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Much like Censor Steam, this trope is when a character is taking a bubble bath and seems to have the suds from the bath conveniently covering the private parts of their body when they get out, and also while inside of the bath.

Examples of Censor Suds include:

Anime & Manga

  • Pictured above: in episode 49 of Dragonball Z, Bulma stands up in her bubble bath and bends over, conveniently covered by soap suds.
  • In Soul Eater Blair, Tsubaki, and others are conveniently (barely) covered in soap suds.
  • In the second episode of Zero Zero Nine One, Mylene Hoffman has bubbles conveniently covering her breasts as she gets out of her bubble bath.
  • In Inuyasha, there is a rare male example. Inu-Yasha has convenient bubbles/houseplant/etc upon him bursting out of the bath.
  • Played with in Sailor Moon: Fish-Eye at one point takes a shower, and we see suds covering his chest. Apparently, he got a little too into the part (and before anyone asks, yes, they were there originally).
  • Happens to Mafuyu in the third episode of Seikon no Qwaser when she exits the tub after her Bathtub Bonding scene with Tomo. Although Tomo doesn't have this as she is shown in her full glory in this scene (unless you are watching the edited version, then you can't see a thing).
  • Done to Rushuna in the 11th episode of Grenadier when she knocks a guard out with a scrub brush.
  • Training with Hinako vol. 3 makes ample use of suds, seeing as Hinako and Hiyoko are naked for pretty much the whole OVA.
  • Sometimes used in the Ranma ½ manga on the (few) non-Gender Bender female characters that Takahashi is reluctant to draw naked, such as Akane.
  • At the end of the ice palace episode of Sonic X, Rouge the Bat is seen taking a bath, holding a fake Chaos Emerald in her hand. Bubbles cover everything. Oddly, she's wearing her White Gloves in the bath.

Comic Books


  • Gozer the Gozerian seems to be permanently covered in these in Ghostbusters.
  • In the movie Howard the Duck, though a lady duck was bathing bare in the original version, there was a mountain of suds to cover her bare bosom in the televised version!
  • Happens in Barb Wire.


  • Harry Potter in Goblet of Fire takes a bath filled with various types of suds and bubbles, which proves useful when Myrtle crashes the party. This is done in the film version as well.

Live-Action TV

  • This was done in the 1983 NBC Pilot Movie The Invisible Woman. Because Alexa Hamilton's character was invisible, only her pubis had any soap suds on it when she rose to leave the bathtub.
  • Sue Thomas FB Eye had Sue take a bath in a tub completely piled with soapsuds. The only skin showing was her neck, head, and arms. For some reason, a snippet of this scene made it into the Opening Theme sequence.
  • Wings does this with Helen in one episode, and for a good cause since her 'husband' Antonio showed up.
  • Duncan's bathtub scene in Highlander the Series episode "Chivalry".
  • Cole's bathtub scene in Tracker...same actor as the Highlander scene.

Video Games

  • In the old CD-ROM game Babyz, censor suds will act as an impromptu diaper after you take them out of the bath, and will go away only with the application of a fresh diaper.


Web Original

Western Animation

  • At about 1:07 during this series of syndicated local-TV-movie openings.
  • In the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Squid's Day Off", Squidward runs out of his bubble bath still naked, covered by bubbles, as they slowly pop one by one. But there's nothing to cover up.
  • In Caillou, one episode shows his parents bathing him with suds covering his privates.
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