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Ariel undersea dress 5690

How can her dress work properly underwater? It's pretty. That's how!

The limit of the Willing Suspension of Disbelief for a given element is directly proportional to how pretty or stylish it is.

Basically this is about making things look as appealing as possible in fiction or Real Life. Want a castle made of solid pink diamond for your webcomic? Who cares about the cost, or if it's even possible to make that kind of structure. It looks pretty. Or more realistically, the royal crowns and capes. They are expensive and heavy, but they give the impression of majesty. As long as it looks good, the logistics don't matter.

Works made for young girls can be very prone to this (as seen in the page picture), but it also occurs in works for boys, just that the form is different.

But for this rule, not only does something have to be sufficiently glamorous to work, the viewers actually have to want to watch such things. If not, even realistic examples of such elements can turn them off. So this is an audience specific rule.

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