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  • Creator Backlash / Old Shame: Chuck grew to hate almost all of his pre-1948 shorts, and once said that if he was ever given the chance, he would have burned the negatives. The one he seemed to hate the most was "Elmer's Candid Camera." He recommended that one should only watch it "if you are dying to die of ennui". The toon in question had solid drawings, but had a snails pacing ("My conception of timing and dialogue was formed by watching the action in the La Brea tar pits. It would be complimentary to call it sluggish.") the timing was as thick as molasses, the gags weren't funny, and the characterization was poor. "Perhaps the kindest thing to say about "Elmer's Candid Camera" is that it taught everyone what not to do and how not to do it." Tex Avery remade the cartoon soon after as the much, much better "A Wild Hare." On that note, he also grew to hate Gay Purr-ee due to the trouble it caused him for moonlighting work on the film, resulting in him getting booted out of Warner Bros. and getting dogged about it in his later years in interviews.
    • He also seemed to be disappointed in how his Tom and Jerry shorts turned out, admitting that he wasn't familiar enough with the characters to get the most out of them. He called his T&J "the Road Runner and Coyote in cat-and-mouse drag."
  • Growing the Beard: Initially Jones started off making Disney-esque cartoons starring his character Sniffles the Mouse. Despite their solid drawing, they were was slow as molasses, unfunny as Seinfeld, and his Sniffles were so cloying that he put Disney to shame. However, he finally grew the beard with shorts like "The Draft Horse" and "The Dover Boys", and contributed to moving the Warner Bros. cartoon studio away from its original Disney-esque roots.
  • So Cool Its Awesome: His works occupy first and second place in The 50 Greatest Cartoons, as well as 1/5 of the rest of the list.
  • What Could Have Been: Chuck was offered to do a film of Tom and Jerry during the 70's but was unable to find a suitable script for the film. One can wonder if this would have been better than the movie that they have gotten.
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