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  • Why is he oblivious to the fact that the Steve thing is entirely his fault? He acts like a victim, but he could have nipped it at the bud after the first few times instead of going on for the rest of the Pikmin 1 LP. It's like he genuinely doesn't see it.
    • It's Chugga you're talking about. I honestly don't think it's as bad as he makes it out.
    • Oh good grief, are you seriously taking it at face value? He hams everything up, and doesn't always mean what he says. Yeah he's frustrated with the Steve thing, but he hams it up.
    • Oh... Well I've seen him be a ham, but not quite like that. Oh well.
  • What the hell is with Chuggaaconroy's fans? Seriously, in the first part of the Horror Land board on The Runaway Guys channel, a user stated that he hated Chuggaa, and they all tore him a new one, but on the final part they're all calling Proton Jon a huge jerk just because he didn't let Chuggaa win. Seriously, it's like Fan Myopia at it's worst.
    • ...Um, it's fun to call Jon a jerk. We all know he hams it up and doesn't really act like that in real life, but it's fun to call him it because it's just so damn funny.
      • Is that your justification for comments like "FUCK U JON CHUGGA DESERVED TO WIN" (not remotely an exaggeration)?
    • Also, Fan Dumb at its finest. Chuggaa himself doesn't condone this behavior.
    • That's not true. He has talked about his Fan Dumb a few times. Some examples are in this anniversary video and in this incident where they went entirely too far. His fanbase is pretty notorious for blowing things way out of proportion, and I wish they'd just grow up.
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