Daysu left this comment:

  Kawaii Baka Daysu: I was watching this episode with my cousin who was born without arms. When you said that true fact about Wooper, my cousin burst out laughing saying "THAT'S SO TRUE!!!" Thank you for making my cousin laugh.

  • In one of his bonus episodes for Emerald, he rants about how he had to spend over $140 just to get all the materials needed to show the battle for Latias. The very fact that he went through what he described as "hell" but did it because he loves doing these videos is very sweet.
  • His four-year anniversary video, in which he not only thanks all of his viewers, but also brings up how a small, ten-second comment of his from a Luigi's Mansion episode about how he could never stick to exercising led to users sending him loads of encouragement and tips, which actually allowed him to finally stick to a routine.
    • He also mentions how let's playing has helped him become less shy, which is also pretty sweet.
  • Just check out this page. Nic, a seven year old fan with brain cancer and not much time left to live, wanted to play a video game with Chugga before he dies. On May 14, 2012, Chugga flew and drove all the way to Minnesota with Nintendo Capri Sun to grant this wish. The very fact that this happened almost brings a tear to one's eye...
  • His rant on Peach's dream of being surrounded by miniature Marios and his rather symbolic rant on what it represents. It was a parody of this trope, but could be considered an example all the same.
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