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The Chou Sei Shin Series (Ultra Star God Series) is a trilogy of Tokusatsu shows aired from 2003-2006. Created by Toho (who famously produced the Godzilla movies), it was their attempt to break into the Henshin Hero market that was -- at the time -- dominated by Toei and their two major franchises, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, with Tsuburaya's Ultra Series for good measure. The shows revolve around the titular Ultra Star Gods: Humongous Mecha that are used by the protagonists to protect the Earth from an extraterrestrial threat.

The first entry was Chouseishin Gransazer, aired in 2003. The Earth was once a highly advanced civilization until it was attacked by the Alien Alliance. The Earth built giant mecha known as Ultra Star Gods to defend themselves, but even with their power the Earth was eventually defeated. Millions of years later, the Lost Technology of that ancient civilization is stirring, awakening the ancient DNA lying dormant in twelve chosen warriors that calls them to fight a new alien threat once more.

The twelve heroes- the Gransazer- were each named after a starsign and arranged into four elemental Tribes: Fire, Wind, Earth and Water. The main protagonists are the Fire Tribe, and the three other Tribes originally enter as antagonists to them, either directly or indirectly. When all three members of a Tribe gather, they can awaken and summon their respective Ultra Star Gods.

The second entry was Gen Sei Shin Justiriser, aired in 2004, which reduced the number of core heroes from twelve to three. Long ago, a champion of the Earth called Noulan defeated and sealed away the evil Kaiser Hades, and entrusted her power- JustiPower- to a future generation. In the present day, a scientist named Doctor Zora aims to free Kaiser Hades, and in response the JustiPower awakens three chosen humans as warriors known as the Justirisers. Each one can summon a mecha known as a Star God Beast, and when it combines with another mecha called RiseRoss they can create a Phantom Star God.

The third entry was Chou Sei Kantai Sazer X, aired in 2005. In the year 3000, the Earth is consumed by darkness and conquered by Space Pirates. As humanity's last hope, they send three ships (and their pilots) back in time to Set Right What Once Was Wrong by preventing the Space Pirates' initial conquest of Earth. In the present day, Takuto Ando is recruited by the time travellers to become the third member of Sazer X, their elite fighting team. To save the Earth, they have to find twelve mysterious McGuffins called Cosmo Capsules which, when brought together, will grant one wish. Sadly, they do not summon a dragon to do this. Each member of Sazer X has their own ship and support team, and when a ship combines with a mecha known as a Core-Calibur, they transform into a Shooting Star God.

The three series were generally praised for the high quality of their giant mecha fights, which were fast and innovative, helped by the actual mecha costumes allowing for far more flexibility than the bulky suits that Super Sentai usually employs. Unfortunately, the Chou Sei Shin Series just wasn't popular enough to compete with Toei's established franchises, and the final installment would end with 37 episodes and a Bat Family Crossover movie.

This series contains examples of:

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