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For Funny Moments in Chip's Retsupuraes, please refer to the respective page

  • Lets Play No More Heroes. SPORTS!!
    • What makes it better is that just before they go to fight Bad Girl, when they're saving their game...

 Chip: *bellows "GOOOOOAAAAAAL" for five seconds straight*

Ironicus: Why weren't you saying that when we were running people over?

Chip: I just thought of it.

Ironicus: Instead you just shout soccer!

    • Fabulous lawn mowing.
    • Then there was Ironicus' commentary during the graffiti cleaning mini game:

 Chip does various gestures with the Wiimote to clean the graffiti off the wall

Ironicus: This is the exact opposite of Jet Set Radio.

after a few seconds, Ironicus begins singing part of Birthday Cake from Jet Set Radio Future

    • Anything involving Dad Buster (aka Chip's intruding but hilariously nonsensical father), really.
    • The Bitter Mode runs of the game's bosses has the duo doing silly gimmick commentary, eventually ending with the two splitting up and Chip attempting to do commentary with Slowbeef and Diabetus (which sounds suspiciously like a prerecorded conversation between the two about books with Chip awkwardly interjecting every now and then,) all while Ironicus bitterly Retsupuraes the whole thing.
    • Chip accidentally drives by the bar Lovikov's in. But he did a sweet jump!

  Ironicus: That excuses everything. "Sorry, I killed your daughter. But I did a sweet jump!"

    • When Chip feeds his cat after taking the number 8 position.

 Chip: Cat.

Ironicus: We're number eight.


Ironicus: Let us feed our cat now that we're number eight. We are the number eighth cat feeder in the world.

Chip: Yes! I'm on the cover of Cat Feeding Magazine!

  • Don't forget Lets Play Metal Gear Solid 3. It has a CMOF in the final battle when Chip intentionally waits for Snake Eater to start playing to... put on the Monkey Mask and beat the crap out of The Boss.
    • Earlier in the LP, Chip is demonstrating the use of The Pain's camo pattern to command personal attack bees.

 "I gotta thank you Japanese people, for making a game where I can distract people with frogs.. and I can also do this following trick. (lays down in the grass, sprays knockout gas to attract a guard) 'What? There's smoke there! Let's investigate the smoke!' (drops a book) 'Ah, there's a porno mag! Nevermind!' (the bees attack the guard) 'OH NO! BEES!'"

"That's the oldest trick in the book! It's called the... Smoke... Switch-It-With-The-Book-Then-Get-'Em-With-The-Bees Switcharoo!"

 Snake: Snake never have childhood. Snake finally learn to Ding Dong Ditch. *guard opens door* Hahaha this great fun.

 Ironicus: Never trust a man with a bolo tie. This is a rule of thumb I live by.

Chip: Really? How'd you- how'd you learn that?

Ironicus: I met a man with a bolo tie, and I decided, no more.

    • Travis says that Pearlharbor has a weakspot for comicbook lovers. Ironicus wants in.

 Ironicus: "I was born on the planet Krypton, where my parents were bitten by a radioactive spider which killed them before my very eyes, so I was sent in this small spaceship to the planet Earth as an envoy of the Amazons, where I passed through cosmic radiation which gave me many powers, though when it landed I crashed into radioactive waste, which then blinded me but hightened my other senses. Since I landed I bonded with the speed force and was met with a representative of the guardians of Oa, who gave me a power ring to defend truth, justice and the American way. Please let me into your comic house!"

Chip: "No! N-no, go away! You're not Power Rangers! I only draw Power Rangers, because they're my favorite."

Ironicus: "W-well my dad that got killed by a radioactive spider before my very eyes happened to be named Zordon."

Chip: "Could your parents combine into a robot? If yes, then you're in."

Ironicus: "Well, the spaceship they gave me was the left arm of a giant robot, um, th-the other four parts were destroyed when the planet exploded."

Chip: "Er, uh, um, well I guess, I guess."

Ironicus: "Did I mention that the radioactive waste that blinded me also gave me the ability to talk to fish?"

Chip: "You're IN!"

Ironicus: "I was crowned king of Atltantis twice when I arrived."

Chip: "You're...double in!"

 Chip (as Snake): I came to see Mother God and the opening act was just a bunch of people screaming into a saxophone!

Void Burger and Chip: For two hours!


Chip (as Snake): (during Naomi's going on about how Fox Die kills people) Well, Naomi, that's... pretty cool. Why don't you... you know, tell me about it later... when I don't have a really hard co- really hard cot- God dammit. Really hot card!

Void: (snickering) You almost said "really hard cock," didn't you? Cause that's what I heard.

Chip: I said cot, but yes.

Void: (laughing) But yes.

Chip: Got cock on the mind.

(both crack up)

Void: Stick your dick into the computer. By accident. (as Snake) "Why is it not working?!"

Chip (as Snake): It should be hot enough.

  "'Emit.' 'Continent.' All of South America will erupt from your ass!"

  Chip Cheezum: In that time, I killed two hundred people.

    • Not to mention the second time, in the 8th video, when he goes back to the same book to quote it's section of ghetto linguistics, just to finish off with "In conclusion: Stop typing like you're ghetto, you fat white kids at your computers, God damn it."
    • 50 Cent's jiggly hips while he spins around rapidly did it for this troper. Other contenders include 50's goofy ragdoll death while getting caught in the architecture and Chip's rampant abuse of the swear button, usually in the form of randomly verbally abusing his teammates while shooting at them (who, in turn, simply stand there and don't even flinch when they're repeatedly shot in the face.)
      • It gets even better when Chip starts abusing the swear button while opening shutters. Double the hilarity whenever Ironicus also notes it.
    • What about when they demonstrate 50 Cent's amazing ability to take an THREE RPGS TO THE CHEST without dying?
    • Or what about the fact that Tony Yayo is filled not with blood, but jelly. Or DJ Whoo Kid's surprising depth of knowledge about history and architecture.
    • Anything that involves the "Fiddy Zone".
    • At the start of the fifth video, when Ironicus calls attention to a certain sound effect:

 Ironicus: I like the big 'aooga' noise starting the video. It made me feel like I'm on an old kid's game show.

Chip: Yeah, the 'aooga' noise comes up anytime a new wave of enemies is coming in.

Ironicus: That means there's someone in this city looking out for Fifty, and his best interests. "Dude, watch out, the bad guys have reinforcements. And they still have your skull."

Chip: The man who's warning him is Fiddy's grandpa, and he's in a jalopy.

Ironicus: Fiddy's grandpa is named 2 Bucks.

Chip: ...Whoa. Damn.

  Ironicus: So, what's it like to peak in your LP in the second update?

    • What did it for this troper is Ironicus' uncontrollable laughter-into-tears.
    • The first actual boss fight: Laughing Octopus at one point disguises herself as Naomi. Chip responds by shooting her with an RPG-7.


    • Chip managing to sum up why the Metal Gear Solid franchise is so convoluted, and yet still completely understanding everything that's been happening in the story.

 Chip: *Just summed up why The Patriots was formed*

Iron: "... Why?" *laughs* "I just don't understand why. Why would they do these things?"

Chip: "Well, you see, this is what happens when you write a story for your game, originally as a one shot thing and then when people like it you make a new one, and then you don't think ahead "what if there's gonna be more sequels? How am I gonna wrap this up?" *confused noises* THE BRITISH MAN IS THE REAL BAD GUY!'"

    • At the Final Boss they discuss what Big Boss' will would be like. Chip suggests that when the will reader got to Liquid's part of the will...

 "There's nothing here, and then he turns the page, and [Big Boss] drew himself shrugging...."

    • In the first video, Chip notes that the shouts of the allied soldiers often don't make sense, even with context.


Chip: (laughs) NICE SHOES!


Chip: I HATE ALL HUMANS! My name is Raphael!


    • At the beginning of Act II, after killing an enemy soldier with a molotov right after he finished talking to HQ, Chip notes that he thought a gas can in the map was a boom box the first time he played, due to its shape. Cue this exchange:

 Chip: I just saw, square-shaped thing, and I thought 'boombox'.

Ironicus: For when the war cools down a bit, they jam out.

Chip: Or some, y'know, maybe sometimes they just..(distracted by a pair of bodies perfectly lined up next to each other)

Ironicus: The one guy's girlfriend left him, so he had to hold it up outside her bedroom window. And then she looked down and said "What the h- that's a gas can. My car has gas, what are you doing? This is why I left you."

Chip: Maybe they just have dance battles.

Ironicus: And then he called HQ because his heart was broken.

Chip: And then he burst into flames. But it was okay, everything was okay because it was all clear one second ago, so, no reason to call back.

    • And a few minutes later:

 Rebel: Oh man, am I glad to get some company!

Ironicus: (laughs) He doesn't have a war buddy! (and then he gets shot in the head)

      • Shortly after, Ironicus notes that the level looks similar to a map from Metal Gear Online.

 Chip: I don't think they've changed, like, anything at all for the online version, but I dunno. It's a big map, I like it cause there's multiple pathways, you can go through it a bunch of different ways.

Ironicus: Yeah. And you can wear a box.

Chip: And you can wear a box! (grabs PMC soldier) I remember, I think that's all I did when I played on that map that night, is wear a box and annoy people.

Ironicus: But today, we're not gonna do that at all, this man is not annoyed in the least bit.

Chip: No, he-

Ironicus: He's enraptured- (Chip slits his throat)

Chip: He's dead.

Ironicus: (silent for a few seconds) ... okay.

      • From the end of the same video, Chip's audio cuts out for the last 5 minutes or so of the video and it becomes unintentionally hilarious as Ironicus tries and fails to provide funny commentary on it without Chip to banter with.
  • In general, their Solid Snake impressions are hilarious, especially when Ironicus starts using the word "soldier".
  • Ironicus's April Fools' Day joke LP of Dalek Attack, featured on Chip's viddler channel, which consists of him stumbling through the first level of this horribly difficult game, all the while reciting grossly incorrect Doctor Who trivia. Made even more hilarious when in later Retsupuraes it becomes evident that himself and Chip are avid whovians.
  • Ironicus' story about a baseball game during the old LP of Beyond Good and Evil, culminating with the phrase "I was mugged by a mute green chicken!"
  • Pretty much the entirety of the "Epilogue" video for Lego Star Wars. It consists mostly of the two messing around in the Hub Level. It is glorious.
  • Right after Act 1 of MGS 4, there's an intermission of the MGS pack of Little Big Planet, as well as several MGS-inspired user-created levels. What makes it hilarious, though, is the finale, and Chip's horribly failed attempt to play Ham Egg, which involves spinning wildly through the air on the A-Team van.
  • Chip getting interrupted by a baby in the Uncharted LP.

 Chip: *laughing* Hi, Logan.

Logan: There's something under this bed!

  • Ironicus laughs*

Chip: There's nothing under that bed, Logan.

  • Chip making fun of Blip TV and it's "repeat customer" advertisements during the Uncharted 2 LP.
  • Chip's intense groaning during Dangerous Hunts 2011's bullet-time segments.


  • During the No More Heroes 2 LP :

 Chip: Even whores gotta work their way up to the top. (Don't put that quote down somewhere, like TV Tropes perhaps.)

    • Their side-feature of the No More Heroes 2 LP: Watching Episodes of Terrible Anime
      • "Spinning Dog Attack, go!" The line even comes with a reverb. Even funnier when you realize that there is a Spinning Dog Attack in the show.
      • "Dog, why are you in space!?"
      • In the content warning for Mad Bull 34, Chip warns "Murder, gore, sex, sexism, nudity, attempted rape, and Brooklyn accents."
      • Making fun of Sleepy's apparent crossdressing fetish, which he feels the need to satisfy every time he goes undercover.
      • EDDIE BAN!
      • Spider Man Tokusatsu. Spidey's first attempt to deal with the Mot W after it grows results in him being swung into a mountainside and a boulder dropping onto him. Needless to say, the pair are in stitches.
      • When the opening of Dracula Sovereign Of The Damned consists of nothing but sketches of random monsters without even any opening credits:

 Chip Cheezum: Oh, yeah, is that some concept art you drew there, Dracula?

Ironicus: *doing a Dracula impression* I vish to make an indie game for the X Box Live, blah. I vant to suck your Microsoft points.

    • "It's time to massage the shit out of this cat!"
      • Not to mention, his reaction to Bishop dying at the very beginning of the game, which is overshadowed by Jeane the cat's weight. The reaction from Chip's part is pure, comedy gold.
    • A while after talking about how awesome his new beam katana's battery life is, Chip suddenly gets the low battery screen for his Wiimote.

 Chip: Oh no, my batteries! Oh no, my real batteries!

    • And while he goes off to get new batteries, Ironicus talks about his favorite character of the game: the tiger in the corner of the HUD that acts as Travis' Ecstasy gauge.
    • Chip suggesting that instead of Skelter Helter surviving having his head cut off to deliver his message to Travis, he should've just run around like a headless chicken and painted his message on the roof with his bleeding neck-stump.
      • Also, Chip making fun of the fact that the revenge plot Skelter Helter agreed to take part in involved himself getting killed.
    • Chip showing off the Bizarre Jelly 5 shooter mini-game.

 *game switches to the high score list just long enough to show a bunch of Chip's high scores*

Chip: *hitting a button to go back to the main menu* Don't show the scoreboard, please.

Ironicus: *laughing* So how much have you played of this game?

Chip: Sshhh.

    • Ironicus keeping track of the number of shots of "needless sexualization of small children" in the BJ5 OP.
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