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Here at last is a section where you can put all those nagging questions that have had you scratching your head about various stories.

If no Headscratchers page currently exists for the work you're confused about, feel free to add one. The easiest way to determine if there's a Headscratcher page for a work is to look at that work's main page. The navigation bar across the top of the page lists all its possible subpages, linking to the ones that already exist and listing the ones that don't under "Create New".

If "Headscratchers" is listed under "Create New", just click on it to create the page. The template should load to add the proper tags and categories to the page, so once it's saved it will automatically become available through the nav bar and automatically added here.

Note: "Headscratchers" are for sincere questions and discussing Fridge Logic, not for stealth complaining like "Why does <insert anything here> suck so much?". That's why we axed the original name, "It Just Bugs Me".

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