Chiaki Konaka is a writer of several notable anime, best known as the head writer of Digimon Tamers and Serial Experiments Lain. Things to look out for in his work are cosmic horror stories, references to H.P. Lovecraft (outside of his anime work, he actually has written a few Cthulhu Mythos stories) and, if the series involves a connection between the real world and Cyberspace, the names Alice, Reika, and Juri.

When his name is presented in a western context, it's typically rendered as "Chiaki J. Konaka"; he adopted the "J" initial for this purpose. This is downright unusual in that Japanese names simply do not have middle names, nor does the "J" have anything to do with the kanji comprising his name, nor is it even explicitly stated to be short for anything.

He has a website: Alice6.

Works include:

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