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Organized by the novel they appear in.

The Curse of Chalion

Lupe dy Cazaril



Royse Bergeon

Paladin of Souls



  • Action Girl: In typical LMB manner, realistically. She doesn't wield any weapons, but as a courier, Liss is an expert rider, lightweight with access to the fastest horses. She uses her skills to materially affect the outcome of events in the book.
  • Tomboy: She's far more comfortable in her riding gear than dresses. She wears a skirt tucked up around her waist while she rides, and only unrolls when forced to pay lip-service to conventional attire.
  • Pony Express Rider: Medieval Fantasy Edition!

Ferda dy Gura

  • Ascended Extra: The dy Gura brothers had a cameo in The Curse of Chalion.
  • Cultured Warrior: Though he's not the avid reader Foix is, he's very much a gentleman.

Foix dy Gura

Lord Ahrys

Lord Illvin

The Hallowed Hunt

Ingrey kin Wolfcliff

  • The Berserker: When his spirit-wolf takes over, he becomes insatiably blood-thirsty.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Ingrey's "defilement" gives him superhuman strength, a Compelling Voice and a dangerous, angsty air.
  • The Fettered: In more ways than two. Ingrey is constrained by his honor code and his oath of service, which in the course of the novel begins to conflict with his equally ironclad sense of chivalry. His wolf adds yet a third dimension--he must keep its wild tendencies "bound" by a vaguely spiritual mental discipline.
  • Knight in Sour Armor
  • Troubled but Cute: At least Ijada thinks so.

Ijada kin Badgerbank

Wencel kin Horseriver

Prince Boleso

  • Zero-Percent Approval Rating: Even Ingrey's silver-tongued employer can't come up with anything nice to say at his funeral, having to settle for something vague about "young lives cut short."
  • Dead Guy on Display: For various reasons, but mainly as a member of the royal family, his death must be universally confirmed because of its effect on the order of succession.

Jokol Skullsplitter

  • Blue Blood: A barbarian prince is still a prince. Jokol's casual interaction with Ingrey belies his rank, but is underscored when he meets Prince Biast for the first time and they greet each other as equals.
  • Cultured Warrior: He's a either a barbarian prince or possibly a Pirate--no one's quite sure--yet poetry drips from his lips like kisses from the Goddess of Spring.
  • Heroic Build: He's big.
  • Meaningful Name: Though not what you'd think, and Bujold gets a good bit of mileage out of the joke.
  • Redheaded Hero: In a long barbarian braid.
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