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Marle: I used to call you Daddy?
King Guardia XXXIII: You did.

  • The Crono and Marle moment at Death Peak where Marle hugs Crono after he was brought back to life and tells him how much she misses him. Lucca, the Unlucky Childhood Friend, takes her place if you decide not to put Marle in the party.
    • Also, Lucca doing the same. Something about the way that Lucca yells at Crono for "being stupid" and proceeds to collapse on him ... is powerful.
  • If you bring Magus to the Surviving Village in 12,000 B.C., Alfador will run up to him and constantly meow. He still remembers his master Janus despite how much his master had changed.
    • To be fair, it's been very little time to Alfador; but it's still a heartwarming Pet the Dog moment for Magus, because it shows that he hasn't changed so much that his cat wouldn't recognize him.
  • The mayor of Porre starts the game as a greedy, cruel man whose own children hate him. Then you teach his ancestors the value of generosity, and return to the present to find that he's now a perfectly nice guy whose kids say "My dad is my favorite person in the whole world!"
  • Saving Lucca's mother from the rogue machine. Sure, it's completely optional, but it still feels wonderful. Granted, that could be because the other option packs a hell of a Player Punch.
  • The scene in 2300 AD where the party brings the seed back to the villagers so they can grow crops. When asked about why they are so optimistic, Marle responds that it's because they "are healthy/have hope". Then the villagers all begin to show optimism for the first time since the 'Day of Lavos' in 1999 AD, making this one of the most powerful scenes in the game. The fact that the music theme that plays at that moment, appropriately named "The Day the World Revived", doesn't hurt either.
  • If Frog is in the party when you meet with Magus after Crono dies, he will spit out some invective about Crono's foolishness, prompting Frog to draw his weapon. A tense standoff ensues, and you can let Frog fall victim to his hatred and grudges, triggering an awesome Duel Boss. Or, you can back off, and Frog will sheathe his blade, letting go of his hatred and desire for vengeance, telling Magus that violence will not bring Crono back. It's a wonderful bit of character development on his part.
  • Robo is badly in need of repair after his brother robots all turn on him for being a "defect" and brutally beat him in front of Crono and Lucca. Offhandedly, Lucca asks him during the repairs what he wants to do in the future. Robo's response?

Robo: "No one's ever asked me that before!"

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