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This is a character sheet for the MTV series, Celebrity Deathmatch.

Major characters

  • Johnny Gomez: One half of the show's commentary team. The "Straight Man" of the group, Johnny is more professional than his co-host Nick Diamond, and is constantly calling him out for his crazy behavior and zany schemes.

    Catch Phrase:

  "Good fight, good night!" -- spoken at the end of every episode

  • Nick Diamond: The other commentator. Nick is far more eccentric than Johnny is, and has been shown to be an alcoholic and a divorced father of one. Nick is constantly getting himself into trouble, and has participated in (and won) Deathmatches on several occasions. Has an intense hatred of Debbie Matenopoulos.

 Johnny: (during phone call) Good GOD! That's HORRIBLE!

Nick: If that's the A.S.P.C.A., I'm not here.

  • Mills Lane: The referee. He is a grumpy old man who has a very laissez-faire attitude toward the rules, and serves mainly to open the fight and declare the winner once somebody is dead. Was voiced by himself during the show's original run, but couldn't return when the show was Un Cancelled due to the fact that he had suffered a stroke. He once fought and defeated Judge Judy in the Deathmatch ring.

    Catch phrases:

 "Let's get it on!" -- at the start of each match

"I'll allow it!" -- whenever a fighter complains that the other person is breaking the rules

"The winner is... <winner's name here>!" or "<winner's name here> is the winner!" -- at the end of each match

    • As Himself
    • I Am a Humanitarian: There are several instances where he's seen eating human flesh. The Emeril Legasse vs. The Two Fat Ladies fight being one of them.
    • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: As long as he doesn't physically see her. As mentioned above, he fought Judge Judy blindfolded and won.
  • Debbie Matenopoulos: Formerly of The View, Debbie was brought in as the new interviewer after Stacy died. She was far less professional than Stacy was, often acting in a ditzy manner and asking combatants whatever came to her mind. She and Nick Diamond have an extreme dislike of one another. She defeated the zombie Stacy Cornbred in one episode. Was voiced by herself.

 Debbie: Now stay dead, bitch.

  • Tally Wong: The new interviewer that was brought in when the show was Un Cancelled. Although more intelligent than Debbie, Tally is every bit as unprofessional, albeit in a different manner. She is extremely self-centered, and likes to insult the celebrities and the hosts. Not surprisingly, she and Johnny Gomez quickly became enemies.

    Catch phrases:

  "What are you gonna do, bring back Stacy Cornbred?" -- to Johnny and Nick whenever they get mad at her for her insulting behavior

Minor and recurring characters

  • Marilyn Manson: The undisputed champion of Celebrity Deathmatch. He has fought and killed Charles Manson, Hanson and the Spice Girls (in a match that he wasn't even a part of), Garth Brooks, and Ricky Martin, and has performed his music on the show. He voiced himself in two of the episodes that he appeared in, and has not appeared since the show was Un Cancelled.
  • Zatar the Alien: A green, one-eyed alien who has showed up several times to wreak havoc on the show. In his appearances, he has killed Celine Dion (after possessing her), Keith Flint, Mark Hamill and Peter Mayhew, before he was finally killed by a pissed-off Nick Diamond. A later episode showed that he was Not Quite Dead, and he blew up the Deathmatch arena with an Independence Day-style laser blast.
  • Marv Albert: The show's first commentator, who only appeared in the original Cartoon Sushi short and in the "Deathbowl '98" Super Bowl special. Best known for his coverage of the fight between Pamela Anderson and RuPaul, in which he did nothing but endlessly rewind a clip of Pamela's jiggling breast implants. Was voiced by himself.
  • Don King: Appeared in several episodes of the first season, where he would be killed as a Running Gag, only to return in the next episode. Later on, in season 2, he would partake in a genuine Deathmatch, fighting (and losing to) Donald Trump.
  • The Masked Man: A mysterious man in a mask who, during two Season 5 episodes, would run into the ring and start beating up whoever was winning the fight.
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