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Hey everybody, it's the Chuggaaconroy Funny Page!

  • In some of his early Let's Plays, he had a tendency to say

  Jesus flipping Christ almighty on a pogo stick!

  Seriously, fuck doing stuff because it's fun, it's all about the subscribers!

  • Whenever he makes up lyrics and/or sings along to the background music.
  • Chuggaa and Proton Jon sing "A Whole New World" together during a speed-gamer marathon. Unsurprisingly, Chuggaa is tone deaf. (But Jon is actually pretty good.)
  • When he was in Canada with Jon, somebody recognized him just from hearing him say "Doh, you missed!" to Jon.
  • Whenever he gives voices to characters, usually giving them strange accents that doesn't even match the respective characters. Old people are also funny.
  • He always notices when his voice breaks, and makes fun of his own voice-breaking.
  • In his four-year anniversary video, referring to the bonus episodes of his let's plays that he has been known to put off for long periods of time:

  Chugga: I've always been a horrible, horrible human being when it comes to updating my bonus features, 'cause usually during a game, I'm always super-dedicated...and then when it comes to the bonus features, I'm like "I'll do 'em later, mommy..." (Beat) Apparently I have four hundred and ten thousand mommies. (Beat) I'M SPECIAL!

  • On Twitter, he mentioned how his friends made him a "really girly cake" for his birthday, and how the symbol on it apparently suits him though he doesn't see why. Thisis said cake.



  • In episode 24 of his LP of Mother 1, Chugga forgets his own age.
  • When he meets Teddy in the game, he mentions that his cat is named after this character, and quickly shows footage of his cat while yelling "Kitty!"
    • Then he brings up his other cat, Kirby, and does the same thing. "Other kitty!"

Paper Mario

Super Mario RPG



Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

  • At the very beginning of the Let's Play, he talks about how this will be his first playthrough with his new memory card... only to realize that he forgot to put the memory card in.
  • At the beginning of the LP, Goombella kisses Mario, prompting Chuggaa to shout "BESTIALITY! THIS IS NOT SONIC NEXT-GEN!"
    • Comes back with a vengeance here.
  • In an early part of the LP, during his first interaction with Professor Frankly:

  "HRMMM...HERRRM...Constipation solved."

  "GROOOODUUUS How's it goin-" *gets hit by an X-Yux*

 Chuggaa: (after seeing General White walk back to his house)....FFFOR THE LOVE OF THE SECOND COMING OF JOJO! HE'S IN-- WAS... HERE THE WHOLE TIME!!!!

    • He never stopped crying after that.
  • Getting double star points off Grodus and Bowser.
  • At the end, Frankly asks how everyone's going to leave the Palace of Shadow. Chuggaa, with a horrified tone says - "WALK!"
  • In Chapter 5, Chuggaa constantly falling in the water (which causes damage from piranhas and resets you to the start of the section), usually after he's said how well things are going.
  • Early on, a character referring to the X-Nauts as "goons" prompts Chuggaa to decide that the enemy in this game are the members of Something Awful. Then later after the train driver says "huzzah!" a lot, Chuggaa decides he must be Deceased Crab.

Pokémon Fire Red

  • His reaction to finally getting Repels. [1]
  • Part 17; The MAGICAL leaf!
  • Chuggaa capturing Moltres. The entire video is hilarious, but the pinnacle is the self-deprecation from 4:20 to 5:00, especially his disbelief at what he just said. Towards the end, he starts begging and pleading with Moltres, until he finally manages the capture.

  Emile: "Seriously Moltres, my voice is at stake here! [2] I have the fifth most awesome voice of all time, fifth to only Freddie Mercury, Billy Mays, the guy who sang the original Pokémon theme song--" *Moltres is caught* "--Electrical Beast YES!"

  Chugga: "If you go back to Celadon Department Store and buy yourself a Lemonade, after going all the way back there and encountering many many hardships..." *cut to Chugga trying to use a phone in-game* "I'M NOT TALL ENOUGH TO REACH THE PHONE!"

  • Chuggaa's voice breaks and (in his words) he starts sounding like Deceased Crab, prompting him to start ending his sentences with "huzzah!"
  • Chuggaaconroy's facing a Hiker in episode 8, who sends out an Onix. He says if you could be any Pokemon, an Onix would be the one to be, because "you'd just be so friggin' big, you could just, like, sit on things, and they would die. That would be like...sit-ownage!"
  • "And it [the opponent's Pokemon] died a painless-- I mean fainted a painless faint.

Super Mario Sunshine

 I think I've been a little more mature in this let's play with the stuff I've been saying, I don't know, maybe I--(Mario falls off a very high tightrope) AAAAAAAAAAAAHDDDDAAAAAAAHSSSSSAHHHHH--

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

  • The numerous times he has fallen into lava in the Dragon Roost Cavern.
  • In Wind Waker, on his second visit to the Forsaken Fortress he defeats the first miniboss Phantom Ganon...with an empty bottle.
  • The part where a bird gets frozen in time during its attack animation right behind Link who is playing a song on the Wind Waker.
    • Right before the above, Chuggaa forgets how to play the Wind's Requiem, the most used song in the game, and is forced to look it up.
  • About 3 minutes into Episode 37.
  • Any moment in Episode 57.
  • After receiving Beetle's "reward" for becoming a silver member [3], he buys enough bombs for his total to reach 99. Then he go back to The King of Red Lions and proceeds to Fire all 99 bombs at Beetle's ship!!
    • And to make it better he's going, "DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!"
    • He then proceeds to start shooting the barge with ice, fire and normal arrows. Cue a sudden cut to Chuggaa now completely calm and with all of his bombs and arrows restocked.
  • In one sad scene, after healing his near dying Grandma, she gives Link an elixer that fully replenishes health and magic, along with doubling attack power. Then he accidentally drinks it when leaving the house.
    • It was perhaps the biggest Oh Crap he ever made.
  • Virtually any time he gets into a cutscene involving the Rito, or goes to Dragon Roost Island, or goes on a mail delivery quest, he refers to the Postman as the real American hero.
    • Continued in Majora's Mask.
  • On one visit to the fairy fountain: "You know the drill...walk up to the fountain, *in squeaky voice* hey pretty fairy! *Bizzzzu* hey a pretty girl! It has four arms! Allow me to aid you on your quest! *poof*! Shiny rose petals! *gets arrow upgrade* Now I can hurt people! Bye bye!"
    • Right after that, the uncooperative pig.

Pokémon Crystal

  • His encounter with a Phanpy in the episode 2.

  Oh my god I found a Phanpy!

 Chugga: (As Bruno / Arnold) Now I'm going to take over California! JA!

 Beauty: Were you looking at these flowers, or at me?

Chugga: Fangirl~ Not really, okay. And...oh. -Beauty's trainer sprite appears on screen- Well, I *was* looking at the flowers, but I think I'm lookin' at you now...

  • In Part 21, Chugga comments that the ladders in a dungeon don't match up at all well with where they are on different floors, and says he will put up a map in post-production showing how off they are. In a Description Cut, the screen then flashes to a message from a stunned Chugga saying that he put the map together and it turned out all the ladders were exactly where they should be.
  • In Part 28, with Electrodes using Self-Destruct on him, he tries to steal their thunder by having his Koffing do Self-Destruct first. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Some of the voices he does for characters seem to be completely randomly chosen, and hilarious: Pryce is Bill Clinton and Bruno is Arnold Schwarzenegger for instance.

Super Luigi Galaxy

 "Let's not fail this time please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Make it-make it-make it-make it-make-it-make it-make it... crap!"

  • Chuggaa's reaction when he realized that the next galaxy was Sea Slide Galaxy.
    • Then there's Chuggaa's reaction when he fails to get the star in the Cosmic Luigi race after he does so well.


  • Him thinking he had lost 98 blue Pikmin.
    • Even better was the nonchalant "Oh." that followed.
  • His speech to the yellow Pikmin telling them to all commit suicide with the bomb rocks so they can have their souls teleported to an intergalactic-traveling spaceship.
  • Chuggaa finding Steve proving his worth.
  • From the very first episode, made me crack up something fierce.
    • He [Olimar] is compelled to approach and press "A"! Because that is what video game protagonists do, they approach things and press "A"!
  • In the finale, after getting the Secret Safe, when Olimar mentions having no regrets, Chuggaaconroy is like "No regrets! Right..." -cue flashback of every battle where he lost a few/a lot of Pikmin, including a cut where a shearwig caused an explosion that killed his whole battalion- "...right! No regrets at all!"
  • Episode 6: "...So B.R- GET UP!!" The way he says is just makes it even funnier.


  • "By Emile-Logic, the Wii is apparently made by Sony!"
  • His consistent poor marks on time in battles frequently elicit a response of "What do you mean I did badly on time?" or some variant thereof, quickly veering into Overused Running Gag territory (which he lampshades after a while). In the final boss rush, after dubbing in his remarks that would've gone to the credits over part of the Orochi II refight, he speeds up the video and plays a part of the game's soundtrack. When he defeats Crimson Helm, the music gets interru-

 Chuggaa: Whaddya mean I did badly on time?

  • Episode 4 has these Chuggaa quotes on display - "Freaking!" "Thing!" "Stuff!" "Kind of!", all made funny by his nonchalant tone.
  • In Episode 24, when Chuggaa gets the Mask needed to infiltrate the Moon Cave, he points out you can draw anything on it for your disguise. Anything. He then uses the Awesomeface. Yes. THAT Awesomeface. Behold. Even Chuggaa himself has trouble taking Amaterasu seriously with it on!
  • Amaterasu knows wolf kung-fu!
  • "Hooray, I am the master of some dog balls! Let's play fetch!"
  • During the game, he starts unintentionally making puns. "Bye god I'm back! ...I hate to say it, but I think these puns are starting to engrave themselves into my skull because I did not intend to make that pun either. I swear to god."
  • From Episode 58:

 *facing a demon scroll*

"And just because I have to get it out of my system, HEY, PAPER! *draws lightning bolt over the scroll* WOULD YOU LIKE A BOLT FROM A GOD?!"

  • lightning bolt fails*


  • At the end of the first trial demon gates video, uploaded just after winter break: "I hope you had a good holiday, whatever it is you celebrate...*tries to think of something else to say* Umm, if you're Jesus, happy birthday?"

Luigi's Mansion

  • During Luigi's Mansion: "Man, ghosts have it all! They get money on top of their ceiling fans instead of dust! I can't wait to be dead! ...Think before you speak, Emile!"
  • Anytime Chugga imitates the sound the Grabber Ghosts make.
  • From Luigi's Mansion:

  Video games are encouraging people to be bombs.

    • He was very confused about it while editing.
  • In episode 13, Chugga makes sure a certain Boo doesn't go into a certain hallway. Guess where that Boo goes?
  • Chuggaaconroy reacting to the no coins left behind movement being real.
  • Episode 9. A Boo in a bathroom escapes him, so he checks where he has to go. As he finds out, he has to travel across the entire map. So he does it after a reeeally long Beat, finds that Boo again...and it escapes back in the bathroom. Cue Proton Jon channeling.


 "...I can see the comments now."

Pikmin 2

  • Whenever he does an impersonation of the President.
  • While exploring the Bulblax Kingdom he starts moving a treasure after he kills all the enemy on that floor but he then hears that a Pikmin dies in surprise. He says "What was that?", and as he and the Pikmin with him look he finds his most hated enemy the Wollywog. When he sees it he screams at the top of his lungs "WOLLYWOG!!!".
  • When he (as Olimar) goes to sleep and comments on how the countdown numbers cover Olimar's body:

 "I'm gonna lay down in the middle of the O (10)! Ah, dang it, the O moved. Oh cool, my face is in the 9! The 8 is crossing me out so now I'm an X! My nose is lucky (7). Middle of the 6! 5, you suck. 4, you're holding me up. 3, you're crossing me out. 2's making me look all squishy. I am 1 captain! I work for no man! Except my boss. Who is right beside me."

  • The end of the Cavern of Chaos, where he collects the treasure dropped by the Rampaging Crawmad. The boss' corpse hides it, and at first, all he sees of it is a smooth, white, rounded surface. So he goes around to the other side to check: "BLUH!" *audible alarm*
  • He fights an Armored Cannon Larva and an Orange Bulborb right beside each other. Then an Armored Cannon Larva trap activates. Only the larva remains FLOATING in the air because of it landing on the Orange Bulborb corpse. Hilarity Ensued.
  • While in the Snagret Hole, Chugga comes across a treasure behind a poison generator. As he starts destroying it, a Burrowing Snagret appears and attacks, forcing him to stop and fight it. After he finally defeats it and recovers from the shock, he starts on the poison generator again...only to find another snagret.


 Chuggaa: *while throwing purple Pikmin at a Bulborb* RAPE HIM!!!!!!!!

  • Episode 13, in another "Turn your volume down"-moment:

 Chuggaa: "WOLLYWOG!!!"

  • In Episode 14, while in the Bulblax Kingdom, he frequently encounters orange Bulborbs (which he hates) and at one point a Wollywog trap. The true moment of funny came on the sixth sublevel, when a Fiery Dweevil picked up a dead orange Bulborb and carried it around. Chugga cracked up and started speaking in a high-pitched mocking voice, the way he imagined the Dweevil would.

  "I have no idea why I used that voice for a Dweevil impersonating a Bulborb, but okay..."

  • In Episode 20, after a prolonged period of trouble with some Swooping and Bumbling Snitchbugs, one swoops down picking up both Captains at the same time.


  • In Episode 22, he promises us that he will do the Submerged Castle next, DANG IT!

 Chuggaaconroy: That was me smashing my controller. Sorry controller...*Beat*...My mouth was on it like kissing it! I like Nintendo, but not THAT much.


    • From the same episode, when he's trying to carry back a treasure while avoiding the Waterwraith:

 Chuggaa: Uh, where is he...

Waterwraith suddenly sneaks up behind him and starts killing Pikmin

Chuggaa: ...OH MY GOD NO!

    • Quite possibly the funniest moment was when he scares away the Waterwraith with just his SCREAMING (19 minutes 20 seconds in).
  • In Episode 27, Chugga takes a moment to look away at some stuff, and while he's not looking a Volatile Dweevil creeps up on him and self-destructs, taking out all but 22 of his 84 Pikmin. He looked back to his screen just in time to yell in shock and spent the next two minutes making squeaks and speaking in a very high voice.

  *about 2 octaves higher than normal* "If you're wondering what happened to my voice... I think the shock of that... made me undergo... instantaneous sex-change surgery!"

  • An outtake from Episode 29; Chuggaa's still getting his Pikmin ready for the day, when the roaming Gatling Groink finds its way to base camp and takes out quite a few Pikmin before he even has time to react to it.
  • In Episode 31 he admits it's pathetic that he lost more Pikmin to the Giant Breadbug then any other boss.
  • In this episode, Chugga says that the game should try to be a little nicer to him and tells the game to not drop a bomb rock on him if it agrees. Which it precedes to do about half a second later.
  • In Episode 36, he comes across a Munge Dweevil carting around a dead Fiery Dweevil, and after loudly shouting "NECROPHILIA" due to the way the alive Dweevil was holding its dead comrade, it walks straight off the edge and kills itself.
    • It gets even better when, on the next floor, a Gatling Groink ends up killing itself in the same way, much to Chuggaa's delight.

 "I have never been so happy about suicide in all my life! That was a great sentence, there."

  • In Episode 49, Chugga is once again surprised by a Wollywog. The noise he makes is indescribable.
  • During the Finale, when the final boss battle begins to drag on a tad too long for his tastes, he begins making short Jump Cuts to what he hopes is the final barrage before the next phase... only for each successive barrage to fall a biiiiiit short. Resulting in a lot of "RRAAAAAAAA--*deflated sigh*".

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

  • In Episode 2, he gets annoyed with the frog in the Laundry Pool and decides to kill it by pushing it into the water, only to realise it's still alive.

 Chuggaa: (runs off) DON'T SUE ME!

  • In the first episode, as a Deku Scrub he acquires Deku Nuts, prompting him to make a joke about how Deku Link "didn't have masculinity before then".
  • Jim, the Bomber with a blowgun, is a Badass according to Chugga. He even asks Jim to help him stop Sakon (which Jim doesn't).
    • And the Postman is the true American/Canadian hero and a trooper.
  • Anytime he refers to the Deku Bubble as a "snot bubble".
  • Jewish people wear kippahs because they secretly have helicopter hair.
  • In the fourth episode, after a cut you can hear Chugga quietly singing the "Take A Dump On The Toilet" song by Nintendo Capri Sun. When asked in the comments if that was what he was actually doing, Chugga's only reply was "...Maybe!"
  • Believing the banker man-woman-person-thing holds onto money by travelling through time with using a cow ornament.
    • So the cow is his Tardis?
  • After getting the Bomber's Notebook from Jim, Chugga refers to him as a majestic stallion. Cue a quick black screen, with Chugga doing a Flat What voiceover.
  • Chugga decided to end the Steve meme once and for all in Episode 6: "Troop, huh... OKAY, FINE! STEVE! There you go. Happy? I said it." ...followed by taking a picture of the king doing a pelvic thrust.
    • In the same episode, after beating a Burrowing Snagret ("a cross between a serpent, and a... chicken."), the computer complains that it ate the Treasure.

 Chugga: *singsong voice* Yep, guess who gets to carry it? 1-2-3 NOT IT!"

  • He starts talking in a really bad French accent at one point, and then says "I don't know why I am talking like zees, like I am Waka...Waka Waka Waka."
  • He dies in the Woodfall Temple by showing what happens when you stand on one of the flowers as regular Link: it eats you and deals damage before spitting you out. It spits him into the poison water, and he keeps climbing back onto the flower. Even he can't stop laughing.
  • His impression of an old lady saying "be an honest young man"...while the camera is zoomed in on the moon for no real reason.
    • And a few seconds later, after finding Sakon the thief:

 Sakon: "I'm not doing anything suspicious...really."

Chugga: "BULL."

  • He gets hit by a dragonfly (yes, that's their real name) in the Woodfall Temple. He nearly gets knocked down a pit that takes him right back to the start. His reaction is priceless.
  • During the battle with the Gekko, when the Snapper appears to become its mount, Chugga exclaims how the Snapper's face looks like he's saying "HEY BUDDY WHADDYA YOU DOING".
  • After getting the Bremen Mask from Guru-Guru, Chugga makes a horrible joke:

  Chugga: Uh...sir? I think you could use a little humour in your life. I could tell you a joke...okay, I've got one: Where did Miyamoto graduate college? Wii U! (Beat) Nah, that's not gonna work.

  • "Oh hey, a Dodongo. No, I am not gonna make that reference you guys want me to make because I don't want to waste all my bombs."
  • On one of the walls in Termina Field there's a randomized song, which you can play to get Rupees at that wall. The one Chugga got was an exact replication of Zelda's Lullaby. He was pretty dang confused.
  • After getting the Goron Mask, Chuggaa decides to dive off of a cliff into the icy water...he lands on the ice instead face first.
  • When Biggoron falls after he play Gorons' Lullaby

  Chugga:DON'T SUE ME!

  • Failing the first goron jump of Snowhead Temple


  • "This is a quality video, riiiight?" (Then an Unregistered Hypercam 2 tab pops up in the corner)
  • When he runs into the Biggoron again,

  Chugga: I'm his twin brother! Darmani...2!

  • "I'm surrounded by women!...I traded that in for this?!"
  • Chuggaa spends a few minutes deciding whether or not to blow up the Goron baby with a PowderKeg. The second he decides he will blow up the baby, it blows up on him once he picks it up instead.
  • According to Chugga, he kills a Mad Scrub by getting snot on the floor he just cleaned.
    • And later on, he apparently has a "killing people with my snot" fetish.
  • And in Episode 18: "Health and Safety Warning: Prolonged periods of play in the Clock Town Shooting Gallery may result in the following side effects: Constipation (DYEHHHHHHHHH!) Headache (FFMMMMMMMMMM!) Abdominal Pain (WHUUUUUUFFFF!) Spasms (DIIIIIEEEEEE!)"
  • While adventuring around Termina Field, Chugga finds some Gossip Stones in caverns and remarks how they resemble a foot stuck in the sand.
    • And just after that, he finds some bombs out of nowhere.
  • "Hey everybody, it's Chuggaaconroy and welcome back to...glitchy door!"
  • Getting stuck in a torch.
  • After racing the Gorman Brothers, Chugga remarks about how it looks like their pants are soiled based on the poorly-rendered shadow effect.
  • After entering Lulu's room, he finds a Business Scrub inside. "Lulu, you got some splainin' to do!"
  • When Chugga saves Mikau, right before Mikau gives his last message, a quick warning pops up with Chugga telling viewers he is "about to make their ears bleed". Cue Mikau playing his guitar and speaking. Cue Chugga singing.
  • Chugga reacting to the creepy Zora totally not spying on Lulu.
  • His editor wouldn't export a part of Episode 23. We're treated to something that has to be seen to be believed.
  • While waiting for the aliens on Romani Ranch, he casually chats up the moon. "Sooo, how's it going? Planning on destroying the world; read any good books lately...?"
  • In Episode 25, he decides to show off an Easter Egg:

  Chuggaa: Aww, that poor sign didn't see that coming; you know what sign? I feel kinda bad for you *plays Song of Healing* Let's heal its soul. Now what I like about this is, is if you play the Song of Healing near a sign, it comes BACK TO LIFE! Hey, I guess for you that was a good sign! HA HA!

  • "And my phone is going off, wonderful...It's Proton Jon." *cracks up*
  • While pointing out an Easter Egg[4], Chugga makes himself sound pretty creepy:

  (about Cremia) If you look at her chest...NO I AM NOT STARING AT HER BOOBS!

  • In episode 24, after receiving a bottle of milk from Romani for a sidequest.

  "Chugga": We got the Milk Bottle! (Beat) Is this from your sister?

  • After getting Heart Piece 26, we have this exchange:

 Evan: You're not thinking I'm stealing your song, do you?

Chuggaa: ...WISH I HAD MY SWORD! *through apparently gritted teeth* You're lucky that I had an appointment with the blacksmith to get my sword turned up! I'm just gonna put on my Circus Leader's Mask and cry my way home! *grumble*

 "Today's Day 2. Tomorrow, going on a trip to the moon is not gonna be space travel, it's gonna be going for a walk!"

  • In Episode 32, he opens his inventory to get out some Deku Nuts to fight the Big Bats and realises he doesn't have any. In Episode 33 he opens his inventory just before facing Wart...and realises that he still doesn't have any Deku Nuts.
    • Later, in Ikana, he does it again.
  • Almost the entire segment with Tingle in Episode 36.
  • He kills a Garo by drawing his sword. [5] His reaction (which starts with a couple seconds of pure silence) is priceless.
  • He gets jinxed, demonstrates how to cure it by playing a certain song, and then immediately gets jinxed again.
  • His phone rings, with its ringtone actually audible to the mic this time. Guess what his ringtone is?
  • Six minutes into episode 38, Chugga tries fighting a Dexihand and keeps getting thrown around over and over.
  • Chuggaa decides not to go through the Ikana well dungeon in fast forward with music over it, and asks himself where he went wrong in life. Immediately a brief clip of the first episode of his first LP plays.
  • "Ice Keese--" *gets hit by one and frozen*
  • What does Chuggaa say when he plays the Elegy of Emptiness for the first time? DON'T DROWN!
  • Chuggaa is in Ikana Canyon with the Mirror Shield equipped. He stands under a light and between four Redeads. He turns his back to one, using the reflected light to kill it. He turns around to apologize to it, killing the one he was just facing by the same method. This causes a chain reaction that kills all four.

 Chuggaa: Everything I apologize to diiiiies!"

    • He starts this up again right at the end of the episode.
  • Chuggaa's in the middle of deku flying around Ikana castle, when a Guay comes up and hits him, sending him all the way to the bottom, his yell of "NOOOOOO!" is easily his most genuine since the pikmin freakout.
  • At one point Mikau goes through some weird animations, which just tickles Chuggaa, prompting him to say: "Get down with your bad self Mikau."
  • Mikau enjoys jumping off of things and giving himself concussons!
  • He kills a dragonfly but ends up jumping off a ledge, and lands on a bombchu instantly blowing it up.
  • (Prepares to play a song.)But, as you can see here, I think you get what the gimmick of this temple is. (Bombchu runs into him and explodes.) It is...(Beat)...getting your face blown up while playing the flute...
  • If there was ever a time when the onscreen text has been a Deadpan Snarker, it's in episode 42:

 Text: *Chugga is looking for a chest that is right near him* LOOK AT YOUR MAP. BE AN EXPLORER.


Chugga: ...and try to find a way over to that chest...


    • And then, once he realises his mistake in Episode 43:

  Chugga: (Screams) I! AM! AN! I-DI-OT BOX!

  • The intro to Episode 44:

  Chugga: Hey, everybody, it's ChuggaaDeku!

 Chugga(looking at the entrance to Stone Tower Temple): Oh my God...that face...that''s you...

King Harkinian:Mah boi.

  • In Episode 48, his joy at completing the Archery mini game that he had attempted and failed to complete earlier in the LP.
  • Chuggaa starts Episode 49 by playing Skyward Sword and talks about missing the run button. So he promptly jumps off an edge, which instantly transits into DAWN OF THE FIRST DAY.
  • "Willyoutalktomenow willyoutalktomenow huh huh huh willyoutalktomenow?" - When he tried talking to Anju over and over to no avail.
  • "I thought he lost his face, I was wearing his face, so he stole Pikachu's face!" - When he got the Keaton Mask.
  • In episode 50: "The world is ending and all you care about is if I've got a cow on my head!"
  • Meta-example: Episode 51's length. 13:37. Not planned.
  • Chugga starts talking about Jim as if he's dead, remembers he's not dead, and then starts saying he's "too young to die". He basically has a small verbal war with himself.
  • Giving one of the kids in the moon the Romani Mask: "HERE! BE A COW FOR HALLOWEEN!"
  • How do you make the fight with one of the creepiest bosses in the entire Zelda series funny?
    • "Hey look, he's doing the Moscow, Moscow Idon'tknowthefriggingwords, Idon'tknowthefriggingwords, ah-ha-ha-ha-ha HEY!"
    • In the bonus video, his guide to fighting it using the Fierce Deity's mask.

 Chugga: Step 1: Z target! Step 2: Press B! Press B! Press B! Press B! Press B! Press B! Press B!

    • His comment after getting the Great Fairy's Mask in episode 4:

  "No, this does not turn us into Ms. Pointy-Tits herself."

Pokémon Emerald


  • The way he says "Teddy is loafing around!"
  • Freaking out whenever anyone uses healing items.
  • Turning into a Grammar Nazi. "It's no use reasoning with people who don't have any sense of grammar."
  • Being jealous of Wally over everything.
  • Saying "Fufufu" as the letters, as in "F-U F-U F-U".
  • "Bro Balls!"[6]
    • There's one time in which it gets subverted [7]. Chugga commenting on it is pretty funny as well.
  • Using Maxie's anime dub voice.
    • And, as an extension, using a gruff voice when reading Archie's lines. Especially when switching between the two of them while they're having a conversation.
  • Purposely trying to invoke his previous Pokémon LPs by throwing normal Poké Balls at the legendaries, hoping to catch them in hilarious ways.
  • Commenting on the disparity between characters' sprites in the top-down view and their appearance in battles. In particular how bald sprites grow hair in an instant (accompanied by a "NNNNNGGGGH!" of effort) when they appear in battles.

Episode 1:

  • "OH MY GOD CARDBOARD BOXES HAVE TAKEN OVER THE WORLD I ALWAYS KNEW THEY WERE EVIL! They said I was crazy, they said it didn't - okay, okay, I won't play that out any longer than I need to."
  • The very first battle is against a wild Zigzagoon. There is a 5% chance that the first Zigzagoon will have an Oran Berry and use it. Guess what happens? "Wild ZIGZAGOON's ORAN BERRY restored health!"
  • He recites the news report on the main character's TV in a funny voice.
  • Someone says aplomb. Chuggaa made it sound like a sound effect.
  • During his first rival battle, he says he hopes the battle will end soon. Immediately after he says that, Moegami (his Torchic) is knocked out by May's Mudkip. Sure it was a critical, but still!
    • Even better. In later dialogue, the game covers for him and pretends it didn't happen. Of course Chuggaa lampshades it.
  • When Professor Birch suggests that EMILE meets his daughter May, Chugga tells him NO like three times! Hilarious!

Episode 2:

  • When buying Poké Balls for the first time, he wants to show the Premier Ball trick by buying ten Poké Balls at once. Only, since he lost the first rival battle in episode 1, he doesn't have enough money to do so...
  • Chugga noticing his newly-caught Lotad is at a very low level.

  Chugga: In other words, this thing is a tad low...

  • Chugga's increasing jealousy at Wally, due to him getting a Pokemon from Norman (the player's, AKA Chugga's dad) as well as getting a free Poke Ball and Potion.

 Scott: I'm looking for talented trainers. I'm sorry I wasted your time. (walks off)



Episode 3:

Episode 5:

  • His Zigzagoon, "SLAVINATOR".

Episode 6:

  • The voice he gives to Mr. Briney, which sounds like a drunken Master Roshi.

Episode 7:


Episode 7 - Episode 7

  • Chuggaa becomes an announcer for the "Wingull Derby", aka Mr. Briney chasing his pet Wingull around his coffee table.

Episode 8

  • Brawly's Makuhita (whom he thinks is the most powerful member of Brawly's team) takes out everyone but Slavinator. Cue the poison from ACOOLTENT's Poison Sting defeating it after Slavintor is sent in. Chugga bursts out laughing, and keeps laughing while Slavinator is leveling up. (It went from Lv. 3 to Lv. 7 just from that!)
  • The "trendy saying" he got the first time he played the game was "NOTHING LIVING". (This time around it was "REFRESHING DREAM". Which is not linked to "BOOK", by the way.)
  • Thank you so much good samaritan bandanna-wearer.

Episode 9

  • Trying to read all the names of the people who suggested the name Kappa for his Lotad.
  • Scott's second appearance.

 Chuggaa: Now, I wanna show you a--

[Scott walks onscreen, cutting him off]

Chuggaa:...fat man in a Hawaiian shirt.

Episode 10

Episode 11

  • When he sees Wally. "HEY, WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IS THIS? What, you have your fanclub with you?"
    • And then he takes down his Ralts in one hit.
  • *Scott shows up* "And WOAH, hey, I um, I wasn't saying anything, I'm a, I'm a good honest trainer, right? I am." *Scott asks if he's friends with Wally* "No, no no no, I'm not." *Scott compliments Emile for beating him* "...All I did was press A!"
  • Giddy's "stories". And Chugga getting angry at his grammar and insulting the translators.
    • STUDY is so amusing, don't you agree? Chugga: "NO, you nerd."
    • "Okay...even though you're probably going to get devoured by Zigzagoons doing that..."
    • MAKING is so desirable! Don't you agree? Chugga: "Making what? Makin' babies?"
    • MEDITITE is so pretty! Chugga: *beat* "...Get away from me..."
    • TOYS is so magical!
    • "What is the bottom of the sea like, YES or NO?"
    • "What kind of a story is this? This is no story!"
    • I brought crayons with 120 colors. Don't you think that's nice? "You bet I think that's nice!" Awww.

Episode 12

  • Repeating Wattsonslinesreallyfast.

Episode 13

  • "...Because you have a funny hat on!"
  • "TWINS!" :D
  • "I bet Wally got to sleep on the frikin' table. I WANNA SLEEP ON A TABLE!"
  • "And you know what, SCOTT? You insulted me so much, there's no way I'm gonna let you get off Scott-free!"
  • The hamily's farts.

Episode 14

  • "Is it just me, or is the Walkie-Talkie like the stupidest name for anything ever?".

Episode 15

  • "I won't say that anymore or you guys will probably kick me in the REAR!" [9]
  • "Is this some kind of like, couple ritual? Like instead of glomping, you guys just bump into each other hundreds of times a day?"
  • "Give me a TM!" "Screw faith in my Pokémon, I want a TM!"
  • "And that is an epic playtime!" His game play time at the end of the video was 13:37.

Episode 16

  • "BEHOLD MY STRENGTH!" ...and then he complains about people quoting him.[10]
  • Chugga encounters a Pokémaniac and spends the majority of the battle creeped out by the fact that he put on the bottom half of a Charizard costume just to battle him[11]. Of course, once the battle ends, he notices the Trainer's name is Steve and reacts predictably.

 Steve: Don't forget what you've done to me! I'll make it so you can't forget!

Chugga: ...Oh my God! HE'S OUT TO GET ME! HE WANTS TO GET REVENGE ON ME FOR HOPING HE WOULD DIE! NOOOOOOOO! HE'S FOREVER REGISTERED IN MY CELL PHONE! Ahhh...we found a Carbos, that'll raise overall speed...oh my God, I gotta start sleeping with one eye open...

    • *enters battle* "And -" *sees Steve's costume* "......keep your fetishes to yourself, man!"
    • Chugga backpedals about Steve wearing a Charizard-cosplay during battle:

  "I dunno, actually- You know what? Nevermind, I take back everything I said about this guy. That would get me really pumped for battle if I look like a frikkin' Charizard! I mean, seriously! If you looked like Charizard, how would you not be utterly pumped for battle, I know I would be."

Episode 18

  • Giving Maxie the voice from the 4Kids anime dub.
  • Right as he's about to remove the meteorite from the machine, he gets a call from a random trainer. "This machine could have caused a volcanic eruption, that would have engulfed TWO! NEIGHBORING! CITIES! And you think it's more important to tell me that your Wingull won...and was spectatular."
  • "The place is friggin' called "Meteor Falls"! What do you think it is, what do you think's falling there? Pumpkins? THE METEORS ARE FALLING THERE."

Episode 20

  • "Oh come on! That is a dick move!" upon being ambushed by a double battle immediately after going up a pit in the Lavaridge Gym.
  • Making Numel sounds, and saying that it looks like a squeaky bathtoy.
  • While sitting in the HOT SAND at the spa. "I've been...getting a massage from the ground under there."
  • *I think I was speaking in badges!*

Episode 21

  • "I'm not telling you to kick it in the face out of hate, I'm telling to kick it in the face out of love! Isn't that what all boyfriends do to their gir-"

Episode 22

  • "I bet you wouldn't be questioning your authority if you lost to Wally!"
  • Chuggaa's Vigoroth is one attack away from KOing Norman's Slaking, leading to one of the best Hope Spots in the LP:

 "C'mon, finish him! I've go-" *Norman uses a Hyper Potion on the Slaking, completely healing it* "YOU ASS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?"

Episode 23

  • Chuggaa gets a PP up

 Chugga:The next girl I see will make my PP go up.

  • Chugga then surfs upwards and encounters an old woman*


  • After a close call Chuggaa was hoping to keep Acooltent alive at 8HP, it was looking good and Acooltent's speed should have let it get the surf that would decide the match, Then Chuggaa opens his mouth.

  "Hopefully Acooltent can stay alive t-" *His foe's Makuhita uses fake out, outspeeding Acooltent and making it faint* "YOU SON OF A... Majin Buu.

Episode 24


Episode 25

  • His Lombre killing the entire enemy team in the Verdanturf Battle Tent using only Bullet Seed.
    • ...until he fights the enemy Graveler, which, due to its Focus Band, manages to survive getting hit five times by Bullet Seed (the first two of which would've killed it normally).
  • When a Team Aqua Grunt tells him not to go in the weather institution because it's dangerous...

  Chugga: I'm feeling like a naughty boooy. *Runs into the weather institute.*

Episode 27

  • When trying to catch an Absol, Chugga decided to use the Nest Ball just to be different, then he notices the effect Nest Balls have when opening.

  Chugga: It's gonna have hearts popping out of it?! No! Don't catch it! Don't catch it! *Absol breaks free* Yes!

Episode 28

  • He mentions reading an article claiming that Android smartphone users are statistically more likely to use their phone while on the toilet compared to Apple users, and was about to dismiss the idea as ridiculous until he remembered Tim owns an Android phone.
  • After repeatedly mocking the AI for using random, ill-judged moves throughout the LP, his stunned reaction in the boss fight with Winona when she actually uses her ability to switch Pokemon to great effect.

Episode 29

  • Accidentally putting Slavinator at the front of his party, then getting it KO'd in a battle. Then going back to heal, getting into another battle, and forgetting that Slavinator was still at the front of his party, and getting it KO'd again.


Episode 30

  • Trent the Vent is Bent in a Tent!
    • ...who then interrupts him twice on Route 121 within minutes of each other, with the exact same phone call.
    • "Not a cool tent, a normal one."

Episode 32

  • After getting out of a Beauty Contest, an NPC interviews Chugga. Shortly after, he goes to a TV to show the interview...

  Wouldn't you also like to know what EMILE imagines BEAUTY to be? You bet we did, so we asked, of course! The answer is all perfectly condensed: "THICK FAT!"

Episode 33

  • "It's time to kick some ass and take some names! But rather I think it'd be more fun if we take some ass and kick some names!"
    • "...I don't know about the taking ass part, but I want to kick your name!"[14]
  • Chugga's Badass Boast made for his newly-evolved Slaking, Teddy.
    • "Yeah, this thing...bluntly, it is going to tear things apart, spit in their eyes, and make them wet their pants 18 times over, all the way to Sunday, knocking them into last week."[15]

Episode 34

Episode 35

  • Freaking out when he only needed two more Exp. points to evolve his Swablu.

Episode 36

Episode 37

  • Chuggaa's response to the constant Fridge Logic of Team Aqua/Magma's behavior.
  • Repeatedly forgetting to put Moegami at the back of the team when facing water types in double battles, and freaking out every time.

Episode 40

  • Chugga faces a Team Magma Grunt and one-shots his Numel with a Hyper Beam from Teddy.

  Chugga: Nose Laser! Ahaha!

Episode 41

  • The return of the original Acooltent as an HM slave! (And in episode 42 it gets renamed "Acoolslave").
  • He actually had to try the battle against Maxie and Tabitha twice because his Pokemon were knocked out on his first take.

  Chuggaconroy: all and all, this thing is trying to be a jerk. And... -KAPPA is knocked out- (slowly) Steven does not have anything that's weak to flying. (the "player whited out text" shows up) What? THAT COUNTED AS A LOSS?! HOW COME IT DOESN'T COUNT AS A LOSS FOR THEM?! TABITHA WAS DOWN! Tabitha lost all of his Pokemon or her Pokemon or its Pokemon... HOW DID THAT COUNT AS A LOSS?!

Episode 42

  • When starting out the video, he gets repeatedly interrupted by wild encounters and trainer battles as he navigates to the Abandoned Ship.

  Chugga: (starts surfing) Hey everybody it's Chuggaaconroy, welcome back to more Pokémon Emerald! In the last episode, we (wild encounter) went underwater for the first time, and (trainer battle) caught ourselves a Relicanth and got a Water Stone so that we could make (double battle) Kappa into a Ludicolo, and (trainer battle) in this episode I'm about to say how much I freaking hate all these underleveled swimmers that aren't even worth the time to fight as we get here to the Abandoned Ship.

  • Chugga gets a surprise call from Steve, cue Big No and Chugga freaking out (he mentions that he's legitimately scared). He then calls him back to see if he wants a rematch and Steve responds by saying he's going to capture the winner of a battle between two Lotads and does an Evil Laugh.
    • "He's out for BLOOD! NO!"
  • The "dancing" NPCs. (Singing) "You are bald! I have hair! I'm over here! You're over there!"
  • Chuggaa freaking out over the amorality of the NPCs treasure-hunting on the abandoned ship considering there are lost children there and people must have died in the shipwreck.
  • The NPC whose dialogue is simply: "IT'S A SHIP! YAY!"

Episode 45

  • The entirety of Chugga's attempt to capture Regirock. A notable example is on his third attempt where he accidentally presses the "B" button and runs away when he was only trying to switch a Pokemon after Kappa was knocked out.

 Chugga: No! I didn't mean to press "B"!...Crap!

Game: The Regirock flew away!

Chugga: Wait...How did a hunk of rocks fly away? Seriously?

Episode 46

  • Chuggaa's failed attempts at riding the Mach Bike over a cracked floor in Granite Cave while refusing to use Flash, which would make the entire scenario ten times easier.

  Chugga: I refuse to use Flash when it would make things easier! I AM THE ALMIGHTY APPLE CORPORATION!

  • And then there's his impression of Regice's cry.


Episode 47

  Chugga: *Hums the Indiana Jones theme* SPINNING IN CIRCLES! Haha!

Episode 50

  • Chugga throws in his opinion Hot Skitty-On-Wailord Action and says he thinks the meme doesn't have as much potential as it could have. He then says the meme would be funnier if it was hot Wailord-On-Skitty Action [16].
  • Chugga getting increasingly irritated that trainers whose main pokemon are Luvdiscs were somehow accepted into Sootopolis gym.

Episode 52

  • Attempting to catch Rayquaza in three off-beat Poke Balls (the Nest Ball, Net Ball, and Dive Ball), consecutively.

  "Nothing. *later* Nothing! *later* NOTHING!"

  • When he finally catches Rayquaza.

  "Apparently being Mexican is what works!"[17]

Episode 53

  • Inside Fortree City we see another interview with Gabby and Ty. What was Chuggaaconroy's interview? NITWIT.
  • Heading to Ever Grande City, in what can only be described as a completely random tour-guide-like tangent.

Episode 54

  • Chugga's battle against Wally. Chugga gets tired of Wally getting his starter easily while he had to work for his.

 Chugga: Well, you know what? I have had enough. Psychic, Double Team, Future Sight, Calm Mind. I'm hitting you with a Shadow Ball and it's gonna like it because that's a Physical attack and your Calm Mind can't do crap to me. You can't even touch me because I- your only offensive moves are Psychic-type and I'm Dark. So, screw you, Wally. SCREW YOU!

  • Gardevoir surives the attack*

Chugga: didn't go down...

  • Wally heals Gardevoir with a Full Restore*

Chugga: I said "screw you!" *Attacks with Shadow Ball but Gardevoir still survives* Come on...

  • Wally heals Gardevoir with a Full Restore*

Chugga: Why won't you let me screw you, Wally!? *Beat* Um, I can explain...

Episode 55

  • In a double battle a few minutes into the video, an enemy Claydol uses Skill Swap... on Teddy.[18]
  • Double Slaking all the way!
    • And then one of them uses Attract on Teddy.

  Chugga: Awwww, they even loaf around together! That's so adorable!!

  • While facing a cool trainer named Vito (who Chuggaaconroy believes is part of the Winstrate family he fought in an earlier episode), his Shiftry used Pound on Altair (Chuggaaconroy's Altaria). His comments on that were funny:

  Chuggaconroy: ...and I was just like "well you know what"-- *Shiftry uses Pound* ...Pound?! You really just used pound on me?! What do you take me for? Were the... Look-Look at his hands! He's got, like, little leaf-flippers for hands, you think hitting me with one of those with Pound is going to hurt? Ugh... But yeah...

Episode 57

  • When fighting Glacia, he freaks out every time her Walrein tries to use Sheer Cold (it misses each time), which, despite its horrible accuracy, is a One-Hit Kill move.
  • His first KO in the Elite Four is to a Glalie. The Pokemon Chuggaa spends as much time bashing as he does Luvdisc takes out his strongest Pokemon.
  • Having Drake Talk Like a Pirate.

Bonus Episode 1


Bonus Episode 2

  • When fighting Groudon, and with only a blip of damage, it still being in green HP, and no status effects, Chugga catches it in a Nest Ball. Of course, hilarity ensues.
    • Made even funnier with the fact that he was wondering if it was possible to catch a legendary Pokemon with that kind of ball earlier in the video.

Bonus Episode 3

  • The Kyogre uses Sheer Cold against Kappa, which is supposed to quad-resist Water-type attacks... and succeeds. Then it does it again immediately against Teddy.
    • Then later uses it against Moegami... and again on Pandora right when it gets sent out...
  • The Kyogre's AI deciding to, for all intents and purposes, TROLL Chugga during the first fight by spamming Rest.
    • He even lampshades this, claiming that Kyogre is constantly trying to go back to sleep as if it's bored of the fight.
  • This exchange at about 8:30

  Chugga: *Kyogre uses Rest at full health* Okay, seriously. Are you going to even attack me? I've been sitting here with a weakness to water with 16 HP for like, 6 minutes now and you aren't doing a dang thing to me, and- *Kyogre uses Sheer Cold*. Shut up. Shut up. You going down to the comment box right now, shut up.

Bonus Episode 6

  • His annoyance at Nintendo for their horribly irritating way of accessing Southern Island in Emerald, and his description of how he did it. It ended up costing him $140 total in order to actually do it.
  • Latias defeats itself with Struggle because it has no attacks that can hurt Pandora, the Pokémon Chugga was using during the battle.
    • And then, when he does catch it, he does so with a Nest Ball (again) while it's at full health.
  • "Yoda the pirate, I don't know!"
  • The end of this episode:

 Chugga: We've caught all the legendary Pokémon, I don't think there's really anything else left for us to do in this game, so...I think we're about done with the aftergame here. I don't think there's really anything else left for us to do. (Beat) ...OH WAIT!

(Cut to a shot of his Match Call app of the Pokénav, zooming in on Pokémaniac Steve, who wants a rematch as a dramatic "DUN DUN DUNNNNNN" plays)

Final Bonus Episode

  • When fighting Steven's Claydol, Kappa manages to land a critical hit Waterfall on it. Then Steven uses a Full Restore. Then Kappa lands another critical Waterfall. Then Steven uses Full Restore again. Then after damaging it once and having it set up a Light Screen, he kills it with, you guessed it, another critical hit Waterfall.

Super Paper Mario

Story Intro

Episode 1

  • When Chugga is requested by Merlon to help him save all worlds, Chugga purposely keeps refusing him to show the Nonstandard Game Over.

Episode 2

  • Chuggaa trying to kick several different Koopa Troopa shells in an attempt to kill other enemies. Needless to say, there were too many "Pal Pill Marios" in the way.
    • "You just killed your own brother!!!"

Episode 3

 Chugga: He punched us out of his house! He had a spear, he didn't use it! He didn't even resort to hitting us out of the window or chimney! He hit us out of the roof! He punched us! Out of his house!

  • The commentary as Tippi identifies the Thwomps in Yold Town.

 Chugga: '...I'm sure Mario can find a way!' [Sounding concerned] Are you sure, Tippi? [Normally as he walks through] Well, yeah. They're just made of paper.

  • The very end of the episode. Silence, silence, silence... DUMPLINGS!

Episode 4

  • "Whhhhaaaaap! Whhhhhaaaaap! ...I don't know why I did that."
  • "'So yer the lad stickin' his 'stachy in me boss's business!' I'm not sticking my 'stache in anybody's business! [[[Beat]], whispering] Y'know in the bathroom!
  • Chugga's reaction to O'Chunk's exit.

 Chugga: ...Wario's got competition.

  • And then, right before that during the actual battle, he leveled up after jumping on him once!

Episode 5

  • After sending a huge pile of Tromps to fill up a space so he get to a door, Chugga had this little tidbit to say:

 Chugga: Wow. I feel bad for whatever Goomba that was underneath all this, if any. Hehehehehe.

Episode 6

 Chuggaaconroy: Right here we got these enemies. You wanna go ahead and get these-- (he misses) I said get these and TOSS them-- (he misses again) EXCUSE ME! (he tosses another enemy, with hits another enemy, all while missing the antenna) GET THESE AND TOSS THEM AT HIS ANTENNA!


Episode 7

  • When the game switches to Peach as the player character.

 Chugga: It wouldn't be a Paper Mario game if you didn't play as Peach when you don't want to!

Episode 9

  • "I'm not just a Mario Princess! I'm a GIANT 8-BIT MARIO PRINCESS! HEAR ME ROAR!!"

Episode 10

  • Chuggaa runs into Mimi for the first time and remembers the name his mom used to call him as a child. It's Mimikins.
    • Even funnier, it seems fans have taken to using the name on his facebook comments.
  • As soon as Chuggaa jokes about destroying Merlee's mansion, one of the deadly traps set to kill Mario activates.
  • Chuggaa takes a liking to his ghost Shroom item and names it Billy and goes through a whole escapade of nearly losing Billy and being reunited with him before the item finally disappears.
    • Not to mention his initial failure at using the Ghost Shroom.
  • Chuggaa goes back to the previous level to demonstrate how if you pick up the Pal Pills with Peach instead of Mario, it makes 8-bit Peaches instead of 8-bit Mario companions. Where does he show this? Right in front of the NPC who acted like a creepy stalker towards Peach... "His dream come true!"

Episode 11

Bad Boss NPC: Boss Mimi hates the dark like she hates brussels sprouts! So WORK IT!! More power!


Chuggaaconroy: He said "work it"?
—randomly cuts to the Wario Land 4 theme song, which has the phrase "Work It" in the lyrics-

Episode 12

  • After reading Merlee's lines, Chugga starts unintentionally rhyming throughout the rest of the video.

 Chugga: And...uh oh. I hope I didn't make a mistake. This room was really well hidden, so I think that I didn't, but- STOP RHYMING, EMILE! God, I swear that I'm not doing this I'm purpose! I really, really am not trying to just rhyme every time that I say anything!

  • There's also the sudden upsurge of literal toilet humor. Perhaps summed up best near the end of the chapter:

 Chugga: We're... in the... bathroom? Okay...

Episode 13

  • Following up from the previous episode, Chugga starts the video by being attacked by Mimi, apparently for wanting to go in the girls' bathroom.
  • Can we just stop rhyming already?

Episode 14

  • Chuggaa saying that Peach is great to use for precise platforming and then falling several times while telling the audience to shut up.

 Chuggaa: Shut up, double shut up, triple shut up, quadruple shut up! Quintuple shut up! Now I really hope I don't mess up again because I don't know what comes after quintuple, I think it's sextuple but I've always heard that as a joke so I don't know if it's actually... okay, sextuple shut up! Octuplet shut up! Nin..tup..let shut up! Nintendo, shut up? I don't know.

Episode 15

  • Chuggaa makes a hard decision on which item to get rid of when he has too many and eventually decides to throw out his Koopa Tea, and then expresses sorrow that it's gone from his inventory.
  • Two in a row: First he assigns different battle grunts for each humanoid shape floating around in the Bitlands, all right before barely missing a Black Cursya (which would have sent him out of the level if they made contact).

Episode 17

  • While talking about the Pixls and how they correspond to several kinds of abilities/items you had in some of the other Mario-games, Bowser gets locked into his Walking-animation while Chugga has the Menu open, and the Description Box at the lower part of the screen makes this look really... weird.
  • "The butt is mightier than the sushi!"
  • Bowser's arms flailing about while the Giant Blooper enemy appears. Chuggaa can't stop laughing at it.

  Chuggaa: I'm enjoying that way more than I should.

    • "I love Bowser's arms!"
  • At the very end of the episode, Chugga signs off before hitting the block at the end of the Tile Pool. You see the 'End of Chapter' screen, and everything's quiet... and then, as the video is transitioning between that and Chugga's standard ending screen, he realizes that he didn't comment on the chapter ending.

Episode 18

  • Right after he finishes fighting Dimentio, he heads up, only to get hit by a Lakitu causing him to fall all the way down.

  Chuggaa: Lakituuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Episode 19

 Francis: Oh yeah! Shake that thorax!

  • Reading the sign at the interest, Chugga inserts a subliminal image of Super Jeenius's channel icon (as per the text).

Episode 20, Part 1 Episode 20, Part 2

Episode 21

  • Normally, throughout all of his playthroughs, when Chugga finds something that won't be important until later, he'll describe it vaguely and remark how it isn't important yet, or just ignore it completely. Near the end of this episode, he comes across the area in Flipside you need Fleep for in order to cross over into Flopside. Since he doesn't have Fleep yet, he can't open this, so he describes it as follows:

  Chugga: (completely nonchalant) That's a rift in time and space. (Beat) Do with that as you will.

Episode 22

  • He goes to end the episode as he usually does, then interrupted by the elevator.

  Chuggaa: See you guys... (elevator close on Mario) Mmf!

 Chugga: I got a mushroom~ [[[Beat]]] Okay, I won't do that.

Episode 23

  • Refusing to put on the space helmet to show the Nonstandard Game Over.
  • A small bit of Epic Fail near the beginning of the episode. He's in the underground with the 8-Bit Marios, and makes to jump over a pit. All of his 8-Bit Marios fall to their deaths, and upon landing on the other side of the pit, he bumps into an underground Goomba and falls off the edge.

  Chuggaaconroy: ...WOW. Bowser would be proud, I killed 9 Marios all at the same time.

Episode 24

  • "And you know what? I want a Foton for myself! I'm gonna name it FotonJon!"
  • Speaking of bad puns, Jar Jar Squinks.

Episode 25

  • His utter surprise that one of the aliens he speaks to is a girl.
  • He blows up some blocks on a door to move on, but because a few blocks still remained, the game wouldn't let him go through the door.

  Chuggaaconroy: What you wanna do is do that, we blow up...well, most of the blocks. ...oh come on! I have to blow them all up? What is this witchcraft?! It is actually obeying real physics? All in a game that's fun to play? I never!

Episode 27

  • His cat interrupts him and gets in the way.
  • Rather subtle, but the way he rolls his "R"s in Mr. L's accent, particulary when saying "BroBot".

Episode 28

  • "BOWSER'S ARMS!!!"

Episode 29


  1. For those not familiar with Pokémon, a Repel allows you to temporarily avoid wild Pokémon encounters, which Chugga finds very annoying.
  2. He had been getting a scratchy throat from a previous take and had to stop to prevent himself from losing his voice temporarily.
  3. Beedle 'complimenting' him for buying so much of his wares
  4. Cremia and Romani wearing Bowser broaches
  5. He accidentally attacks the Garo while drawing his sword, and because he had it powered up twice, it deals enough damage to instantly kill the Garo.
  6. When beginning a double battle with a male and female Grunt from Team Magma or Aqua, the trainer sprites are touching their Poké Balls together.
  7. The female and male are on opposite sides from normal
  8. Its first form has a 75% F to 25% M ratio, but its second form has an even ratio of F to M.
  9. He was repeatedly ending his sentences with "HERE" (and emphasizing it) just before saying this
  10. Which I just did
  11. his world sprite doesn't have the Charizard bottoms
  13. Actually only four times, Chuggaa miscounted
  14. He reaches Mount Pyre, where he fights Team Aqua, all of who are Team Aqua Grunts.
  15. Slaking has an amazing Attack stat. Chugga gave Teddy a Silk Scarf (which boosts Normal-type moves) and the strongest Normal-type move Slaking can learn, Hyper Beam.
  16. The nature of the trope itself implies the wailord is the pair being male, but he didn't seem to realize this.
  17. With his Ludicolo out and doing the shake count in Spanish, he was able to catch Rayquaza using an Ultra Ball while it still had green health.
  18. Skill Swap switches the abilities of the user and its target, and Claydol's ability is Levitate while Slaking's is Truant.
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