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File:Chowder pic.png

 "Pepper spray? That sounds delicious! (gets sprayed in the face) AHHH!! I was wrong!! I was horribly wrong!!!"

Chowder is the excitable, young apprentice of legendary chef Mung Daal. Chowder loves food and dreams of becoming a great chef one day.

Mung Daal

File:Mung pic.png

 "You see, there is an ugly lady inside us all, and sometimes, that ugly lady makes us do things we?re not proud of."

He can be a bit scatterbrained, but when it comes to cooking, Mung Daal knows more than almost anyone. He pours his heart into every dish. Mung thinks he's a ladies man and frequently offers Chowder advice about finding love.


File:Shnitzel pic.png

 "Radda, radda!"

Shnitzel is a big, heavy rock monster who works in Mung Daal's kitchen. He doesn't have much of a sense of humor, and Chowder is always getting on his nerves.

 "Think of something dry!"

"Like Shnitzel's sense of humour?"

"No that's too dry."


File:Truffles pic.png

 "What's going on in here!!?"

Mung Daal's wife, Truffles likes to be the boss and has a very competitive streak. While Mung Daal handles the cooking, Truffles takes of everything else.

  • The Fair Folk
  • I Was Quite a Looker: She was very cute and curvy when she was younger.
    • She can apparently revert to this at will, as shown in "Dinner Theater" when she attracts some customers.

 Truffles: Guess I'll have to get out the legs.


Chowder's pet, who lives in a cage next to his bed. Kimchi is a brown-colored cloud (an anthropomorphized flatus). He likes things that smell bad, and he "talks" by making flatulent sounds.

Ms. Endive

A female chef who teaches cooking to Panini with strict discipline. She regularly berates Mung Daal, whom she considers a rival. In the episode "Chowder's Girlfriend", it is revealed she despises boys and boyfriends because her fianc?id not show up on their wedding day. The creator describes her as Martha Stewart with Oompa-Loompa colors.


File:Panini pic.png

 "Oh, hiiii, Chowder..."

Panini is the apprentice to Ms. Endive. She's convinced that Chowder is her boyfriend and takes every opportunity to let him know this.


A storekeeper who sells strange produce and ingredients. He does his best to offer advice to Chowder when needed. He lives with his overbearing mother, who never appears. Gazpacho shows no interest in moving out and improving his own life.


File:Gorgonzola pic.png

 "Don't strain yourself, Pudge."

A young apprentice candle holder with a surly attitude. He resents Chowder due to him having a better job.


File:Ceviche pic.png

 "After I escort you home could I weed your garden and hang some dry wall?"

Ceviche is a dancer and the apprentice of Pate. He is fairly easy going and has a crush on Panini. Because of this he follows her around and does what she says.

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