Areola: Look at me. My breasts are perky, yes?

Cerina Vincent is an actress. She began her career as a Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger, but it was when she showed off her ta-ta-talent in Not Another Teen Movie (please excuse the stutter) that she really came to public attention. Cerina was the unforgetable foreign exchange student who spent the entire movie in the buff. Even the editor was cool enough to make sure her needless subtitles didn't block the view of her fun parts. Her role was a spoof of Shannon Elizabeth's equally famous nude scene in American Pie.

Cerina's next major role was in the low-budget horror flick, Cabin Fever. Again, Cerina showed off her amazing assets, and treated viewers to a couple of vigorous sex scenes. However, her role was originally written with a lot more “A” in mind, to go along with the “T”s. Cerina had already given her bare boobs and butt a lot of screentime in NATM, and was afraid that if she showed a lot of skin in Cabin Fever, producers wouldn't be able to get them out of their minds when she showed up at future casting calls. So she wrangled the director down to filming her with a bedsheet duct-taped over all but the top inch of her ass. (And yes, if it wasn't so hot, it would look silly!)] The director reportedly used a ruler to make sure she was showing off exactly what he'd paid for. Surprisingly, there has never been any reports that he was allowed to spank her with it.

While the skin that Cerina showed off in Cabin Fever will always be fondly remembered, it is the skin she shaved off that will be remembered by most people who saw the movie.

Cabin Fever was the beginning of Cerina's sub-career as a scream queen. She went on to perform in other horror films, such as Return to House On Haunted Hill, It Waits, Intermedio and recent film, Monika.

While continuing to work in film, she has also returned to her television roots, with guest roles in shows such as Bones, CSI & Two and A Half Men. She appeared in an episode of the show Manchild where she and her puppies made another splash in a buck naked swimming scene (perhaps as a throwback to her old days as Areola).

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