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A popular Let's Player on the Something Awful forums, Chip Cheezum has (at this time of writing) completed 18 Let's Plays, with all of them featured on the LP Archive. He has collaborated with fellow goons such as General Ironicus, VoidBurger, SnarkCookie, A Wooden Palisade and Ambisagrus. He often uploads Retsupurae videos to his Youtube account. He and General Ironicus have their own site, where all of their LPs have been posted. Doesn't seem to have a high opinion of those who add quotes on this page. Presumably, he finds it utterly hilarious that some well-mannered genius quoted something that he specifically asked not to be quoted.

So far, Chip Cheezum has finished Let's Plays for the following games:

Currently ongoing LPs include:

He's also broadcasted streams of the games below, which you can find at ustream:

Chip and Ironicus have also riffed on various web animations, most notably Elemental Goddess and the first arc of the Xin series.

Chip (and his Let's Plays) provides examples of:

 Chip: R2 no! R2 WHY?!

    • Chip seems to like saying "There's a man" whenever he's pointing out an enemy that will become the center of amazing things.
    • Ironicus is also quite fond of saying "The end, credits roll" when something ridiculous happens, or at points that'd make a good cutoff for a video. Heard a ridiculous amount during the mind boggling ending cutscenes of Metal Gear Solid 4.
  • The Cameo: Slowbeef and Diabetus do "guest commentary" (which sounds suspiciously like an unrelated Skype conversation with Chip about books) for the Bitter Mode run of Speed Buster.
  • Continuity Nod: In 'What If?' Mode of the Spider-Man LP, Scorpion and JJJ play Marco Polo, and Spider-Man says "Fish outta water!" Chip then gloats that there's something else to say in Marco Polo. Then, in part 6 of Uncharted 2, Chip triggers the Marco Polo event. When Drake gets out of the pool he says "Fish outta water!" Chip then gloats about it again.
    • In the Trial #2 video during the Uncharted 2 LP, Ironicus advertises his new CD, using the picture that Chip had used to show him in the Message to Ironicus video of the No More Heroes LP.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Ironicus assumes at a slow moment during the Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater LP that Chip is doing said LP merely because Ironicus made a comment on not LP'ing stealth games, which Chip then jokingly agrees with.

  "Hours of my life just for one offhand comment months ago."

 Dom: "I've been meaning to meet you for quite a while, Xin."

Ironicus (doing his best Edwyn Tiong impression): "I've been meaning to put my voice in a thousand things on Newgrounds, Xin."

 VoidBurger: What is it with David Cage games and pissing? Why does everyone piss? Is he one of those people that found it unrealistic that, like, in Zelda Link never goes to the bathroom?

Chip Cheezum: That's like a thought that five-year-olds have, though! Like, I thought that when I watched Power Rangers, like 'When do they pee?! They never pee! When do they go to the bathroom?!'

  • Put on a Bus: Ironicus has had a nasty habit of turning up absent recently due to real life complications. It got to the point where the end of one of their LPs listed him as having died after recording.
  • One of Us: Judging by this bit of commentary from MGS4:

 Otacon: She believes she can find the answers inside a machine hooked up to the world... she spends every day inside the net, exploring...

Chip: Usually just making new pages on TV Tropes.

  General Ironicus: "They can retcon everything in that game except for poisonous Zanzibar hamsters."

  • Rant-Inducing Slight: Ironicus compares R4 (Played by Chip) to a Mac, causing Chip to give his opinion on Macintosh machines.


 Chip: Everyone went, like, bonkers for gel pens. Even I did. I drew dragons and shit with them 'cause I was retarded as hell.

    • During the Bitter Mode fight against the final boss of No More Heroes, the two are discussing possible gimmicks for the video, and Ironicus suggests pretending they're fashion designers in the game's world:

 Ironicus: Ah, that'd be lame.

Chip: Plus we'd have to sound gay, and we... (Ironicus laughs) Well, that's us all the time, so.

Ironicus: I've had enough of that!

    • Late into Metal Gear Solid 3, Chip calls attention to a Viddler comment on one of their earlier videos which referred to Ironicus as "General Lack of Intelligence". Ironicus responded by saying it was "pretty accurate".
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Chip achieved the "Tsuchinoko" rank in Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater by capturing said animal and keeping it with him for the entire game. In the stream of Fahrenheit (2005 video game), he's apparently aiming to pee in every single toilet in the game.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Sophisticated As Hell: In Blood On the Sand, General Ironicus launches into a long reading about the sociological implications of ghetto vernacular from American Aparteid. At the end, he says "In conclusion, stop typing like you're ghetto, you fat white kids at your computers, God damnit!"
  • Stealth Parody: Chip's alter-ego, Chippowai. An insanely creepy, easily-distracted and only seldomly comprehensible otaku who's pretty much a gross exaggeration of bad YouTube LPers/people who defend said YouTube LPers.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: Ironicus and Chip, respectively, tend to commentate as this, with Ironicus usually having a much more level-headed approach. There's a bit of interlap, however, considering Ironicus' leaps of logic, and Chip's focus on being informative in his LPs.
  • Stylistic Suck: The video for the Bitter Mode "run" of Letz Shake is done in a typical bad LP fashion, complete with jittery webcam footage.
    • His trailer for the Let's Play Wanking Session also has elements like terrible chroma keying, Hank the Chog, and INTUITIVE BORDERS.
  • Take That: The announcement that their Elemental Goddess videos were being hosted on their website came with an instructional video from Chip on character design. Where he tapes a picture of Goku to a drawing desk, sloppily traces over it with markers and names it Hank.
  • Tempting Fate: In the first part of The You Testament Let's Play, Ironicus wonders why you would ever need to jump in the game. This, combined with wonky game design, was what ended up making the game unwinnable in the last video.
  • Time Travel Tense Trouble: Chip and Ironicus have a hard time explaining the timeframe in MINECRAFT:

 Ironicus: "At a point, isn't there a point where you have to start being skilled?", I thought at the time, is what I said then in the past!

Chip: "I don't know how long I can keep doing this! I'm dying!" I said in the past.

Ironicus: "I also had a hard time keeping straight the timeline of events! On the one hand, there was, at the time, her speaking in black and white, and then there was her speaking in color, which happened before that, and also before I was talking about it originally, which was before I'm talking about it now, and in the color part she's talking about an even-further-back time!

 Chip: "Cat".

Ironicus: "We are number 8." (Chip just finished defeating the rank 8 assassin)


Ironicus: "Let's feed our cat now that we're number 8. We are the number 8th cat feeder in the world."

Chip: "Yes! I'm on the cover of Cat Feeding Magazine!"

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