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"A wonderful day begins with wonderful underwear!"


Nayu Hayama, a middle school student, surprises everyone when she trips at the school entrance ceremony, and, thanks to a well-placed Panty Shot, is revealed to be wearing lacy underwear unfitting for someone her age. It's revealed that Nayu's older brother Keigo is an underwear designer, and Nayu herself is a a fan of all things undergarments. So she decides to help her fellow classmates be more knowledgable by creating an Underwear Club in school, and recruits two best friends, Yako Jinguuji and Haruka Shiraishi, in with her. Nayu's indefatigable enthusiasm sweeps up a worldly girl (Kiyono Amahara), a busty home-room teacher (Tamaki Mizuno-sensei) and a flustered boy (Hiroki Komachi).

Based on the manga of the same name, the series aired in the winter of 2010.

== Tropes in Chu-bra!! include:


source, but they were given varying shades in the anime. Only Nayu remains largely unchanged.

  • Adult Child -- Mizuno-sensei, the Underwear Club's sponsor and

assistant homeroom teacher.

sympathetically, but the population of the school is largely thinking with their libidos.

the background.

a way to make her bust larger Yako suggests using a vacuum cleaner which Kiyono dismisses as a stupid idea... Then we cut to an exterior shot of an apartment building and hear a vacuum cleaner being turned on.

friends, mostly to make sarcastic comments.


"Oh, no."

Yuki starts her own underwear club!


used twice, first to make us think that Komachi is unhooking Nayu, the second time is Haruka and Nayu with each other.

Yako imagines Haruka in a pair of them. Which Haruka knows she's doing.

  • Ironic Echo -- One of Nayu's lines about how "sexy" underwear is

impractical is repeated later on by Komachi, who quickly becomes aware of what he just said.

  • Large Ham -- Angela and "Sir Charles" who appear in episode 10.
  • Les Yay -- Haruka seems to have something for Nayu.
  • Love Letter Lunacy -- Happens in episode seven. Turns out the secret

admirer put it in the wrong locker.

in on Haruka's breasts the first time they introduce themselves. An HUD even pops up behind her eyes, analyzing the other girl's bust.

like Nayu was in a better position before that.

high school, and both of them are still living in the area.

the place. Includes what is likely the world's only Crowning Panty Shot Of Heartwarming. Seriously.

that looks like a combination of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Revolutionary Girl Utena.

as quickly. In her search for a replacement swimsuit, she tries various levels of Barely-There Swimwear until not much is covered at all.

  • Serious Business -- According to Nayu, underwear is.
  • Sleep Cute -- The end of episode five.
    • Also the car scene near the end of episode 8.
  • Stat-O-Vision -- Nayu can analyze underwear with a simple glance.

In episode seven, she launches into a full fashion show in the middle of the street.

Nayu ever since elementary school and considers her a challenge. She doesn't seem to know he exists.

takes them off, throws them in the trash, and walks out.

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