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Sun at dusk (2007-07-28)

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas

A gigantic nuclear furnace

Where hydrogen is built into helium

At a temperature of millions of degrees

The sun is hot, the sun is not

A place where we can live,

But here on Earth there'd be no life

Without the light it gives.

This page is not about the color of pinkish-purple, or its variants, or the small, charming varieties of flowers which attract butterflies.

This is about the other Helios. And tropes about it.

It chases away the night. It has been the focus of religious worship on every continent. It provides nearly every living thing on Earth with the energy it needs to survive. It is responsible for the very existence of our planet. It is Sol, The Sun, our mother star. And, naturally, it features prominently in the stories told by virtually every culture on earth. Vampires fear it. Heroes ride into it (and occasionally blow it up). When killing something with fire simply isn't enough, what do you do? Hurl It Into the Sun!

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