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  • The entire movie, for anyone Genre Savvy. You know exactly how the movie is going to roll out, so any heartwarming moment between the trio is immediately replaced with dread.
  • Finding out that Andrew's mom, the one person he seemed to be genuinely stable and happy around, died is very heart-wrenching.
    • Add on to this that one of the last things Andrew does in his home is comfort his mother's labored breathing.
  • Seeing Matt futilely try to calm down Andrew, who is losing control of his powers and going berserk, and get the police to back off. Anyone with even a little Genre Savvy knows what's going to happen next: Matt's forced to kill Andrew.
  • Steve's death. He's trying to talk Andrew down and claiming he's his best friend, but Andrew, long since past the Despair Event Horizon thanks to his dad, keeps pushing him away until he unintentionally kills him.
    • While it is left up in the air just how much of the lightning strike was Andrews, fault.
    • Given that electricity seems to be a weakness for them, what with Andrew knocking himself out when he hits a streetlight, it is indeed doubtfull he killed Steve. He's probably just guilty because Steve only flew up into the storm to talk Andrew to get down.
  • Andrew's descent into insanity, the Apex Predator speech being just before the point of no return, to tie in on the above, with Richard's and Andrew's hospital scene being that point.
  • During the barn rave Andrew and Matt go to, Matt suggests that Andrew should get a beer, among other things. Andrew replies that he doesn't drink. Later, we find out that the one of the reasons Richard's so abusive to Andrew is because he drinks. Meaning that Andrew's reason for not drinking is because he doesn't want to end up like his dad.
  • The smashing of the Hope Spot when Andrew's father is in tears besides his hospitalized son, only to reveal he's crying because his mother is dead and now proceeds to blame his son for it.
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