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  • Chrono Trigger: Lucca's side quest to save her mother from the accident that ruined her legs. An uplifting moment follows if you get it right, but if you get it wrong...Oy.
    • Perhaps it's just me, but seeing Robo in such a dilapidated state, surrounded by the fruit of centuries' worth of work makes for a session of happy tears.
  • Also, the fate of Schala, probably the kindest character in the game. She disappears after the fall of the Ocean Palace, and despite thousands of rumors to the contrary, is never seen in the game again, having sacrificed herself to save the others from Lavos' wrath. This troper only still has the game because he kept it in order to search every last corner of the game for Schala should one of the aforementioned rumors actually turn out to be true.
    • It Got Worse in the DS version. You find Schala fusing with Lavos, her consciousness slowly being absorbed into the space parasite, and furthermore, she's become an Omnicidal Maniac as a result! And even after fighting against the new form of Lavos with all your might, all it does is piss him off and briefly snap Schala out of it long enough for her to make a really vague statement of how you can save her in Chrono Cross before teleporting you and Magus away.
  • This troper was HORRIFIED by the second time she encountered Magus, and she killed him her first go around. When he immediately used his last words to tell the characters how to revive Crono and died she was so upset that she immediately reset the game just to go back and change her mind on how to deal with him.
    • Whole fate of Magus! If he had been found by someone else than this fat ass Ozzy, he wouldn't have become such magnificent bastard. But no matter how fiend-ish he became, he never ceased to pursue Lavos only for his sister's sake!!
    • Another thing which made this troper almost cry was Magus's pet Alfador. After the fall of Zeal, the party visits the village of Earth Dwellers and Enlightened people united together. If you have Magus in your party, Alfador comes and stick to you, meowing non-stop. For him, Magus is still Janus and it also shows us their strong bond.
      • It's even more tearjerking since Magus might never come back for him, so Alfador will suffer a similar fate as Seymour in Jurassic Bark
  • This troper couldn't help but feel sad at the end of the prehistoric arc. Even after spending a good chunk of game time battling the Reptites and their dinosaur cohorts, Azala's final lines about the end of the Reptite era and the coming of a new ice age garner s surprising amount of sympathy. The real key is Ayla (who'd been fighting the Reptites long before joining up with the player party) offering to fly Azala away from an impending catastrophe, resulting in this exchange:

 Ayla: Come! Azala! Come!

Azala: Absolutely not! The powers that be have spoken.

Ayla: Azala... me not forget.

Azala: The future...

Ayla: What? What about future?

Azala: We... have no future...

      • The DS re-release slightly changed this scene, but makes the player feel for Azala even more IMO

 Ayla: Come! Azala! Come!

Azala: No! This is the will of the earth!

Ayla: Azala... Ayla not forget.

Azala: Take...

Ayla: Take? What take?

Azala: Take care… of this world.

  • Have people forgotten the sheer and utter hopelessness projected by Belthasar's theme, and the final (for the rest of time) "shutdown" of the Nu he uploaded his brain to? Though you feel so sorry for not doing it for him...
  • I thought Chrono Trigger as a whole was depressing, but what really got me was the future and why it was how it was. The bad ending doesn't really help, either. It's just so hopeless... if I were more emotional I'd cry. And the thing with the plant? Probably a ray of hope that's short lived, as I view it, which would probably make the entire future even sadder for me.
    • Honestly! You do realize, the whole point of the bad future and the bad ending is TO MOTIVATE YOU TO BEAT THE GAME. And the only reason they had the plant in there is to imply that it will survive, and they will succeed in regrowing their own future.
  • Nobody's mentioned the bit where Robo has to kill his own sister in an "I Know You're In There Somewhere" battle? Granted, in the default good ending, the future in which that happened never came to pass and she's still alive, but still...
    • Don't forget that before that, Robo gets the snot kicked out of him by his old family members who he still considers his friends.

 "Please stop. Pl...ease..."

  • Chrono's death at the hands of Lavos, not the ending that comes after it if you don't bring him back - this troper always cries when Marle runs to Chrono in the end.
  • In the Good Ending, Lucca doesn't want to say goodbye to Robo because she knows that, by defeating Lavos, they changed the future that Robo was born in. Therefore, Robo may cease to exist in the future. Robo tells everyone that there'll be a place for him in the future and Lucca bursts into tears.
  • Lucca's scene at the top of Death Peak when you resurrect Crono.
    • I prefer the Marle version actually but both are good.
  • Some part of this goes to the Crono's resurrection quest when most of the party except Magus had to lie to Crono's mom that he's okay when the fact is that Lavos vaporized him.
  • In the future, you find a small group of people clinging to life, with one woman still waiting for her husband to come back from his mission to get them some help. You soon find his rotting corpse, but with a seed that offers the slightest glimpse of hope for the rest.
    • Her child will constantly say funny euphemisms about her dad, which just makes it all the more sadder since the little girl will never grasp the reality of the situation until much later. The woman's own determination on raising both the plant and the child is even more tearjerking, since they both the legacies her husband left for her.
  • An early quest sees Frog lose his confidence, blaming himself for the kidnapping of Queen Leene. After giving Crono some kind words, he leaves the kingdom seemingly for good, and a stunned Lucca, who hates frogs, can only say "...Froggy, you weren't such a bad guy either."
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