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One day, as Ogden O. Ostrich took his head out of the ground, he took a look at the world and everything else around him and declared it a magical place. Together with his partners Sheldon S. Cargo and the mute Holey Moley, travel the world in a van broadcasting on the underground station "Channel Umptee-3", educating everyone on the wonders of the world and everyday things normally taken for granted. But an evil box manufacturer led by Stickley Rickets ("The Frumps" as the CU-3 team calls him) want to take those "Umptee-doodies" off the air, believing that they are a threat to his business.

Channel Umptee-3 was an Edutainment Show that aired on Kids WB from 1997 to 1998. Unfortunately, some real-life Frumps got wind of it and it was yanked after 13 episodes.

This show provides examples of:

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